What do Arsenal fans think of the Bruno Guimaraes rumours?

Would you take Bruno Guimaraes at Arsenal?

Of course rumours are beginning to fly around as the transfer window comes closer and closer and one name that is apparently on top of Arsenal’s list is Newcastle’s Bruno Guimaraes and he could be the perfect signing for Arteta.

Signing Guimaraes would give us a lot of extra firepower and if you’ve watched him while playing for Newcastle, he’s probably their most influential player. He would be a huge pick up for Arsenal if we could manage to get the deal done, but of course the price tag is pretty high with the player having a 100 million pound release clause and Arsenal would need the price to drop down to even consider going in for him this summer.

Guimaraes would also help give Martinelli a bit of a break and an ideal replacement to give our squad a lot more depth. Signing both Declan Rice and Havertz last summer bolstered our attacks and have made a huge impact on this season and how well we’ve done, and I think Guimaraes would be another signing who would be perfectly suited for Arteta’s system.

The player himself would probably need to want to leave for any deal to be done and Newcastle won’t let him go cheap, but if we were able to add him to our team list it could be one of the best signings of the season. Because we are going to be in The Champions League next season, we could convince him to head our way for more competitive football.

But what would Guimaraes bring to this Arsenal side that we don’t already have? Well, he’s unbelievably good on the ball, he almost glides through the midfield, picking up passes that most players wouldn’t normally see. He knows how to find the back of the net and creates chances for his teammates to pounce on.

He’s a leader in the middle of the pitch and his teammates seem to listen and respect what he says, having the ability to control play. I think he could slip into this Arsenal squad without much hassle, being Premier League proven is a massive boost. This should mean that he would settle in quickly without having to adjust to the way of play, making him a perfect signing if we want to hit the ground running again.

Personally, I think he would be the perfect signing for Arsenal and would bring a lot to the squad that we don’t have. Of course, money will be a huge factor and it will all depend on if he himself would want the move to London, but if I was Arteta I’d be throwing the kitchen sink at him.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae

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  1. I like this guy.. and would go for him asap. at least involved in 10 goals per season.. and can lessen the burden of Declan Rice

  2. A very good player but in his time at Newcastle I feel he has become overly aggressive due to howe trying to copy of diego simone and how he sets up his atletico team.
    A midfielder will be bought , but I still believe arteta will play havertz in midfield and buy a new striker. Havertz has shown he can’t really be dropped.
    Timber I believe is a huge element for havertz to be playing midfield- timber playing as an inverted lb will allow havertz to attack from midfield- havertz with his work rate isn’t shy to track back also.
    Our style of play progressed again this season and I believe next season it will become even more fluid .
    I wouldn’t even rule at arteta going in for mudryk and playing him as the striker.

    1. pushing Havertz back to #8 won’t happen because that pushes Rice back to #6

      Havertz versatility means he could definitely play #8 if needed, but Arteta blueprint is Rice at #8, and it has been extremely successful in the second half of the season

  3. when Guimaraes was initially linked with us I wasn’t convinced mainly because our summer transfer priority is a defensive midfielder

    but I am starting to come around to the idea, and perhaps a new logic to it

    firstly a player like Guimaraes might be a good fit against most mid and lower table teams
    1) out-of-possession: our defending as an XI from the front makes us rock solid and less reliant on a traditional #6
    2) in possession: the XI behind the ball ultra low has caused us problems at time, Guimaraes can join the attacking play like another Rice

    secondly, when looking which player we would miss most if injured it Odegaard for me, I say that because we have high quality cover in nearly every other position than play-maker, could Guimaraes skill-set be that cover

    thirdly, PL proven, not to be under-estimated and clearly an important factor for Edu/Arteta demonstrated by Rice, Havertz, Raya, Trossard, Jorginho – the majority of our recent signings

    finally, question marks if Guimaraes defensive midfield stands up to Man C, Liverpool, Champions League elite testing, well we have just secured Jorginho as the ultra safe set of hands for that task

    so yes, I can see it happening, even at £100m, no doubt at all he improves the squad, and perhaps along with Sesko unlocks the ‘ultra low block’ dilemma

  4. I do think he’s a top midfielder – only question is how he’d fit into the side. I think we’d adjust rice’s role so both he and Bruno shared responsibilities, but that would be a major departure from what has worked best for us so far – a specialist defensive midfield playmaker (which Bruno isn’t exactly) and rice relatively free roaming. Rice has been extremely important in our high pressing, and that’s been a crucial part of our play, so asking him to play a bit deeper would change things significantly.
    I’m sure we’d have a plan if we were to sign him. Maybe arteta and edu think he could be that specialist DM playmaker (it’s not out of the question from what I’ve seen).

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