What do Arsenal want for Christmas?

Well it is getting close to the end of another calendar year, when Arsenal fans will start to look back at 2014 and see what the year was like for those of the Gooneristic persuasion. All in all you would have to say pretty good, because the muppets in the football media can no longer ask Arsene Wenger and every Arsenal player they interview about da da daaa, `trophy drought`.

The year could have been better as well, of course, with us starting it on top of the Premier League table, but we did at least get in the Champions League again and most clubs would be happy to have a place in that competition as their christmas present.

Speaking of presents, what would you as Arsenal fans like for christmas? Would defending the FA cup this year be the ideal gift? As long as don’t do a Man United and drop out of Europe altogether of course. Is it some serious spending by Arsene Wenger that you would ask Santa for? And if so, which players would you want the Frenchman to bring to the Emirates to hopefully give us the fully balanced squad that will be able to challenge for and win the EPL title?

For myself, although it may not be in accord with the season of good will and all that, what I want is for Jose Mourinho and Chelsea to hit a wall. Perhaps they could have to deal with the sort of crippling injury list that Wenger has had to deal with for over a year now, or maybe they could just lose form and confidence. It is not that I think Arsenal would then win the title, it is just to save me from having to see the smug look on his face.

Come on Santa, you do wear red and white after all….

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  1. We were the best team in England at least for the early part of last season. We didn’t really clear out those players and didn’t make much addition. All i wish for is if Arsene doesn’t spend big during the window, that the players should find that sort of form as they did last season before our “collapse”. I’m hopeful Santa.

  2. Imagine if all the Gooner fans played one giant drinking game that whenever an Arsenal player gets injured you must down a glass of whiskey. Sure would kill the nerves and help take the news. Only problem is alcohol poisoning and the AAAA meetings.. extra A is for Arsenal.

    1. Must admit to not feeling very confident with our games against W Ham and Sou. I know that sou away is probably going to be the bigger bill but i hate going to wham almost as much as stto. Like with bolton big sam always knows how to prepare his players. So my christmas wish will be that we have Koscielny Arteta Giroud Debuchy Walcott Ox all fit and fired up for those away matches.

    1. and people think QPR is a walkover……. Bookmakers are increasing the odds of arsenal winning *coughs* …… Hey Merstesacker, You don’t know CharLie Austin…… U think u could always get away from it by ducking ……

  3. Being more realistic nine points in the next three games,being hopefull a CB and DM to be signed in January which will mean we can bench the BFG and FLamini .

  4. Anybody else see Arsenal supposedly contacting Sergio Ramos? Could you imagine that! The things I would do to have him at Arsenal. The thought of Ramos and Koscielny together. One can dream

    1. We need star players who are hungry and unproven, and not heavy Champions who would see us simple as a joke. Hummels, Schneiderlin and Wenger out and i would be happy.

  5. A defensive midfielder and a defender, preferably above the age of 17. Also allow me hereby wish You all a Merry Christmas, dear fellow Gunners!

  6. Merry XMAS Gunners!

    1. A proven DM that has a physical presence (Wanyama, Schneiderlin, Krychowiak, Imbula)
    2. A proven CB (world class if possible) (Van Dijk, Hummels, Schar, Rudiger (maybe))
    3. A board/manager not scared to pay the price for quality players.
    4. Support rather than whining from fellow Gunners (all opinions respected)

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