What is going on between Mikel Arteta and Gabriel Martinelli?

Gabriel Martinelli was one of Arsenal’s most outstanding players at the start of this season.

The Brazilian was in such fine form that when Mikel Arteta became the club’s manager he continued to trust him.

However, when Eddie Nketiah returned from his loan spell at Leeds United, he seemed to move ahead of the Brazilian in the pecking order.

The young Englishman has impressed, no doubt, and he must really have something that Arteta admires for him to be playing ahead of Alexandre Lacazette.

I was excited about the return of football and after seeing Martinelli add some muscles during the lockdown, I was excited to see him use some of his new strengths to bully Premier League defenders.

However, the Brazilian hasn’t come off the bench in Arsenal’s two games so far and it makes me wonder what might be going on.

He is not injured as he has been made the bench in both games, so what could have gone wrong for him?

My first suspicion is that just like Lacazette, Martinelli is lacking something that Eddie Nketiah has, possibly something that Arteta has seen in training.

I also think that Arteta might have felt that putting the striker in the spotlight all the time might affect his development.

Another possibility is that he was one of the players that refused a pay cut. Mesut Ozil is the only one that we know for sure who refused a pay cut (Metro) and by coincidence, he has not yet featured.

Whatever the case might be, I would love to see Martinelli back in action as soon as possible. Do you miss him too?

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  1. Sadly, Ime we shall be missing him for a while.

    Unless you know that he refused to accept a pay cut, then throwing that in as a possible excuse for not playing after the restart is not a statement I am happy with.
    Ozil, Martinelli, or any other Arsenal player should be picked on merit only.

    But as we now know, he will be out of action for a while

  2. This was obviously written before news emerged of his injury…. such a shame! Needless to say, we top the injury list!!

  3. Hes injured now done it in training and according to Arteta it’s not looking good prob out for rest of the season!! How on earth can Luiz get a 1 year contract extension think that sums up where Arsenal are at the moment in the words of captain mannering WERE DOOMED!!!

    1. Well the “Arteta knows best” fans will be rubbing their hands with glee hearing Luiz,s news and to add to the insult Cedric might just be signing too. Any ways good luck to Gabi and recover soon. This boy needs something better.Who was that who injured him in training?

      1. Well I am going to say it now. Arteta out! Raul out! The extension of Luiz just shows how useless our management is. They could have brought back Mavrapanos FFS!

    2. We are doomed Danny, but it wasn’t dear old Captn Mainwaring. It was the Scottish undertaker, Frazer. That shows how old I am!!

  4. Just read Leno could be out for a year? Anyone heard a more positive view? I like emi, but a year out is a disaster.

  5. Ah, yes, Martinelli. He and Guendouzi are the reasons why I love Arsenal. Bring ’em on Arteta!

  6. Luiz signing an extension has just about done me in!

    Just when you think this club could not get any worse in its decision making, this happens!

    Kronke has obviously told them there will be no cash available so keep the crap signed up!!

      1. I swear to God Sue I can’t take any more of this! Does the club even realise they are killing us slowly?! My diet is based on comfort food alone. I’m nearly 80 stone!!!! 😫🤣🤨

        1. I feel exactly the same, GunneRay!!
          80 stone 🤣🤣 you’re slacking, I expected more 😜
          In these last 2 weeks alone, Arsenal have aged me by at least 10 years 🤣

          1. Hahaha.. no doubt I will lose about 70 stone by stress over the next few months, Sue! 😜🤣🤣

  7. I don’t think it’s to do with a paycut, or Corona, because let’s not forget that Arteta took Martinelli out of the team pre lock-down.

  8. I have to admit the Luiz extention is a worry and sadly I think a sign of the times and of more to come, Soares is another debatable signing as is Mari with a long term injury and still something of an unknown quantity,although from what i have seen of him i have liked,Gabby would surely have been worth bringing off the bench in either of the last two games, he always seems to rattle defenders and is always likely to stick the ball in the net when getting in the box.On Leno,Sky are saying 4 to 6 weeks but will defo miss the rest of this season.

  9. Ta the very beginnng i was not comfortable with the Kroenke family taking over Arsenal as opposed to Alisha Usmanov. All the trounble in Arsenal today hinges on management. Lets allow the Nigerian guy Dangotte to take over the club coz he is a true fan who will make positive changes at the club. However Martinelli should start Ahead of Nketia.

    1. Not up to us who owns the Club. Someone has to come up with the readies to buy out Kroenke.

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