What do Gooners think of Arsenal’s transfer window so far?

Does Wenger or the Arsenal board ever learn from their far eastern mistakes? by GW

I really, really thought that perhaps Arsene Wenger had finally learned the way to win the league again and to buy what we need, do it quickly and in his final season knowing his legacy is in tact. I think few would be unhappy with that.

Signing Granit Xhaka early showed intent and led most of us to think we were going to have a great summer in the market. Shortly after he made a move for Vardy. Not my choice, but EPL proven and what we needed as Welbeck was out for the season.

If someone says they need a month to think about it, that to me says enough, we should only be signing players that would walk over broken glass to play for us. At least by making a bid for Vardy, Wenger admitted he needed a top class striker.

Last season we loaned out Chezzer and Debuchy. First teamers, we brought in Cech and Elneny. So we actually signed no-one. Two in, two out.

This summer saw the exits of Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini. So we needed 3 players just to stand still. So far we bought one, Xhaka.

In the reserves we have Akpom and Adelaide, so why on earth has he just signed Takuma Asano? A striker from the J league? Wenger says he’s one for the future, really? Didn’t he say that about Ryo? We wait patiently for years, seeing them in the league Cup, only to find out eventually they weren’t good enough in the first place.

I looked at arsenal.com and saw we still have Sanogo listed as a striker, Sanogo? Even a blind squirrel can see that acorn will never make an Oak.

Anyway, I digress, maybe Wenger will sign what we need, there are plenty of talented players out there, I still think we need a top class forward and a centreback, and possibly a left back if we get shot of Gibbs and we always need wingers!

I still can’t work out why we have so many right backs, Chambers, Jenkinson, Debuchy and Bellerin. Two would do.

One last thing, Ramsey seems to be playing his socks off, does anyone think it’s because he is an attacking midfielder (like he keeps telling us) is it any secret that he doesn’t function as a right winger or a DM? (because he isn’t one) It’s not rocket science is it, ask Chris Coleman.

If we have too many players in the same position, rotate them during a match or sell them and bring in the players we need.

Geoff Wood


  1. I think our activity in the window is Ok for now, if Vardy wanted to come we would have signed two good players now….so that means Wenger knows we need a striker….

    But it doesn’t mean he will buy one..why?
    Bcos when bidded for Suarez and got turned down,he didn’t buy a striker anymore, but an AMF.now Vardy has turned us down,who knows what will happen next?

    Concerning departures of Ros,Art and Flam,two have been replaced already,Elneny and Xhaka plus maybe the Nigerian or Toral, bielik, we are ok there…

    Personally, I think we still need attacking players, I don’t believe our attack can win BIG trophies..


      1. ☝According to the well-informed Kike Marin from El Confidencial, who confirmed the news on Twitter.

  2. Same old scenarios! Yet we keep on deluding ourselves with false hopes! and maybe’s! ?
    It’s like watching a Ozil missed penalty then hoping he scores in the instant replay! ?

    The season ticket holder’s refusing to renew, will be the only thing that will make Wenger pull his finger out and go on a last minute dot com, panic buying frenzy.

    1. LOL @Fatboy
      True talk buddy.
      I wish Wenger could complete transfers as fast as that of Asano. That rumour didn’t last a week before being confirmed on Arsenal’s website.

      1. The Asano Purchase is purely for fianancial reasons as with all things wenger related, hes brought this kid in for shirt sales and thats all, Wenger has not changed all of his career and wont change now,
        what really bothers me is that there are no defined targets to improve the team, most teams / clubs will target specific players who they see can improve the players they have and thier performance moving forward, all wenger does is seek out the cheap options that may or may not do the job and seems to have no defined targets.
        I cant see us getting anything in the way of a great striker and Id be surprosed if Wenger does anything to upset his lover Giroud I noticed an article earlier saying “Admit it Giroud has done well in Euro 2016” or words to that effect but has he really?
        three goals as a striker in what ?six games? I dont think that really so good.
        Giroud aint the man to lead us to PL trophies and Im afraid nor now is Wenger
        That what I think of the transfer window so far.

  3. I didn’t realise that if we signed four WC players, then loaned out surplus by the same number, it means we didn’t sign anyone. You need to sign if you are to upgrade.

    Three going out from CM, but it’s not one that came in, Elneny arrived earlier, and now with Xhaka which makes two. We have talented youngsters itching to get through, Id hardly say we are two short from standing still. Also upgrade is to be considered.

    Sanogo, Asano, Ill leave that alone. Maybe just mention, that you never know if it will work until you try it out.

    RB’s, we did have two last season. Jenk and Debuchy went out, they only arrived back. Also Chambers is a utility player.

    Ramsey should be an alternative to Ozil for us. But when in CM, he needs to learn how to pick and choose his moments.

  4. Wenger is doing well but at the moment we need nothing than world class striker…admit that we will suffer the consequence of not signing a striker because next season is going to be the toughest season since the turn of the millenium

    1. We only have 5 world class players, Cech, Koscielny, Cazorla, Sanchez, Ozil, but that didn’t help us win. Why ? Because we lacked a top class FORWARD. Alexis can’t carry the team alone in the goal scoring department.

  5. In regards to rvp rumours, I don’t care that he left for man u, yes it hurt, yes he could have left for juventus and we could have got more money. But I don’t begrudge a man who scored pretty much 30 goals for two seasons the opportunity to go and work with Alex Ferguson, a serial winner

    after having seen fabregas and nasri sold in one transfer window, and then after forming a great understanding with song he’s also sold. He asked for assurances of world class reinforcement but we were still shopping in the bargain bin

    not to mention the season before we had to ship in five players on deadline day due to the mailing from man u, just epitomised our transfer strategy, which is still abysmal

    If we look at it objectively, he’s still a good player that would add a lot to our team, ive forgiven him and would love to see him tutor a player like janssen who is incredibly reminiscent of a young rvp, albeit less skillful.

    1. No he’s not still a good player
      He’s over thye hill and injury prone for a strikers position in a top tier team, he’s a bargain basement substitute for spending big money and its just not acceptable to have RVP back instead of a new w/c striker

  6. Wenger is doing wel in the midfield…… but at the moment we need nothing than world class striker…admit that we will suffer the consequence of not signing a striker because next season is going to be the toughest season since the turn of the millenium

  7. More freebies:

    Guy Smit is out of contract with Dutch top-flight side NEC Nijmegen after the club failed to tie the promising youngster down to a long-term deal.

    The 20-year-old has attracted interest from a number of teams, including Championship outfit Brighton, however reports from Holland say Arsenal are leading the chase.

    Dutch newspaper De Gelderlander claim Smit has been handed a two-week trial with the Gunners in which to impress and earn a deal.

        1. And here’s another catch ??

          Jeorge Bird @jeorgebird

          Reine-Adelaide trained wearing no.20- looks like he’s been officially promoted. Akpom, Sanogo, Mertesacker trained.

          2:51 PM – 5 Jul 2016

          probably why Wenger isn’t to bothered with new signings?

  8. We are only 5 days in! At least we’ve signed xhaka and Wenger has said he wants other additions in before pre season. We no its a game of musical chairs and it’s possible we are waiting for 1st choice players from the likes of RM again, (Morata, benzema?). I think if any switch around is looking too close to the wire then Wenger will go all out for Lukaku or lacazette. I’ll say it again chicarito please! Or even a punt at the walking injury that is sturidge!

    1. @Ronny331
      I’d go with Chicharito. Him, Campbell and Alexis up top would cause nightmares for defenses…

    2. Yeah, I reckon Hernandez could do quite well at Arsenal. Would be very surprised if he didn’t score over twenty pl goals if given the full season as main striker. I can’t see Wenger dropping Giroud to the bench though, not unless one of the top class strikers arrive. The way our play goes with possession outside the D, we need a clever little runner who can find space, I reckon Hernandez would suit. When we need a physical presence we have Giroud, also both could strike up a partnership when needed.

      If Lukaku was at all like Drogba do you not think Mourinho would snap him up. It worries me that Mour has worked closely with this kid and he seems less interested than ever.

      1. Hernandez would be a terrible acquisition imo, he worked well at United because he was playing as a super sub with less pressure to score and United actually used to put in good wing play which better suited his style.

        His passing game isn’t good enough to link our midfield to attack and he doesn’t have good enough dribbling to play as the lone frontman in a possession based team. He would thrive in a counter attacking team though

  9. Wenger has said that three signings is the maximum due to problems with integrating new players in to the team. He has said this in the past and also recently. This applies to first team players so the two youngsters bought this season do not count.

    I am expecting two more signings for the first team, a striker and a defender. However for the striker position it will not be a lewandowski type player. In other words not a £75m transfer fee and £300 000 per week salary, which for a five year contract is a commitment to spend £150m. More like a £20m replacement for Welbeck, or possibly a £4m RVP.

    1. I would rather see Akpom given the chance than re – signing RVP and seeing that Akpom is included in the preseason squad, it looks as if Wenger will keep him at the club for the up and coming season.

      1. Akpom on loan to hull in the championship last season scored three goals in 1800 minutes of play. Does not inspire me with confidence. Sanogo playing for lowly brentford against the high flying reading recently scored 3 goals in one game!

        Nothing against akpom, I really hope he does well but he does not seem ready yet.

          1. True but he also did not have a premier league defense in front of him. I hope I am wrong, i would be delighted to have a young striker come through to the first team, it just seems to me he is not ready yet. Perhaps thierry can help him develop.

  10. What do I think of the transfer window so far.

    1. Arsenal have made an excellent start by identifying a problem area and buying a top class player to address the problem.
    2. However their subsequent performance is marred by poor decision making. Players surplus to requirement or performing poorly have not been identified and sold.
    3. Other problem areas hve been correctly identified but not adequately addressed.
    4. Much time and effort has been wasted making an offer to a player without properly identifying how the player would fit in to the team and subsequently the player rejected the offer.
    5. Has not learnt from previous mistake of starting well but poor follow up resulting in eventual failure.
    6. Prone to last minute panic buying rather than carefully considered purchases of what actually is required.
    7. Always looking for a bargain purchase which sometimes achieves results but normally results in players suited to the needs of the club going elsewhere.
    8. In negotiations is unwilling to spend more than their estimate of a players value. This often means that players ideally suited to the club go elsewhere when a comparatively small amount of additional money would secure the player so desperately needed.

    Overall assessment – good start but failure to follow up adequately and falure to learn from past mistakes

  11. It’s a petty we didn’t go get our striker straight after the Xhaka deal, that would’ve showed some aggression in this market. We did try to do it, so maybe we are a little more aggressive than previous. If Vardy had come in, that would be four players including the two youngsters. Lets hope we don’t slow down now.

    I see Adelaide is promoted to the first team. Wonder how that will work with Iwobi looking to play similar positions. Campbell too, I reckon Campbell may get loaned to another PL team. Interesting, Alexis on one side and seeing these two youngsters duke it out for the other wing.

  12. It’s not been a great transfer window thus far, and Wenger has already informed us that it will be a another disappointing window by stating he’ll only bring in three, when we all know Arsenal need four for the starting XI.

    There’s two reasons why I think it’s been a poor window: firstly, out of the four positions that need strengthening (CB, DM/CM, RW, CF), I would have said that central midfield is at the bottom of that list in terms of priorities. In fact, looking at our squad, central midfield and the goalkeeping department are the strongest areas in our team, in terms of numbers and quality. That said, obviously I am delighted with Xhaka, and he really impressed me during the Euros, but as always Wenger strengthens already strong areas whilst ignoring the painfully weak areas. The Ozil transfer really stands out as a great example of this.

    Secondly, our rivals have been busy in the transfer market, and not really breaking the bank either. Arsenal surely could have gone for some of these players as well! What worries me, is that Wenger will leave things until the last minute again, not sign anyone significant, and then claim “there was nothing on the market”. Technically he may be right come the end of the transfer window, but that’s because every other club does their business early, meaning most of the quality players have been snapped up!

    Even though there’s plenty of time left, I find it impossible to be optimistic.

    1. Third man, be calm, be positive, it is only the start of the window, everything will be OK, there is plenty of time left for wenger to sign players.

      Look what happened last year!

  13. What do I think of Arsenal’s transfer window?

    The opposite of what Man Utd fans will be thinking after the capture of Ibrahimovic and Mkhitaryan 🙁

  14. ” So we actually signed no-one. Two in, two out.”
    No, actually we signed 2 players, you do understand the definition of signing a player? Try to stick to established definitions and not change them to fit your fantasy world?

    “This summer saw the exits of Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini. So we needed 3 players just to stand still. So far we bought one, Xhaka.”
    No, not all those 2 was starters and regular game players. How many CM do you want FFS???

    Xhaka, Wilshere, Ramsey, Cazorla, ElNeny and Coquelin for TWO SPOTS! We have 3 players for each spot… and you think we need more???? Just to stand still…. Wake up FFS! We got 6 already!

    “In the reserves we have Akpom and Adelaide, so why on earth has he just signed Takuma Asano?”
    Why not? He could make us money in shirt sales to help ease the cost of purchase and wages, Wenger said he will be loaned out so he can develop…. He might turn into a beast of a CF and save us a fortune, he might flop. We do not know yet and it is harsh slandering new future prospects without knowing what they can do.

    “Wenger says he’s one for the future, really? Didn’t he say that about Ryo?”
    Yes and Ryo didn’t adjust the the physical EPL, does that mean every Japanese player can’t make it? Judging a whole race now are you? Racist git!
    As for the future, yes, like Bellerin was. I am happy with Bellerin, are you?

    “I still can’t work out why we have so many right backs, Chambers, Jenkinson, Debuchy and Bellerin. Two would do.”

    Chambers is a CB who can play RB, Wenger sees him in the middle and he has been playing as a CB in the reserves.
    Debuchy was a direct replacement for Sagna and Jenks was Sagnas backup, Bellerin was in the youths after being bought for the future… Luckily. Can you imagine Arsenal paying what was needed to buy Bellerin??????

    As for Ramsey, he is a B2B CM, his best performances have been in a B2B role with some freedom.

  15. With Arsenal and Wenger, it is ALWAYS business as usual. Top top quality means some Sanogo, park chu hung and Takuma boy.
    Always strengthening areas we already have surplus.
    Always getting prostrated after mourinho defeat.
    Always saying there was no quality in the market.
    Season Ticket holders always happy with top 4 finish.
    Summary: Arsenal will never ever change under Wenger!!!!

    1. Can I leave this planet and go and live on another planet for one full season. Please! The transfer window is becoming an embarrassment. When you start off like this then the season will also end with a huge disappointment. The deluded one very well knows we are in need of a WC striker and off he goes and buys some rubbish from the island….whoa!! I can’t stand this let me go off to Mars…one season

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