What happens to Arsenal’s midfielders if we get both Rice and Caicedo?

This summer, all hints suggest Arteta has decided to make the necessary deals to finally unveil his new dream midfield.

Caicedo-Rice-Odegaard could be the first-choice midfield for Arteta next season. As per the Telegraph, the Gunners are willing to spend to bring Declan Rice on board, and that’s why they are ready to test the Hammers’ willingness to sell Rice by presenting them with a record club bid of £92 million.

It’s uncertain whether that will get them the West Ham midfield engine, but it will certainly bring them to the table. Hopefully, a compromise will be reached, and he will join.

Many have wondered if Arteta could complete a headline swoop for Rice and follow it up with another mega-deal move for Caicedo. Still, there are murmurs that the Gunners are ready to offer £75 million to see the Ecuadorian follow Rice through the entry door.

It seems Arteta is so convinced about bolstering his midfield that he may spend at least £165 million to get it to the level he wants it to be.

If all goes well and the two midfielders join, Jorginho, Thomas Partey, Emile Smith-Rowe, and Fabio Vieira could be relegated in the pecking order. They could take up the backup roles. If you don’t think so, convince me why Arteta should sign two midfielders in “mega bids” only to bench them.

We just want Caicedo and Rice to sign up and take their places in the Arsenal starting 11, then we shall see what transpires…

Daniel O

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  1. If we get caciedo and rice we should consider letting jorginho go but keep partey. We need to have e ough players for rotation who are all quality. City do the usiness because it doesn’t matter if kdb and grealish dint play as mahrez and phoden will do thr business.

    I think viera needs a loan in a prem team and jerginho was always just a stop gap.

    To me caciedo partey and Rice are all a simular type player with oartey and rice being able to carry the ball as a CM

    We then have ESR who is a box to box CM type doing the roll Xaka currently does. That’s 4 central players 2 in each roll sounds good to me.

    For me this season viera and nketia gotta go . Any other leavers MUST be replaced if we want to win anything

  2. Fabrizio Romano said Arsenal and Saliba’s entourage are discussing a new deal. Not yet a done deal, but I believe they will sign the contract because of several important factors

    If Saliba earns £150k weekly salary or more, Arsenal would likely not able to buy Rice for £90m and Caicedo for £70m. I don’t think we can pay Rice £200k and Caicedo £150k every week, because of our bloated wage bill

    We’ve got too many central midfielders who haven’t got their second-season chance yet, such as Vieira, Jorginho, Trossard, Zinchenko and Lokonga. This is why I believe Arsenal will only recruit one new CM

    1. Hopefully lakonga, jeorginho, viera are all off the wage bill to accommodate the incoming players

    2. This is a fair take.
      It is likely that Jorginho, Trossard and Zinchenko will all stay. Vieira may stay or go on loan. Difficult to see him being sold after one season.
      The one whose place is most likely to be under threat is Lokonga.

      1. Romano just announced Arsenal are also discussing the contract extensions with Odegaard and Nelson. The increased salaries of all our key players would make the signing of two £170m central midfielders unlikely

        As for Lokonga, it would only be fair if he gets his second-season chance at Arsenal this year. But Romano said Arsenal won’t sell Smith-Rowe, so Lokonga may have to go for another loan

        1. Gai,
          We heard that Sari former Jorginho boss at Nap want a reunion with him the guy may want to return to Italy. Lokonga could not even stake a regular place in CPalace lineup I bet he can’t get into Arsenal’s first 11. Only Viera from what Arteta said about him has a chance of not been sold.
          If I may ask Gai, is Fabrizio Romano info always right? I don’t think so when it comes to transfer rumors. These things arent too predictable we hoped a news is true.

          1. Romano’s info doesn’t always come true, but I believe he is the most active football journalist with the most accuracy

  3. We definitely can, xhaka is on 120k so caicedo is his replacement so we are only adding Rice wages. Also we do not have a bloated wage bill intact we had the lowest wage bill compared to other big 6 members as our star players are on lower wage than their counterparts. The cleansing we went through with arteta meant we can easily afford to give better deals now.

  4. Partey and jorginho can play the xhaka role…they have a lot to their game than just protecting the back 4

  5. Saliba extending his contract, so much for Saliba hates Arteta and won’t sign extension because he was mistreated lmao

    1. I think the money he’s getting for signing the new contract might have something to do with it!!🤔

  6. Saka and Saliba both signing just 4 year contracts. Good they signed but seems like they’re keeping their options open in case MAs project doesn’t work out. We’ll be sweating their contracts in 2 years time again.

    1. DaJuhi, a typical young persons comment ! Writing off two years, as if they are happening in a twinkle of an eye.
      A great deal can and probably will happen in two years from now. And in all walks of life, Arsenal matters included.

      LIFE HAS TAUGHT ME THAT IMPORTANT LESSON. To we oldies two years is amassive time away, even though the days do SEEM to go by quicker, the older we get.

  7. Typically DANIEL !


    Far too premature, as so often with you DANIEL.

    IMO, “what happens IF” articles need to wait until they become” what happens now it HAS happened ” articles.

  8. It’s like we’ve all forgotten that we still have Mohamed Elneny in the squad! He should be on his way out. So should Lokonga; I didn’t see enough of him out on loan at Palace to convince me that he has a future at Arsenal. If Vincent Kompany comes knocking for him, please let him go.
    i personally don’t think we should buy both Rice and Caicedo. They are too similar for my liking. I’d rather like to see Pedro GoncaIves of Sporting CP ( with whom we have been linked) in that midfield with Rice. It’s reported that he has a release clause of some 70m. Better spend that money on him than on Caicedo; he’d add creativity. Jorginho and Elneny can be let go.
    Vieira should go on loan. He has enough potential to grow into that Arsenal squad in the immediate future.

  9. I think if we do get both Rice and Caicedo, Partey still starts ahead of Caicedo, who will be gradually eased into the starting line up over the course of the season.

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