What has changed about Arsene Wenger and Arsenal

What has changed about Arsene and Arsenal by KickAssFan

Arsenal won the Premier League last in 2004, that’s about eleven years ago; pretty much a long time. Ever since, we only came close in the 2004/2005 season when we finished second, behind Chelsea. I do know we’ve been through a lot as a club since then, but one thing that’s not changed is THE MANAGER: Arsene Wenger.

You can argue we had a very great team those days, when we won the league. We had the likes of Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Robert Pires, Sol Campbell, Patrick Viera, Freddie Lunjberg, Antonio Reyes, etc. Fantastic players. But the basic truth is that those players became very fantastic simply because of the FANTASTIC coach we had: Monsieur Arsene Wenger. It was Arsene who made those players world beaters. Sincerely, we did not win games just because we had world-class players at our disposal, but mainly because we had a coach who proved himself to be world-class tactically and otherwise, after many had doubted him when he was newly appointed as manager in 1996.

Well, like I said, we do not have those players anymore, but we have the same manager: Monsieur Arsene Wenger, who has won just one trophy in ten (10) years. Ten years? Yes, ten years!!! Sorry, but that’s not an accomplishment, if you ask me. Well, why haven’t we been doing well particularly in the English Premier League (please do not even mention the UEFA Champions League)??? Different people with different opinions, but I will say it’s been because of Arsene. TIMES HAVE CHANGED, BUT ARSENE HAS NOT!!!

The kind of players we buy is determined by Arsene. Which player stays and which one gets sold is determined by Arsene. In fact, I could dare say that Arsene even dictates how much a player should earn at the club, I would premise this thought of mine on that comment made by Sir Chips Keswick, that Arsene is the one who “calls the shot” at Arsenal. But let’s not go into all that, ok? The basic thing here is that Arsene Wenger is mainly responsible for just how badly we’ve faired in the Premier League thus far.

So, what has actually changed about Wenger? Well, I’d say he’s lost his wand. The man is now overly soft (not as motivated as before), very sentimental and biased with some players, and TACTICALLY VERY POOR AND RIGID. We had a very good coach once, one who could really motivate his players, one who guaranteed trophies, irrespective of the kind of players at his disposal (because he could basically transform them), one who was very motivated and tactical genius. This is not the coach we used to have, this is not today’s Arsene Wenger.


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    1. Don’t know about that. But we SURELY need new fans :/
      God, you’re annoying. And you somehow manage to comment first a lot of times and spoil everyone’s mood.

    2. Excuse me, let me just say this, ok? ADmin is a darling, and I mean that in a very straight way. LOl!

    3. I could take a bet with anyone than Arsenal will not win the PL or CL under WEnger.
      Why?it s due to his rigidity,He cannot see when a formation or tactic does not succeed.
      Remember,the start of this season we had bad results after another due to his taCTICS and formations.
      I bet you that if not for our lucky injuries,never oquelin would have come back,We would stil have Wilsher in the middle and Ozil on the right.Look how much he waited to play Bellerin instead of snail Chambers.
      Wenger is good for keeping us at the top but he is not feared nomore as a winner.
      I guess we have to stick with him some more time as very few coachs bring you success.
      There is many participants but only one winner so I give credit to him for being competitive.
      If only he could be more ruthless and play players on their form and merit at their right position.

      1. Very well said, INJUries have always forced Arsene to do the right thing. Take Coquelin for instance, we never would have know for sure that he could be this good. I’ve always liked him for his versatility, but never know de lad could put up a show this good. Thanks to the Injury gods, not Wenger.

        1. Never known for sure, he was written off by fans well before patient A Wenger.

          What has changed is that habits are a beeoch. Many of our players along with management have had there bar lowered due to the financial situation of club, while some clubs where rich as richest… our future came first and foremost whether right or wrong thats besides the point.

          We have been consistently at a certain level for a long time now and you cant just break that mindset with the flip of a switch unless sugardaddy.

          The way to break it is to gradually hit higher and higher targets whilst adding some talented fresh minds. I think we are doing that, this is second year we are in FA final and now we may have taken another step or two in our league standings.

          1. @Grim Bigh.
            Bellerin was not ready at Dortmund nor was he before Dortmund, Bellerin was ready when he was ready and thats when Arsene played him. Wenger should be getting all the plaudits in the world for unearthing someone like Bellerin but some fans have the audacity to say he should have played him sooner. Go figure?

      2. I hate to say it but your right we are still about three world class players away from really being a challenging side, Wenger has lost that cutting edge and is hoping to get another Thierry Henry to dine out on for the next twenty years and that’s not going to happen.
        What really worries me is that Le Coq WAS about an inch away from being binned by AW when injuries forced his hand, surely he should have seen that a) the postion needed filling in the previous summer and B) that Le Coq was potentially the man to fill that role, but no. We’ve had a good run at the end of the season but its not over yet and we could still end up in fourth or even fith position. Wellbeck missed a sitter on sunday and if he’s the quality of striker that we are relying on then we are never going to win anything. Its imple as that. I hate Adrian Durham with a passion but he’s also right about Ozil. Wenger says he doesn’t think he needs anew striker but he REALLY does and yet Dybala is off the radar and I really doubt we’ll spend heavy in the summer, yet Man$hitty will and so will Manure as well as chelski and that puts us back in contention for fourth spot again. Our improvement this season has only been for half a season and is due at least in part to our competition going backwards rather than us leaping forward.

          1. Yeah Bru….(SEE WHAT MONEY CAN DO!!!!!!)
            2003/04 – 16th ; 2004/05 – 8th ; 2005/06 -15th
            2006/07 -14th ; 2007/08 – 9th ; 2008/09 -10th

  1. Saw the title of the article, i knew it was an a.o.b article, looking at the writer, reading few line, hah, kickass, pure aob, dont have much to say to u, but u see my friends, wenger is gonna have another contract after this, lol

  2. I share many of your opinions as well. I am hoping more insults from the c**t, pundits and fans can still gear him up.

    We need a whole season of consistency from Arsene. Apart from injuries here and there, he has had a poor spell.

    I expect a more hungry Arsene next season and the EPL title, at least, to show for it. A good run in UCL would not be bad too.

  3. Yo Mr. admin, are you always right about Arsenal? How many opinions that you’ve find out spot on? How many times you were wrong?
    We’ve sail BIG storm by over 9 torture years, and it’s very hopeless and mind killers. Finally, starting last year, I feel (don’t you say no!) the wind of change come through. Don’t you think Arsene play the BIG part of it? Oh yeah, he’s “poor rigid strategy” are bringing back the wind. We’re looking to retain FA Cup back to back, and surely we are getting back our lost champion mentality piece by piece. We are getting better and better. DON’T YOU EVER THINK THAT ARSENE HAS PLAY BIG PART OF IT?!

  4. so now everyone can write an article for justarsenal??also the 2nd part of this season shows that arsene can&has changed,what an irony that you write about wenger being biased!!

    1. Yes, you too can write an article and share your opinion, even though everybody won’t buy it. At least, JustArsenal is grants such privilege.

  5. My problems with him now are his team selection sometimes and his absolute believe in some players that they get fielded when they shouldn’t (that is, unnecessary experiment).

  6. I think it could be interesting to see Guardiola as PL manager if Wenger leave this summer.But I don’t think Wenger should leave at all.All players mentioned in the article are players that Wenger BUY for Arsenal.Is truth that he sell players and we don’t win trophies in the last years BUT we finish in first 4 all the time and play in CL and take the money(the diference betwen we and United and Liverpool who have some problems and don’t manage to play in CL every season).We must apreciate this.Now we don’t have financiar problems anymore and this is clearly can see.We was at under 10 points to be champions and improve our place,and that with players like Flamini,Giroud,etc.Now let’s see what happening in this transfer summer,if Wenger buy some quality midfielders,strikers and defenders,I am 100% sure that next season we will win PL.

  7. 2014-2015.
    Finally a top X1.
    Bellerin Mertz Koz Monreal
    Coquelin Cazorla Ramsey
    Sanchez Ozil Giroud.

    Brilliant 2nd half of the league season.
    FA cup finalists.
    Change to a tighter defensive style against big teams.

    Failure to buy a CB and DM in the summer.
    Slow start.
    Poor ECL first leg last 16 again.
    16 players injured or out of form.
    Szcz Chambers Gibbs Ateta Flamini Diaby
    Podolski Ryo Campbell Wallcot Gnabry
    Rosicky Ox Wilshere Sanogo Wellbeck

    1. Agree!With just one mention,we need a quality,constant striker too.Someone like Benzema,Lacazette,Cavani,doesn’t matter his name if he scores at least 20 goals/season.

      1. Have you noticed??? Wenger loves the old-schOol type of strikers: talk, sluggish, quite lanky and slow, but good with the phenomenal “hold-up play”.

        1. You mean like Henry, Anelka, Adebayor, Van Persie, Walcott, Welbeck, Reyes, Wiltord, etc.

          Wenger has used tall strikers but also fast strikers. Wenger likes to have a couple of options but rarely uses them in tandem with other options. I.e. when we play with width we often don’t have a target man or when we play the long ball it is often to faster players. This may be poor tactically in those moments of madness but it’s certainly not the case that he only loves a slow striker with good hold up play. They’re just an option he likes…like most managers.

          Wenger likes ball players. Ball players everywhere. If you can’t create chances, you ain’t gonna be played anywhere but GK or CB. You won’t see Wenger buy a pure goal scorer because he thinks we need more then just a spear tip.

  8. Ok Guys. I am sick of so much of celebrations that is going around. We have still not won anything this season. We still have not found the answer to how to defeat Chelsea. The only thing that has changed this season is that we will finish better than 4th. We need to honestly ask the questions
    1. Can we win the title next season without 60-70 mil investments?
    2. Would we spend 60-70 mil this summer ?
    3. When would we be able to do well in UCL and challenge for at least top 4 there?
    4. When would we be able to win a UCL ? 4 years, 5 years ? When?

    We Arsenal fans take pride in the fact that we play some attractive football and that should make up for the lack of trophies. We think Chelsea play boring football and thus we are delusional that we are a better team. In that case i have got two words “Goal difference”. Chelsea were ruthless in the start of the season and that is where they won it. Now they just dont want to let it slip and hence are playing like this. That for me is better than crying a hollow over some goddamn beatiful football the whole season and losing to a second grade injury ravaged Manoco at home.

    Get real. We still have a lot of work to do.

    And Mr. Wenger. Don’t you think for a moment that you have won me(us?) over. I still dont believe you can lead us to glory and i dare you to prove me wrong!

    Now bring on the thumbs down you wussies!!!!

    1. 1. I would say we could win it with our current squad if the top 16 stayed fit the majority of the season. As this is ulikely to be the case, I would say we could not win the league without investment, though I’m not sure 60-70m is the correct price.

      2. Will we spend 60-70m…very possible. This season we have spent 95.6m on players (65.4m outlay if you include our sales) but I don’t expect another season quite as busy as that. I’d say 50-60m is probably about right and could easily strengthen 2 positions and buy a youth player for squad improvement. That said with the additional TV rights money…you never know. It’ll depend on who is available and whether the money to spend matches the talent available.

      3. I reckon we could challenge semi-finals in the CL next year or the year after – obviously we could achieve it any year we’re in the competition but I’m referring to having a good chance of doing so. With exception to Bayern, Barca and Madrid there is no team in the CL I see as comfortably better then Arsenal. I would set my expectations to reach the Semi finals if we didn’t have a nightmare match or a rough draw – same as with the FA Cup or League Cup just with better opposition.

      4. The same as I said above we could win it next year – that I would say is highly unlikely though. Bayern, Barca and Real are extreme super powers at the moment and have ridiculous funding and backing. They have great squads and can pull any additional players to the club to fill gaps or strengthen. Beating them is a mission. We cannot “expect” to win the CL but what I’d like is to go into it believing we can do it and not feel dwarfed by the 3 giants. I reckon we could manage that in another season or 2 of improvement. No joke. We’re not THAT far off, it’s just that consistency and killer edge we currently lack.

      1. @Inv49.
        When will we do well in CL, when we deserve to and not when some silly fan demands it. If you havent noticed there are bigger clubs in the CL than we, teams on a level club footing, also some so called feeder clubs who create amazing players regularly. We must focus on gaining our supremacy within England and when that happens there are still atleast eight clubs in Europe who have as much right as we do to conquer.

        The answer in how to defeat che – we dont have to defeat them we only have to gain more points than them. They can keep there hoodoo and small club tactics as long as we become champion. I say small club tactics because that is what it is. The same tactics a lower club uses when challenging a giant, they should be bigger and braver than that. They should try to entertain fans. Nobody says playing negative football means less goals, counter attacking does bring goals but a giant club should demand lions share of possession and should also execute the extra ordinary in football. A big club should be arrogant and play the beautiful game.

  9. Arsenal is improving, eventhore Arsene had made some tactical errors in the past. overall he has done an excellent job for this having own stadium all.paid from our monies is just miraculous. HAVING A STABLE FINANCIALLY RUNED club is awesome.. Now the trophies are coming. This season community shielf,FA CUP and finishing 2nd will make a decent season.

    If we can buy a world class striker,a DM and CB then we can all gun for more trophies.
    Sometimes I laugh when folks compare a pet project(Chelsea) to a well-runed club like Arsenal..

    You can either be a true fan or a glory hunter, both are still humans

  10. Writter of this article is insane and pathetic.
    He just wrote what the media says about arsenal. His not a real arsenal of fan. If only he knew what he is smoking . Did you forget wenger built an Arsenal empire in the last ten years . We can proudly say Arsenal is a empire now. This is what Arsenal did in the last ten years. Who else built an empire?

  11. KickAshFan, whose ash are you kicking as you have hid behind the mask? You know something, your article has a devilish horn. But fortunately, the boss has dodged your attack. You have every right to be a Gooner and also a AOB and you are entitled to your opinion. But unfortunately, your article is not bought. Just because Man City, Chelsea and Man Utd have Unlimited access to Oil and Merchandise money to have dictated the pace of winning the Premier League title for the past 10 years does not mean Arsenal will not rejuvenate and come back to contention to win the Premier League again after paying off the loan they took to build our classic Emirates Stadium. KickAshFan, wait and see how more successful Arsenal will become even as from this season that is about coming to a close. Have a good day.

  12. People forget that none of the top 4 have won chelsea this season. Not many teams have stopped chelsea from scoring. We are still on a great run right now. Even if we won that game, we have to admit that chelsea would still carry the title.
    This draw doesn’t mean anything in the whole scheme of things. Proof? Mourinho has never won Pardew.

    1. They also forget that out of all the teams that gave us a hiding last season (Chelsea, City, Man U, Liverpool, and even Everton) we have only lost to two (Chelsea away, and that unfortunate howler against Man U at the Emirates). Again this season in the EPL we haven’t lost a game going more than two goals down. We may not be there yet, but there’s most definitely improvement.

  13. Very, very, poor article, please admin can we better than this. I was hoping for an actual analysis of the evolution of our club in the modern era, instead of “we had really good player’s, but now we don’t, Wenger is crap”. A very glib, and obtuse “observation”. I think a lot more changes have taken place at this club with arsene at the helm for the last 10 years. Simple people have simple understanding I guess.

  14. @Kickassfan My my, the other day you were praising Wenger and now this? Which other clubs have built an elite new stadium in the last 10 years and still able to finish top 4 every season? Which other manager has had their best players leave every season but still manage a top 4 finish? Not United, Chelsea nor City! You say we haven’t won the BPL in the last 10 years – well look at the above facts! We had major financial retraints and on top of it, Wenger had to rebuild our squad every new season as our keys players all left, yet we remained in the top 4. This is success to me and those who are able to see just what Wenger has accomplished, and now only recently have we been able to splash the cash on top players, first Ozil, then Sanchez and guess what? We have already won 2 trophies, hopefully a third on the way and 2nd place this season! That is an improvement no matter how you look at it.

    Also remember the BPL is the toughest league in the world, no longer is it a 2 horse race between us and United (like it was pre 2005 in your article), there are at least 5-6 teams capable of winning it – so it has become a lot more difficult to win honors and the fact that we are considered the best team next to Chel$ea right now and in 2nd place shows just how Wenger HAS indeed evolved with the game. Just imagine if Wenger was sacked mid season like you wanted – we would be nowhere near 2nd place, that is a fact.

  15. Ahhh the old AKB’s all come out and stick together like Sh!t to a blacket as usual, Ok the article was badly put together but not everyone has the riting talent of you guys, the point Kickassfan is trying to make is that the team HAS gonebackwards regardless of what Wenger has done behind the scenes and regardless of what the competition has behind them with regards to oil money, we too have a vaste sum of untapped collateral that we could but don’t use what makes you think Kroenke is any different in either his wealth or his background to the backers of city or Chelski?
    Wenger DOES NOT want to spend and refuses to bring in the key guys that could make all the difference to our season. Giroud is exceptional BUT he is one striker and we have no real back up in that position when he’s on a slump or injured, Le Coq was almost out the door until injury forced the situation and the stats clearly show that Fabregas has been far better in his assists and play than Ozil. These are mistakes that have NOTHING to do with resources and everything to do with bad judgement and the lack of will to spend money. Im not saying Wenger is an idiot but his stubborn refusal to move with the times has cost us dear over the last few years and as Ive already stated earlier in the conversation our resurgence has in part had a lot to do with the competition dropping off in performance rather than us leaping forward, that said we have made improvements and we are playing far better, but I will bet my house that no world class striker will be brought in in the summer and there wont be any really important key players brought in during the summer as Wenger has already laid out his stall in regards to this. When the likes of Paolo Dybala and Edison Cavani are playing and scoring against us next season what will you say then?? WE DO need to improve and whilst we are better now than at any time in the last five years we still need to have a consistently challenging team and unless Wenger changes his attitude that’s not going to happen in the face of our competition improving on a yearly basis. OK we have the resources and we don’t spend as much, but surely now would be the best time to go out spend the dough on the players we really need and have the ability to challenge rather than stay financially cautious yet again and allow our opposition to improve again and outstrip us in the coming years. We should strike while they are weaker instead of letting them build their power base again. You AKB’s should be mature enough to see the faults that we as a club are suffering from, if it were perfect we would have a cabinet full of trophies and regardless of what is happening behind the scenes THATS what fans want and in light of the highest prices we pay, also deserve. GROW UP!!!!!!

    1. Our position is not due to our competition dropping off, it is due to the team’s new found belief and change in tactics in the big games. Was the defeat to City due to their drop in form? No! It was due to our tactics and discipline. Was the demolishing of Liverpool due to their drop in form? Hell no! It was due to our brilliance. It is not Arsenal’s problem if her rivals don’t win their games against other teams. We won our games against direct rivals (except Chelsea and Man U) and kept winning against other teams. That’s the reason for our current position. Give credit when it’s due, and oh…YOU GROW UP!!!

      1. @Mistamonn
        Yes it was Im afraid, while we suddenly started to understand that we should change our tactics to suit the opposition we were playing a City side that were off colour and have been ever since thee wasn’t much difference in the side that smashed us last season so lets not runaway with the idea we have all of a sudden become one of the real great sides. Yes we have woken upo somewhat but should we have not done that three seasons ago? “DUE TO OUR BRILLIANCE”, my Ar$e!!!! Yes we have improved we have become more aware we have started to show some maturity when facing the top dogs and that’s the difference between us this season and us getting SMASHED by all of the top teams last season and if you watch football you can see that the city side are not a patch on their former selves nor Liverpool nor even chelski, we are NOT another 49 unbeaten squad not yet and not for a while until the improvements are made, Yea credit where its due of course but lets NOT RUN AWAY WITH THE IDEA WE ARE WORLD BEATERS JUST YET EH , AKB’s are the reason we’ll never improve as a fan base because they can see NO wrong in anything the board or AW does, Im no AOB but I do see the need for self criticism and improvement and at BIGGUN its not a ridiculous statement at all we have improved but they have also been off the ball and that why we’re having a good run.

    2. First of all, for you to say that our great run right now is because of the opposition dropping in form is simply a ridiculous statement – because the Invincible season of 2004 we won 26 games, right now we are sitting on 20 wins with 6 games to go. Considering back then the only real competition we had was United and Chelsea, in this day and age to produce similar results with at least 5-6 other teams capable of winning it is no easy task. Also, take into account up until 2012, we had all our best players leave at the end of every season, post 2012 Wenger had the funds to begin to build a solid squad and bring in top players (Ozil and Sanchez) and we have had positive results so far and on top of that, none of our key players will be leaving! So to say Arsenal has gone backward is simply not true, if anything we are moving forward and only those in denial like fekking Michael Owen and the rest of you clowns won’t admit it.

      Secondly, I am not denying Fabregas is great talent, but Ozil had top assists last season and top chances created. He was also injured for a lengthy time beginning of the season which has marred his statistics. Coquelin was a breathe of fresh air and perhaps it was ‘lucky’ for us the circumstances brought him in to the first team, but it was Wenger after all who brought him to the club in the first place and who decided to put full confidence in him to do the job before Flamini. We also have no idea what Wenger will do in the next window. Giroud has improved massively but I agree that we do need another top striker who can compliment Giroud, someone young, quick and skillfull.

      Other than that, you sound like a spoiled kid demanding a trophy where in light of the above, for the last decade it just hasn’t been that easy. You call us AKB’s immature and to grow up, yet halfway through the season, idiots like you wanted Wenger fired???

      1. @Big Gun
        I never said we had gone backwards at all, we have improved tactically and in regards to our maturity and that’s brilliant no one wants to see it more than me, but You cannot say that the opposition are not off their game this season cos they so blatantly are!!! Im not trying to take anything away from the improvements the team has made but pointing out that there are more to made is common sense or do you think we are now the perfect squad and ready to win plaudits all over Europe? because the game against Monaco proves we are not!!!
        I never said I wanted Wenger fired either so DONT PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH!!! id like to see him stop with the weirdness that he’s been displaying in later years no one can deny what he’s achieved for the club in his tenure with us But no one can deny either that some of his decisions have been appalling at some points what’s wrong with suggesting that we need three more class players ? what’s wrong with questioning the status quo? its how intelligent people have moved the human race forward over the last million years.
        Id be a little lees free with the use of the word Idiot if I were you because the definition of idiocy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results and this is what you extremist AKB’s are doing.

  16. the pet project has won the champions league b4. arse hasn’t. u havnt even managed q single goal against us fr God knows how long. de pet club is neva happy wit second or third. great arse project considers it a success.de pet project is abt winning de epl u so damm want. wat is dis called jealousy. oh I luv my blue army who never settle fr mediocrity. blue is de colour. u loser

    1. @westa
      Go away you mug and while your away learn to write an understandable sentence in English Chelski fake mug!!!

  17. What has changed about Arsenal is that we are beginning to show big mentality in big matches albeit we lacked that somewhat in the first half of the season. I have the feeling this will win title next season if, we strenghten correctly in the summer. If this momentum in big matches(if you will not win, you must not lose it)is well sustained. if there will be a team balance and good team chemistry, this season being the platform.

    I must say I love how we played chelsea but we still harbour that fear that they can hit us on counter which is true. Arsenal have become more cynical closing games like chelsea match.

    I think we are on the up and i stayed positive that we will beat chelsea silly soon.just like when he was at madrid and was humiliated by barca.

    Chelsea began their dominance on arsenal during community shield(couldn’t remember the season exactly),where drogba scored a brace and since then, they’ve been doing it on us.
    Wenger will begin his dominance on them from the community shield where he was usurped and continue unabated. You may say it’s a wishful thinking but chelsea were not dominating us when they ousted us in 2004UCL quarter final.

    Above all, we are arsenal fans. we are to support our team in the time of trouble, trials and triumph.

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