What exactly are acceptable targets for Arsenal in general?

What is good enough for Arsenal? by AndersS

Obviously we are often discussing how we are doing in the Premier League. For most fans, if not all, the Premier League title is the most important title we are competing for. Even when we were in the Champions League, the Premier League still seemed the most important yardstick to measure how we were really doing.

If we are in general agreement, the Premier League position is where the team, the manager and the whole club really show how good we are, then what position is good enough for us to be satisfied?

 This may of course change from season to season. At the start of this season my guess is that a vast majority would be happy, if we could achieve top 4. But not top 4 as a major achievement in itself. Rather as an important progress and milestone in a process to achieve greater things in the coming years.

And this leads me to the real issue for this article. What is generally good enough for Arsenal given the history and stature we have as a club?

Now, I am sure, if we finish a season in Top 4, we will in general be satisfied, but happy?

Hypothetically, if we were offered 4th place and no chance/risk of any other position every year for the next 10 years, should we say yes? I would say ‘no’.

If we were offered 3rd every year? I would still say no, and also no to 2nd every year for the next 10 years.

I would like to see us challenging for the title, and hopefully win it at least once, and if it also means that we will have seasons where we finish say 8th or 10th, I would rather have it that way, than 2nd every year.

 We are one of the biggest clubs not only in England, but in fact in The World. We have also seen plenty of documentation showing we have, over the past 10 years and more, been one of the highest spenders/investors in our squad. In transfers and in salaries to players and managers. I also understand our facilities for training etc. are top class. In my opinion, there is no excuse for not challenging for the title. But sadly, we are not, and we haven’t been for years.

 At this stage, it might be useful to define, what exactly it is to challenge for the title? To me it is something more than the exact league position.

2015/16 was the last season, we finished in the Top 4. We finished 2nd, Leicester won. And although this is generally acknowledged to be a season where we had a golden opportunity to win the league, the fact is that with 5 rounds to go, we were 12 points behind Leicester and we were actually only in third at that time. Spurs were 5 points in front of us, and we were in all reality out of the title running. In the end, we overtook Spurs to finish second, because they lost the last 2 games, but we still finished 10 points behind Leicester. Not a real title challenge in my book.

 But what exactly defines a title challenge? I don’t know of any clear definitions, so allow me to make an attempt. I would say, a title challenge must be to be placed with a realistic chance of winning, with a few rounds to play. Not just a mathematical possibility, but something that most people would say could happen if things went our way.

It is of course difficult to be exact, but something like maybe no worse than within 8 points of the lead with 5 rounds to play. 8 points would mean, if we win all games, we need a leading team to lose 1 game, win one game and draw 3 games, or lose 2 games draw one game and win 2 for us to catch up on points. Not unrealistic.

You may of course have different views on what is a title challenge, and the main issue for me is not what the definition is exactly. As long as it is a realistic chance of winning the league, with a few games to be played.

The point is, we should expect Arsenal to really challenge for the title on a regular basis. Not every year, but maybe at least once every 3-4 years? That to me would seem to be good enough.

Nothing less.

What I also would like to see from the club, is an official statement of what our targets are, but that is a different matter.

 What do you think Arsenal should achieve, not just this season, but in general? And if it includes being title challengers, what is a title challenge in your personal perception exactly? 

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  1. Top six is good enough for me, since we don’t have a strong leader in the front line. Wenger and Gazidis made a huge mistake by replacing Giroud with two weak strikers

    We have been out of top four since Lacazette and Aubameyang joined. Coincidence I think not

    1. @gai
      What if you look beyond individual players and beyond thisd season, what do you think Arsenal in general should achieve, say in the next 5- 10 years?

        1. Really? Do you honestly believe what you have just written? City United Chelsea and Liverpool. Do you seriously believe Arteta is capable of managing this club into fourth place over any of them?
          Another ridiculous comment

            1. And by getting a new Centre Forward to replace either Aubamayang or Lacazette we will get top 4 next season with Arteta as our manager? That is what you are saying ? Is that correct?

            2. You are so ridiculous, in fact I think you are Arteta himself. What do you really see in this poor and inexperienced manger? We are in fact worse off than Watford now as they have a better plan than we do in terms of tactics…we have better players than West ham but they play well and can stand their ground against the big boys and we can’t, ask yourself why

        2. Loool. Thanks for making us laugh. Because of we havr another manager, lets say ten hag we wont be 4 ? As far as now Arteta had not brought us anywhere near despite millions and millions and changing ALL players on the pictch except striker position.

      1. 7th and back in Europe is good enough for me.
        Letting go Leno 10m Cedric Mari Mavropanos 6m Bellerin Elneny Kolasinac Torreira 10m Xhaka 15m Guendouzie 12m Lacazette Nelson 10m , Nketiah . Bring back Saliba. Aubameyang will stay to get his 300k p/w. Pepe cost 72 mill so club will want 45m before letting him go.
        Holding Chambers Niles should stay to play the European games and are help fill the home grown quota.
        Ramsdale, New Gk
        Tomi, New RB, Chambers
        White Saliba Gabriel Holding
        Tavares Tierney
        Partey, New DM, Niles
        Lokonga Odegaard New AM,ESR, Saka Pepe
        Aubameyang, New Striker, Martinelli.
        Next season top 4 is the target.

      1. I really appreciate what Aubameyang has done, Sue. He was also one of the biggest factors of our FA Cup title, but I believe we can find someone who’s more suited to Arteta’s system

        1. We have to stop with arteta system. Which system ??? I dont see any. It is erratic. He should go by next summer. We need a proven manager that knows his job.

          1. Honestly speaking man. They keep saying system. The system has never been visible. Not once. We look at city, Chelsea and Liverpool and we all know the style of football they’re playing. Not with arsenal. Even when we win. The goals we’ve scored have not always been spectacular. One could call us lucky during the 10 games unbeaten run. My bet is we will beat Southampton come Saturday and all will be forgiven again with Arteta by many. All we keep doing is papering over cracks. And the longer we wait to sack this man, the deeper the cracks gets. The job the next manager will have to do gets tougher each day Arteta is still at this club and that is what many fail to realise.

        2. Which system exactly??? There is no playing pattern there and all the players are really confused! If we can get just any average coach now, I swear we can finish top 4….Arteta is below average

    2. gai We have not got a cats hell of finishing in the top four what a stupid write up and waste of time

    3. Completely agree we have changed from having a plan B to having 2 players who don’t offer much if not scoring. Your great point that we’ve been missing out on Europe’s top competition since they arrives is not as much a statement but fact.

      This is a great example of how our signings in the latter Wenger years hurt us so much. Auba, Laca, Sokratis, Elneny, Mustafi, Kolasinac and Ozil the prime examples of us making poor signings of players past their best or coming to a league to big for them.

  2. 2 weak strikers?
    Auba tied for golden boot, and next year lost to Vardy by 1 goal for the golden boot.

    Giroud never came within a sniff of a golden boot.

    Laca I would agree with you, but rewriting history and calling Auba weak is just wrong.

    GAI you post thought provoking comments sometimes, but “2 weak strikers” is completely wrong and devoid of fact.

    Auba has been poor lately for sure, but don’t falsely insinuate he was always weak.

    Already forgotten the times he carried us?

    1. Durand- I still believe the issue with Aubamayang is Arteta. Play to his strengths and he will still be scoring goals at Vardys age. It’s no coincidence the player is struggling since Arteta is struggling. Formations and a system of play are still up in the air 2 years after this novice was appointed. Get the ball to Aubamayang in the right position and with quick movement in our play and he will produce.
      It’s not the player. It’s Arteta

      1. Phil, are you crazy? Auba misses sitters that no one else will miss . And so many times already.
        He is done ,remain only his big salary. Open your eyes buddy.

    2. A CF works like a pivot nowadays, instead of being the main goalscorer. Giroud didn’t make any single shot on goal in World Cup, yet he was one of the biggest factors behind France’s second world title

      We shouldn’t see a CF’s contribution solely based on the number of goals he scored. Aubameyang is faster in pressing, yet he doesn’t possess Giroud’s strengths

      Liverpool’s CF also doesn’t score many goals, because their main goalscorers are their wingers. And Conte always needs a strong CF to win a major competition, such as Vucinic at Juventus, Costa at Chelsea, Lukaku at Inter and now he has Kane at Spurs

      1. GAI- I’m case you have not noticed we are failing to score goals. It sorts of helps a bit if you score a few as it helps you win games. Salah? Mane? Strikers that score goals. Would they get as many in this team? Of. Course not. Poor service. Slow build up play. Stop being so technical when there is an answer right in front of you.
        And your fixation with. a tall CF is ridiculous, Just get a goal scorer in the right system with the right service and your halfway there.
        Also I would point out that on the journey home from Goodson on Monday I read your early delight at the team line-up before the game. Pathetic PAL.
        Only you could write such nonsense.

        1. I said in my comment above that Liverpool’s CF also doesn’t score many goals, because their main goalscorers are their wingers. Salah/ Mane are Liverpool’s wingers and they’re much better high-pressers than Lacazette/ Aubameyang

          As for the poor service from our midfield, Klopp has said that no playmaker, creative midfielder or no 10 player in the world can be as good as a good counter-pressing. Liverpool became better after Coutinho left

          Therefore we have two options: Getting a CF who can be the main pivot in the front line like Lukaku/ Kane, or a tireless high-presser like Watkins. As Klopp said, a good counter-pressing is very important to create great chances, and none of our senior strikers can do that effectively

          1. So if our forwards are not able to press, why are they still at the club? And why is Arteta insisting in a pressing game if the players are unable to do this?
            Your making a bigger hike for yourself with each comment.
            And Giroud was not a good goal scorer and not that great at bringing players into the game either. Did we ever look like winning the league with him in the side?

            1. It’s difficult to sell them, because they are 30+ years old strikers with very high salaries and they aren’t as popular as Ronaldo/ Messi/ Ozil/ Salah

              As for our pressing game, it’s the most effective way to make great chances and we don’t have a strong CF who can do excellent hold-up play. When we had Giroud, he held off the opponents and won aerial duels for our creative players

              We actually almost won EPL with Giroud, but we ended up as a runner-up

              1. My recollection is that it was pretty clear by March that Leicester were going to win it .. 10 point gap is not “almost winning” on any interpretation of the English language

    3. It is absolutely crazy how GAI finds always excuses and explanations on hazardous artera team decisions or display. Really amazing. But intil now we have ended up 8th again last year and we are not better this years despite 200m. Look at what moyes do with less budget GAI. What potter do. Proven managers being given time.

      1. Talking to fairfan and GAI on all things Arteta is a waste of time. It will drain you trying to understand what’s going on in their minds.

      2. This guy is Arteta himself, he is disguising here. No sane fan can post this nonsense and I doubt he is really an Arsenal fan….

      3. Another view is that Fairfan and GAI take a more considered and balanced approach to their assessment of Arsenal’s situation.

  3. GotAnIdea’s opinions don’t matter, as they will always deflect fault from the manager.

    In the past 2 years MA has been here, the excuses for his performance as manager from the aforementioned have been as such:

    – haven’t been able to spend
    – bad owner
    – haven’t had a full transfer window
    – has to be given time until Christmas 2020, then til summer 2021, then til Christmas 2021
    – not his players, overpaid players
    – playing in Europe (fatigue)
    – not having a particular player for particular position (BigTall Commanding Forward, Mezzala, Inverted Winger, Double Pivot Formation etc.)

    Time has passed, and so have most excuses expired. Seasons go by, winters come and go, but Arteta stays, and so will the excuses. One thing that hasn’t changed, is Arsenal FC’s performance.

    1. I don’t deny that we’re out of top four partly because of Arteta’s lack of managerial experience. But there are other factors behind our regression, which have had happened years before Arteta took over

      There are players who’ve played for four managers at Arsenal and we’ve lost UCL ticket since they joined us

          1. GAI doesn’t matter Arteta’s football is sore on the eyes same basic defensive errors over and over again! The only thing different since Wenger left is we can’t score now or create anything but one thing that’s still very much the same is the defence is still sh*t

          2. I am still optimistic for a top 4 and I want Arteta to finish this season for better or for worse. A new manager should start afresh not dive in fixing the mess.

            I am holding up to your word that this December if there is no progress you will concede Arteta is not a man for the job. If you don’t it will mean you knew the reality all along but you are purposeful making up excuses for reasons of your own.

  4. We should be competing for the title! That should be the ambition of any true gooner and the status of Arsenal as a Club. Unfortunately, we are far from competing no thanks to bad management and mediocre owners over the past ten years. Realistically this present season I do not have any confidence that we will even get top six, not with this inconsistent performance and results we are getting. Even teams not in form are beating us (Everyone, to some extent Manchester United, although Manchester United have a better squad). Maybe top half of the table is possible.

  5. Considering that Arsenal are three years away from commemorating the 20th anniversary of their last League title, we should at least strive to win one before then. I can’t see it happening but as a supporter who has witnessed the club achieve three doubles,. FA Cups and an invincible season , then any so called fan with lower expectations is a mug. Good luck to you if that is the case,you please revel in what you deserve.

  6. Ideally we need some dominating players. There is no reason that with the right manager we could, improve our football, dominate games against the lower teams, give the better teams hard games and win some of them. Personally there are different styles of managers who would improve us, but many like Conte, Tuchel, have gone to our rivals and improved them. Managers such as Brendan Rogers could still improve us a great deal. He has proven credibility and experience and would probably be up to a new challenge RIGHT NOW. We cannot expect to emulate the ‘invincibles’ but we should be expected to give EVERY team a tough, close game.

  7. Nothing will be acceptable this season as no targets will have been meet by fans with standards .
    Another season wasted and we are only a third way through ,yet still fans get behind this manager with cringe excuses .
    Even if by some miracle and I mean that will be a miracle and he got us 4th place that still would change my mind on him .
    Same mechanical defensive dismal pathetic cringe Sunday league football management style crap football will never sit right with me .

    1. You are a very dedicated fan.
      I am interested in knowing, what you think in general would be acceptable for Arsenal over a period of time, not just this season.
      Top 4?
      Top 3?
      At least one PL title every 5 years?

      1. @AndersS,

        Firstly I would forget the table as the very first object for the manager should be establishing the style of play. Ugly wins here and there sure, but overall the football should have an objective, free-flowing and not completely restricted.

        As this is implemented (succesfully), I want to see handling of superior opponent or stubborn park the bus opponents. This is what Moyes has succeeded in. This is also what Klopp succeeded in his first half season with Pool. Artetas 0-12 vs Pool, City and Chelsea, is the exact opposite of this.

        After these are nailed, we dont even have to talk about tables as the results should talk on their own.

        I dont know MAs style of play. He certainly has no tactics against better opponents (on paper). He didn’t even have best XI figured until 18 months later!

        This year, our GD has been negative for 5 months (new record surely). This means we are not scoring, and when we concede, we crumble. That is what manager is responsible for.

        Just look at rookie Lampards record with Chelsea
        Tuchels record with Chelsea

        Pretty much had the same team.

        1. @DaJuhi
          I agree our football is terrible, and our current position is no good either IMO.
          I would not complain if Arteta is sacked now.
          I am merely trying to get some clarification on, what our targets specifically should be, given our stature.
          If we don’t have targets specified, I think it is very difficult to make a qualified statement on whether we are doing good or bad.

          1. Hi AnderSS

            I too asked similar questions about “how long do you give a new manger “ as in, what is the metric to judge him by. Would it be fantastic football but still finishing outside the top 4, being dull as dishwater but finishing inside the top 4, winning the league in the first season? What happens after 2 years if any of those achievements are not met? Do we then sack him and start again?

            There as to be realism of where we are NOW, not 10 or 15 years ago. Liverpools success came on the back of Brendon Rogers fight for the title, then Kloop had a competitive team to improve on, then to be champions a few years later. Point is we are a decade away from winning the title, to win the title sooner means new owners, and there we are right down to the nuts and bolts of our situation.

            Arteta can not prepare the team to win consistently and has had 2 years to change that and has to go, but the next manager might get us to the Brendon Rodger’s stage of our progression.

            So I would say our target should be exciting attacking football and taking that to the best teams in The premiership every time, we may lose but they will know they was in a real tough game.

    2. What would be the point of making a top 4 with Arteta when we will just have our asses handed to us in the champions league any way. If this club owner and board had any brain left. Arteta would have been gone at the end of last season. But it seems another 8th place finish wouldn’t change their minds. And they get their backing from Pro Arteta fans who clap for him when we lose games at the stadium. They encourage our owners to keep Arteta on.

  8. To be a big club you think like a big club
    Man u wouldn’t call 6th a success nor would Spurs
    If some fans are happy with 6th we should ask ourselves why

  9. Success this year needs to be seen within the context of the last couple of years, the way it is achieved and with an ability to see into the future which I dont have).

    So sixth place this year is a success this year (based on two 8th place finishes) if it is achieved with a young, developing team with a clear style of play.

    But it means nothing if not followed up with top four in 22/23 and being legitimate title challengers the year after.

      1. Good question. I think most folks can trust their gut when it cones to whether a team is a legitimate challenger but if I had to quantify it, I’d probably say still in the conversation with handful of games left in the season.

  10. Top 6 minimum, but more importantly and on top of that, sings we have overcome our inconsistency in terms of effort.

    The Everton game was a reminder that the one thing that should and can be fixed now is effort. Yet we are not getting consistent effort. We go on a mini-run and then we lose two games out of 3 with one worrying loss against Everton.

    Also, if we don’t compete for 4th place till the end of the season (even if we finish 5th or 6th), and we can get Ten Hag we should go for him.

    Arteta seems back to his old ways of strange team selection combined with poor results.

    1. Fully agree with you John63.
      We need to be making progress this season and that means to me being in the top 4 race until the end with more consistent team effort.
      I won’t want the team crucified if we finish a point or two off target but we can’t have another season finishing 8th.
      What Ten Hag is doing with Ajax is truly remarkable.

  11. We need to continue getting rid of the the old gaurd then top four will be possible. Aubamayeng, Laca, Kolasinac, AMN, Nelson, Mari need to make way for more hungry players. None of them has a good influence on the youngsters.

    1. Yes ignoring the facts that

      1. Mari is Arteta signing
      2. Nelson is on loan (his bad influence has a very strong signal from the Netherlands)
      3. Except for Aubameyang and Lacazette the others you have mentioned rarely play.


  12. the “eye test” is the only measuring stick that truly matters…when that test is passed on a consistent basis all other expectations will surely follow…for those without perspective, like the soft-sell lightweight GNI or the word salad-making, self-proclaimed troll-meister FF, who spew their respective clueless and waffling hot takes on a per daily basis, feel free to prove me wrong at any point by providing a contextual analysis of the Arteta blueprint for this club since his arrival…to do so would require some understanding of the footballing landscape, not just what has been transpiring in North London, and a basic comprehension of tactics and what might best work with the personnel both provided and subsequently purchased, making note of how this might be tweaked depending on the opposition…btw the blueprint can’t be winning, as that’s not the basis for any plan or “process”, that’s simply a desired outcome

  13. Anders S
    For me it is to give every team we play a hard game. Make every game a close game and build on that. To get mauled by some teams like Liverpool and City is a disgrace, and to capitulate to Man Utd and Everton is a just ridiculous. Yes we may lose some games, but as competitors and athletes….. and not scared wimps. Arteta is the biggest wimp with his tactics and team selections.

  14. For what it’s worth in my humble opinion we are just two players away from being top 4 this season and having a good go at the title next season

    The irony of that is that we have those two players now in Auba and Partey

    We can pick up on the many mistakes that the other players in the team have made and blame the Manager that Auba and Partey aren’t doing what they are capable of but I genuinely feel that if those two had performed how they can we would be right up amongst it this season, they are two very influential positions and we have very experienced players in those two positions

    I’m not forgetting how good Auba has been for us and I still appreciate that or the level that Partey must have achieved in Madrid, just the opposite in fact and neither has Arteta as he has persevered with both beyond what he might have done with other players

    They could both still click for us this season, we aren’t out of it yet, circumstances affected our first three League results, Liverpool were very good against us at Anfield and I thought we played well and were very much in the game at Old Trafford

    Everton was horrible, no reasons or excuses, just horrible but I am not letting that dictate my thoughts on how good or bad we are this season

    Next season could be the perfect storm for us, all our young guys with a full season’s experience under their belts, hopefully Saliba coming into play a better player than when we bought him, probably at least one new goal scorer but we have to choose any new incomers carefully so as to fit in with what has already been created

    I accept that Arteta might not be here next term so again we have to get that next appointment right if that is the case, if someone comes in and starts to build a new team from scratch then we will have to be patient again, something that evidently we are not good at

    Not trying to convince anybody of anything, just giving my view

    1. Well said FF.There is still a number of players to move on, to facilitate the acquisition of 3/4 quality operators which will give us a chance to regain our top four status, but unless there is a change in ownership which in turn leads to an upgrading of our Board, and team Manager, it is likely to take at least another 3/5 years before we can rise from the ashes.Sorry to sound so gloomy but we are miles behind the top three, and as such I would be delighted if we could finish fourth within the course of the next 2/3 seasons.Unlike some of our younger fans, I try to live for today and no longer plan too long ahead.

      1. Ah grandad, those allusive three or four players who will make Arsenal champions again. We’ve been hearing that for over a decade now but this is where we are still at. Where are these players going to come from? They won’t be cheap and Arteta doesn’t seem to abide super stars who might question his authority. I the meantime I agree with those who want to see Arsenal play positively with style and intelligence. Something that doesn’t seem possible under this man Arteta.

  15. This seasons target should be to win the league, same as every seasons target. I very much doubt this will happen looking at the table, first three places are probably a given.
    That leaves at least another three teams possibly four excluding us, fighting for fourth place. My expectation is, we’ll finish somewhere between sixth and tenth which is unacceptable. IMO we do have players that are capable of finishing higher, but I’m also of the opinion some players have regressed under Moses Arteta and we’re just not capable of doing it. We seem to be disjointed as a team and we’re not even exciting to watch nowadays.

  16. We haven’t got a manager capable of getting us into top 4. He is so lacking in ability, its obvious he hasn’t the nous to manage a big club. PLEASE STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR HIM!!!!!

  17. Great question for the article to debate on, realistically top 6 this season. We’re not at the level or consistency to achieve top 4, plus we have to be giving City, Chelsea and Liverpool better games.

    This is all due to inexperienced management, alot of young players, lack of serious leaders in the squad and older more experienced players letting us down. I said at the start of the season I would decide for myself if Arteta is right for Arsenal at the end of Dec. At this point he’s letting himself and Arsenal down its not solely down to him but he’s in charge. We have a good squad even though missing a world class striker, but the inconsistencies are still there. Now as a little positive we’re where I expected us to be at this time if I’m honest. 7th 4pts off 4th which isn’t as bad as we were this time last year.

    Going forward 6th this season is a must. much more investment in the summer with a few signings in Jan is also a must. I’m Loving the Gini Wijnaldum loan rumors and Kulusevski sighning. Additionally Svanberg and Isaks potential signings are good too. But we need a tough striker like Vlahovic as we as Isaks to compliment or allow us to change shape or structure in games.

    We could probably get all that done for 200-250m if we could persuade Wijnaldum to come onboard permanently.

    Out: Auba, Laca, Elneny, Kolasinac, Nkethia, Chambers, Holding, Bellerin, Leno, Guendouzi, Torriera

    IN: Dennis Zakira FREE/Wijnaldum 35m, Svanberg 30m, Kulusevski 35m, Isaks 55m and Vlahovic 65m plus promotion for some youth boys.

    With these signings or players alike and maybe a new manager we should be aiming for top 4 to title challenge

  18. When Man U missed out winning the league by 1 point in 2010 after a poor start to the season, Ferguson said, It won’t happen again, I’m gonna make sure we hit the ground running this season, last pre season I gave to many players half games and they weren’t match fit’. He made sure it didn’t happen again and they went on to win the title by 9 points. He also said ‘ anyone can win the league, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal etc, but our biggest challenge is ourselves’ It reminded me of the saying ‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’
    SAF didn’t think 2nd place was success, why should we?

  19. Anders I would not wildly dissent from the thrust of your piece about what constitutes ambition.

    However, to expect ANY club to set out a regular and public list of its team expectations for the seasons ahead is not realistic. It would be welcome of course and might help.

    BUT it is never going to happen! I always try to live in the world as it is and not in a fantasy one of my own wishing.

    Of course I do NOT say that FANS should not have publicly expressed team expectations. That matter is a key component of this very site and will and should continue.

    But the fans and the club are two very different matters where publicly expressed expectations of ambition are concerned. Simply realism!

    1. Well said, we are where we are we have to hope for better. That is supporting sometimes its great sometimes its a batch. We have to keep supporting the club and the people who are currently part of it.

      1. James, most of us here would love to have you as our boss lol!. We can all then get away with minimum effort and small output. I mean it’s amazing that you think to support the club means absolutely lowering your expectations and standards down to bottom.

    2. @Jon Fox
      It may be unrealistic to get the the club to state specific ambitions, but that should not prevent fans from from discussing what their/our expectations are.
      After all, if you are to express an opinion on how, we are doing, it is based on some kind of specific expectation or set goal.
      I find it interesting to learn, what specific goals other fans use to judge how we are doing.

      1. Fair comment Anders! But as a realist I know that our views carry no weight and in football. I prefer not to waste my views unless I know they may have some influence.
        And on the CLUB ITSEF, they have none whatsoever.

        If however, I personally WISH to air my views, then I do . Otherwise I do not.
        My thoughts on Arsenal matters are well known by all the regulars on here, so if you want to know what I think, simply look through past recent articles.

        If it helps though, I do not think our owner is even remotely ambitious. AND THE OWNER SETS UP OR HINDERS REAL LASTING SUCCESS. KSE is a massive hindrance!

        It is of immensely greater importance than whether or not MA stays.

  20. Let us keep this easy. If you pay the highest price for a car you expect it to be the best on the road. So with our highly paid players, highly paid manager and obscenely overpaid players we should be top of everything. The problem is the owner and management who accept mediocrity as long as they are getting their equally ridiculous rewards.

  21. Just three targets:
    1. Sack Lego hair arteta
    2. Bring in Erik ten Hag
    3. Should be done this Jan ASAP!

  22. You should always aim for the best, aim for EPL title and you will finish in top 4, aim for top 4 and you will finish 5th or 6th. So always aim high if you can not achieve then work towards it, it will produce hunger in you to reach your goals. At the moment the club and fans alike are aiming so low so then there is no drive no hunger to do better. To be champion you need the mentality of a champion. I see a lot of Arsenal fans now have mentality of mid table club. What makes clubs like Madrid, Barca etc great are the high standards they have at their club. Any one walking in it can be player, manager anyone knows what is expected and what is bear minimum. We need to have same mentality if not exact.

  23. I am afraid Arteta is not going anywhere until he has completed his contract. Only way Arsenal will sack him is if he manages to get us relegated otherwise if it has not happened last year because of where we finished after decades and if it has not happened untill now where we have broken records or defeats in season then turst me it won’t happen till his contract finishes. How I wish we had Chelsea or city owner who would have given him a boot last season start when we went through that struggle. I don’t expect the club to go out and get another class manager as well because they want success and demand same from other at the club so we are going to get another Arteta like manager then we go through same shxt again n again. Our owner has no ambition when it comes to the club.

  24. So much depends upon who we can bring in in January.

    I have still heard nothing about the potential impact of the $760m fine imposed upon KSE.

    This might make any January signings totally dependent upon January sales, and our deadwood does not look very enticing.

    I too would hope for a top six finish, but I am certainly not holding my breath

  25. And on that deadingly depressing note let’s just end the discussion. Nothing is going to happen. The club does not have clear goals and the football will remain dire. It is what it is. God I hate that cliche , but so true regarding Arsenal( our football club).

  26. What Arsenal needs is a coach in the vein of the late Don Howe to coach young footballers in the techniques, tactics and mental and physical toughness to succeed in the EPL and a coach like Conte to instill a method and style of play and the discipline to implement it on match day. Arteta hasn’t got the ability or experience to do this.

  27. Over 3 years since Arsene Wenger was dismissed finishing 6th in the EPL. Now 3 years on we are targeting a 6th place finish. Progress? What progress, or should I say process?

    Watching the current Arsenal side is painful at times, rudderless off and on the pitch. Easy on the eye at times but only in their own half, almost as though they were on the training ground at Colney. Arteta’s had 2 years now so no more excuses like ‘we are a young side so trust the process’. Chelsea’s team is only, on average, 1 year older and they’ve got a 37 year old in the mix!

    As for our chances of actually winning the EPL in the near future? Pipedreams!!!

  28. Our target should be to win the next game every time we play and then the league position will take care of itself.

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