What Hector Bellerin said that made Dani Ceballos so proud

Hector Bellerin revelations about fans chant made Dani Ceballos proud

Arsenal loan signing Dani Ceballos has been speaking to the media ahead of Spains Euro 2020 qualifiers. One of the many subjects the 23-year-old spoke about was the Arsenal fans chanting his name.

This came as a bit of surprise to the playmaker and he turned to fellow Spaniard and teammate Hector Bellerin for clarification as he explained to the media.

“It’s strange, I arrived and in my first game they were already singing my name,” Ceballos told the reporters

“I asked Hector Bellerin and he told me that they also sang it to [Santi] Cazorla.

“I’ve felt proud from that first moment.”

That is the thing with Arsenal fans, they take everyone to their hearts from day one, well, maybe not former Chelsea players. They give everything to the player, support, loyalty and warmth but it is only on loan and they expect something in return.

So far it is going well with Ceballos, he has shown some real quality and he will become more consistent. He has a lot of backing from the fans and the club, he just has to repay that support back on the pitch.

It also shows the high esteem that Santi Cazorla is held in, not just from the Arsenal fans but also his fellow countrymen and colleagues.


  1. So what does he need to add to his game to ensure Emery picks him every week?
    Firstly,slow down.You run around expending energy for no reason.
    Start passing the ball backwards and sideways.You are far too keen to be attack minded and creative.It does not fit the team pattern at all.
    Start fouling more.You need to get booked for persistent fouling.And FFS give away the odd needless penalty.It costs is valuable points ( Brighton at home) and helps teams get results against us ( 2pur7’s ) they don’t deserve but you need this aggression in your game even at the cost of points.
    Start hitting aimless freekicks.The ones you are taking are far too accurate.Try hitting the first man or the wall.Even row Z FFS.Just stop trying to make so many assists.
    Despite your natural height forget about Ariel challenges.Just cut this out of your game.Whats the point of trying to head the ball in midfield? it’s the defenders job to sort that out.Look what happened against 2pur7’s at home.Cost is a goal because Sokritis went for the header ( never ever got there the F***ing TWAT) and we concede from it.Just stop trying to be an all round team player.
    In other words-to get a game every week just copy Granit Xhaka.You will be guaranteed a game but your career and future will nosedive.But so what.Emery will love you for it

  2. Santi Cazorla is still performing to the top level in spain. He is so skillful that even at 34 he can dance rings around most teams. He is a hero. Dani Ceballos looks a really great prospect and he has hit the ground running. Santi though was a one off.

  3. Imagine Santi in this team.

    I think they threw him out too quickly. Injuries and the attendant loss of form did his Arsenal career in. But still, I think they were not patient enough for him. We could have gotten a whole lot from him. An absolute maestro with or without the ball. His dressing room value would have been such a blessing too.

    Such a shame they let him go so quickly.

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