What future can Arsenal fans expect if Kroenke doesn’t sell up?

Is the future bright or is it all but a dream?

So, with talks of a potential takeover surrounding Arsenal, something we have all wanted for a number of years no doubt, is the future looking positive?

And with news that Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette and Kieran Tierney are also back in the squad and will potentially get a run around against Villarreal, it does seem that things seem to be piecing back together nicely. But, although we are favourites with the bookies in the UK and even canadian online sports betting sites too, have we improved enough to think we can bet on Arsenal to win tonight?

Can it be said that things are finally looking up for the future of our beautiful, historical football club? Well, I personally highly doubt it. Although the thought is sometimes better than the reality right!

And given how Mikel the yes man Arteta, fails to have a bad word to say about Stan Kroenke and how it seems as though the Kroenke’s will not be giving up their seat on the board for any amount of money, we may just be stuck with them ruining our club even more.

As Arteta very kindly pointed out in his press conference on Arsenal.com “the reality is that we have owners that are really, really committed and that they want a successful team on the pitch. They’re going to do everything they can to achieve that. This is what we have and I feel fully supported by them.”

Of course, he will say that, they are the ones paying him and any bad word may just cost him his job. But if commitment means not investing in the way you are supposed to, and dragging the club through the worst times without a care in the world of what happens, then I must be reading the wrong type of dictionary.

So again, the proposal of a takeover seems all but a dream, because Kroenke is standing firm and does not want an Arsenal shaped hole in his pocket where he cannot sit back, watch the club fail and yet still make millions.

I hope that Daniel Ek and his tribe can tear Kroenke away from the club soon despite Kroenke’s unwillingness to do so, no doubt.

Because the prospect of our club continuing to be run by someone who does not care, has no commitment for the right reasons, and has left it rather late to try and turn things around with fans as he is scared of the ramifications, does not fill me with much hope for the future of our club.

How can you see things panning out for Arsenal if Kroenke refuses to sell?

Shenel Osman

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  1. Dan kit says:

    I just hope if he is here for the foreseeable that we stay away from clueless spainish managers (Coaches)we need to get a top rated man who will be properly supported in the transfer market ,I don’t buy into the hype of teams not having money to spend as we we will see in the summer wharf the usual teams spend big on big players ,Stan as the money to buy any player he sees fit so if they are going to be staying around they need to get rid of Arteta and show they mean business.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      Don’t forget French managers as well Dan!

      1. Dan kit says:

        What french managers that won us countless trophies ?
        I would take one of Them in a heartbeat

  2. A J says:

    Silent Stan is playing the waiting game.

    The 6 owners involved fully expect the “Super League” ( a.k.a. the friendly tournament) to happen at some future point.

    Then it’s – “PAY DAY” !

    In the meantime – we’ll “poodle along”.

  3. Wyoming says:

    Criticism of Mr Kroenke is plain silly just like petulant grizzling children.
    Arsenal remain in the top 16 teams in Europe which is illustrated by the fact that despite a terrible league season we are in the EL semi final.
    Stan does not put money into the club nor does he take any money out of the club.
    Stan has no influence on the way the team performs on the field.
    Nor does Stan have any impact on fan experience on match day or any other day for that matter.
    Fan enjoyment or otherwise is all in the mind of the fans ourselves.
    We can choose to enjoy or endure AFC.
    Arsenal actually has a very talented squad who are capable of very high quality football.
    But the league is very tough so top 6 0r 7 is a good league position now days.
    Realism helps to moderate emotions.
    Two of the CL semi finalists are owned by consortiums with a trillion dollar fortune while Chelski is also oil owned and ‘drid is a serial CL winner.
    The four EL semi finalists are in the top 20 highest coefficients in Europe.
    Arsenal remain in touch with the elite teams in Europe and so we should appreciate this good fortune more.
    So respect Mr Kroenke stop moaning and get behind the team

    1. Grantygooner says:

      Wyoming I actually think you are a Man Utd fan? You are happy to see us slide into mediocrity with Kronke at the helm. I’m sure we’ll see you sitting on his knee at some point in the future????

      1. jon fox says:

        Grantygooner. Please dont fall for his trick. His real name is Kroenke, he just calls himself Wyoming to disguise his true name, as he knows how hated that name is His many posts defending his Uncle Stan reveal his true identity.

    2. A J says:

      “I didn’t buy Arsenal stake to win trophies”.

      or, if you prefer;

      ““If you want to win Championships then you would never get involved.”

      Matter of record.

      Stanley took 6M out of the club before this (3M per annum over 2 years) payment was stopped due to fan group pressure.

      But let’s leave that behind us now – just correcting your inaccurate “nor does he take any money out of the club”, he has – perhaps he’s paid the small matter of 6M back !!!!!!!!!!!!

      Stanley wanted to take us into the jumpers for goalposts competition for what …..ambition ????

      Enjoy our club ?

      Beyond enjoyment mate, for many Arsenal Football Club play a big part in life – perhaps your support comes from a different starting point.

      So underachieving year on year guess what – is not particularly enjoyable if you truly know what Arsenal are all about.

      You seem to not understand the very ethos of top flight football as much as Kroenke doesn’t.

      Given free reign this man would completely ruin our club for self gain.

      The American sporting model of existing to provide an opportunity to tailgate and stuff popcorn and hot dogs a couple of times a week doesn’t sit well here .

      Consistently missing out on the very targets the club was first formed in 1886 – oh I forgot, Stanley doesn’t do history – is not what we’re about.

      In closing a quote from you ;

      “But the league is very tough so top 6 0r 7 is a good league position now days.”

      I rest my case !!!!

      ” grizzling children.” – you haven’t got a clue !

      1. Grantygooner says:

        Thank you AJ well said!

    3. Sir Michael says:

      What are you smoking Wyoming ??

  4. Grantygooner says:

    I would love Kronke to sell BUT I fear it won’t happen. Arsenal is a cash-cow for him, minimum input and substantially more cash output. We can object and protest all we want, he doesn’t care. Another 10 years of his ownership and those “cold nights in Stoke” will be back because we will be playing in the Championship!

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Kroenke has already looked with greedy eyes at the amount Norwich City will earn for relegation to and promotion from the Championship. The unfortunate thing is that it is difficult to bounce straight back up if the players don’t have a fighting mentality. Not something evident in the current pampered players at Arsenal.

  5. ozziegunner says:

    Past actions, statements and performances are always good indicators of what to expect now and in the future.
    How have Arsenal performed since Kroenke bought an interest in 2007?
    Has Kroenke maintained his undertaking that you don’t invest in football clubs to win trophies?
    Lack of ambition permiates this Club; thus Arsenal sits in 10th position in the EPL table.

  6. A J says:

    Well said both Grantygooner & ozziegunner.

    My blood ran cold when I read a recent article stating that upon finally putting his feet up and enjoying his ranch, Mr Kroenke fully intends to “pass Arsenal” down to his son (be very excited) Josh.

    That may be total Josh , sorry Tosh, but how concerning is that !

  7. patH says:

    In answer to the question. Kroenke will continue to own the club and nothing will change unless he appoints people with an extensive knowledge of football to the Board. We have a management accountant as CEO , a head of recruitment Edu and a rooky manager Arteta. Edu has very little experience of European football and its Arteta first major appointment. It can be argued that the club (Kroenke) have spent money over the last few seasons. This money was spent badly,£72m for Pepe for example and other very bad decisions on contracts were also made. So its should be no shock that money was wasted due to inexperienced football management at the top. It is also true that the buck stops with Kroenke but it is also true that he has made some significant management changes over the past year. Whilst Kroenke is not the best owner in the world he is here for the long term. I think the that next transfer window is key to seeing if and how much his management changes effect the club.

  8. jon fox says:

    Ad PAT, With the greatest respect, how I wish your son Patrick had also your way with words that you have just shown us with this pertinent and welcome article!


    I seriously doubt that there is any Gooner anywhere who hopes the Kroenkes remain as owners. Trouble is that a number of us fans and also most informed football media folk harbour huge doubts about Daniel Ek being serious and many think, as I do, that he is merely using the three legends as pawns in his quest to further publicise Spotify.

    Those informed folk within the game reason , as I do too, that seriously interested billionaires act first and speak only when its done. NOT the other way around.

    My own thoughts are that our best chance of ridding our club of Kroenke lies in new government legislation being enacted that will limit his ability to act in cavalier fashion, like last weeks failed attempt, and without consulting we fans first.

    No billiionaire owner we ever get is going to act as we fans wish. That is lifes realism! You do not become a multi billionaire by consulting and seriously listening to others. Indeed, all the many comments about Ek, as a person, since the story first broke, show clearly that he is the sort of bilionaire who will brook no opposition and will force through his own agenda. In other words another KROENKE, even though he may well have” been cheering for Arsenal” since age eight. Dangote, who I still think will be the most likely next owner, will be the same too.

    And theirin lies the real problem we have. UNLESS we can find, somewhere in the world, a true Gooner multi billionaire who just happens to be richer even than Kroenkes and who truly loves the club MORE than making more money for him/herself, then we are just setting our selves up for a jump from the frying pan into the fire.

    1. guy says:

      Hi Jon – (almost) everything you write here mirrors my own views, Only that I think Ek IS serious about buying. But of course its probably irrelevant as Kroenke ISN’T serious about selling.
      We all like to dream but many here actually think it will be possible to get their perfect owner, like they grow on trees. And throw in the fact if he doesnt live in England he cant understand our fans or attend every game. Plus how many super rich with cash to burn made it legitimately ie would pass the fit and proper person test?
      Agree – biggest hope is legislative limits.

  9. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

    Hopelessness is a loser’s mentality…only by resisting the temptation to accept what appears to be the inevitable can we start to actually start to look for plausible solutions, even if they seem to be of the longshot variety…in my estimation there are only 3 possible avenues for us moving forward as an organization:

    (1) the ownership remains in place but they bring in a qualified “outsider” to properly evaluate how we can best proceed, with a full understanding of our “self-sustaining” model…we all know there are others philosophies to team building that have proved successful, like Dortmund, Ajax, Leipzig, Atalanta, Athletico, among others…all of whom have achieved things both domestically and within Europe…this is the very least our rather indifferent owner could do, which wouldn’t require further investment and would likely ensure the economic viability of his long-term investment…the only concern here would be that this model would require us to adopt a “sellers” mentality, at times, which could hurt our brand from an international fanbase standpoint

    (2) we do whatever is necessary to rid ourselves of our absentee landlord, which would include making substantial sacrifices in the short-term for long-term gains…there’s no doubt in my mind that there is a functionally breaking point for big Stan, which would force him to seriously contemplate the notion of selling the club…for anyone who engages in these sort of long-term financial investments, the only way they walk away is if they receive an offer they simply can’t refuse or if holding on to this investment becomes too arduous of a task that it’s not worth the projected return…the latter is far more obtainable than the former, but it will require considerable work on our parts

    (3) same old, same old…hope that for some unknown reason all the stars align again for us and things simply turn around even though we don’t have a real comprehensive plan and our owner clearly doesn’t care if any of this ever really happens…btw this is the plan we’ve been deploying for the better part of a decade and as such we have logically continued to regress

    1. guy says:

      Hi RVL4 – eloquent as ever! I agree that these are broadly speaking the three options. Which is your preferred one?

  10. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

    Cheers Guy…of course option # 2 is my preference as it would invariably lead to an fundamental rebirth of sorts, whereas option # 1 might suffice though, as it might allow us to reinvent the wheel without considerable upheaval…sadly, option number # 3 appears to be the most likely

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