What do Arsenal fans have to look forward to this Season?

What does next Season hold for Arsenal?

Fans of Arsenal have suffered quite a barren few years now. Who would have thought during the glory days of the late 90s early 00s it would ever come to this. From title winning sides to the ‘Invincibles’, who went unbeaten through a whole season and remain the only side in Premier League history to do so, Arsenal fans had a lot to cheer about.


It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where things began to go wrong for Arsenal. Once seen as a so-called big club, over the previous years they have started to drift into obscurity a little bit. While still a massive draw, results have been poor and signings have not lived up to expectations. Manager Mikel Arteta remains at the helm to try and guide them through these troubled times. Many names will be mentioned to come in and it is up to him and the board to decide who to buy, if indeed a purchase is needed at all.


Shoring up the Defence


Arsenal have always been known for having a rock solid defence and in previous years were famously associated with numerous 1-0 victories. Their miserly defenders ensured chances of success and winning the big trophies. Aging players and retirements saw the end of this era which they have since struggled to replicate. David Luiz, while aging, had proved an experienced head in the defence which has seen a succession of young or inexperienced players try and take their chances in this side.


Bids for Brighton’s Ben White so far have not amounted to anything solid but Arsenal have gone back repeatedly to try and prise him away. A solid defender, he may be what Arsenal have been missing for the last few years. Max Aarons from Norwich has also been mentioned as a potential signing. While Gabriel has also shown a lot of promise, he is not the finished article yet. A couple of key signings and the future for Arsenal’s defence may not be as bad as thought after all. You can check out who is being linked to sign for Arsenal at any online casino.


Strengthening the Midfield


The loss of Matteo Guendouzi to French club Marseille will leave a big hole in Arsenal’s midfield. While not being noted as the most skilful of players, he certainly gave his all for the club. Promising midfielder Martin Odegaard along with Dani Ceballos are returning to Real Madrid as their loan spells have come to an end. As with most clubs, the transfer gossip has gone into overdrive with a range of suggestions ranging from possible to absurd. A variety of options available to bet on regarding players and their possible destinations can be browsed if you visit an online casino site.


Solid performers like Yves Bissouma from Brighton or Sander Berge at relegated Sheffield Utd stand out as two relatively attainable players with Premier League experience. While James Maddison has also been mentioned, it remains to be seen if he would make a move as Leicester have been performing so well in recent seasons. Granit Xhaka is also rumoured to want out of Arsenal after five years service which could see a big shake up in the middle of the park this summer. If they are willing to give youth more of a chance, they may not have to make any signings from outside at all.


New Spark in Front of Goal


Arsenal appear to have been struggling for goals in recent years with a number of signings failing to become fan favourites. While Pierre Erick Aubameyang has scored his fair share goals, it’s fair to say he has not set the stage alight. Alexandre Lacazette arrived with big promises but has not really delivered. Despite getting to the Europa League final in 2020, which they lost, this team has rarely displayed any signs of threatening any of the top teams in the Premier League.


The Euro 2020 competition has allowed Arsenal and a host of other clubs to run their eyes over a range of stars from a variety of different countries. Clubs can often spot a bargain here or in fact an up and coming player they may be willing to take a chance on. Czech Republic star Patrik Schick, who had an outstanding tournament, is just one of the names who keep cropping up. With an eye for goal, at 25, he could be the answer to Arsenal’s problems for the upcoming years. However, unfortunately for Arsenal, after such good displays his price will only have gone up.


Looking from the Inside


It’s not all doom and gloom at Arsenal. Some promising players have come through the ranks and there is a solid English connection which if allowed to develop properly may give them a strong backbone to work with for the future.  Bukayo Saka is the most highly rated of these youngsters, performing admirably for Arsenal and also recently, England. Holding onto him is deemed essential to a positive future and a signal to other clubs that they are not willing to lose their best talent.


Emile Smith Rowe and Ainsley Maitland-Niles are two names expected to feature more for Arsenal next season and Joe Willock earned rave reviews while playing on loan at Newcastle United last season along with some very valuable playing experience. He made such a good impression that Newcastle actually tried to sign him, but Arsenal have made it very clear he has a big part to play in their plans. 




It will be an interesting season ahead for Arsenal as the last few years have seen a major fall from grace for a club that were used to winning trophies or certainly finishing regularly in the Champions League qualification spots. So called lesser clubs have now even begun to outperform them consistently in the league, which is highly worrying for Arsenal. Not only from a financial point of view but also the draw of the club seems to be fading. It is no longer seen to be as an attractive club to sign for as in the past.


Pundits and past players have been bemused by Arsenal’s performances. Fans who wished to see the end of Arsene Wenger’s long tenure as manager and felt the football was getting stale may hark for a return to those steady days. Arsenal were seen as entertainers for a certain period of time and their battle for supremacy with Manchester United to be the best in England now seems like a lifetime ago.



  1. VasC says:

    Kindly apologize me for posting a comment entirely out of context.

    Dear Admin,
    I’ve noticed this in almost all JA articles. Please switch the paragraph text alignment to “JUSTIFIED” instead of “LEFT”. You’ll notice a vast improvement in how the contents look.

  2. fairfan says:

    With a much weaker squad Emery got within one point from the Champions League in his first season and made the EL final.
    But that was not good enough and he was sacked.
    Then Emery went to a much weaker squad at Villareal and won the EL and gained CL football.
    So with the stella squad we now have and no European football Arsenal should be top four.

    1. lcebox says:

      Emery was fighting a losing battle here , he could’nt get his message across and now he’s more comfy in talking to his squad he’s getting the results.
      He was never a bad manager.

      1. VasC says:

        Had the club not made the record signing of Pepe against Emery’s wish….

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          VasC, it is unfair to place the blame on one player, the choice of Pepe over Zaha, even though due to Sanheili Arsenal paid too much. One could also say Emery didn’t get Thomas Partey when he wanted him. Emery wasn’t supported in who he wanted to bring in, but more importantly he wasn’t supported in moving out the clique of players undermining him. Arteta was supported in both bringing in the players he wanted and moving these disruptive players out, at great financial cost to the Club.
          This season is critical. Last season’s attack scoring 55 goals, was the worst in living memory and a repeat will be a bore fest.

  3. Tom k says:

    Nothing apart going down to the championship or sacking mikel before it’s to late

    1. siamois says:

      Give it up Tom you’ve posted similar comments recently but it is not going to happen!

      1. Tom k says:

        Why it my point of view if you believe we or a top 6 side you need help and lots of it

        1. siamois says:

          I truly believe that at the end of the season we will be around that anything from 4th 5th 6th and at worse 7th especially if we get a few more additions!

    2. jon fox says:

      Tom k Not the comment of a true supporter.

      1. Tom k says:

        I been a arsenal fan for 42 years and this is the worst manager and team I ever seen mikel is a really bad manager and the team apart from 4 young players we or crap

        1. jon fox says:

          Well your reply to my post is not the mature comment of a middle aged fan that one would expect at your time of life.

          A great pity, but for you own life personally is what I think.

          Such overreactive negativity is not a mature fans life outlook.

    3. Gunner22 says:

      Expecting Willian and Xhaka to stay, Auba and Partey to have more off than on moments, some saves and howlers from Leno and his merry defenders, some injuries here and there, out of FA and League cups by December, some loan deals of Madrid rejects in January and a top ten finish provided Toons, Hampton, Wolves, Brentford, Leeds, Clarets, Watford, BHA Palace and Norwich play more horrible football then us

  4. gunnerforlife says:

    Get Bissouma, Madison/Aouar, Aarons and Sam Johnstone and we are good to go.

    1. Dacoster says:

      We cannot sign auoar and maddison together is either we sign bissouma and auoar or bissouma and maddison.am getting that believe that arteta will not sign auoar because he is not a fan of french players.

  5. siamois says:

    What worries me is the lack of outgoings we need to get rid of a good few there is no way we’re going to pay players for training and hanging around the squad,/team and we need to free spaces too we signed 3 players so far but I’d love to see a new CAM a proper RB number 2 GK and I’d chuffed to bits and if we can a tall CF very good header!

    1. lcebox says:

      Aye and when no other teams wants our players for the price we want and they see we’re over stacked , they will hold us to ransom with smaller fees than we should be getting , as usual.

      1. siamois says:

        What you’re saying is true we will be held to ransom get barely nothing for those players in question but it will be the same next summer so why not get rid of them now even if it means we wll still have to pay up to 50% of their wages and those who do not want to leave have to be told that they will neither be registered or play which will free up spaces and start the rebuilding now.no messing about!

  6. Jah son says:

    I still think Arteta will be out by September ends as the stadium will be too toxic if fans return.

    1. siamois says:

      If it were too happen there is no way MA would get sacked so early it wouldn’t make any sense especially considering our first few games we all know that November/December before the winter transfers window is when owners start to panic and that managers start getting the sack!

    2. jon fox says:

      Jah son, Are you prepared to bet your own money on this happening? My money- ANY amount you nominate – says you are talking nonsense.

      If you won’t bet then you are just another keyboard warrior who is not prepared to stand up and be counted for his view.

      1. siamois says:

        I am no betting man(I have never put a bet for money in my life) but I’m pretty sure that you would definitely win that one Jon!

  7. Jah son says:

    If fans were in the stadium Arteta wouldn’t have a job at arsenal. And the sooner we get back in the stadium Arteta will know what we think of his footballing philosophy. However the plandemic continues. Wow! Ain’t government just loving this.

    1. FingersFurnell says:

      Hi Jah son, I don’t think I am getting your point here, I may not agree with it when I understand it but JA is about freedom of speech for all, I just don’t think you are getting your point across

      Are you saying that as soon as the season starts, if you are allowed to go to the first month or so of home games you will pay good money to go in and boo Arteta and engage a mob in order to get him out and you believe that the Arsenal board will value that so much they will sack him on the spot??

  8. Kenny says:

    With the support of Kroenke, top 4 is a realistic target. Period.

    I choose to believe MA can deliver. Else, he has to go. No excuse. The goal is simple & as clear as ABC.

  9. Kenny says:

    BTW, I doubt Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Joe Willock will feature more.

  10. Gunner22 says:

    Expecting Willian and Xhaka to stay, Auba and Partey to have more off than on moments, some saves and howlers from Leno and his merry defenders, some injuries here and there, out of FA and League cups by December, some loan deals of Madrid rejects in January and a top ten finish provided Toons, Hampton, Wolves, Brentford, Leeds, Clarets, Watford, BHA Palace and Norwich play more horrible football then us

  11. Ozziegunner says:

    I look forward to Arsenal’s Hale End graduates Saka, ESR, Willock, AMN (once he realizes his future is at RB), Balogun, Nelson and Azeez, as well as new young players Lokonga and Tavares progressing and shining this season. The future of the Club will be defined by how well Arteta can utilize the player resources at his disposal. Gabriel Martinelli, Nicolas Pepe, Ben White, Calum Chambers,, Rob Holding, Gabriel and William Saliba (on his return) are all still young.
    Given the financial situation the future is being entrusted to Arsenal’s youth, who can hopefully re-energize Aubameyang and Lacazette for Arsenal to score many more than 55 goals.

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