What does it mean if Aubameyang does not play against Sunderland?

If it’s to be believed that time keeping is the ill-discipline that saw Aubameyang stripped of the armband, then I think most Gooners would accept that.

Even big fans of the striker would understand a captain cannot act in that matter. It made sense for all parties to equally drop him for the West Ham game.

Then though, his omission was extended to the weekend which has escalated the drama.

Drama that Arteta could easily end.

Yet it’s been a week of the manager not giving straight answers to questions like, does the player have a future at the club?

By not giving an answer he’s in a sense …. giving an answer.

The likes of Ian Wright and Martin Keown feel the Spaniard could ‘kill the story’ by integrating the player back into the squad.

The latest rumours are that the forward is training on his own and there’s even talk he won’t play for us until after the African Nations Cup.

I should stress they are rumours but gossip that Arsenal haven’t rushed out to deny.

If Auba isn’t even involved against Sunderland, then you’re left with the prospect that his poor conduct is based on more than showing up late for work?

Or is it a refusal to take accountability?

Arteta would do himself a favour by giving more clarity. By not doing so he’s in danger of being accused of being too strict.

If Aubameyang’s only crime is returning late from visiting his ill mum, then it would seem harsh to prolong his punishment.

Why would you feel the need to completely discard him if that’s all he’s done?

If that’s what’s happening then it raises the possibility of this being a club decision, with the priority being to yet again slash the wage bill.

It’s fine as long as we are winning games.

The moment we are not, fans will have every right to ask why we are paying someone a fortune to sit at home.

Arteta can’t keep washing his hands of talent every time they don’t meet his principles. He needs to show he can work on the training pitch and make individuals better.

He should use this cup tie as an arm round the shoulder, a way to build Auba’s confidence and put a smile back on his face.

Why wouldn’t our boss want to do that?

The same regards Pepe. If these are footballing decisions then both should start on Tuesday night.

If not, it’s more than a football decision…

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  1. I don’t get the training away from the rest, but in every other respect it’s as Arteta has said all along. He is keeping it in house. We can speculate all we like but none of it means anything until plain and simple facts emerge – if they do.

  2. Have the feeling Aubameyang is finished at Arsenal.
    This isn’t the first time he has been disciplined.
    He doesn’t set a good example. He thinks he can do what he wants.
    I’m sure some players are even pleased he isn’t playing.
    Personally think the quicker we can get him off the books the better.

  3. The matter is being handled quietly and professionally. Everything is transparent. The message is clear. There are expectations and breaches are punished according to the type of breach.This breach saw the armband taken from Auuba so it is serious. The club publically announced Auba losing the captaincy. Now he is training alone. But the fact he is back in training shows he is being kept ready to return after he serves his punishment. So the matter has been handled and accepted by Auba. He will return in due course. So overall the club is handling this matter well with little or no interuption in the teams momentum. Well done Arsenal

    1. Only well done if we finish top 4
      Didn’t feel well done when we needed a goal at Old Trafford and he was taken off
      Didn’t feel well done when we needed a goal at Everton and Eddie was brought on

  4. I think he has given Pepe and auba multiple chances which they are not keen to utilise. Maybe it is time to be ruthless like Ferguson. Wenger put up with such players things were not working

  5. I cannot agree with Fairfan here. The fact that he is ‘back in training’, but training alone, could equally well indicate that he has been ostracised and is merely doing some fitness work while we try to offload him. I was an Aubameyang fan but he is now past his best. Arsenal have to learn to refresh the team more regularly by selling players when they are at their best. After all, has any player ever lasted ‘for ever’?

  6. What it means? His punishment isn’t over yet. If he is training alone it’s for his own good, keep fit and be ready when called upon.

  7. I heard Aubameyang has been making some disciplinary problems since last year, not just the latest incident. As far as I know, he also delayed his return to make a new tattoo

    It would’ve been better if Arsenal could state clearly how many times Aubameyang made such problems since he joined the club, but currently we can only assume things. His disciplinary issues could explain his huge performance drop

    I agree that his exclusion in today’s game means he’s transfer-listed. We should’ve been happy that Arsenal’s leniency culture starts to diminish

    OT: Since our CFs are leaving, Arsenal had better hijack Ferran Torres from Man City, before he goes to Barcelona. Torres has played as a false nine at Man City

  8. I really hope we can offload Aubameyang. I also hope we never pay a player more than 200K a week, never thought I’d say that!

  9. In my very own opinion, I think it’s the club decision to keep him off the team for awhile owing to his disciplinary breeches.
    He’s currently serving his punishment and will definitely be brought back into the team after he must have served his punishment.
    Let’s keep it that way.

    On Pepe’s case. He has been given so many opportunities to prove that he deserves a place in the squad in so many occasions which he never lived up to.
    He should keep fighting in the training and I just hope he gets a start today

  10. There is more to it than what meets the eye. The point is, if Auba was only punished for being late after visiting his ailing mother, the punishment wouldnt have been so severe. Something is going on below the carpet and only Auba and Arteta know what it is. There might be other disciplinary issues with Auba. That said, it is good Arteta is setting good disciplinary standards as a benchmark specially for the youngsters. he is taking a cue from his master Pepp. Phoden and Grealish were also reprimanded and suspended for late night outs. Players have to draw a line in what they are doing, they are professionals. But one thing I fail to understand is the situation of Pepe. The guy can score, can dribble, can shoot and has pace. Why is he not playing at all, not even as a sub. Is it something to do with his contract clause, the amount Arsenal has to pay his parent club if he plays a certain number of matches. If that is the case and Arsenal is trying to save money when we need to win matches, it is very sad. I feel Pepe should be given a chance against Sunderland, specially since Martinelli, Saka, ESR and Ode are playing games regularly and risk being worn out during this hectic schedule.

    1. There’s clearly a lot we don’t about what’s going on behind the scene with Auba and Pepe.

      It’s quite frustrating as I’m craving to find out what’s happened but on the other hand I respect Arsenal for not giving out information.

      It will be interesting to see what squad is picked today.

    2. “If that is the case and Arsenal is trying to save money when we need to win matches, it is very sad”

      At least they are winning matches and still saving money if that’s the case Gunnerforlife.
      To be honest Pepe is most times frustrating to watch.
      And by the way, his dribble isn’t consistent enough. He’s easily dispossessed of the ball and often predictable in his movements

  11. I can’t think of a reason why Auba would play tonight but I believe that Pepe will

    I reckon Eddie will carry on up top in this competition, Leno will get a game but I also think that ESR will play wide left and Xhaka might start alongside Elneny and that we will have a strong bench that will be used

    It will be a tough game and one we will want to win but with two more League games before the year is out team selection will be tricky

  12. If the clown is unavailable until after the ancon, then there is no need to play him any sooner the man is
    not producing anything, should be sold asap. Saka
    should be rested tonight!!

  13. I think it is fairly obvious, Auba has not “just” visited his sick mom and returned late.
    It must have to do, with the manner, he has done it:
    He has been late before, and has possibly been told, what the consequences would be, if repeated. Any manager, who wants to stay in control, must follow through on that.
    It can’t be ruled out, Auba has directly or indirectly let Arteta know, he doesn’t respect him. Again, if that is the case, any manager would have no choice but to stamp his authority.
    There is every reason to se this as more as “just being late”.

  14. As with Ozil, we the fans, are left to speculate….. and that brings all kinds of rumours, guesswork and negativity.

    Nothing was learnt then and it looks like the same thing again.

    Ozil, Aubameyang and Arteta DO deserve credit for keeping it “in house”, but I see this situation ending up in the same way…. The Arsenal subsidising and giving away a player.

  15. Look there’s more to it than meets the eye Arteta has a plan we don’t know about he’s not letting on I hope he brings him back into the fold but I think he’s played he’s last game for Arsenal
    Another sad ending to our best player over the last 3 years

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