What does Ramsey’s injury mean for Arsenal?

As I’m sure you are aware our Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey has been ruled out for an expected month long period, with a hamstring injury he sustained in the opening fixture of the new premier league season.

Ramsey was hauled off the pitch during the second half of Arsenal’s opener against Liverpool, a match that the Gunners eventually lost 4-3. Ramsey dropped to the ground and it immediately flashed up that given his injury concerns from the past, that a bit of magic spray wasn’t going to cut it. Ramsey was taken off before Iwobi joined him on the treatment table minutes later.

Ramsey’s injury therefore means that the Gunners are now lacking yet another influential player on the pitch, although many will agree that the Welshman didn’t exactly put in a match winning performance. He will probably miss the whole of September, meaning he misses games against Leicester, Watford, and probably miss the first international break, and knowing Arsenal’s injury record he will probably be out for longer than that.

Aaron Ramsey will be out until after the first international break with the hamstring injury he suffered in Sunday’s 4-3 defeat against Liverpool.

It means that he will definitely miss Saturday’s match against Leicester City but also then the game against Watford as well as Wales’s first World Cup qualifier against Moldova on Sept 5. It is then hoped that he could be in contention to return for Arsenal’s home game against Southampton on Sept 10.

Ramsey had to be substituted in the 61st minute of the Liverpool match with the score still 3-1 shortly after Alex Iwobi had also gone off with a thigh strain that is still being assessed. From The Telegraph

Ramsey therefore joins Iwobi, Gabriel, Mertesacker, Welbeck and Jenkinson on the treatment table, whilst Wilshere, Ozil, Giroud and Koscielny are all hopefully returning to full fitness.



  1. Mark my words: we will not get anything better for Ramsey until Wenger is getting ruthless with him (and Walcott ant to some extent Ox). Ramsey is a far cry from the disciplined guy of the 2013-2014 season. Look at his stats against Liverpool and you will see he is having the most shots, the most possesion in the last 3rd, most chances, most dribbled (ffs, Mignolet dribbled him) and you realize that he believes he is a striker. But not a full fledge striker as we all think but the type of the striker giving the pass and receiveing it immediatelly once behind the lines. He lacks the power and speed to do anything else. Where he is wrong is that he thinks the grinding work in the middle of the park is not bringing glory which is false. Look at Kante, the unsung hero for a lot of the season. Ramsey stamina is much better and his shooting phenomenal. It is just the fact that Wenger was convinced (just like Walcott) to play him up.
    For Ramsey and Walcott to be useful again would need for Wenger to become ruthless, in the sense that these guys if not disciplined on the field then they won’t even make the team for the game. I have to say that I was guilty as well believeing in Walcott, Ramsey, Chambers, Ox and so on. I was let down but I am just a fan. How about the club, the manager? People trusting you. I must say that I was disgusted by the chickening of Elneny in the 2nd half. I had so many hopes for this guy as well. Coquelin is not the smartest in the bunch but he does one thing: he is not afraid. Elneny simply caved in and the bets way to prove it is the fact that Xhaka coming in changed our game. We all know now that Wenger fscked it up by partnering Coq + Elneny, we all said it before the game begun but it just shows you we are really clueless. At a high level even. It all smells like 2013-14 season all over. Back then losing to Villa gave lot more jeers but the performance Sunday was actually worse.

    1. “Ramsey is a far cry from the disciplined guy of the 2013-2014 season.”

      The main reason why Ramsey was rated so high in 2013-14 was because of the goals he scored not his “discipline”. End of discussion.

      1. You can try and end the discussion but that’s just not true at all…
        We were far, far, far weaker as a defensive unit (Andre Santos, Jenkinson, Arteta, Podolski, Theo, Flamini all playing big roles that season) and Ramsey had a lot more defensive responsibility in which he added a lot. Not only was he scoring, he had the highest tackle percentage IN EUROPE for the vast majority of the season, not to mention his interception rate which was class.
        It’s fine if you want to slag off last season and the Liverpool game in which he was a far cry from that player. But 13/14 Ramsey was easily a top-2 midfielder in the prem alongside Yaya who had a phenomenal season.

      2. Bo11ocks! Ramsey had exactly 10 goals in 2013-2014 and 4 of them were scored after he came from injury. Hardly a case of a scorer. One game comes to mind, when we played Cardiff and the pressing we had was so high with Ramsey coming from the second line. He scored twice but his defensive display is forgotten because of the goals.
        A perfect case for discipline is last season when he was put on the right and he played exactly as Wenger wanted. Needless to say, we were top of the table in January. And that’s also part of defensive display on the right wing put by Ramsey covering for Bellerin so many times. Games against Manure where his focus was breaking any attack (even got a yellow and his body language was , cmon get up, is just a foul).
        Why did he played well for Wales? Because the whole setup is to provide for Bale. Which he dully submitted because Coleman is not a manager, he is a selection manager. If you don’t comply, no choice but to drop you off. Wenger manages more games in a season so he has the time to correct. I say, just be ruthless and drop anyone from the squad if whatever they did was not in line with tactics given.

      3. And you ignore the reason he was scoring goals was because he wasn’t trying hard to be a striker, being disciplined allowed his game to develop naturally. The Ramsey we saw in the Euros was the disciplined player we want, he goes all out in defence and attack and doesn’t solely focus on trying to score.

  2. Shame about Iwobi,
    As for Ramsey I’m not really a fan of his, purely because he is far too overrated, his not a team player, to selfish for that and his end product is absolutely ?! And the fact that Wenger still picks him over other young players who contribute more to the team, makes me dislike him even more. ?Anyways, The Ox is looking up for it this season and has scored two quality goals, one in pre-season and one against Liverpool, so hopefully he will continue to improve And maybe Campbell will get a chance to shine aswell, We have plenty of cover In midfield, at the moment lol
    So we can concentrate on worrying about the other areas for now! ??

  3. As mean or whatever as it may sound I think Ramsey being injured is actually a good thing.

    He, along with the likes of Wilshire, Walcott, Ox & Giroud seem to be beneficiaries of an enormous amount of favouritism by Wenger.. How often does Wenger really drop a fit Ramsey? Never, he actually often changes his team to accommodate fitting Ramsey in.

    I have thought about this a bit and really where does Ramsey fit in? Unfortunately, everything he can do Carzola can do better imo.

    Carzola is better next to the DM, Carzola is & proved on the weekend he is the better number 10 (They are both behind Ozil), Carzola turned that game around imo, and this was after the Ramsey injury.

    Ramsey is not a winger either, we have far better players on the wings.

    I firmly believe we lost the league last season when Carzola got injured and we had to rely on Ramsey instead for 3 or so months.

    I actually quite like Ramsey and it’s nothing against him personally I just don’t think he fits in, if he was used as a backup it would be great, but as I said before for some reason Wenger never ever drops him, it actually hurts the team imo.

  4. Our first team is fine.
    This group carries the rest
    of the team most of the season.
    Cech Bellerin Kos Mertz Monreal
    Coquelin Cazorla Ozil Elneny .
    Sanchez Giroud.
    The second Team is very unreliable and injury prone.
    We should cull this group down to 6-7 and get quality replacements.
    14. When in form and not injured they are just passable.
    Ospina Jenkinson Debuchy Gibbs Gabriel
    Chambers Bielik Ramsey Walcott Wilshere
    Chamberlain Campbell Wellbeck Sanogo
    6 New. Holding Xhaka Zelalem Adelaide Asano Akpom.
    31 players plus any additions.
    On paper this is a deep squad.

  5. After about 20 minutes of the Arsenal – Liverpool game it became obvious we were playing with 9 men. Iwobi was a headless chicken and looked totally out of his depth while Ramsey did his usual thing – running around a lot with nothing to show for it. Luckily for Wenger they both picked up injuries which forced him to bring on the two he should have started with in the first place, Ox (wing) and Santi (midfield general). How Wenger can justify starting Ramsey in the Ozil/Santi creative position and leaving Santi on the bench is a total mystery to me and I am fast having more and more sympathy for the Wenger out brigade. His rigid determination to play Ramsey SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE, is really screwing up this team. Now sick to death of his favouritism.

  6. Iwobi and Campbell should be sent on loan where they can play week in week out. As for Ramsey, maybe he needs to move elsewhere?

  7. I will not miss Ramsey. He does little that excites me. I even prefer Theo on the right wing.
    In the center I prefer Ozil or Santi so Ramsey doesn’t make my first 11. He has nothing to worry about though because as soon as he is back Wenger will put him back in the first 11 (until Ramsey returns the polaroids)

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