What effect do sponsors have on Arsenal and other football clubs?

Arsenal as well as all other professional football clubs have a number of sponsorship deals in place, and they have a huge effect on the finances of their clubs, with little said on the subjects.

This is the first season I can remember where we have two clubs bearing the same sponsor, with Mansion branded on the shirts of both Bournemouth and Crystal Palace. Both are officially sponsored by Mansion Group that is responsible for other successful brands like Casino.com.

This is not their first spell on a Premier League side’s front however, having spent four years in partnership with Tottenham Hotspurs.

You would have to have lived under a rock to not know of our club’s affiliation with Fly Emirates, with them having not only become our shirt sponsor since 2006, but paid to have their name branded onto our stadium on an initial 15-year basis, but both deals have since been extended.

The Arab airline played a huge part in the financing of our state-of-the-art stadium, and has since extended their partnership with us, and will stay as our shirt sponsor until at least 2019, while retaining their naming rights on the Ashburton Grove sight until 2028.

This deal is the most obvious in showing the importance of sponsorship deals, with them playing a huge part in our growth as a club, and as one of the elite earners in England, which will only prove to pay dividends in the future.

Fly Emirates did sponsor Chelsea previously however, and whilst being tied to the Blues, the airline opted to agree a huge deal with Arsenal on the naming of said stadium, which must have felt like a big middle finger to our London rivals.

The company agreed to take on the naming rights of our stadium during their final season of their agreement with Chelsea which ended in 2005, and they have since helped us immensely since making their switch in alliance.

Our stadium had been put hold due to a number of financial hold-ups, including the government refusing to subsidise any of the fees, but without any sponsorship deals whatsoever, we would most certainly have failed to build on our club’s stature.

We are now one of the most decorated and most supported clubs in the world, and all of our sponsors over the years have played their part in growing our famous name, but rarely to they get credit for their work. They do of course get their benefits of being affiliated with our beloved club.

Is sponsorship one of the most under-rated features in modern day football?

Updated: March 19, 2017 — 3:35 pm


  1. I think our fan base was already a reason why UAE chose us. Also they might have thought like an AFC fan, they probably said Jazuz, if Arsenal and Wenger can come this close without comparable money how good will they be when the project is done. They forgot to account for greed factor. I’d say if commercially Arsenal were struggling to get the big bucks because of our league position over the last ten years well then that might kick them into action.

    1. Arsenal PLC is nothing more than an entertainment industry and it has no interest in winning trophies. It’s just a modern-day state of the art cinema which keeps repeating the same old movies ? ? and there’s also a massive circus tent around the back, where the clowns run out once a week, trying to amuse the sheeple.

  2. Sponsorship and sports go hand in hand specially for Athletes, and more and more for clubs these days,

    Man-U’s revenue from sponsors almost doubles Arsenal’s where City owners ( Etiat group ) pay over the odds to advertise Etiat on their shirt in fact so that they ( City ) wont get in to problems from FFP in the past they also payed the same over the odds to sponsor Barcelona FC

    The more world wide supporters a club has the more sponsorship revenues it bring in, so its vital for a club like Arsenal to win major trophy(s) to keep our supporters and to expand on new comers and generation, as we all know young kids almost always sport winners,

    we seam to be getting plenty of press world wide but all for the wrong reasons, But you know what they say ” no news is bad news” HAHA

    1. I’m sure that’s ?? No news, is good news ?

  3. Talking of sponsors,
    Arsenal fans to sponsor a plane with a Wenger Out banner for the WBA game.?
    What a waste of time and money that will be, no matter how high that plane flys, you can be sure that Wenger’s Stubborn Ego will rise above it.?

  4. For Arsenal I think TV rights
    earn the most with tickets
    and sponsorship about even.
    Sugar daddy input?
    Who buys the products advertised?
    One assumes the rich countries yield the most for sponsors.
    Europe, USA, oil countries, middle classes in Asia perhaps.
    What would sponsors pitch to poor villagers in Asia
    or Africa watching the screen in the village square? Coca cola?
    We sure do see a lot more football on screen than ever before.
    But is that down to technological advances or increases in financial input?
    How much of the financial increases goes to players
    and how much to the average fan.

    1. This is Stans version of Monopoly mate and the Jail in the corner of the board has been replaced with a ‘raise ticket prices’ symbol ??

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