What has gone wrong with Alexandre Lacazette this season?

What has happened to Lacazette? by Shenel

Despite him being an ever-present player on the pitch, his ability to be able to hold the ball up well and make the runs into the box, and his strong relationship with Aubameyang, Lacazette just cannot seem to find the back of the net.

To be fair to him, Lacazette’s last goal for the club did come in our last game before the lockdown, against West Ham at the Emirates. But since we have returned he just cannot find the net. It is clear to see that he is creating the chances and making the correct runs, but the ball just doesn’t seem to want to fall into the net for him, which seems to make him more and more frustrated and understandably so, because we all know he is capable of more than that.

You can’t take anything away from his work rate for the team, but it has become clear that in the past few games he has lacked confidence. Whether something has happened during lockdown that we are not aware of, or whether it is a case of he is worried about his place in the team given the successful performances shown by both Willock and Nketiah, remains to be seen. But for Lacazette it seems clear that the more he tries his best, the more he plays and the more he tries to show the manager what he is capable of, the less it is working out for him.

I for sure hope that it is not too long before Lacazette finds the form that made him somewhat a success at the club. Because his partnership with Aubameyang, having seen glimpses of what they are capable of, can build into something much bigger and better than what they have now. Add Pepe to the mix and we could have a front three that rivals the likes of Messi/Suarez/Neymar and Firmino/Mane/Salah.

Here’s hoping hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman


    1. You make a serious point Sue P, because any athlete who fails to live properly cannot hope to be at his best when it matters. Character and self discipline- yes, you Guendouzi!- are all important in my opinion, when evaluating the use of any player however talented or not.

  1. Well we’ll, Laca got injured, then of course, he was the leader at some point, has that character i& spirit, being here before Xhaka and really leading, he should have been named Captain.

    Technically when Kos left or injured it was Ozil then Laca . Trying to get rid of Ozil they did not give it to him but Xhaka for ending we saw…

    Now Auba before Laca who is there before and has more of that leader in him.

    When you sum all this up, can get why as most players his spirit. Not at his best.To be benched, doesn’t help… Arteta makes choices upon spirit player is in which is fare, as to not forget what can affect Laca.

    Hope to see him at level we know he can be a poison and make difference in any game..

  2. Great team player & leader.

    Again and again, if that CB and DM 3 players are not picked right, we simply can’t attack but under, all game long.

    Opponent knows this for years now, we have a huge hole in central defensive area…. No scoop but same news…

    What is so complicated to know that Luiz can’t play as CB with too attacking players & strikers, too slow.

    But very helpful to play in front those 2CBs, protect more and if taken by opponent speed theirs 2 CBs behind him, not Martinez

    That’s all Arteta needs to do, put them hair he extended contract for and put him in front of CBs

  3. Mogunna, pretty sure Xhaka was there first bud. But I see your point, lava looks frustrated, not only at his lack of goals but perhaps his lack of involvement at times, and being substituted off the pitch when we are looking for a goal, and a few other factors which seems to have knocked his confidence.

  4. I think in Arteta’s system the primary objective of the striker is to hold the ball, bring others into play and press from the front..goal scoring is secondary for them
    Think about Firmino in Klopp’s system and Giroud at the 2018 World Cup.. they won’t score many goals yet they are an important part of the team

  5. LACA has a challenge. I believe he is under pressure created by himself to dominate. I could sense he wanted to surpass AUBA which made him desperate upfront. The natural has gone. Newer anxiety coming now from Nketiah. I don’t bet on Wilford. It would be good in his interest to move on to another club. The continued stay will distract the Manager has he will keep hoping things would change for LACA. There would be more clarity with the options that should be used upfront if he is not in the equation.

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