What is happening with Arsenal’s forgotten men? – Asano, Campbell and Akpom

Arsene Wenger was famous for bringing in unknown players at very cheap prices, like Takuma Asano, who was bought from Sanfrecce Hiroshima two years ago, but hasn’t been anywhere near the club as he waits to earn his work permit for the UK.

The Japanese international spent his first season on loan at Stuttgart and helped them to win promotion to the Bundesliga. He was asked to stay for another year but the step up to the top tier proved too much for him and he spent most of his time on the bench. He only managed 15 games and just one goal. It would appear that he is going to stay in Germany on loan but he will be at Hannover next season. He is very unlikely ever to play a game for Arsenal….

Joel Campbell was brought in after some brilliant displays for Costa Rica at a young age, and has actually been with us since 2011 but has spent nearly the whole time out on loan. Here is his long and varied list of clubs…..
2011–2012 → Lorient (loan) 25 (3)
2012–2013 → Betis (loan).. 28 (2)
2013–2014 → Olympiacos (loan) 32 (8)
2015 ……..→ Villarreal (loan) 15 (1)
2016–2017 → Sporting CP (loan) 18 (3)
2017– ……..→ Betis (loan).. 8 (1)

This season has been bad for Campbell with long spells on the treatment table, but his Arsenal contract ends as of now, so he will be hoping he can put himself in the shop window as he will be with Costa Rica in the Finals. He wasn’t too bad a player when given the chance in Arsenal’s first team, but Wenger didn’t ever give him a consistent run in the first team. We won’t be seeing him again at the Emirates…

Chuba Akpom was actually a star of the Arsenal academy and was one of our most prolific youngsters ever, but when given a chance in the senior side his talent seemed to dry up completely. He only made 12 appearances for the Gunners, mostly in Cup games, but never once found the back of the net. After various loans at League One and Championship clubs where he failed to impress, he was finally sent to Sint-Truiden in Belgium’s second tier, and he may just have found his level as he scored 8 goals for the Belgian minnows. He still has one year left on his Arsenal contract but I doubt w will be seeing him again either…



  1. gotanidea says:

    Asano: Could not prove himself
    Akpom: Similar to Asano
    Campbell: Was given some chances, but failed to impress

    I’m just worried that Nelson would become another Akpom, too much hype at the beginning, but still cannot use the chances to impress yet

    Arsenal need a young left-footed right winger, but no one at the club has the ability to do that, including Nelson. Maybe Arsenal should get another hot prospect like Malcom

    1. Sango says:

      Where is Sanogo?!

      1. Sango says:

        So much misguided exuberance. Loved him though.

  2. Augustine Ezigbo says:

    Trending news since the departure of wenger. No deal in terms of coach, players. What’s wrong Arsenal. Go for these players they are ready to leave their clubs before the world cup Martial from man u, David Lois from chelsea, Yay toure from man city andDembele from Barca. Go Go now before its late. Lois Enrique for coac.h Artete is not yet matured. Good luck: Augustine Ezigbo.

  3. jon fox says:

    Not worth commenting on this boring topic, so I won’t . Ooops! I just have, so I will stop right NOW!


    Why are we taking forover to announce the new manager ? Why does arsenal have to everything the hard way ?

    1. gotanidea says:

      They just wanna be more careful this time, to make sure we won’t get another Moyes


        So Arteta is not a done deal ? Even when we decide on a player or coach we still like to take things extremely slowly, it’s in our nature.

  5. Sue says:

    Akpom can stay forgotten as far as I’m concerned

  6. Merci Arsene across the belly/prove you lost already says:

    Arteta can turn all of those into superstars

  7. Barren says:

    1.football is changing just ask Jose.m
    2.this week we announce arteta.
    3.plz can we get sokratis and soyunco.
    4.nzonzi got called up 2 francs squad????.
    5.arteta plz ask 4 more money!!!!

  8. Kenyanfan says:

    @admin .you can never make everyone happy. But all in all, great job.
    however, iv always asked myself, why not make this platform in such a way that when someone reply to your post then you get a mail notification or just a notification box to be added somewhere in the site( which now means we go back to the previous platform where we used to log in before posting)

    An Observation: Some time I noted that the comments on posts had gotten too low.During the match days usual realtime match discussions the turn out was very low meaning that the fans were no longer interested and probably not even watching the game the same thing experienced in the stadium where turn out was low.Upon Wenger’s announcement that he would step down, the turnout here is adorable and has been replicated even in the stadium. The fans are back, discusing on issues and united.let’s now unit and support our team .
    About the topic.monitor Asano and release Akpom and Campbell

    1. jon fox says:

      I agree about the email notifications/ notification box. Not being on here 24/7 as some appear to be, I welcome the chance to further discuss topics now behind us , as there is always a mad and hard to understand rush to the next topic. Too many topics and too much rush to leave interesting ones behind. Why? Mr. Admin?

  9. Durand says:

    Things continue to deteriorate around the possible Arteta appointment. Since when has media ever been respectful or treated Arsenal fairly?
    Yet 90% of articles are glowing praise for Arteta as next Arsenal manager. Based on past decade, whenever media praise Arsenal for anything except losing it’s a bad sign. If media wants Arsenal to do something, we should damn sure do exact opposite, lol.

    First Santi rumored to join Arteta’s staff, now it seems Santi is one of the players not sold on Arteta as next manager. Not only not joining staff, Santi may leave all together back to La Liga.

    Monreal, whom many consider our best defender last year, shares same concern as Santi.

    Ozil may seek talks with club if Arteta named manager. No surprise, Arteta would want Ozil to defend, and Arteta has nothing to offer to World’s best 10.


    For all the fans calling fellow fans plastic and fake, I’m sure you’re also calling Santi, Monreal, and Ozil fake and plastic too right?

    Three great players at Arsenal not convinced about Arteta. They played with Arteta remember? If those 3 aren’t impressed by Arteta, what does their first hand experience tell you?

    But hey, if you choose to believe Ivan and Pep, it is certainly your right to do so.
    However, next time you want to call fellow supporters fake or plastic, remember three great players feel the same.

    We all love Arsenal, disagree with each other, but it’s all about love for our club. Not Stan or Ivan;


    Ivan and Stan love money, not Arsenal.

    1. gotanidea says:

      If Ozil can find a suitor, it would be good for him and Arsenal

      I don’t think Cazorla would be back at his peak after getting such grave injury and Monreal is a very good player but already reached 32 years old

      1. Durand says:

        Gotanidea I wouldn’t be too upset if Ozil left to be honest. As long as a CM was brought in, I think you may be right that best for Ozil and Arsenal if he moved on.
        Santi passed his best I agree, but nothing wrong with his brain. Same for Monreal; age effecting his physical performances, but Nacho mind still sound.

        I just thought it interesting how someone (can’t remember who) posed the question about commanding the locker room and guys he played with. Seems Santi, Nacho, Ospina, and Ozil aren’t convinced on Arteta’s qualities as manager at this time. Seems experince matters to top players, imagine that.

    2. jon fox says:

      Ivan loves money and power. Kroenke only money and financial assets. Neither love the club. David Dein actually loved and still loves the club. Now there is a novelty since 2007, when our last true fan left – or actually was forced out by traitorous ex-directors – from the board. Some but by no means all recognise the most calamitous day in Arsenals post war history as the day Dein was betrayed by pygmy(in passion) directors, back in 2007. ALL our woes stem diectly from that day. If the club had a soul, some honesty and a brain -other than us marvellous fans, of course- the whole regime would resign tomorrow and hand the club over lock stock and barrel to the marvellous David Dein. He actually cares. Imagine that for a moment, a CEO who actually LOVES the club! Real fans know I am right!

      1. Ozziegunner says:


      2. A.ball08 says:

        I don’t agree with some of the this us you say but I 100% agree with you on this subject
        Dein dud prompt and prod Aw in to various actions and it worked. When from was forced out AW lost something and so did we as a club and fans . He needed that questioning about decisions which he never got and in the end his decision was final and no other counted
        The old board meneber have a lot to answer but they are at home counting there money after selling out

  10. Liverpool wrapping up £60M Nabil Fekir deal! Max Meyer to Hoffenheim! Griezmann to Barca! Targets are getting snapped up we must appoint a coach and move quickly before nobody is left.


      Liverpool is actually interested in winning the league unlike arsenal.

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        Disappointed Arsenal didn’t go for Max Meyer.

  11. Meja says:

    Am not sure who we can beat to top 4 anytime soon with mancity, man united, liverpool, chelsea and oh my spurs all strengthening while we want to experiment with arteta… Burnley, newcastle and everton might finish ahead of us next season

    1. Admin says:


  12. John says:

    These guys are young…….and have a while to dominate the sports……….don’t judge and cast them away yet…….

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