What Ian Wright told Aubameyang after he signed new deal

Ian Wright has praised Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for not turning his back on Arsenal when the club needed him the most.

The Gabon striker has just signed a new three-year deal at the Emirates after a long period of negotiation.

The striker had entered the final 12 months of his last deal and there was serious uncertainty surrounding his future.

Arsenal was confident that he will stay and the striker’s form in front of the goal got even better.

Fans didn’t know what was going on behind the scene, and as he continued to score the goals, they feared for the worst.

The media reported interest in the striker from the likes of Barcelona and Inter Milan. Those rumours didn’t help.

However, the Gunners managed to get him on a new deal for the next three years and they used an Instagram live video to announce it.

He was joined live by a number of players and club legend, Ian Wright. Wright was so happy that he signed and thanked him for not jumping ship in a time like this.

“I love you man,” Wright said as quoted by Independent. “Can I just say, because there’s so many people [watching] and I’m sure there’s lots of people requesting you, man, but let me just say: For you to sign for us in a time when we need you most, when we’ve seen legends leave us when we need them, you are legendary status.

“Thank you for life. I love you captain, I love you Auba!

“I’m gonna try to come and see you later – I’m gonna to do some stuff here, I’ll see you later, man. Speak to the fans who love you.”

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  1. How true Wrightys words are – legends leaving us when we needed them most… by doing so though, they lost what could have been their legendary place.
    Players like RVP, Sanchez, Nasri, Anelka, Cole, Petit, Overmars, Fabregas.

    At least Aubameyang and Wrighty will go down in our folklore as true Gooners.

  2. Love this club, oh man love this Weighty, love our brand new latest legend Auba. thanks man for signing DA TING. You give us hope, not forgiving the other players.
    Goobers let us be behind the players, not in front.

  3. Auba you are a legend. I think it’s time for the club to put Auba’s statue outside the Emirates Stadium 🏟.

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