Arsenal debate: What happened to Oxlade-Chamberlain ?

It’s Time For The Ox To Step Up For Arsenal! by AT

When Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain first burst onto the scene in 2011, he was considered by many as a world-beater who was on the verge of becoming one of the biggest names in English football. At just 18 years of age, he seemed like he was almost ready to set Europe alight with his dynamism. I can fondly remember brilliant performances against Blackburn Rovers, Manchester United and AC Milan which made him a household name.

But four years since the Englishman first burst onto the scene for Arsenal, it would be fair to say that he hasn’t really lived up to his potential, at least not yet. A bunch of injury problems and mediocre performances have seen Joel Campbell step ahead of him in the pecking order for wingers. But looking back at the former Southampton youngster’s promising start at the Emirates, it’s really difficult to see where it went wrong for him.

In all fairness to the winger, he’s had more than his fair share of injury problems which have undoubtedly hindered his development. But apart from that, his performances haven’t really helped his cause either. Despite being blessed with lightning pace and a physique to brush off most Premier League defenders, Chamberlain continues to struggle with his final ball and seems to have lost his eye for goal.

But at just 22 years of age, he has a lot of time to set things right and I really hope he does so. Considering Arsenal’s luck with injuries, he will surely get his chance. In my opinion, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has absolutely everything to make it to the top and I believe he can draw inspiration from the rise of Joel Campbell in his quest to return to the player Arsenal fans know he can be. Imagine how much a fully revitalised ‘Ox’ can contribute to Arsenal’s title push this season.


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  1. Like most young player with big contracts, he is not improving his game. Simple
    Ronaldo for instance is always optimising himself. When he was Ox age, he stayed behind after training to practice free kicks and tricks.

    1. Hmmm. You actually make a good point. I never thought it in money terms. Seems true for both Wilshere and Ox

    2. The curse of the “wenger can’t beat Moanino spell” …..which he broke in the community shield!

      REMEDY: OnLy the OX can HeLp himself psychologically

    3. Right on the money. He became a complacent little twat when he broke into the first team, and now he can’t put himself together when the truth stuck him bad.

  2. Am a bit worried about OX as he has not progressed to the expected level and injuries do not help either but his time will come as he needs several games under his belt to rediscover form.

    As for now lets enjoy the rising of Joe Campbell who am very certain if goes injury free and gets more games he would suprise many…the boy has got vision and skills just keep on supporting him.

    1. It was a telling sign how much responsibility the national team puts on him. Also the trust he receives from his international team mates. Far more experienced players have taken longer to adjust to the league! He’s growing in stature game by game

  3. I think Ox has the potential to be a world beater, extremely talented and at one point was improving last season, by following the Chilean tiger work rate and play, however injury had stop him several times last season and now hampered this season already.
    I think its great he is been kept on the bench, so that he will get hungry for the need to play

  4. Personally. I don’t think its a matter of ox doing all that much wrong. But with Sanchez Campbell and Giroud, a new standard of work-rate is placed on our forwards. I think theo has realised this and his output has improved tenfold. Ox is more gifted and electric than Campbell, but his concentration lapses have cost us goals this year, and without him we’ve given up precious few. Still young though… Plenty of time. I would actually love to see us pursue griezmann/reus/Isco and loan him next season. Needs a full season in the top flight under his belt

    1. Sorry @ josh37, I like Ox a lot and think he has a lot about him. He is not, however, a more gifted footballer than Joel Campbell. Ox is a product of the English system and has had every opportunity given to him. Joel learned to play football with tin cans in a street. Much like Alexis, he’s a prodigy.

  5. He has no hunger, complacency is his problem. Every time when he plays like he wants to prove a point, he can be amazing, so he needs to maintain that fire and play like a player who is trying to win a place in the starting XI.

  6. The Ox will be fine. Almost every Arsenal player goes through this phase in his Arsenal career where they are either slow to adjust to the PL or suffer a dip in form and the army of supporters, usually led by General Piers Morgan, begin to hiss and boo, blame Wenger and suggest the player should by plying their trade in League 1 and sold for a packet of crisps.

    Like I said, the Ox will be fine and we’ll all be there to say we always saw his raw potential. It’s all part of the circle of life.

  7. Don`t know his personal background but he has lost his confidence and his ability to learn and progress. He appears to be waiting for something in order to mature. Whatever it is I feel it is nothing to do with football.

  8. tbh I don’t think Ox is a winger. Having seen him play in the middle he seems more comfortable there. His biggest problem, like so many others, however, are his injuries. We can’t challenge for the top spots in EPL and ECL if the English players keep getting a couple of injuries each season which keep them out for months at a time. Sadly Ox can be one of those players.

  9. It is a common problem of academy football. It is easily noticeable with midfilders because those position are in the jungle, which requires experience and skills well-proved in street football. I think like is pointed out consistent self developmt extra training is way out.

  10. Oh the ox, one game world beater the next defensively woefull. Yes injuries have played a part but I honestly feel his inconsistency has let him down we have to remember walcott this and last season alongside welbeck plus campbell loaned out last season gave ox ample opportunity to cement his place but unfortunatley he never took his chance. The ramsey on the wing saga is not something Wenger enjoys doing i think it was clearly due to defensive cover, look at campbell now both offensively but more so defensively he has been a revalation.

    Ox really needs to step up & be counted now, next season I’m certain gnabry,Wellington silva or even if welbeck finally gets fit will offer wenger alot more solutions going forward.

    But then again with rumours flam,arteta,rosicky contracts not being renewed beyond the summer could wenger have plans to convert Ox in a C.M ??? He’s always said so

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