What does the treatment of Ozil say about Arsenal’s famous values?

Is This The Worst Arsenal Have Treated A Player? By Dan Smith

Left out of both of our European and Premiership squads at least till January, it would appear that Mesut Ozil has played his last game as a Gunner. Back in March, when he assisted the winner against West Ham, little did he know he’d never kick a ball in the famous red and white shirt again.

The saga between the player and his employers has divided opinion for months and I think readers know my stance by now.

When I heard the news, I wasn’t surprised but disappointed. I have been very disappointed in how Arsenal have handled this situation for the last couple of years, ever since they regretted offering the midfielder 350,000 pounds a week.

Instead of just learning from that mistake they tried every under-hand tactic to force the German out. Banning him from Wembley to celebrate the Cup win, leaking out his refusal to take a salary cut, not supporting his support for Muslims, etc. The idea seems to be ‘let’s make this man miserable so Stan Kroenke saves some money’.

This is being done by the business that claims Arsenal are a ‘family’. For years we prided ourselves on the Arsenal way, we were the side known for acting with class.

That dates back to Herbert Chapman, out of his own pocket paying for the Halls at Highbury to be painted marble because he wanted every team who entered to know this was a club who had standards.

Maybe older gooners can help me, but I can’t remember us treating one of own this badly, someone who helped win 4 out of our 14 FA Cups. I’m not talking about results, in my lifetime following the Gunners this is the most classless I have seen us behave. This is what I expect off a Chelsea, not the Arsenal.

I look through the squad submitted, and I fail to believe that Ozil for footballing reasons doesn’t make the list. Especially when we have so little creativity.

I said this for months, if we had a better options for making chances during a game, the likes of me couldn’t say anything. Yet how can we as fans moan about a lack of creativity but then in the next sentence say a World Cup winner has been omitted, but Kolasinac and Elneny make the cut?

Let’s say it’s 1-1 this Sunday with 10 minutes to go, name me a midfielder you trust to bring on and pick a killer pass? If there isn’t one, I can’t defend Arteta on this.

He’s either a yes man, or his judgement is we have a more creative midfielder then Ozil? So if I now don’t see creativity, I will have to question his judgement.

The next time a player doesn’t want to extend his contract Arsenal can’t preach loyalty, not anymore.

Some hate Van Persie for refusing an extension when picking Man United over us. Ozil did the opposite and look at his thanks.

Arsene Wenger warned before he left, we were in danger of losing our values. This never would have happened under his management.

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Dan Smith

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  1. I would counter the argument and say Ozil has been the worst footballer (in loose terms footballer) that we have ever signed. Why people still cant see what he is actually doing is beyond belief. If he had anything at all about him, WHOEVER is to blame here, especially the club, he would go and play football somewhere else but NO he is staying put KNOWING he isnt playing football. THIS ISNT ABOUT FOOTBALL OR ARSENAL NOW.

    1. Well I counter your argument with the fact that Ozil is standing up to Kroenke and for what he thinks is right!

      1. Yes I believe Ozil has class, but he is only standing up to kronke and his stooges. Part of the smear campaign is to make it look as if it’s all about the money. Nope it’s about standing up to victimization and selective justice. If I were Ozil I’ll do the same. I will not be blackmailed and pushed around. I stand with ozil against Kroenke and his puppets

          1. Let arteta just forget of the past and go with the present because he will instead get into problems . Let he leave the player to play his games

    2. The worst footballer, I think not. At the time of signing the player had over 80 caps for Germany, played in the German Team that finish third and won the World Cup. For three seasons at Real Madrid was credited with more assists than any other player in the Spanish Leagues. I am certainly not a fan of the Arsenal version of Ozil but with his achievements at the time of signing there were clubs that were certainly prepared to sign him. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I think we may be saying the same thing about Pepe in a season or two.

      1. The worst footballer WE have ever signed, for attitude and actual real conviction to the cause. He speaks about Loyalty, what loyalty, he has not shown any loyalty to Arsenal. He is only hanging about because we loyally pay his wages for him doing nothing. If he was loyal he would do something about it. He can play football at a club that would be MORE loyal if he really wanted and craved loyalty. Would he be so loyal on Say £3500 a week? NO!

            1. Arteta is asking ozil to defend which is not his game….he played with ozil before n he knows ozil’s strength….now partly is in the squad….why don’t try izil with partey n he how he performs…arteta should look back at the game against Newcastle last season n see how ozil perform…this is just arteta showing his authority n also a YES MAN for the kroenkes…..if not arteta won’t be appointed if he’s a NO man….

          1. I had a great song about Ya Ya. It was based on the 80’s hit Einstein a go go. But then Ya Ya left to and to my lasting chagrin, it was never heard on the terraces. Seats.

        1. @reggie
          you are clueless . I have no better way to describe the garbage you are spewing. Are you going to work for free?

        2. And when i say signed, i say it from the start of this contract and the input that he has or has not given since then.

    3. @Reggie, it’s about ethics and cultural approach. I would have backed the club against ozil if there was bad behaviour and trouble making from his end but I will never back the the club for such behaviour against any football player who had a dip in the form or unable to perform on highest level (apparently that is what some fans think about ozil contribution to the team). Club like all other employers have to behave in certain manner, when you sign the contract it’s on both parties to respect that contract. What ppl fail to understand is it is not Ozil’s contract to provide certain amount of assist and goals per season if that was the case then Ozil would have been in breach of his contract and his treatment by club fully justified. To all the Ozil haters who say MA has his on mind and is not dictated by the board, can you all care to answer why Ozil waa regular in same MA’s team before lock down and then has been completely side lined after the pay cut incident? I do not agree with reasons given by MA because it was same ozil and MA before lock down so is he trying to say players did not buy into his vision before lockdown and they were not performing to their best of ability so he picked ozil as best of bunch but after lock down apparently Evey single player is out performing him in training? This while situation becomes very logical when you take off the blind fold and see that it’s the board who are dictating some terms to MA and that is usual it happens in every club. To punish a player who can even be the least talented player in the squad in this manner after he refused to take a pay cut is not right. It’s not about ozil only in recent times out club has behaved like bunch of moarons when you consider their handling of other employees of club as well. It seems like for Arsenal all that matters is money nothing else.

      1. Mohsan, i respect what you say but what have we seen from Ozil, except social media promises and statements. Arteta has made a statement that Ozil has been conversations over a long period of time and knew what was requested of him. Basically he has failed to deliver on the pitch but he has managed to put out sly silly digs on social media. He fell out with Germany, he caused wenger problems with travelling away and mystery illnesses. Emery didnt trust him, lungberg didnt trust him and Arteta has lost patience with him. I fail to see what he has done that deserves supporting him.

        1. You are blind to what the stingy owners are doing. They ruined Wenger by not giving him money… while other teams bought the EPL.

          If you can look at what the owners did and say something about them, we can ascertain how honest you are about Ozil.

          1. JJPawn, KS&E own the Club 100% to do with, what they want within the rules of the FA and the UK.
            If you or I don’t like the way the owners manage Arsenal FC, our options are limited.
            Do you have a spare £2 billion + to buy the Club, because I sure don’t.?

    4. Seriously. What a waste of £42 million and £350,000 a week.

      What an underwhelming signing he has been. We got more excuses for him from his disciples throughout his time here than actual consistent performances.

      Should have kept our Suarez money instead of wasting it on this overrated, overhyped player.

      This is what you get for panic buying at the last minute and hope the club had learnt a valuable lesson from it all.

      1. You are wrong and/or blind Goonster. Or a total fraud in the service of the owners.

        Once Giroud and Sanchez left, there was hardly anyone capable of taking Ozil’s supply. Meanwhile, the back four were weak. No DMF after Viera.

        Worst part: Wenger tried to create an English corps, who were overpaid and incapable, and when Wenger finally gave up on them, we began to sell them one by one, for decent money. The last one was sold to Liverpool for a tidy sum.

        You need a much deeper understanding of money and football, and now politics, to figure what is going on. Just attacking Ozil and/or Wenger displays terrible lack of knowledge.

        On the other hand you could be a stooge of the management. Are you?

        1. Bwahahaha.
          The delusions from you Ozil cultists never fail to amuse. Isn’t it?
          Excuse after excuse for your now exposed overhyped/ overrated cult hero.
          Now you are citing Giroud’s absence as one of the many cringy excuses as to why your cult hero has been a disappointment at Arsenal. The same Giroud that many of you ozil cultists had turned into the No1 scape goat for why you cult hero was playing like a joke.

          Just clutching at any straw that you can get your finger tips on in defiant defense of your cult hero. Lol smh

          It’s is never Özil’s fault no matter what according to you lot. It’s always someone or something else’s fault as to why prince ozil has been an average joke at Arsenal.

          No self assessment, no self criticism, no taking person responsibility ever from Ozil. Just victimhood, excuses, blaming others for his own shortcomings.

          It’s nearly 2021 and we have delusional ozil cultists still making excuses for why he has been average in his Arsenal career.

          Amazing stuff, isn’t it?

      2. Waste of money for someone that won 3 time German best player I think most of you are just being blind to the truth ozil is never worst than any of the players we have now, and how come you guys hasn’t been talking about willian, aubameyang and lacazette form, we won our first trophy when we signed ozil we won 3 fa cup ozil actually played well when we had better players like cazolar and co remember ozil would have signed for man u and I believed man u would have payed him more, but from what I see you guys are just being jealous and hypocritical about this ozil issue

  2. I don’t understand Arsenal anymore, I’ll just bite my tongue in disappointment. This is more than footballing reasons.

  3. Ozil has been tactically removed immediately he decide not to join the rest to reduce his salary during lock down. Ozil didnt offend d coach but d conflict is against d board

  4. You can take so much money weekly and continue to play poorly

    A creator who creates zero. Saka is better than him now.

    Wenger decided not to play him away because he was that poor

    Then this so called back pain he used to deceive Wenger when he didn’t want to play

    Loyalty? We paid him 8m loyalty bonus in September he didn’t deserve

    Arteta should move him to play with the under 23 team

    1. How does he not deserve the money including bonuses that the team offered and signed for?? Stop thinking out of your bottom.
      If he didn’t deserve it why did Arsenal give him..

      1. To be clear this has nothing to do with the Coach.
        It’s the board.. Its political.
        So much for class at Arsenal.
        The Chelseas of this world are more classy now.
        What a load of….

        1. The classy outfit that was Arsenal was before Wenger left.

          Every word he says is calculated, as he knows what is going on. When it comes out, it will be ugly.

          The owners are milking Arsenal for their pathetic project elsewhere. Along with their pathetic politics.

      2. @Crispen A new contract is based upon performances of the past and with an anticipation that the performances of the past will be replicated or bettered in the future. Now, if the club feels that the performances that they get from the player do not match those expectations they can certainly feel that it is undeserved. Do you think they would have given Ozil his contract if they knew beforehand that he would produce the way he actually has? Apologies if I thought out of my bottom.

        1. Wrong. Ozil still performs. He is a #10. To be used with decent strikers, such as Sanchez and Giroud with defenders defending.

          Not Ozil fault that everyone wants to play like Liverpool. These things go in cycles.

          However, Ozil can still play with Partey and Elneny/Ceballos in the middle. He will not be given that chance as it would contradict the narrative of hate you have been suckered into by the stingy owners.

  5. So when Wenger dropped him on away games it wasn’t football reasons

    Emery dropped him also no football reasons

    Freddie hated the guy also no football reasons

    You’ve manupulated by Ozil PR team

    1. So Arteta played hi every game then come COVID Ozil was suddenly out of the team.. If you believe that….

  6. I will ask this question, if Ozil was on £3,500 a week, instead of 350,000 would he be so “LOYAL” as he puts it ?

      1. @Dan
        But not a single Arsenal fan has ever come up with this notion that Auba stayed at Arsenal because of his undying love and loyalty to our club. We all know he stayed because he got a massive contract at 31 years old.

        Did not see any clubs breaking down doors to sign him. So we all can actually agree that he stayed because of the money and comfort.

        But on the other hand we have Ozil disciples telling us how he has stayed because of his undying love for our club. The same club he keeps undermining and disrespecting on his social media on a daily basis. Disrespecting and undermining his own managers.

        I am just glad that many of my fellow gooners keep calling his bullcrap.

        Aren’t Arsenal that have shown him loyalty by paying his wages throughout even if he has been stinking out the place for 3 or so seasons? Talk about loyalty. Haven’t Arsenal just paid him a £8 million loyalty fee?

        What has Ozil given back to our club since he signed his £350,000 a week contract in 2018?

        What more do you ozil fan club want?

        1. Go watch his contract announcement
          He says he loves the club , this is family and wants to be a legend
          In reality he did it for the money , same thing some attack ozil for
          I’m terms of loyalty he’s been loyal to his contract Arsenal chose to offer

          1. @Dan
            That is his own propaganda.
            Of course he is going to say that. He has just hit a jackpot at the age of 31.
            And he is more deserving than Ozil. Auba has done more in the 3 seasons he has been here than your cult hero Ozil has done in nearly 8 seasons. Amd guess what? Even with that he did not get the ridiculous £350,000 a week contract that inconsistent underperformer ozil got.

            What fans keeping saying that Auba stayed because of his undying love and loyalty to Arsenal?

            But on the other hand your have Ozil fans assuring us how he stayed because he loves our club so much. Loyal. Lol

            Loyal when you have been stinking out the whole place since 2018? Keep undermining out club and managers on a consistent basis? Amazing loyalty. Right?

            My foot.

            1. Why r you so obsessed with the amount of money offered mate? Did you have to sell your dog to pay it? Does the money get refunded to you? Does it decrease the ticket price? Why is it in any part of your argument at all? I mean why do you feel this much about what another person earns when the main issues being discussed are footballing and political reasons? That is all you need to think about and that’s it.

              1. Wouldn’t we just like to think that the self sustaining model that we are saddled with could then use the money to bring in new blood?

            2. Well he hasn’t done more then him
              My point is you can’t say ozil stayed only for money but then get hot when I say same about Auba

              1. The difference is auba wouldn’t be happy to sit on a bench.

                I believe the issue is with both the club and Ozil, the club in the beginning but offering such a ridiculous contract not necessarily the pay but the clauses that is within the contract that we know of.
                And with ozil you know they have conversations and I’m more then convinced they informed him that his surplus to requirement.
                Now I’m not saying just because they say that that he should leave but if you’re looking out for your self development and the progression of the club you would leave just like the great legend Ian Wright did, who left arsenal at the end of his career but knew it was his time to leave. and it’s been ozil’s time for the past 18months I don’t think we have won an away game with him in the team during that 18 months

    1. By the way. World Cup champions get paid 300K NOT 3k..why do you want to pretend he was paid 300k because Arsenal is a benevolent club… He earned that right to make 300k..

      1. Read the question, you obviously didn’t properly. It was hypothetical to prove a point and my point is, No he wouldn’t. He is loyal because of the amount he is receiving, not because of any love he has for the club.

  7. I just fail to understand… Being a loyal arsenal fan myself… It bring me tears reading ozils words… He has been a true proffesional and true gunner… I mean I loved the way arteta started his journey and I agreed with him that I everyone starts clean… Ozil was classy against Leicester… And looking the way we played against City we were clearly lacking creativity at the middle of the park… Its so good to have a class such as ozil sitting on the bench… Im sorry but I agree with this article arsenal have showed they are really clueless… With whoever is making the decisions and arteta is a yes man to kroenke and his son…. Thats all I can say… We are improving but are we on the right path… I don’t think so… And I don’t k ow auba s work rate has dropped… All of sudden and we are no longer feared… And we have laca sitting in the bench where he is currently our top scorer…. I don’t want to say much due to my love for the club but we are not going far with this team…

    1. It brought me to tears reading Ozils words as well but out of my love for my club not an underhanded player who is manipulating everthing using his social media. Plenty words and no action.

    2. OMG.
      What is wrong with people?
      People are dying of covid-19. People are losing their jobs right left and centre. Business closing down for ever. People from around the world don’t know where their next meal is going to come from but we have melts tearing for a multi-millionaire that has just been awarded a £8 million loyalty fee last month. His wages are still being paid into his bank account each week. He is safe in his london mansion, just got married, has a baby daughter, has all his life sorted out financially and we still have people talking about him like he is on minimum wage, sent to war torn country etc.. He is happy spening more time playing video game (Fortnite) and social media propaganda instead of putting in the hardwork he is being paid for.

      The cringeworthy stuff people come up with regarding ozil are classic.

      People now tearing up because a multi-millionaire with a stinking attitude has been put in the naughty corner by his club while still being paid his massive wages.

      It’s amazing. Isn’t?

    3. To buttress your clue part. How can the club be ok with paying two players on close to £500k a week for free. The moment we bought Gabriel they should have found a solution for Sokratis to be moved out the club. I’m not definitely ok with this and and proper arsenal( to use Jon’s word here) should ok with this either. We call Stan all sort of names and some fans are ok with this wastage of his money as no as they don’t get to see play. I don’t care whether is for football reasons or not, they know Ozil’s has to place in this team then he should have been paid the what is left of the his contract to avoid for both the player and the club. This is classless.

  8. It is his own bloody fault. Is he not physically fit? Because then why is he refusing to put in the work required?

    He can be oh so creative, but if he refuses to tackle and put in the hard work then what does that say to all his teammates?

    There is no room for people who need to be carried defensively in the team anymore. Especially a player who hardly ever scores and whose form has been spiralling downwards ever since he got a huge contract.

    I say that as a former fan of Özil, but I am appalled by his attitude quite frankly. If you earn 350k a week then you should do your damn job, even if you dislike it and suck at it, or you’re just a spoiled brat.

    Also I can’t see why Arsenal should support his or anyone else’s political agendas at all. I get enough political nonsense thrown at me in every other aspect of life.

  9. This never would of happened under his management!!. How unbelievably naive of you.
    This whole situation is Wenger’s fault. He allowed Sanchez & the waste of space Ozil to run down their contracts.
    Wenger panicked when he knew Sanchez our best player at the time was leaving. He knew the backlash from the fans would of been untenable if both walked out of the door for nothing. So he bent over backwards and allowed Ozil to dictate the terms. Hence the £350K a week noose around our necks.
    Not even the best player in the Premiership KDB is being paid this amount at City.
    So thanks to Wenger he left us with a bloated squad of deadwood being paid far too much. With Ozil the icing on the cake!!.

        1. I brought auba into this as Glenn commented Wenger caused this by letting someone in his thirties run down contract
          I was pointing out arsenal carried on that policy

      1. Auba has contributed more to our club in 2 years than Ozil’s 7 years.
        He’s never feigned injury and has never been selective in the games he plays in and currently not being played in his best position.
        So definitely worth his new contract which incidentally is less than the parasites contract.He knew he was not going to play so rather than move to play football (at least Sanchez left Utd to play) he prefers to train a couple of hours a day then stays at home to count his money.
        The £8 million loyalty payment paid last month was the final straw for Edu & Arteta. I hope the new management will never make mistakes like this again. So roll on next June when he’s off our books.

        1. Not true in.2 years under Ozil we won two fa cups and finished too 4
          In auba two years we won a cup and finished in worse position in 25 years ?

        2. Dan
          I wrote Auba has contributed more in 2 years not the declining team under Wenger & Emery.
          Compare the goals & assists between them. No comparison Auba has contributed more.
          So worth his contract!!.

          1. No he hasn’t
            You said aubs 2 years are better then ozils 7
            Aubas contribution is us finishing outside top 4
            And one cup win
            Ozil 4 cups win and second place
            Idea he’s contributed more is made up

        3. What did auba win for arsenal that Ozil did not, I don’t know why we easily forget the plates that once served us food, do anybody care to know how song, Nasir, vperse, Alex, chammbalin etc left arsenal at times we needed them, wait to see nemesis on us

  10. My elder brother introduced me to Arsenal during the Invincibles, I became an Arsenal fan after the Invincibles. I fell in love with Arsenal not because of the Invincibles but because of two reasons. 1) The pure beautiful and entertaining attacking football. 2) Most importantly, I fell in love with Arsenal because of her class and aura. I’ve been an Arsenal fan through mud and more mud, during our trophyless years I would go to public pubs to watch Arsenal play just to discover that we were very few, something that never used to happen. One day I went to watch Arsenal play and I was the only one. But still I have always surported Arsenal because we always ooze class. But in recent years, it has not been same. Started with the likes of Mertesacker, Giroud, Chamak to the Iwobis the Mustafis, the Bellerins. Imagine what was done to Xhaka, Mustafi at the traffic. I think Walcott was our longest serving player as at the time of his move to Everton, but how did we send him out? Slowly Arsenal’s pride on values have been in decline, both from fans and board alike.

    Now Ozil. Ozil is past it yes we all know, but you can never justify the likes of Willock being above Ozil in the pecking order. First it was the Europa League, now the Premier League. It is an open secret that Ozil has not been in the squad because of off pitch issues. This is not in support of Ozil the player but this is the height I can take. I’m a very principled man and those around me know I’ll never be a part of any institution that does not have same values as I do. How do you treat Ozil this way? I repeat I am not in support of Ozil but this is pure classlessness from Arsenal. I am a Nigerian and yesterday 20-10-2020. The Nigerian Army massacred harmless civilians who were protesting at the Lekki Toll Gate, Lagos. They cut off the CCTV cameras and put off the lights. I have video eveidence of the massacre, so also many other Nigerians. I couldn’t sleep all night. Just now I decided to read up on Arsenal and saw the Ozil news, then I read his message to fans. The two situations are similar in that both the Nigerian government and Arsenal have exhibited gross lack of moral values.

    As from today, I DaVinci Ruhamah known as Chapo here on Just Arsenal seeze to be an Arsenal fan. I will not support Arsenal in anyway which includes not buying jerseys again, I will from henceforth stop watching Arsenal play or going to Arsenal fan meetings. I’ll also withdraw from all online Arsenal related social mediums. This is not because of Ozil but if you are a Nigerian right now you will understand what total disregard for values truly mean. We used to be the pride of London, know as a club of class but no longer. I predict this today that this classless act will not stop with this Ozil, there will be more Ozils to come in the future, more victims of loyalty to a legally signed contract.
    I’ll not support another team out of respect for the club I once loved. I’ll just be a neutral football fan. Criticize me all you want, I don’t care, my decision is final.

    Nigerians are being massacred. Soldiers are killing innocent and harmless protesters.

    1. CHAPO, This heartfelt, touching cry, puts football in it’s proper perspective as way down in lifes list of things that matter. My heart goes out to those poor helpless dear Nigerians who are being slaughtered and thank you for bringing it to the attention of more people on this site.

      PLEASE STAY, if only to post on things that REALLY matter, like people and how they are treated and mistreated. I send you my very best and sincere wishes and good luck for your lovely but ill treated countrymen and women!

    2. Human life and compassion will always be more important than football. We support you in your sadness even though you cannot see it.

    3. Chapo, stay. You are the kind fan I respect, as you value principle and fairness.

      I will not stop being a fan, it is crucial to speak out against these owners and their propaganda. They are scared that with Partey there will be someone to there to help the defense, while Ozil focuses on the supply.

      Stay, Chapo!

  11. Ozil got a contract, a deserved one at the time and i dont know why some cant digest him earning 350k(idk if its true though😂).

    Its not like tge club is in a financial crisis beca7se of him
    We got pepe
    We got partey
    We tied auba

    And i am pretty sure those guys are not on 3k a week….

    He was promised certain things and i dont think the club did that actually.

    And who will be our scapegoat officially?Hope he is also mentally strong….

    Anyway thanx for everything,Mesut❤

  12. It’s not the Arsenal way and we might never know the real reason why all this is happening Arsenal never wash their dirty laundry in public and I strongly believe the fault lies on Ozil and his PR acting like his modern day Cinderella, his been given £ 1,500,000.00a month And £ 8,000,000.00 bonus for staying they call it loyalty, just play football the way we all know he can but his just lazy and his playing games on those Arsenal fans who still believe his honorable, if he loves the club so much then he should of left last season we would of been happy to let him go free and even a golden hand shake but NO why should he If I’m not wrong wages+bonus he earned £ 26,000,000.00 last twelve months

      1. He didn’t play when he was selected under 4 managers and he can take some of or most of the blame for Arsen getting the boot because he put his faith in Ozil When he resigned him and Ozil repaid him by not performing

  13. The logic conclusion if this was right, would then mean, that if Özil is not to blame, then our manager MA is either a willing part in treating Özil unfairly, or he is accepting to name a weaker squad, than he could have done.
    Very doubtful, I think.

    1. I wasn’t going to get involved in the Ozil v Arsenal discussion but your points sum up the situation as I see it

    2. why would you doubt that? Arteta is an employee of the club and if they tell him these 2 players are off limits then he follows suit.
      He is not Pep or Klopp to rock the boat. He has a gig in a major club and this is his first rodeo that puts a lot of money in his bank account. People talk about Ozil wages but forget that everyone there is the same. They get paid very well whether they get to play or not. MA is not any different. He has been partially silent and diplomatic because he knows the truth. Shameful way to deal with players and it goes to tell you that Arsenal has a real issue .

        1. @reggie
          did I just not say that about you in a reply earlier?
          Maybe you need to get a sample of a brain somewhere so you can write your own crap
          No one who knows anything about football cares whether Ozil tackles enough. The fact some of your idiot posters think he makes too much money is utterly insane. They signed him
          end of story. Just like they signed Willian for 200k a week to walk around the field.
          And Auba at another 350 a week and let’s wait and see how many titles he delivers.
          Your verdict to all this is thoughtless and without any real merit. You jumping on the bandwagon of another poster saying Ozil does not run enough maybe you 2 should read his statistics. He is constantly in the top tier of registering the most km run.
          None of that even matters but your approach is hatred and and it is a bit more complex than that.
          Unfortunately it is beyond your comprehension level.

      1. I doubt it because Arteta seems like a man of integrity to me, and because in any case his job is dependent on results, and accepting to name a weaker team than he wants, is not the way he would want to go.

    3. Wrong.

      Owner waned Ozil out. Arteta was told if Ozil is played there will be no money for transfers. Arteta folded.

      Wenger steps in… and the truth will come out in time. Wenger has no love the stingy owners who used the Professor to build a brand, but refused to fund the post stadium team to win the EPL. If Wenger succeeded, he would have been more powerful than these owners.

      Come on people… get the story right!

  14. The only player that could do what Ozil does is Aouar and where’s Aouar? Partey is a great signing but he’s more a Xhaka replacement.

    So please don’t come and say Ozil is not in the team because of footballistic reasons, that’s just bs

    1. Can you please specify who MO would replace in our current squad? Bear in mind that he has to put the same amount of off the ball waork that the guy does also. Honestly I can think of the right wing or false 9 to a stretch. He could, in theory, replace one of the two mids, but would it help us defensively and can he play deeper, sacrificing the natural instincts of his previous playstyle? I think Ozil cannot participate in a hybrid position sadly

  15. He was an odd signing with hindsight… being asked to play alongside the likes of Ramsey xhaka Walcott etc must have been a nightmare for a player like him … wenger never maged To get the ozil wilshere carzola combo to work … in fact never tried it … pity … our loss in the end

    1. When we were at Higbury, with the marble floors and some decency and ethics we could stand head up high. Forgetting him staying too long, even Wenger was ethical. What we have now is a bunch of carnivorous egoists. Yes Ozil is overpaid, but to treat him like shite, and make out we are now above him football wise is just untrue and unfair. The way we have treated Saliba is just plain wrong. Just because Arteta didn’t have a hand in signing him. Control freak! Whatever happened to kindness and compassion?

      1. So far the signs are troubling. You can tell from the team reckless selection week after week that stubbornness and self confidence maybe the drivers behind MA actions. Guardiola could get away with it because City has money, Emery couldn’t get away with and fell on his face. Let’s see if MA is made of the same mold.

  16. I don’t think Ozil is the only one left out of both squads, is he? Where is the article about Sokratis? If I am not wrong, he also helped us win a FA cup. According to the premise he was also mistreated, or he doesnt qualify cause we have enough CBs?

  17. Ozil have been posting strong messages on social media to Arsenal and Arteta, as to why he should be playing and the club has not reciprocated it’s loyalty. Well, well,well, if only he was putting in the right performances required of every player in the training sessions ,along with the proper attitudes, things would have been different for him. Yes,he played at the club together with Arteta, years ago. But, Arteta is now his manager, the boss, therefore, Ozil needed to show respect, by abiding to rules that were set forth, to qualify a player for guaranteed play time. That was Ozil’s failure, as he sought preferential treatment, which never came. A very sad ending on all counts.

  18. Watching Ozil from the stands I’d be in awe of his moments of brilliant awareness and skill from which we’d score. Then I’d be left fuming when he was easily tackled, sat on his backside, didn’t track back and we’d concede.
    Fans will probably never know the behind-the-scenes truth regarding Ozil. Speculation and PR fill the void.
    What we do know is that the resulting situation was and is damaging our club.
    If for whatever reason Ozil was no longer wanted as a player surely a better closure could have been arrived at both for Arsenal and for Ozil?

    1. The owners could have bought out his contract… it is business.
      However, they are a cheap and stingy family, and it is surprising that the fans have have not gone after them for destroying Wenger’s legacy.

  19. Ozil can not claim he had no idea he was not in the managers plans. He has had opportunities to leave. In fact if he was good enough clubs would be lining up for his services even if they would negotiate with Arsenal to only pick up part of his wages. Bottom line remains if Ozil wanted to play football he would be playing somewhere.

    The fact is he keeps playing this clever but transparent game of “I will keep fighting for my place”. Are there many fans who think Arteta would not have played him if he delivered what Arteta expected?

    Ozil is a trying to be a clever boy who is only too happy to collect 350/month and not play.

    There simply is no way Ozil would not play somewhere right now if Ozil wanted to play. He clearly prefers the comfort of London and 350/week.

      1. LOL!

        Also, why did Auba wait so long to sign? (When no one could offer a 30+ year old more money, he stay at Arsenal, becuase he loves the club.)

        Money matters. It is a business. The top tier players want to collect the transfer fee too, why not?

        What is sad the is the gross ignorance of “fans”. The hate against Ozil is mixed up with xenophobia.

      2. The Art of Teta covered that argument by stating that interested clubs could have negotiated with Arsenal to subsidise his wages. As far as we know no clubs made offers, except for Al Nass’r from Saudi Arabia, who offered more, but Ozil was not interested.

      1. No… he might play for a team who wants to win using a play maker. They will get him on a free transfer, and pay him around 200K/wk.

  20. How many Arsenal players are as politically active as Ozil?

    How many EPL players are as politically active as Ozil?

    1. Is the board that was responsible for Arsenal values in past years still part of the board today?

  21. What I know is right from tomorrow the decision to exclude Ozil from both el and epl while still paying him will put Arteta‘s team performance under microscope.

  22. @seanwilliams
    I have a feeling you may be right on the Saliba situation. It looks like MA is a bit of a control freak similarly to Pep without the pedigree. The fact also that MO was his peer and and played with, may not bode well with Arteta. Just a thought . Time will tell because the truth always comes up.

  23. No Arsenal fan believe Ozil. Its a PR stunt. Only intruding Spurs fans do.
    He’s laughing all the way to the bank playing fortnite

    Arteta explained today the difficulties he’s had trying to encourage him to play

  24. Dear Dan, I couldn’t agree more with you. I have been an Arsenal supporter for over forty years now and am really saddened by recent events. First there was Arsene Wenger, ushered out the door. The gentleman he was, he left quietly. Where most, if not all managers looked to self preservation by making demands on the owners of clubs for improving their squads, Arsene always put the interest of the club first, ironically leading to his own downfall. Mr. Wenger always spoke about honouring his contract, yet the club who owe more to this man than any other could not honour theirs. Arsene may not have won much in his latter years, while feeding off scraps, but Arsenal still played the most beautiful football, earning them the tag of ‘Play the Arsenal Way’, a far cry from ‘Boring, Boring Arsenal’. It would take a brave and foolish man to associate Arsenal with this term anytime in the near future. Now it seems the last remnants of “Play The Arsenal Way” are being lost in the form of Mesut Ozil. Mesut Ozil is the type of player that comes along once in a generation. He is one for the purist. If you love football, you will love Mesut Ozil. He is a playmaker in the true sense of the word, someone who dictates the play and ochestrates the way the team plays, players like Pirlo, Xavi, Ineasta or Juan Riquelme. These are players that you cannot coach, it comes naturally to them. In fact they do half the coach’s job on the field by just being themselves. How can you justify leaving them out. Why? Because they cannot defend. Ozil did not play any differently when he won the champions league with Real Madrid or World Cup with Germany. The difference was, he was was playing with better players. If Arteta say’s it’s for footballing reasons then you can question his judgement. If Arteta say’s it’s his attitude, then you cannot expect a seasoned professional to show the same level of motivation in training as a youngster just breaking into first team football to secure a lifetime opportunity. It is only natural to have these different levels of motivation. Like Wenger said recently, creative players need to be given motivation and confidence, not the other way around. Maybe Arteta can take a leaf from Senor Wenger’s book. However I doubt very much that these are the real reasons for Ozil’s exclusions. Forgive me for speculating, but we have been given very little to feed off, in a truly cowardly fashion. If indeed the reason for his exclusion is due to him not taking a pay cut (which he has every right not to take), then what can be said when the media are always saying that Arsenal are looking to offload you, yet your club does not distance itself from such statements. Wenger always defended his players. Would you want to take a pay cut in your last year of contract, knowing you are wanting to be rid-off.
    It has been reported that Mesut was paid a loyalty bonus, yet how ironic it is that a club who would pay you to be loyal, would try by all means to be disloyal to the very same contract, if that be the case. It is also difficult to tell if these are Arteta’s decisions or he is just the Yes man. Whichever way it is reasonable to assume that if you are excluding the clubs highest earner to such an extent, then some form of approval must be given by the clubs heirarchy. If the reasons are not footballing then it may just happen that Arsenal are cutting their nose to spite their face or maybe just to save money on performance bonuses as reported.
    Whatever the case, Mesut Ozil deserves better.
    Good luck Mesut!

    A Truly Disillusioned Gooner.

  25. Human life and compassion will always be more important than football. We support you in your sadness even though you cannot see it.

  26. Ozil was good before covid, Then injured and never brought but pushed back…

    Hé didnt leave for free but commited in long terme when wanted many teams as Barça, Munich, Paris, Juve !

    He would have picked up 15 millions bonus as a free agent…

    Kroenke did the math…Beyond that, all Ozil thing been so ridiculous .

    He commited and as a player and human being, this is not right.

    Can disagree or agree, but this has gone way too far.

    Each Time as before covid, he comes back and everyone praises…

    Again. & again. He made sure to not leave free, this time it is opposite.

    I can see him do well in Italie’

  27. Sean Williams
    Human rights? And he palls around with Erdoghan? The number one human rights abuser being his friend.
    Ozil the Chief Propagandists

  28. @admin pat!
    very well written. arsenal is losing its values, the beauty of playing offensive football and the “thank you” (özil for example)

    i am specially worried about losing the values. recently arteta posed advertising for a wine brand on the official web site. what a rhetoric! when at the same time saying “growing” sports – women/men free from alcohol and drugs.

    maybe not at the end of his carrier as a manager , but i do really miss arsene wenger when thinking about values. the caring he had for players

  29. If at all there be anything that has happened to Arsenal FC values, the club’s values are not in tatters because Mikel Arteta has for football reason sidelined Ozil compulsorily from playing for the club at senior team level in the PL, ELC, Carabao and FA Cup competitions during the first half of this season’s campaign.

    But the club’s values are very much in place in high esteem upholding the goodness that the club has stand for. As the true values of the club that are anchored on discipline and upholding the truth will not be compromised comes whatever may happen.

    Some Arsenal fans talk of Kroenke making money at Arsenal to his pocket. But what is bad about that? Is he making unlawfully making the money at Arsenal? And for heaven’s sake, is Ozil not making money at Arsenal and making it very very fat?

    If I may sound a note of warning to Ozil, I am warning him to henceforth desist from his defiant against the constituted authorities at Arsenal by keeping his speaking out for justice to himself and stop extending it to Arsenal.

    For, Arsenal FC is not a political party but a professional North London giants football club side. Which I believe Ozil knows very well despite his interagency action against the club – Arsenal that is paying him his salary every week as at when due.

    As a matter of fact, if Ozil does not desist from his continuous defiant to Arsenal, the club could ban him from playing for them at the U23 level to therefore ban him playing for the club altogether at all the level of their teams. So, Ozil should keep quiet and be careful not to over talk saying bla bla bla to Arsenal.

  30. Oxil had not in the least justified his earnings with commensurate training and conscientious behaviour
    Since he was Arteta’s team familiarity breaths disrespect.
    Let him add more enthusiasm in training and demonstrate that he is still an Assist King at the club in training.

  31. What values? Look at the way they treat us, the fans!
    Charging fortunes for the last decade in Season tickets and pleading prudency when it comes to transfers during Arsene Wenger era. We are a firm that got bought on a stock market by an American billionaire who (by all accounts) is not even interested in football!
    We had a CEO who was a Business Manager and a manager who thought he was an accountant. Our values have gone out of the window when we put the club on the stock market. I do not like to see Ozil being treated this way but IMO Kia Joorabchian is correct on the radio the other day when he said the player and his agent should have ensured his player plays either here or elsewhere. I believe he represents Phillipe Coutinho and he could not get enough playing time at Barca and went to Bayern on loan and won Champions League this year and now is back at Barca and has more playing time. Ozil should have gone on loan and Arsenal should have someone pay at least £50000 to £100000 of his wages to save some money and see if the player can find form elsewhere.

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