What is football without physical contact?

Football is about to return for our viewing pleasure, but there have been some ridiculous changes that have been suggested.

I am glad that the beautiful game is about to begin and fans who remain at home will have something to look forward to very soon.

Just like the government thinks, the return of football would lift the spirit of the nation. However, returning the game without its originality could do very little for the viewers.

One of the most ridiculous changes that have been suggested is that the game would involve less physical contact and the slightest of touch could lead to a free-kick being awarded.

To also avoid physical contact among the players, some doctors have recommended that the corner is scrapped and replaced with throw-ins which would have less contact.

These changes are right at the heart of football and the game would have to be called something else if they are played under these conditions.

Football is a physical sport and one of the most enjoyable parts of the game is seeing defenders make a goal-saving tackle and getting the ball perfectly off the feet of the attacker.

I cannot imagine how frustrating it would be if the game returns with these rule changes.

The game should be suspended for as long as it can be, rather than see the game played under these ridiculous rule changes.

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  1. To the clear question this headline poses the plain, unambiguous answer is”NOTHING”! Football is a contact sport without the possobility of social distancing that all other citizens are stupidly, required to live by. Footballers, being Gods of course, should not have to live by the same petty and tiresome laws that we obviously inferior human beings have to, as those intellectual giants like stevo, and some others on here, have pointed out so astutely.

    Why should we ordinary folk pretend that we should have the same rights as footballers, who are as all can see, a far superior , more moral, more caring, more humane,less money grabbing type of being than the rest of us!

    The shrewd ones among you might, just might, detect the faintest whff of SARCASM in the above . Surely not I hear SOME of you say. Discuss!

  2. The government will be lifting restrictions on the public for the good of the economy but rightly for their general well-being too.

    We are beginning to see more shops opening with the much trumpeted social distancing. In the case of the UK, we have mostly followed guidelines but I wonder how much longer this confinement will be tolerated. I completely understand both sides of the argument; not wanting another spike in illness and the desire to get things going again.

    I worry that unless some sports take to the field soon there will be a public backlash. However, playing football as a non contact sport would be ridiculous.
    If football is played behind closed doors for the remainder of the season, with teams all isolated until the last game, it doesn’t alter the fact that 20 squads can’t spend next season in isolation. Another solution will have to be found

    1. Totally agree Sue ,the world as to start moving on ,right or wrong football will be part of that movement,I’ve read they are aiming for 12th June ,but I would imagine we will
      Know more ,after the PMs speech tomorrow evening .

  3. Dread to think what rules they will have to bring in for influenza, given that it’s airbourne!

    1. TMJW, What and what is your influenza mania all about and why do you keep trying to make a totally false comparison between something that has a mostly effective vaccine in use .albeit with modifications as the flu changes each year, to a non curable, not vaccined plague that kills vastly more people annually. You are trying to compare curtains with oranges in effdect. And that is fake, is not intelligent and is anti truth.
      The actual truth which I can easily read between the lines of your deliberately false comparison, is that you are desperate for football to resume, so you use a false argument to try and persuade folk like me – who know the REAL TRUTH- that Covid 19 is no more harmful than flu.

      No one at all buys that falsehood, which even YOU do not actually believe, despite the protestations you will make to the contrary. I have read your posts on here long enough to know beyond doubt that you are not a stupid man and I am astute enough to also know the reason why you pretend to be; as I outlined above. You are keen to have your football fix back ASAP,but also desperate not to be regarded as immoral, hence the attempted deception. It didn’t work though!

      1. Well if you want FACTS jon fox, we’ve had problems from respiratory vaccines dating back to the 60’s, with many dying. The Corona vaccine that’s being rushed through sometime within the 18 months has many experts extremely worried, because it will not be properly tested, or even scrutinized (because the Bill Gates Foundations basically own the vaccine market now, with a huge number of conflicts of interest to boot).

        And look at the problems with vaccines, especially in relation to Bill Gates. How 80% of new polio cases actually derive from his polio vaccine!

        As I keep saying, not only do vaccines often not even work, they are often the cause of far more suffering. So realistically we can’t all sit around in lock down for another 18 months, for something it is very likely not even going to work.

        That said, football, and other industries should start up again sooner rather than later. In fact the lock down has only dragged it all out, because now there is a good chance of a second wave of Corona.

        I will keep mentioning the flu example, because it’s not even my opinion, but that of many doctors, nurses, and epileptologists.

        I have first hand experience of how deadly the flu is after years of working in aged care. So whilst I commend you for your stance of we must do anything to save people from the highly contagious and deadly Corona virus, it baffles me as to why you don’t seem bothered about saving people from the highly contagious and deadly Influenza virus?

        I expect you, more than anyone on this site, to call for stopping football at the very first infection.

        1. TMJW, so you see no key difference between social distancing with a world wide disease without a cure or vaccine, on the one hand, and on the other hand, a disease that kills a tiny ,tiny proportion of those who catch it AND which has an effective vaccine. AND which the government give no instruction about social distancing. You CLAIM to not see a difference between those two vastly different problems, but I DO NOT BELIEVE YOU!

        2. Please tell me if I am writing baloney here
          We all agree that flu kills many thousands annually- mostly the very elderly which you clearly have experience with. Please explain to me why so many frontline workers are dying from Covid? And… why similar numbers aren’t dying from flu? If flu is as dangerous as you are saying why do care workers and medics not have to wear high levels of personal protection equipment?
          I have no idea about Bill Gates other than I believed him to be humanitarian in his desire to rid the world of malaria

          1. @ SueP. The elderly, and those with underlying health issues are the most vulnerable, but so are those the front line.

            Three things you need to consider about those on the front line: we don’t how many of those that died already had health issues; they are dealing with so many sick patients which puts them at a high risk; healthy workers have died, as have workers/members of the public, because there will always be anomalies.

            Finally, one has to remember to figures of deaths are hugely conflated. Dying from Corona isn’t the same as dying with Corona.

            I admit this strain does seem stronger, and we should all take precautions, and look after each other, especially those most at risk, I just don’t agree with the lock down, and I’m just passing on what Im hearing from doctors, nurses, and epileptologists from news sources other than the controlled mainstream media.

      2. I respect your comments sometimes. You’ve shot someone down for making an assumption when comparing influenza and Coronavirus. Then you state Coronavirus kills more annually. We haven’t had this strain around for more than 5/6 months world wide. To correct you John further, Coronavirus has been around for years it’s on the back of medicines.

        On last point this is a Football blog related to Arsenal. Not a virus/disease blog. Chill guys enjoy your life and the moments you get each day

          1. I decided to do some further reading on Bill Gates who you seem to think is responsible for polio vaccine failures

            Before writing this sort of stuff you really ought to think twice about putting out fake news to others. I wasn’t prepared to take what you wrote on face value- and I’m glad I didn’t.

            Admins always allow opinions but claims should be backed up. In this case they are not. You have cherry picked your sources to suit your narrative and avoided others

            I’m going to stick to comments on football only from now on

          2. Haha! Poor ol Reggie! Maybe if you could read, you could come up with some facts. Put your dummy back in!

  4. I will have to watch the may 16 derby in germany to get an understanding on whats going to happen

    1. It’ll be the most watched sporting event in years!!!!
      I wonder if Haaland will pick up where he left off?!

      1. I dont know about Haaland but i want dortmund to win cuz i dont want bayern to win the title

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