What if Mikel Arteta swapped jobs with Jonas Eidevall?

Arteta and Eidevall to swap roles- what do you think Gooners?

Now this is just a thought, but if the time comes and Jonas Eidevall and Mikel Arteta get to the end of their reign with their respective Arsenal teams and decide to swap roles, how would it work out?

Well, to my recollection it is something that hasn’t been done before, where the men’s football manager goes on to manage the women’s team and the women’s football manager goes on to manage the men’s team of the same club.

So in terms of a previous Arsenal women’s manager finishing his/her career at Arsenal women and then moving on to manage the men it is something that has never been done, and as interesting as it is, when it comes to appointing managers for clubs it would be interesting to see the outcome.

Eidevall, so far so good, is doing rather well with the women’s team and when his reign comes to an end and hopefully he has won many trophies 🙏🏼, I would like to see him manage the men to see what sort of impact he has, and the same can be said for Arteta too.

l write this article because I would be interested to see whether a women’s team manager could have the same effect on the men’s team and vice versa.

What would it boil down to? Would it be easy because football is the same no matter what gender plays it, or would it be different mentally and when you get down to the nitty gritty, fine detail and small print will you see a difference – well we just don’t know.

I know I wrote a previous article about female managers managing the men’s team, but this is slightly different about how would the women’s team/club managers, whether they be male or female, fair if they were to leave the women’s team of their club to manage the men’s? And really as long as they do a good job and they do what they are being brought in to do, which is mainly winning titles and trophies and creating an amazing team that competes, then that is all that counts.

Either way it is something I am interested to see happen, and maybe it wouldn’t be now but hopefully some time in the future, because you never know just how football will evolve and develop for both the men and the women’s team!


Shenel Osman

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    1. Jonas is Loads more experienced winning trophies in Sweden as manager and has been assistant manager since 2006

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