What do Arsenal fans think of the VAR audio released from Newcastle’s goal?

My Take on the VAR audio released from Newcastle Away

After Arsenal’s late loss against Newcastle almost two weeks ago, a lot has been said, with PGMOL and VAR coming under heavy scrutiny, and not for the first time this season. In an unbelievable sequence of events, the decision from the Ref and the VAR on that night was to award Newcastle the late goal, but since then Arsenal fans and I’m sure everyone has been eagerly awaiting the audio release from PGMOL to try piece together what actually happened behind the scenes.

You can watch and listen to it here on Reddit.….

After sitting down and watching the clip a few times, personally, I’m still not 100% happy with the outcome and for me, something must be done for future situations like this not to occur.

Starting from the first in a chain of events, from the naked eye, the ball looked to have gone out and even from the still images the ball looked to have gone out. Now I understand the ball is a sphere and could have very well stayed in, but from what we all were shown, it doesn’t look that way and was ruled to be kept in due to “no conclusive evidence” that the ball had gone out, which to me, doesn’t make sense as we all were looking at the same picture of the ball outside the line.

And in my opinion, the ball could maybe have stayed in, but out of all the decisions, I can sit here and understand that PGMOL could very well be right and the linesman who was looking down the line can and will get the benefit of the doubt. But it’s what comes next that I really don’t understand.

After the ball is “kept in” and crossed into the box, it looked to have got caught between Joelinton and Gabriel and then was fumbled into the path of Gordon who scored the goal, but Joelinton clearly has two hands in the back of Gabriel and to me, looked to push him forward with force which then saw him unable to try make a clearance and I can’t understand why it wasn’t called that way after watching it.

VAR are ultimately looking a slowed down images of what has just happened and for something like that foul of Gabriel, a frame by frame image isn’t going to show the actual force that happened, and for me, that’s a foul every day of the week.

The last decision to be made was if Gordon was offside, and again, VAR looked to not have enough camera angles to make a decisive decision, which baffles me, with all this technology you expect them to be able to get these things right, and as the years go on, VAR and PGMOL seem to continue to be getting more and more wrong.

At the end of the day, the game is done and nothing can be changed from here, but when you look back on it, it makes sense as to why Arteta was so angry after the game and after watching back the audio, I too felt the same anger. We just have to hope that going forward they make better decisions and at least sort out some type of goal line cameras.

What was your thoughts on the VAR audio Gooners? Do you think they ultimately got it right or wrong?

Daisy Mae


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  1. I think the only controversy really is the possible foul on Gabriel – I think it probably *should* be a foul because Joelinton put his hands on Gabriel’s back, but I wouldn’t call it a clear and obvious error, which means var shouldn’t overturn it. I don’t think Gabriel did himself any favours because the fall does look a bit strange – maybe he was just unlucky, but it does look a bit odd.

    1. For me I get so annoyed when I see footballers clearly place the ball outside the penalty spot ir corner flag and consistently players are taught to ‘cheat’ like this. They are allowed to do so by the referees and ridiculous rules.
      We have sufficient technology in cricket tennis and other sports including VAT that xan check whether the whole ball is in play rather than a shadow or curve .

      Let’s get sports back to some level if integrity rather than this constant cheating. Or as former footballers turn commentators call it….professional foils or ‘clever’… its not its cheating

      When you watch Messi take a corner its inside the space or on the line. He doesn’t need any extra advantage…and reality is with those placing the ball outside themcotner flag space they can’t even do a proper corner! Including Arsenal players

  2. They covered all the processes but still made the wrong decision ball was out and definate fail on Gabriel could not conclusively decide if off side as well the fact they don’t have all camera angles available makes VAR look even worse they can try and cover it up as much as they can but just shows so much more is required to make it work successfully at the moment it’s a complete joke with all the failures it’s all clubs suffering so needs to be sorted properly or scrapped!

  3. They followed the process correctly as it should but still got the decision wrong on Joalinton’s foul on Gabriel. They need to apply the rules and not interpret intent. Two hands on the opponent while jumping for header should be a foul overtime. They shouldn’t be judging the amount of force used since every situation is different. Slight push can make a difference in some situation and we have seen so many times a foul given for this type of foul even in the middle of the field.

  4. My bird eye view told me the ball was out, but the lad with both hands in Gabriel Magalhaes back, if miss by the onfield referee surely should not have gone pass VAR officials.
    Not one but two hands needed to push the big Brazilian off his balance was a clear foul and a disgrace by Howard Webb and his dishonest or incompetent officials.

    Because except for in the premier league, others all over the planet is using VAR correctly, VAR won’t be scrap but artificial intelligence will be introduced to improve the officiating at some stage to neutralize some of these cheating referees.

    They absolutely rob us Daise Mae, it was by design.

  5. What a complete muppet Michael Owen is. He didn’t challenge Webb once and just agreed with everything he said.

  6. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! All Webb did was double down on the scandalous decision. Taylor’s decision to rule out swiss goal against Isreal without VAR intervention sums it up for me. what nonsense!

  7. Arab money is the star of the show. You won’t see Man city and Newcastle at the wrong end of these farcical decisions.

    1. Didn’t we get a pen last season against Man City and they have a pen against us overturned by VAR ?
      That’s a weird conspiracy

      1. That was a pretty pathetic attempt to twist my words dan lmao. Didn’t say they never have any VAR decision against them, just that they especially City never get those farcical completely wrong decisions but their rivals do.

  8. What i found most baffling was how one of the people on VAR said that Gabriel went down in an unnatural way and therefore he didnt think it was a foul. The truth is, ALL players go down in the most unnatural way and yet, fouls are still given!

    We all know that in the real world, no-one would ever go down as dramatically as a football player does when someone clips their leg, or touches their body etc in every day life! ALL footballers over-exaggerate their falls – its a very sad part of our game, therefore if this VAR operator is saying what he did, then pretty much every other foul should no longer be given! Without realising, i believe he’s set a very dangerous precedent, cos from now on, if someone does go down as Gabriel did, then that should not be deemed a foul. True?

    Also, why would Gabriel go down as he did, if he could clearly see that no other Arsenal players (bar Raya) were around him, while only being 1 yard off the goal-line? Why would he risk that?

    To me, it’s clear that Joelinton has both hands on Gabriels back and he pushes him for Gabriel to fall in such a way. When the ball came to Gabriel, it was only around 5ft off the ground, a perfect height for him to head or chest the ball away, so there’s no need to go down like a dying swan?

    1. The more I look at it, the more I agree it should have been called a foul. It looks as though GM was focused on heading it away and the push caused him to miss it. I can see why they dismissed it (they thought it wasn’t a clear and obvious error, and refs are so inconsistent with fouls on high balls), but i think they were wrong to.

    2. Don’t agree with some of your reasoning, though GM could have simply misjudged it and decided to go down to try to cover the mistake, but running it back (over and over), I think he was poised to clear the ball away easily until Joelinton made contact.

        1. Haha I agreed with your conclusion, but disagreed with some of your reasoning – the conclusion is what matters!

  9. Up to now I thought the only decision to challenge was the foul on Gabriel but looking at what they did for the offside for Gordon I’m seeing that different now.

    The place where the assist says he can’t see where the ball is so he decides not enough evidence to overrule on-field decision. Nah. You can see Gordon is miles past Raya. They should look to see where he is in the last frame where they CAN see the ball. If he’s offside in that then he must be offside later when it hits Joelinton’s

    Also. They zoom in to footage from behind Gabriel but they also have footage from the front. Why didnt they zoom in on that to see the ball hitting them and see if he’s offside then?

    Also why didnt they draw the offside lines? On the front side footage it would show offside or not.

    Overall these vars were better than the babbling idiots in the Pool var thing but even though they did a bit better they still chose to do the wrong things so they got the wrong decisions.

    And the AVAR guy mmmm yeah. He seemed to really want to award the goal? Someone check if he has family in Newc or a bank account that suddenly got big lol Just kidding.

    1. I think the offside is less controversial because Gordon looks to be behind the ball – they said they couldn’t conclusively say Gordon was ahead of it when it was “played”

      1. Yeah I know what they said. But as I wrote above, they only zoomed in from one side (behind the players).

        They had footage from the other side (we saw it), but they didnt zoom in from that side. It would show the moment of contact of the ball with the player. So why not do it?

  10. Can’t expect anything less, Arsenal are not in the good books of Epl Refress at the moment. This guys won’t continue to wash their dirty linen in the public.

  11. Watched it again. Other thing I saw was how the vars just skipped over the Joelinton handball thing with “handball there but it’s not deliberate”.

    Look at the angle of his left arm that the ball hits, it’s in a hitler salute sort of position way up in the air. Most handball is given because of unnatural position of the arm. Who goes up to head a ball with their arm stuck up like that?

    1. Does it even matter if it’s deliberate in this instance? I thought the newer rules prevented attackers from gaining an advantage from an unintentional handball. I don’t think they’d allow a deflected goal if it unintentionally came off the hand of an attacker? (not having a go at you – it makes them look incompetent if I’m right)
      I don’t think they could tell if it came off his arm tbh

      1. You could be right about the new rules. I lost track tbh. too many changes 🙁

        But if so then it was handball for sure. They saw it had hit his arm, we can hear them say it. And you can see on a few angles.

        Also when they did the offside they talked about “not being able to see when it hit Joelinton’s arm from this angle”. So they knew it hit his arm, just skated over it with “handball there but it’s not deliberate” and nobody even mentioned new rules.

    2. It’s not deliberate handball by Joelinton. Because his hands were busy pushing Gabriel on to the ground. It’s like robbers accidentally running over an old lady because the police was chasing them.

      1. Well, if you read the posts above

        1. Is Davi right that the rule was changed so tyhat deliberate doesn’t matter now?

        2. I mention the hitler salute angle of his arm when it hit him (this was looking at the angle from the other end of the pitch which they zoomed in on).

        So this was before he had his hands on Gabriel’s back. Actually, thinking about it, it seems a bit strange looking at that angle and the one from behind. It’s almost as if they were two different incidents. From behind it looks as if his arm is low but from the other end it looks very high, way over his head. I’d have to have another look, no time right now.

  12. I think the VAR & the PGMOL officials are betters and did not want to lose a bet. Corruption at its best. If Gabriel puts his two hands on a striker in his box a penalty will be awarded because there will be visible contact but why is he not considered fouled with such a visible push?????

    1. Corruption is not just about money. It can be any kind of personal gain.

      If the ref likes his home town club and ends up refereeing a match they play in, he’s gonna be inclined to give decisions that favour them even if he doesn’t realise his own bias.

      Some refs get to do games with their home town clubs in them. It’s like a ref from Brazil reffing a Brazil game, wouldn’t happen. So why should it happen at club level?

  13. I have said from the beginning that the only incident that can be verified 100% is the two hands in the back of Gabriel.
    It’s clear for all to see… there can be no argument whatsoever, even Webb and the var team have agreed that this was the case.
    1. Why didn’t the on field referee see it? That’s the first question that Owen should have asked.
    2. Why would Gabriel take a tumble, when he was perfectly placed to head it away? Question two that Owen failed to ask.
    3. Why did Joelington have his hands on the back of Gabriel? Question three Owen failed to ask.
    4. Why was Joelington leaning forward, with both feet off the ground? Owen, where are you?
    5. Why are var officials now interpreting the level of force used to make a challenge, is that in their remit? Owen?
    6. IF they ARE now judging players reactions, why didn’t they study Joelington ‘s when the ball went into the net? A classic example of someone expecting to be penalised. Can’t blame Owen for this one, as it’s a bit too technical.

    So, five questions that Owen should have put to Howard Webb,, all of which, in5my opinion, should have proved that the goal was incorrectly given and that the officials, both on and off the pitch, were completely wrong… but of course, Webb wouldn’t admit this and Owen is an ex Newcastle player, who doesn’t want to upset anyone, but would rather see the corruption in the game continue.

    1. KEN TO ANSWER your Owen questions, it sp[lain that he is way out of his depth in such a role which needs a proper journo and someone with proper media training and some SPINE.

      HE BEHAVES LIKE A SIMPERING SCHOOLKID IN THE PRESENCE OF WEBB. Owen should immediately be put out to grass by the TV companies he acts for.


      I thought all three VAR checks were wrong, NOT only that so obvious push. But then I detested the very concept of VAR right from the start and have been proven correct in almost every single game it ruins.

    2. Owen is no more than a ventriloquist’s dummy to Webb, and that’s being disrespectful to ventriloquist’s dummys Ken.

  14. Mikel Arteta has been charged of Misconduct. Piling our misery after such injustice? Hmmm, they gotta be careful what they’re in for.

    1. By the letter of the laws, it was misconduct and he will be fined, if not banned.
      How I wish they were as equal in their treatment of the officials – let’s get them out minutes after the games finished to answer questions about their performances.

  15. Am slowly coming to conclusions VAR need to be suspended in the premier league, as its mind boggling how other league can effectively use it properly and we can’t.
    Howard Webb has done nothing to fix the flawed and incredibly unfair system.

    In the argument to prosecute the case of introducing VAR, proponents painted those” just says that its the world cup final and England ” situation in which VAR would some how save football unfairness. That was the basis on which it was sold to the league.
    It would make things more fair, it has failed miserably., if you ask me.

    The current situation is not tolerable, nor is it sustainable.

    The massive problem is clearly that referees understand the guidance for using VAR differently, and dishonest and cheaters hide behind this grey areas.

    Have been told VAR has been introduced in Scotland top flight with massive disastrous results, maybe its time to put the break on VAR in the league as Howard Webb shows no signs of throwing in his towel.

    1. Absolutely not.

      Var is showing us that they are corrupt or incompetent. Take it away and they will have the same old excuses – unsighted, too far away etc. Because nobody can know what they saw.

      Keep var and everyone knows exactly what they saw, which will keep on showing up that there’s something rotten going on.

      Keep VAR, give them no excuses. Keep the pressure on!

  16. Error made by VAR is costing players and managers ‘s jobs and even the teams. Now in football any foul play, or you call it breaking the football roles, you are punished or and suspended. What about the officials there who openly confess that they made a mistake, and they get away with it, just like that.

  17. I called curruption on here many times but i was called conspiracist . But somehow my comments dont get through the thought police . The game was rigged, the refs are bent expect more of this against us especially against good teams away ,not only gid decisions but small things during the game ,example our players get hackled really bad and barely a foul given to us ,when we attacking the ball our players only have to get near the player with the ball or just even blow in his ear and foul called,i see this every game , it stifles our game people dont see this. Btw im praying this comment gets through the thought police of JA

    1. Not speaking on behalf of the ”thought police’, but if the match was so loaded against Arsenal, how come Havertz didn’t get a deserved red for his studs up challenge?

  18. VAR works reasonably well in Spain Germany etc
    The reason it is not working here is the referee pool and PGMOL have too much authority over the game itself
    Therefore power corrupts the process
    It is infuriating to hear the conversation on the VAR calls
    Today the VAR audio on the arm on the head for Jorginho was so out of touch that actually seemed entirely prejudicial
    VAR ref said it was no malice and his elbow came up as he was running but not enough force to call it

  19. I applaud Arteta’s bravery to challenge VAR. With football being a multi-billion pound business, VAR decisions are so arbitrary that it is almost amateurs affecting these billion pound businesses. With so much money and prestige at stake their needs to be a watchdog. Never rule out incompetence or even corruption with such big money at stake. Wherever there is big money rest assured there is criminality.

  20. Having follow the VAR rules of interfering with clear and obvious errors only means that more human erratic decisions will be made. This issue is clear, the ball was out and their is foul on Gabriel.
    My main concern about refereeing is that same rule is intentionally not applied to all.
    Foul on HALAAND against Chelsea was penalty but for GABRIEL against Chelsea wasn’t. VIEIRA’s open sturd with minimal contact was straight red while twice by COVACIC was only one yellow. One can go on and on.

  21. Gabriel going to ground easily was not convincing enough for a big lad like him .

    Fast forward the international break pls .
    Is very boring 😴

    1. Yeah, two hands on his back ought to have at the most pushed him forwards, unless he was already going down, or ready to go down at the slightest touch. He completely overcooked the dive.

    2. That’s an interesting question. I spent some time looking at replays to see if Gabriel got off the ground at all.

      It looks as if he did get up a little bit from the impression you get at full speed, but the slow replays are not conclusive (that I can see anyway).

      The thing is, someone in the air is much easier to push over than someone standing on the ground, especially with their feet planted. If Gab was even an inch off the ground when he was pushed then he has no way to stop himself going down.

      It looked as though he kind of went down in 2 stages, after the shove he tried to make his body go up a bit but since he has nothing to push against, he went down anyway.

      Two hands on the back and leaning over him tells enough of the story to my mind though.

  22. It was clear that whoever was sitting in the VAR corner had a vendetta against Arsenal. Yes, we were not playing well but that does not qualify for awarding a faulty goal.

      1. The ball was well and truly out of play . I am an English qualified referee the decision should have been a goal kick and to make matters worse Gabriel was fouled with a blatant two handed push that was severely dangerous to his neck and shoulders. The game should be replayed and there has to be an investigation into where y Arab oil money is influencing referee decisions or the referees need to see an optician and questioned on their judgement..

        Arteta is correct and the wrong person has been damaged

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