What has Walcott revealed to Arsenal rivals?

After a strong start to the season from Arsenal and in particular for Theo Walcott, the winger has managed to edge his way back into the national team squad with England. The player showed his part in the team against Malta yesterday, but he has also said some rather worrying things whilst on media duty with England.
When asked about what the team is doing to improve, Walcott is quoted in the media by saying:

“We want to make this like a club basically, that’s what we want. We want everyone to have the relationships (in the England set-up) that they have with who they’re at clubs with. That’s what we’re starting to get with this England team. I’ve probably given a few of my secrets away to my team-mates this week but it’s going to benefit England. That’s what we want, it’s all about England this week.

“We need to be positive, we’re going to be positive. Everyone’s in a good frame of mind.”

Now I understand this is an Arsenal page rather than a matter for England, but Walcott’s comments on giving a few of his secrets away is sure to worry many Gunners. What an earth could he mean by this?

In my opinion I think he may be talking about his own personal practices to help improve his own ability. The England squad has been lacking in performances and so he may have helped others who feel the same way. Walcott has recently been speaking about how he has got his confidence back as a player, which has resulted in the 27 year old seeming like a new player on the pitch again. However for others, it has caused quite a bit of concern about what exactly the forward may have been spilling, especially with so many rival players in the England set up.

Has Walcott revealed some of Arsene Wenger’s tactics, or is he simply speaking about his own personal rituals before a match? I’m all for Theo trying to get the England team together to improve the national side’s performances, but not by revealing some of our training ground practices.


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  1. Wow! Some of the articles and made-up stories during the interlull are just ridiculous. Could you all please try harder and write something worth reading.

  2. Maybe it’s our secret of finishing in the top 4 and not winning the trophy so that England can at least make it to semi finals.

    1. It could be, seeing as Arsenal players are the only English players that never faced the embarrassment of Europa, or worse.

  3. Congrats to our Gunner Alexi Iwobi who scored his first senior goal for Nigeria today!

  4. I don’t even know what to comment. I think it’s more of a make up story. Having said that, I think Walcott should watch his words. I m glad he is inform but he should continue to develop and stay on top..

  5. You know, there’s nothing wrong with not posting an “article” every hour. I get that you crave for the clicks but this is plainly ridiculous. And stupid.

  6. My main concern about Walcott was he had a shockingly poor game yesterday. He seemed to be on the periphery of the game and once again his touch deserted him. I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.

  7. What does he mean by his secrets. Training drills and diet and basically everything a player picks up is being given to him by the club. I don’t think a player can just say you know what boss, I appreciate the whole group thing but I’m gonna go over here and do my thing. When Arsene first began transforming everything everyone wanted to know exactly how he goes about it. I heard an ex player mention recently that Redknapp was very curious and constantly banged on about every little detail. I don’t think there are any secrets in football with players and coaches moving clubs and bringing along those secrets. One season maybe, but after that homework will have been done. So while I think it may be harmless enough as he’s not giving out info that wont already be out there. I do think Walcott should talk less and play more. Less lip and more zip, afterall, it is only 6 weeks of football.

  8. I think walcott had a ok game, i think the problem for walcott was the make up of thee english team, the players were more comfortable passing to their team mates from their EPL team, several times he made runs which were not spotted, more games with the players and i think he will perform better. Anyway i am more concern it his arsenal form , which i hope he keeps up

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