What is it with Lisandro Martinez choosing his old manager over Arteta?

Should players look past previous experiences and focus on the “new”!

Why is there such a pull for some players to move to clubs that have their previous managers at the helm? Like Lisandro Martinez and Ten Hag?

Why can’t players just look to try out something new rather than believing that continuously playing under a manager they are comfortable with or have played under before, will work all the time?

I have nothing against players feeling like they will be comfortable under certain managers but sometimes they should give other managers the benefit of the doubt.

Now I write this article because if rumours are to be believed, one of our key targets Lisandro Martinez, seems to prefer a move to Manchester United so that he can be reunited with his ex-manager whom he played under at Ajax, Eric Ten Haag.

I understand when players feel they would like to join back up with ex managers at a different club and we cannot complain as Gabriel Jesus was drawn to work with Arteta after being with him when Arteta was at Manchester City.

However, talk is circling that Martinez seems to prefer a move to United just because he wants to be reunited with his former manager, and if we miss out on his signature for that reason, it will be a shame.

But I feel as though, although I understand the attraction for players and reuniting with ex managers, they should look beyond this and give other clubs and managers a chance.

For instance, the players Martinez would have played with under Ten Haag at Ajax will not all be at United and so the only comfort he would see would be his old manager.

At the end of the day you do not play with a manager you play under them, but the players are different, so I feel as though he should give Arsenal a chance and join up with us rather than United. Well of course I would say that..

But then you cannot deny a player their preferred destination and if moving to a club knowing the manager on a personal level after having worked with them previously would be more attractive and comfortable then playing under a new manager you have never worked with then who are we to say otherwise.

All I am saying is maybe players should not be so quick to write off new managers as opposed to managers they have previously played under.

Because let’s face it, if Martinez had a good time playing under Ten Haag at Ajax it does not and hopefully will not mean he will have the same “good time” playing under him at United.

So, if he joins anyone but Arsenal, I for one hope he doesn’t have the same experience as he did at Ajax and that he doesn’t flourish. Well I am biased, but here’s hoping Arsenal finish the job and get another top signing through their doors!

But if we don’t it won’t be the end of the world as there are plenty more fish in the sea!

Shenel Osman


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  1. As you yourself mentioned, it sometimes becomes difficult to completely start something new, even if the prospect is better. Same with Jesus who chose us because-
    1. We paid over the odds for him along with large salary.
    2. He knew MA
    3. He would be the main man here.

    Now he had a choice to go to Tottenham it seems, where he would get the chance to work with a world class name like Conte, work with and learn from possibly the best CF in the world in Kane as well as get CL football, but he forsook everything to join us. Even Torreira is looking to move back to his old hunting grounds in Italy after a mixed spell with us. So I guess some players do value familiarity as they might have it a little easier. That said, as you mention in the final part of the article there are plenty of fish in the sea and we can hook another one. Only issue I have is that variety is pretty limited, in the sense of profiles which might be targeted by our MA- Edu.

  2. Martinez is not a top signing. He is a good, versatile player, who can cover 3 different positions, but he is not better than our current starters in any of the 3 positions (cb, lb, cdm). He is 1.75m, making him too short for a center back (he isnt really the new Puyol), too slow for a left back that needs to contribute in attacking and too “ben white” for the cdm position. He does have excellent long balls and is focused for 90minutes, very passionate as well. Dont get me wrong, he would be an awesome addition to a team that can offer him a starting role or to a team that has enough quality and depth to be able to offer 50mil for a player that will rotate. This is not Arsenal though. I’d rather we went for a left back and a cdm that can compete for a starting spot and are specialists in their position (for example, Malacia and Bissouma combined costed the same amount as Martinez will cost) or for a player that would cost much less, considering he will not be a guaranteed starter. Man Utd is having problems at CB and they are also looking for a CDM for starting 11, so it makes much more sense for them and for the player to choose them. In addition to that, it makes perfect sense for a player to prefer/believe a manager they cooperated with in the past when they tell them they will be a starter, than a team that cannot guarantee a starting spot (unless some Gabriel rumours turn out to be true, which i hope not). Also, in response to the point that he will only be meeting up with Ten Haag, please consider that Van De Beek was also in Ajax and they are also very close to De Jong, so that’s two more former teammates, with a possibility of them becoming 3 if they pursue Antony as well.

  3. Even if Jesus chose us because of Arteta, that would only have been a little fraction of his reasons for coming to is. I believe other more important reasons would have been
    1. The money we were willing to pay
    2. The chance of making the world cup through regular minutes
    3. The chance of being the main man at a big club

    If Martinez chises the theatre of nightmares over the Emirates because of Ten Haag, then it’s fine with me. I wish him luck

  4. Compare Ten Hag to Arteta. Then ask yourself honestly, which one would you choose to play under.
    I rest my case…

    1. True statement. Martinez thrived under Ten Haag’s system and tactics, so there is a comfort level. Maybe he’s not convinced by Arteta’s “process?”

      Time to move on, why throw money at a player who doesn’t want Arsenal as first choice?

      1. I agree Pat.
        It’s not as if Jesus doesn’t know Arteta is it?
        So perhaps one of the reasons was he felt in the “comfort zone” mentioned?
        Whether or not the “process” comes to fruition, Mikel and Edu seem to be selling the idea quite successfully.
        I irmly believe that if the club offered the price Ajax want, Martinez would sign for us – it’s what Mikel values him at that counts.

  5. I suggest that Lisandro Martinez signs for Arsenal.He is a versatile player who can play in more than one position.

  6. I fancy Lisandro for his focus but IMO I would prefer one more tall player as I believe we need an additional height from midfield to defense,

    Amadou Onana comes to mind, he can cover DM and CB

  7. Shenel thinks herself to be jury, judge and executioner and all based on self admitted hearsay.

    A wiser fan would at least wait to see what actually transpires, before trying, convicting and executing a player who may well be innocent of all the charges Shenel convicts him on.

    That is why I say this writer is not a wise or mature person.

  8. Martinez play as a centreback mainly and will likely choose his former manager who knows his preference and attributes well. Man Utd has an awful defence, so he will surely start for them whereas he will be backup to Gabriel & Tierney in Arsenal and maybe rotated in midfield if we need more steel & aggression there.

    We should go for other alternatives like Zinchenko but also trying for Martinez to jack up the price..lol

  9. Martinez is not willing to play for Arsenal. Let’s look somewhere else, for talented players who are willing to wear the famous beautiful Arsenal shirt.

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