What I expect from Arsenal on Deadline Day

Deadline Day Preview by Dan

Listening / reading comments on social media since Saturday, many gooners feel Arsenal need more additions before Tuesday’s 11 pm deadline.

Having invested more than usual though, the Kroenke Family might wonder what was the point in spending to improve the spine of our team if a few days later they are being told the squad isn’t good enough?

That’s for the recruitment team to answer.

For once I would see it from the owner’s point of view.

If you’re still asking for a centreback, why was 50 million spent on Ben White?

Why’s a 30 million asset being loaned out yet again?

How bad does Saliba have to be, to be deemed not competition for our other defenders?

So, it’s more likely the last day of the window will be about those exiting not entering the Emirates, with the priority being reducing our net spend.

The Gunners issue is offloading the talent they have due to potential buyers put off by our players wage demands.

Clubs are also low balling us with their offers knowing our need to raise funds.

That’s why we again had to accept loans for Torreira and Guendouzi when a permanent transfer was the target.

We might have to do the same regarding Maitland Niles, Reiss Nelsonand Eddie Nketiah.

It’s like a game of bluff.

Clubs waiting for the last hour to ask about a loan because they know we won’t risk keeping individuals who know the manager doesn’t rate them.

Arteta could be better at keeping his cards close to his chest.

What’s puzzling is the Spaniard’s inconsistency in how he treats those who’s future is in doubt.

The three academy graduates I just named haven’t been starting, with the assumption that they can’t be trusted if they might not be around this time next week.

The contradiction being that Kolasinac has known since last year his employers would have him off the wage bill if they could, yet he started at the Etihad.

Why is a Kolasinac trusted but a Willian is not?

It’s left us with an unbalanced squad, some players frozen out, others starting even though they are not wanted.

So instead of starting a season prepared everything is disorganised.

That will intensify if players are forced to stay, having known their boss was trying to offload them.

To his credit Willian is expected to rip up his contract when he could have refused to leave and collect approx. 20 million in the next two years.

Others like Bellerin’s agent have made it clear their client won’t move unless a project motivates them.

The right back might struggle to find anyone who will match his wages with the suspicion he’s lost his pace since his last serious injury.

Like a game of poker Arsenal must decide what to do if their valuations are not met.

Can those names be transitioned back into the first team or is it worth selling for a cut price fee just to reduce our wage bill?

Our coach isn’t exactly the best when it comes to giving second chances. It can’t be tolerated to yet again pay people to sit at home.

Expect some departures in the next 24 hours but maybe not as many as the club would like…


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  1. According to Alvaro Carrellan, a Seville-based journalist, Bellerin will fly to Seville to sign for Real Betis

    Meanwhile, Nketiah’s move to Palace has collapsed, after Palace decided to sign Odsonne Edouard instead

    1. It baffles me that Arsenal didn’t go for the Celtic striker.

      I have a strong feeling he’ll cost between 50 and 120 million next summer, should he sign for Palace.

        1. gai We can’t sell any of our players it is all loan they will borrow them for a season then RETURN TO SENDER

          1. I see a pattern of lack of ruthlessness by arteta in shipping unwanted players in his squad. If you are going to stick with 25players then a month ago was enough to clear those he did not want no matter how derisory the buying fee was because, let’s face it, kolasnac, Niles, nketiah , torera, guendozi , xhaka, belerin, holding , Chambers, elneny, will earn us a sizeable amount and also reduce our wage bill. If William was surplus to requirement, then what is the aforementioned players still doing at the club? The board could as well rip up thier contracts and ask all of them to leave the club. That would have shown ruthless ambition and the remaining players will sit up knowing there is no comfort zone at arsenal. But sadly, there is no eagerness, ferociousness, no competitive edge within the playing squad because the players have been made comfortable in thier mediocrity

          1. let’s hope he plays his socks off for a big contract somewhere else. He can easily score 20+ in the PL if he gets a bit of service this season.

    2. I kind of think it’s best for Bellerin to leave. He seem not to want to stay again at Arsenal. If his mind is no more with Arteta project “Process” he can’t give his best. If M. Niles stays or Chambers they can be encouraged to improve their skills in that area.

      1. He showed how tough it was to return to training after getting a surgery, on his YouTube channel. Several talented Arsenal players like Wilshere and him have been ruined by grave injuries

        Maitland-Niles has the potentials to be Bellerin’s replacement and he has denied the news about his refusal of the RB role, but he must talk about his Instagram post with Arteta and Edu first

        1. I doubt AMN will be given a chance. They will make an example out of him and he will spend the season in exile.

    3. Arsenal Rejected A Total Of 81 Million Pounds For Four Players And Could End Up With Nothing At All

      Last season Hector bellerin: PSG offered 25m while arsenal wanted 30m

      Maitland Niles Wolverhampton Wanderers tabled a bid of 20 million pounds for him. Arsenal rejected the offer and now the club has an unhappy player in the squad with only Everton FC requesting to sign him on loan.

      Granit Xhaka had problems with the Arsenal fans during a game, it was thought that he will never play for us again. it was confirmed that Hertha Berlin tabled a 26 million pounds offer for the midfielder. Arsenal rejected the offer and now after a failure to sell him to AS Roma, a contract renewal was signed to prevent him from leaving on a free soon.

      EDDIE NKETIAH: Arsenal rejected a 10 million pounds offer from Crystal Palace for Eddie Nketiah. Arsenal rejected the offer and demanded 20 million pounds. Now reports have emerged that Crystal Palace is on the verge of signing Edouard from Celtic. If this deal goes through, it means Eddie Nketiah would leave on a free transfer next season because of his current contract.
      That’s a total of 81 million pounds rejected by Arsenal.

      1. – PSG’s interest in Bellerin was just a rumor

        – Maitland-Niles was important as our second-choice LB, when Wolves’ offer came

        – Never heard about Hertha Berlin’s interest in Xhaka and he’s a important player for many managers

        – I agree about the unhappy Nketiah though. We should’ve sold him, unless he can be our future LW

        1. Psg offer for Hector bellerin was confirmed by many sources so it’s not a mere rumor
          you can always check that out….

          Maitland Niles was important as our second choice lb are you joking?
          Hoe many games did he play at lb?
          If he was important why was he shipped out on loan few months later?

          1. He played well as an LWB in 2019-20 FA Cup and was also very versatile, hence we rejected Wolves’ offer at that time

            Unfortunately, his performance dropped after playing as an LWB in a few games, in the beginning of 2020-21 season. Therefore he was loaned out afterwards

          2. You said Maitland Niles was an important second choice LB and which he never was at any point
            Now your argument is he was a good LWB and everyone knew it.. But if the plan was not to use a wing back going forward why not sell him…
            No matter how your try to paint the picture it was actually incompetent keeping him without any plans on utilising him

  2. I feel arteta has to be calm sell nketiah,loan reiss Nelson, sell bellerin,sell kolasinac,sell Maitland Niles, sell runnarson then buy a right back Kieran tripper and hausem aouar

  3. Willian was an Edu or Arteta/Edu mistake.
    As for Willian “ripping up” his 20mill contract?
    Nobody seriously believes any one on planet earth gives up 20 mill to play for peanuts.
    Arsenal will pay 15mill and the new club 5mill as there will be no transfer fee.
    If you wanna believe what the clubs, the player and the agent say about a fee and ripping up the contract more fool you.

    1. Leno Chambers Ozil Ramsey Socritis Mustafi Bellerin Kolasinac Nketiah Nelson Niles Torreira Guendouzie Elneny Auba Lacazette Pepe Xhaka were not Arteta signings.
      Runarrson Mari and Cedric were all
      attempts at saving money.
      Getting rid of players in the weak post covid market has been difficult which the need to keep Xhaka has highlighted.
      We have no choice but to send most out on
      loan waiting for the market to improve.
      Incomings are likely to be loans.
      We live and loan.
      Most importantly we have Norwich
      Burnley and Spurs awaiting after the break

    2. Not everyone is Ozil my friend

      Not every player wants to just go to training for a pay cheque, they actually want to play football.

      He knows himself how poor his form was last season and he knows if he stayed, he just wouldnt play.

      So yes there are those out there that put playing over money

  4. Other than a couple moving on loan, I don’t expect a great deal to happen today. Luckily, Good Girls Season 4 has just dropped on Netflix; I know which will be less stressful to watch 😆

    1. Sue my expectations on deadline? Sack arteta. Their is no way am following deadline day not optimistic anymore

      1. I’m sorry to disappoint you, Kenya, but no chance of that happening!
        As usual we’ve left it late, very late 🙄, but appear to be signing a RB…

  5. Arsenal are charging £94 per ticket for the relegation battle against Norwich City.
    Wolverhampton Wanderers have signed Renato Sanchez on loan from Lille, with an option to buy.
    The financial and player asset management at Arsenal is abysmal. Keep Xhaka and give him an upgraded contract, when Yves Bissouma is crying out to come to Arsenal.

    1. That’s Club Level, Ozzie. I’ve been regularly checking the ticket exchange; cheapest I’ve seen so far is £38.. but no pairs!!!
      When you see other clubs and how they conduct their business it’s depressing!

      1. Sue, that point about the ticket pricing is so important when people say we pay the highest prices in europe… it simply isn’t true.

        At club level, it is a completely different experience, with different eating preferences in a restaurant type situation.
        Different wines, spirits etc etc, along with a more personal approach by the staff.
        Not knocking the experience that I get with my s/t in the east stand, but like everything else in the world, one gets what one pays for.

        It really frustrates me when it’s our own fans who allege this “dearest tickets in europe” nonsense…. knocking the club without checking the facts (not a dig at you OG by the way!!).

      2. Sue and ken, thanks for the clarification, as I went on information reported elsewhere.
        Can either of you for my benefit and other “non locals” explain the pricing structure of seating at the Emirates, please.
        You have to forgive me because the last time I stood on the North Bank at Highbury it cost £2 to £4 and on my last trip to see a midweek League Cup game was £30, which I couldn’t get to. 🤔

        1. There are 3 categories:
          A (Big teams) Expensive
          B (Everton, West Ham etc)
          C (Norwich etc) Cheapest

          Upper Tier (£95.50 – 30.50)
          Lower Tier (70.50 – 26)
          Family Enclosure Upper (84 – 13.75) Family Enclosure Lower (64 – 10)

          Club Level – Mega bucks!!!!

          I prefer sitting in the Family Enclosure. If sold out, then I can still buy on the ticket exchange.. hope this helps, Ozzie 🙂

    2. Renato Sanches has just undergone a knee surgery and his past injury problems are quite worrying:


      1. You judged Xhaka on his Euro performances saying how great he was so why don’t you remain consistent? Sanches was great at the Euros! I’ve never seen anyone that changes what they say as much as you, whatever criteria suits your opinion for a specific player at the time.

        Yes he may still be recovering but a loan is extremely low risk, we should have definitely been trying to get him at the Emirates.

        1. Sanches was good in Euro, but he got a knee surgery after that. We surely don’t want another injury-prone player to accompany Partey in the hospital

  6. What I hope for today
    Bissouma to join
    Aouar to join on loan
    Us to stay well away from injury prone asensio
    Anm to get his move along with Eddie, Hector and anyone else who isn’t committed to the club
    Saed to follow Willian and cancel his contract
    Aarons to come in
    Xhaka to be given free to anyone who is crazy enough to take him!

    Chances of any of it happening are slim but I can only live in hope

    On a separate note, where was pepe against City? Did I miss something?

    1. 🚨 Arsenal have agreed a deal to sign Takehiro Tomiyasu from Bologna for €20m plus €3m add ons. He’s expected to sign a 5-year contract and his medical will be complete in Italy this afternoon. (Source: @FabrizioRomano)

      Pls, who on earth knows this guy?

    2. Gainsay, if your prediction came true, I would be “very excited”; however I would first have to check, whether I had taken too many meds.

  7. No one knows why kol was playing in front of mari or the real reason saliba was sent backout on loan.both are baffling decisions.also resurrecting Ch career as a starting Arsenal full back is baffling also.Unless AMN will be starting right back and happy!(unbelievable the man got England caps at wingback.you’d think he’d be over the moon to make a career at Arsenal playing there)we need to get rid.no point keeping an unhappy player.cedric is no where near good enough.HB is off or should be.i like Hector but the loss of pace has ruined him at this level.all in all we are desperately in need of a new right back.Some one decent in the air preferably.is it to late?Surely we will try?if we sorted this position out it would help the team balance for sure.its a no brainer really.what are the club doing about it?bugger all probably…..

  8. I will patiently wait for another 15 hours window to close so I can give my judgement. Maybe I’ll write an article for admin too.

    Let’s just say if I had to describe this transfer window,at the moment, its close to disaster.

  9. “We still have 4 weeks of the transfer window, there’s no rush so let’s wait and see”

    -MA fans on JA 4 weeks ago

    1. We still have 14 hours of the transfer window. There’s no rush so let’s wait and see.
      (That was tongue in cheek PJ)

    2. Dont judge MA yet, lets give him until Christmas

      – MA fans in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026

  10. In response to the Headline here – unfortunately, probably just the same thinking as has been shown on the pitch in the first couple of matches – unclear, inconsistent and bemusing pursuit of ‘below the required standard’ players.

    Considering how much transfer talk/gossip/business is conducted involving the media as well as Edu & MA, how the heck are there still about 12 players closer to AFC than another club.

    So, the transfer policy/aim/objective is the same as team tactics – not really firmed up, not really clear who we want and why, nobody is quite sure what we’re trying to do but we’ll be OK against the lesser sides..

    IMHO with 13 hours to go, it’s too late to shift (sell or loan) 6-8 players. But we really need a CentreForward TODAY.. Back 3 of White, Gabriel Holding/Saliba is OK, AMN and Tierney as wingbacks is OK. Midfield is full and more. But where’s the goals coming from..

    Very concerned.. What’s the plan ??

  11. This summer has proved to me the level Arteta is operating in. My hopes for him has crashed totally.

    130 million pounds spent to buy the wrong players.

    The decision that hurts me the most is Arteta using 50 million to buy White when that same amount could have gotten a more important player in Bissouma.

    This player additions would have improved our team immensely –


    Ramsdale and Tavares are good signings because we only needed back ups for those positions.

    Well, the did has already been done. What we have to do now is pray every available player gets fit and Arteta picks the right selection for each match.

    The return of full fitness to Partey, Gabriel, White, Lacazette will give us a massive boost.

    Our spine needs to be stronger and boosted.

    With the current players fit and available, I would like to see these players picked regularly as our starting 11.


    Smith. Odegaard. Saka.

    Lokonga. Partey.

    Tierney. Gabriel. White. Cedric.


    SECOND 11.


    Martinelli. Smith. Pepe.

    Xhaka. Elneny.

    Tavares. Mari. Holding. Chambers.


    1. Ramsdale in for Leno and Tavares for Cedric. Otherwise agree its as good as any we could pick currently. . ESR so good he got into both teams

    2. A well chosen stating 11 SJ but even this is mid table fodder. Cedric and White are ordinary, Saka and ESR are still learning, Odergaard doesn’t make things happen enough, Lacazette will be off the pace,while Tierney and Party can’t be relied on to stay fit for more than half a season. Add the manager’s clueless inability to instigate midfield thrust and we have serious problems Houston.

    3. Tavares has the pace, motivation and strength Arsenal lacks,

      We have Takehiro Tomiyasu coming in, he’s 6,2inches tall, sounds great, can play RB & CB,

      A formation as this should be strong





      IMO Ødegaard is weak in defending,

  12. Why is my comment been deleted when it doesn’t contain violence or abusive words?
    Or should we all write what the admins want to see

    1. Repeating the same inane comment under different names?

      Using an email address call keepbanningme?

      You don’t need to write what I want to see. You need to write intelligent contributions to the debate that OTHER READERS want to see.

      Or bugger off… your choice.

        1. It’s an accumulation Ken. The constant aggressive sound bites with no substance reminds me of the AKB and AOB years. Schoolboy insults and personal abuse over simple differences of opinion. I am certainly not going to censor reasonable explanations of opinions, but idiocy and abuse will not be tolerated. I like to enjoy my job….

  13. Your line ups are to the point, in the hope that Partey stays fit throughout the season as well as Tierney. My hope for today is:
    Outs either on loan or sold-Kola, AMN, Nketiah, Nelson, Belerin
    Ins: either bought or on loan-Bissouma, Aouar, Aarons and possibly a CF.
    I strongly doubt however, there is enough time for all the above and lot of time was unnecessarily wasted during the transfer window. But I live in hope…

  14. Can’t see any incomings. Out only Bellerin and Willian look likely.
    By this time tomorrow I will have no idea who we still have here officially, who is out on loan, who is out loan to buy and who we actually sold (or should I say gave away?) or released. Did anybody time out on contracts?
    Any chance of an update after it closes? I need my facts straight before I start whingeing again! Confident though that at least half of those still here will be either unwanted or unhappy having been upset by Arteta.

  15. I Dont think these are all bad signings, Tavarez and Sambi both look like good additions and Ramsdale is a better all round Keeper than Leno. Some of Arteta’s selections are baffling though and I cannot see much improvement in the near future, even Tierney looks to have lost his edge and players are resorting to desperate measures to get away,the board must surely be thinking all is not right within the squad and Arteta’s insistance that Xhaka is our long term almighty saviour astounds me. Kolasinac has never been good enough as well as Elneny and Mari these are mediocre players more suited to a smaller league rather than the rigours of the best and biggest league in world football,” we are Arsenal for god sake!!!” how have we got to this, when Lee dixon said be careful what you wish for when some of us were telling him his time was up he was bang on.

    1. Remember all of the “decent signings MA has made have started off good then got progressively worse under his coaching.

      Hoping Sambi and Tavarez don’t follow the pattern.

  16. I don’t think it matters. We are locked into the middle at best and we will hear the following regularly:

    1) Trust the process;
    2) Regular excuses about how we really won games that we lost (top four based on what-ifs);
    3) If only I could get my best line-up together;
    4) Continued ownership support to Edu and Arteta as “they are the right men for the job” (I would ask what job?).

    Hopefully we always play our best line-ups in the cups as that is our only hope.

    And just to be clear, I am a real fan of this club. I will be watching every game and hoping for wins. I would be very happy to be proven wrong with my outlook!

  17. We expect Willian to go. But Arteta and Xhaka should join him. Lacazette, Auba, Bellerin, Maitland-Niles, Nelson, Gouendouzi were playing well under Emery, suddenly they are not good players. Some of these players did very well under Wenger. Is the problem with the players or manager? Arsenal will spend more money but the results shows otherwise. The main problem is Arteta

    1. Very short memories we have…

      So why was Emery fired if the majority of the players(as you have above) were paying well….

      1. Because the German clique led by Ozil downed tools, poisoned the dressing room and the Board did not support Emery in transfers or player discipline.

  18. Common sense, i agree. They pay him off.

    Not paying off Arteta for 3rd season costs loads to Kroenke so far.

    I have a feeling he may replace him with Conté…

    We are bottom team following awful pre season run

    If no change occurs, we’ll be stock in relegation zone til next window.

    After missing Tuchel last winter, missing on Conté be worst…

    1. Arsenaler, If you seriously think that a world class name would ever accept our job under a man like Kroenke, you must be a seriously unthinking and unrealistic person.

      There is zero chance of such a pleasant but impossible fantasy ever happening.



      Nor will Kroenke, despite your fantasy post!

  19. We’ve won 1 game since the 15 April 2021….and that was against a Championship’s 2nd string team.

    We need to be signing more players today!

  20. The only player who can play deep and as a creative influence is Houssem Aouar. He scores goals too. He is cheap and a TOP player and does not have a poor injury record like Ascensio. If we don’t sign him we are officially have a management of Arsenal self-harmers. Insane…..he was our main chase last season.

    1. So basically its a situation where you want Arteta to sign the players YOU want.

      Lyon kept playing hard ball for this guy all last summer and suddenly his value drops due to lack of interest. Wonder why..

      Gervinho, Pepe and others were Messis in France who remained just that..Messis in FRANCE…

  21. It is very sad to see Arsenal’s future in the hands of Edu/Arteta. I have been an Arsenal supporter since 1958 and can say with complete honesty I have never before seen Arsenal in the control of a whole series of Quacks, self proclaimed experts who are in reality, con merchants and general incompetents. So much money has been spent on so little. Arteta seems to shy away from talent, skill and fire like Houssem Aouar, who last year was our prime goal. We can get him on the cheap now. What a bunch of phoney custodians of our Arsenal. It’s like an abusive relationship. Sick!

    1. Sean, after the summer signings, I was prepared to see what footballing tactics we would produce – as I thought, nothing has changed and are not likely to.

      As you say, this is the most depressing time to be a Gooner in over sixty years and the most depressing thing of all, is that the club itself seems to be morphing into an even greater depressing era, with no sense of what is actually happening.

      How I would love to be proved wrong and I would gladly eat humble pie.

      1. Ken1945

        Hi Ken I saw my first game in 1958….I was so excited. No doubt there have been tough times before, Terry Neil etc, but I’ve never ever felt the club was in danger of serious damage. I really think the club is in danger now. The whole hierarchical structure is rank poor. Kroenke, the Board, Vinai, Edu, Arteta are all second rate and do not have the interests of Arsenal at heart in the way we simple supporters do. The disease needs to be diagnosed and treated. It’s true honesty is the only antidote…… and then change. My guess is that like me your heart is broken seeing the current setup. I can’t lie or be dishonest….the club, at the moment, is shameful and incompetent and spending lot’s of money on the wrong positions and players. Anyway Ken we know these times have never been seen before…..what to do though? How was Aouar the answe last season at £50 mill, but not now at £20 mill. 1 + 1 = 3.

    2. Sadly Sean it’s a case of self harming on an unprecedented scale … up to fan’s now to demonstrate their discontent … the sad thing is we will put together a few decent games and a Panglossian lethargy will set in … u til we hit another slide .. and another year will have gone by then .. wash rinse repeat !!!

    3. I feel you Sean!

      A fan since 12 (I’m now 50) and never has it been so bad as it is now.

      It’s just sooooo broken on many levels and before anyone says ‘it’s just one transfer window’ , it’s not , it’s so much more than that. It’s years of neglect and poor custody of this club by an owner who isn’t in the game to win. That attitude has permeated throughout the fabric of our once great club and made it the shambles and laughing stock it has now become.

    4. The reason we don’t sign big name star players is because Arteta can’t work with people who have a bigger profile than himself. Simple just look at the players he has signed since he took on the job. How many of them were known established proven players?
      Just to clarify it was not me who contributed the article above under the name gunner4life. I wish that person would refrain from using a similar name as me. I have asked admin to block their posts to no avail.

    5. @Sean. keep faith my gunner friend. maybe long under arteta,edu and the Kroenkes, but not forever. we will rise again. I just hope sooner rather than later. everything with the club is a mess right now. from top to bottom. player recruitment is average. coaching is average. playing is average. senior management seem out of there depth. it’s so shocking to see arsenal wasted in this modern era. we should have been miles ahead but we have fallen way behind. smh

    6. Sean, you and me both!
      They couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery or sex in a brothel with a hand full of £50 notes.

  22. Okayyyyyy thennnn..

    So we have a new Japanese defender in our ranks name of Takehiro Tomiyasu from Bologna!

    In other news Willians agent having a dig at Arsenal and Artetas process! Pretty much saying who hasn’t failed at arsenal recently!

  23. On the article can’t help but think what a sh£t state we are in despite it not trying to be overtly negative/sensational. Just reading it brings it hope even more..

    Players jumping ship from HMS process so much so I’ve changed a paragraph of your article for you (hope you don’t mind;)

    “ Clubs waiting for the last hour to ask about a loan because they know we won’t risk keeping individuals who know the manager isn’t rated by them.”

  24. From Fabriano Romano (for what it’s worth)>

    “ Arsenal are not interested in signing Houssem Aouar in these final hours. There are currently no talks with OL for Aouar. 🚫🇫🇷 #AFC

    Arsenal are only focused on Tomiyasu deal to be announced [medical today] & outgoings, as Bellerin to Real Betis still to be resolved. #DeadlineDay”

    So we have Takehiro so I guess (according to him) we are done with incomings…;(

    I’m sure there is some time still for some desperate last minute basement bargain buys..

  25. I have never seen the young Japanese full back play, so I really cannot comment on him.

    I can only look back on another Japanese player we bought (Ryo Miyaichi) who did not exactly set the Emirates alight during his spell with us.

    Still I wish this lad good luck with us, and I am glad if it allows Hector Bellerin to get his desire and leave.

    I wish Hector the very best wherever he ends up, he has been a good servant to the club during his time with us.!!

  26. Ainsley Maitland-Niles has held clear the air talks with Mikel Arteta. He is staying at Arsenal and been assured he is part of Arteta’s plans this season.
    (John Cross)

    I bet AMN has whiplash from MA’s moodswings 😄 You’re out, Everton want you, you’re in, we want to keep you, you’re training alone, you’re part of my plans this season! Bloody hell!!

  27. So the Transfer Window nearly closed and we still have not got a midfield maestro. Arteta, Edu, the supporters, the the press and the pundits have said that is the position for which we need a great player. After Tavarez, White, Odegaard we still do not have our central midfield distributor, maestro. What a massive cock-up. Yet the man we chased all of last season is available, Houssem Aouar

    1. Here is that Houssem Aouar obsession again.. a suppose midfield genius with falling transfer market value.. weird…

      1. Could have bought three of Buendia, Matheus Pereira, Marcel Sabitzer, Yves Bissouma, Houssem Aouar, Bruno Guimaraes or Renato Sanches, bought Takehiro and kept Mat Ryan for £130 million.

  28. Mark
    Actually Arteta chased, and chased and chased Houssem Aouar last season. Not pretend, not delusion but FACT. Seems you and facts do not go together. If I remember ‘factually’ Arsenal chased this guy at €50 million and he scored 8 goals last season. Lot’s of words from you but not much reality.

    1. Can you read?.. I specifically said that Lyon played hard ball last summer…

      8 goals in the French league doesnt say much..
      Gervinho and pepe scored even more and look..

      Moaning will not solve AFCs issues..

      1. Mark
        Because you think that others are ‘moaning’, when in reality you have little to say, but just go on about others moaning. You struggle to put words together and then blanket us ‘moaners’. We have a totally different opinion to you. Grow a pair.

        1. Actually I have a pair.. Will explain why I don’t go around all day or should I say for the past year whining about Arteta..
          “We have a totally different opinion to you.”
          Who is we?
          You and your plastic clique?

          1. Mark

            Well you are clearly a wally. You struggle to actually say anything meaningful or useful. If you’ve got some say something intelligent.

          2. Maybe he has 5 or 6 aliases that all spend all day slagging off Arsenal.

            It’s beginning to look like that….

          3. RW
            It seems according to Mark we are “a plastic clique”. It seems because we want Arteta out….we are “A Plastic Clique”.

  29. Dan is correct to say the last days of the window are like a game of poker And we do not have the right cards to play not the right players, ie the manager and director of football, to play those poor cards, either.

    Of course,IF we had an owner who for the last decade plus had not been such a Scrooge, we would not now be needing to play poker at all. As we would already have had a decent squad; one that had kept its value compared to our rivals .

    But we do not have such an owner and have not ever since Kroenke took effective control, long before he became 100% owner too. We should acknowledge that whoever manages us is totally dependent on the fact that Kroenke has wilfully allowed our squad to regress over many years and long before even Emery, let alone MA, came on board.

    I fully accept and agree that THIS manager and Edu have made some plain STUPID transfer decisions, both in and out, Willian and extending Xhakas contract being prime among them.
    But I maintain that the REAL and long term villain is ( and has been for many years) the uncaring Kroenke and his stooge of a son.

    1. More importantly jon, Kroenke knows nothing about professional football and how the leagues work, yet has been totally inept for a successful business man in appointing competent senior managers and Board members to manage the financial and player assets of Arsenal FC.
      It would be interesting to compare the CV’s of Vinai, Edu and Arteta to their “equivalents” at other well managed clubs. Based on Mikel Arteta, expected to learn on the job and the overall performances since David Dein departed, it doesn’t look like they stack up.

  30. With AMN having ‘cleared the air’ with MA, is there any chance that he will be played at RB, Takehiro RCB, and White then played in CDM role?

  31. Edu has now cancelled contracts of more 1st team players than he’s sold 🤣 what a revelation he is!

  32. How much have we spent in the last 3-5 years?

    Can we now get over the myth that Arsenal doesn’t spend money?

    Reality is our purchases and especially our selling has been severely mismanaged! I would agree Stan hired a cheap manager but after that it’s all on MA/Edu

  33. 70 mins or so to get a bloody decent creative midfielder and or striker..

    Think we may see Auba go to The old lady and I don’t mean his Nan’s house.

  34. Last few hours we are all witnessing the collapse of our beloved club. Complete mismanagement.
    Just spent £150m – probably the most ever spent in any transfer window in our history, and signed all dross..
    Arteta knows.

  35. Realistically, we didn’t expect much from deadline day, did we and seriously isn’t it a bit lately to wait for the last minute. Reminds me of Wegner’s panick attack after the Old Trafford meltdown which belatedly saw him.finally getting his arse into gear. I am cautiously hoping however that we have signed a good one in the young Japanese fullback. Like most of you I haven’t seen him play and am only relying on what others have said about him. I am also aware of Arsenal’s sorry record with Asian players. I was living in Japan when we signed Inamoto. .Remember him? Probably few of you actually saw him play because he spent most of his time at Arsenal on the bench. I was amazed when AW picked him out of the J League. He was always a lazy player, good for five minutes but would then totally fade out of the game. Still at that time I believed in the Wegner touch, you know, making ordinary players good and good players great. However it was not to be with this guy. After two years at Arsenal he returned to the J League and quickly faded away at a relatively young age. So much for picking up valuable experience. I have a better feeling about the new boy. He has to be better than Cedrick and Chambers, Right?

    1. In Australia, we get to know a bit about Japanese players, playing in the Asian Conferation. Japanese players are usually fast, tough and technically sound. The J League is strong and competitive. If Takehiro is as good as Kyogo at Glasgow Celtic, given Takehiro is already playing in Europe at Bologna he should be a good addition. It should be noted he is 22yo (right age profile), 1.88m (6’2″”) tall (GAI will be happy) and a Japanese international CB or RB.

      1. Ya the only problem is he’s more of a CB than a RB. Hopefully we move toba back 3 with him, White and Gabriel with AMN as wing back.

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