What is Laca’s legacy on leaving Arsenal?

Laca’s Legacy? by Dan Smith

Arsenal have confirmed that Alexandre Lacazette will be leaving the club at the end of the month.

That all parties knew for most of the season the striker would be elsewhere this time next year, but was still trusted to be our main outlet tells you everything about his professionalism and popularity within the squad.

Mikel Arteta, said: “Laca has been a fantastic player for us.
“He’s been a real leader on and off the pitch and has been a very important influence to our younger players.
“His commitment with us has been exceptional and we wish him and his family success and happiness.”

Not every player has departed on those kinds of terms with Mikel Arteta.

The 30-year-old had the respect of a young dressing room, why else hand the arm band to a person who knew for a long time wasn’t going to extend his stay.

The gamble didn’t work as from January he was being relied on to score the goals to take us to the top 4.

There are Gooners who won’t have anything negative said about any aspect of our club, but one penalty this year meant the decision to give Aubameyang away without a replacement was a mistake. Someone should get sacked for that incompetence.

Yes, Laca words harder and his hold up and link up play can’t be questioned, yet a team rarely make the Champions League without a forward who can get you 15-20 goals.

That’s why in the run in he was on the bench, now behind Eddie Nketiah in the pecking order.

The Kroenke Family knew this, yet the priority was to slash the wage bill, a decision which should haunt them for years (but won’t)?

The cruel irony was that for 5 years Laca waited to be the main man, yet it came in a period where he was allowed to sign a pre contract with teams abroad.

That’s not to question his commitment because you could never say he didn’t work hard but he is only human. Perhaps it’s natural that if you know you’re not in London come the summer, it’s hard to be that invested in what European competition your ex-employer will be in?

Or did he just not have the confidence to handle all that pressure of being the main source of goals?

He would have known he was being given that responsibility, not because his boss had faith in him, but because his gaffer had a row with his mate and the owners wanted to reduce costs.

He hasn’t been deemed important enough for a pay rise but with months left on his deal was now being asked to help.

Horrible mid-management.

That’s like handing in your months’ notice and no one really fight to change your mind, confirming the company never saw you as a priority.

Then their star employee leaves and suddenly they try and make you feel that your valued.

Auba and Laca were almost the face of the post Wenger era.

They had a bromance which was great for YouTube numbers and social media subscribers.

The youngsters found them funny, and they were leaders in that sense.

Approachable, fun, not too serious.

Yet that was a problem as well.

Were either the type who demanded standards and would shout if they were not met.

Proud to wear the shirt? Yes.

Insistent on the values of the badge being followed out? No.

I often questioned did the duo walk around training believing that we would win at Anfield or the Etihad?

What message did they give across to a group with a weak mentality?

Or were they happy to live in London, get a decent salary and play for a famous club?

They love football but was it everything to them?

I think Laca went through the motions.

Case in point, look at his celebrations in earning a 2-2 with Crystal Palace….players jumping in the crowd for a point that took us 11th!

Tony Adams, Vieira, Henry, etc would never have done that.

Let look at what Arsenal looked like when the Frenchman arrived from Lyon and look at it now.

He was greeted by Sanchez, Ozil, and Ramsey and would be joined by Aubameyang.

He departs with zero world class talent left.

He played a style of football viewed as one of the most entertaining to watch. That declined each passing year.

Back in 2018 Mr Wenger was mocked for ‘only finishing 4th’.

Now 4th is seen as a success.

There are fans on this very site who saw 5th under Mr Wenger as failure who now call the same position as ‘progress’.

Unfortunately, he’s part of that decline, our worst team in 25 years.

Auba and Laca were signed in the 2017/18 campaign for over 100 million.

They lifted one FA Cup which means they have a part in our history.

Yet the assumption was, by the time they left, they would have played in UEFA top tier tournament.

That they would both leave for free tells you everything about our club.

So, Laca in a few words to sum up?

Hard working …. yet unfulfilled?

On behalf of Justarsenal – Good luck Laca


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  1. No legacy was a average player poor goalscoring record but only plus was he worked his socks off for the team and was a good influence on the younger players! Wish lacca all the best but definitely won’t be leaving as a arsenal legend!!

    1. The last player we had who really should have gained that legend status was RVP. I don’t think we’ve had anyone since who realistically comes close. Maybe sanchez, if he’d stayed and we’d bought some decent teammates for him? Maybe auba, again, if we’d got a decent team around him.

  2. How come a question about Lacazette’s legacy turns into another Arteta’s bashing? 🤣

    No matter how often you moan here, Arteta is be our manager till he doesn’t meet Kroenke’s expectation or until his contract expires. So it would’ve been better to support him, especially since we’ve made a progress last season

    As for Lacazette, he was pretty productive and our best CF until we stopped winning at that time. I will always remember him for his work rate and connection with the young players

    1. @GAI
      ***No matter how often you moan here, Arteta is be our manager till he doesn’t meet Kroenke’s expectation or until his contract expires. So it would’ve been better to support him, especially since we’ve made a progress last season****

      To be honest you can’t force a person to support anyone / anything that their conscience has not warmed or taken a liking to. You would be deluding yourself.

      I do understand where people that can’t stand Arteta personally are at.. There are somethings he has done, decisions he has made, his personality and attitude go against some peooles personal preferences. It’s human nature.

      For example, I am the black sheep of my family. Why? Because I abandoned my family’s dogmatic religious, political and traditional beliefs. I try my best to be an independent thinker that is as objective and open minded as possible, I go where the objective evidence takes me. Can’t take ignore a bit of my own personal biases in there but I try to be as charitable and objective as I can.

      So, going back to you telling people to put a sock in it and just support Arteta. It will never happen until one’s personal beliefs about the manager change organically. Just because he is the Arsenal manager does not mean everyone should just support him even if their deep rooted opinion on him are still are against it.

      Arteta has to do much much better next season, not just finishing 4th, he has to show much better improvement, start taking points off the likes of City and Liverpool, no more moral victories and Free Hits games / talk. A much better footballing style etc . And if the same people are still not supporting him then you know they are just grudge holding individuals and no point wasting one’s energy engaging with them.

      But Arteta has to first improve in those departments (Be more competitiv against the Top 2 teams. Challenge for that 2nd and 3rd position in the league. A better footballing style etc) and then these people will have no more excuses against him.

      He has got to do that or it will be the same old.. And if he fails then I myself will be joining the detractors in bashing Arteta next season..

      1. I can’t fault your points at all Goonster but like GAI put it, what has what you and Dan written got to do with Laca’s legacy?

        1. @SueP
          To be honest I was just replying to @GAI’s comment about how people should just Support Arteta just because he is the manager. It is a sloppy statement.

          And I know that the like of Dan and others one here will twist anything into an Arteta bashing opportunity. That’s why you have to pick and choose what Topics, statements and comments to engage with with. If you don’t m regulate your engagement with them then you will become mentally and physically drained. Most of the time it’s not worth wasting energy with such people..

          My reply to @GAI was about him telling people to just support Arteta because he is our manager and is here until next season at least.. I find such statements to be very sloppy. Same as when people say “Just support the club etc”. When the club was selling our best players each season while we were struggling to even hold into 4th place, we had people saying “Just support the club”.

          When the Iraq, Vietnam etc wars were concocted, people were told to support our governments just because they were our governments.

          When the players are underperforming and downed tools on Emery, we had people saying just support the team etc.. For example when Ozil and Auba downed tools, you had people saying “But but these are Arsenal players, just support them blah blah”.

          For example, in the USA the conservative Supreme Court is going to reverse Abortion Right by letting individual states decide what a pregnant woman can do with their bodies..
          Many Red states are already starting to ban abortion and threatening long jail time for the woman and her doctor is they are found guilty. You have people saying “But you have to support your State government etc”. And on the othee side you have people that have been fighting to stop abortion for decades. And telling them to support their governments on this issue did not work.

          I just find that statement to be very delusional and pompous. One can’t support something they resent, disagree with or are not convinced of. Not many can just turn off their own deep rooted biases about any given topic to then flip to the other side. And I am not saying all this to validate the Arteta Doomers. You know I find some of the Arteta Doomers to be very vindictive and hold a personal grudge against him. But can’t force them to like or support him until a time comes when they can’t hide behind any petulant excuses to bash him. Iam just trying to be more human. That’s all. 😊

          @Mrs SueP, you are the number one person I have a lot of respect for on here. You are a very respectful, calm and balanced individual. You bring a lot of calm in here most of the time..

          So don’t take this comment as an attack on you personally.👍

          1. Goonster

            I don’t know how long you’ve been on this site for but i will let you in on my personality. I am that type that doesn’t have the time and energy to engage in forever never ending Back and Forths on every topic on the internet like some of you. I read comments but hardly ever waste my time engaging most of the time unless there is a topic or a comment that i think I can contribute to.

            You come across as a typical social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube comment) warrior that thinks that they have to comment on any topic even if it would have been better if you kept quiet. But because you are so egotistical and have such a high opinion of yourself and your own opinion you did not think logically while making such a child level claim / comment..
            Please don’t take this comment as an attack on you personally.👍

            1. @TRVL
              What is wrong with the statements I made?

              You are still sensitive after I called you out on your attack on @GAI’s personal opinion while putting forward your own personal opinion as a FACT?

              I do think my statements are consistent.

              I was defending @GAI when you came up with that statement about How you had more authority and knowledge about fooball matters than both me and @GAI..

              This time I am here critiquing GAI on a statement He made that I found dismissive of Arteta Doomers (Like yourself) emotions..

          2. Goonster
            Good to read a massively well balanced approach to life and all its many facets. It does you enormous credit to be so diverse in your views and REASONABLE
            Unlike the others who have such self belief in their utterances … yawn

              1. I feel maybe a pillow should be included in this conversation!
                Going over the above posts all I see once again is the Arteta ball scratching fan club having a hard time dealing with facts ,while in their same breath having a go at fans that want what’s best for the club .
                Dans Article did exactly what he ment to do ,hard facts that Arteta is not upto the job ,if it turned into an Arteta bashing article then so be it ,he’s the manager and the buck stops with him.

            1. I don’t get Goonsters analogy of the right wing retrograde red states and states and getting behind your team. At least with democratic politics you have the option to vote against vile reactionaries, even if you are a minority. Here at Arsenal we are stuck with what we have. Take it or leave it. No wonder the frustration.

      2. @Goonster , I just found it hilarious that the writer chose a question about Lacazette’s legacy at Arsenal, yet the article content is mainly about Arteta’s bashing

      3. @Goonster,I have no doubt that you really believe what you wrote, similar to Jon Fox,as they say actions speak louder than words and yours/Jon’s tell a story when it comes to the kind of person you’re really are.

    2. Nice saying, we have probably the most pathetic fan base in the PL. How we behaved with Merci Wenger is another sign of a bunch of laughing stocks 😉

      1. I think all fan base are similar, but several writers here hilariously made some contents that aren’t related to the article titles

        1. Thank you GAI, I don’t understand that their negativity brings anything worthy to the table. It’s like a marriage sometimes it’s better to split.

    3. Is it an Arteta bashing or are some gooners really sensitive that you can’t say anything negative

      1. You could criticize or moan about Arteta, but I suggest you choose the related headlines for that those articles

        People usually click because of the headlines. If an article content doesn’t match the headline, it feels like a click-bait to me

      2. Anything negative? When did this guy say anything poisitive? I don’t see that their contributions brings anything to the table, sorry to say.

    4. There’s nothing wrong with criticising
      Criticising isn’t bashing
      I think you are too attached to Arteta to tell the difference

      1. I really believe we need a different approach now, we have what we got and I don’t believe that negativity is beneficial for our club. We are not perfect, but we are moving in the right direction on different levels. State of our club is much better now than in May 2018 or November 2019. With love we are going to win everything possible. Remember you red it here the first time 😍

  3. Lacazettes legacy? Don’t buy a player for 50mill, pay him 182k p/w and let him leave on a free.
    And we did not learn.
    City offered 60m for Sanchez but we said no and so Sanchez sulked and we lost him for free. The fans went crazy so the club went and splurged 60m on Aubameyang and paid him 200k p/w rising to 350k p/w the we lost him for free and paid his salary till June. We lost Ramsey for free after clubs offered 50m. But we finally learned from that did’nt we? Well no because we then bought Pepe for 72mill who thus far has been a complete flop. Ozil Mustafi Socritis Willian Chambers all left for free along the way while Guendouzie left for peanuts and Torreira will go cheap. Bellerin Kolasinac were free but should have yielded a fee. Runarsson and Mari were crazy buys. Thankfully the new process is trying to buy players atreasonable prices with decent resale. I really can’t see yhough why we pay any more than 30m for any signing. Ramsdale, Gabriel Tierney Odegaard cost 30m Tomiyasu 22m. Lokonga 17m tavares 8m. Martinelli 7mill Saka Free ESR Free Holding 2m Marquinos 3m, Nketia Niles Nelson all free. The obsession with the mega expensive players is bizarre and seems to be related to giving fans a super expensive new toy every summer rather than any footbal logic.

    1. I think I’ve disagreed with you in the past, specifically on signing a new striker for this current team, but in general I do agree – at some point we decided that we wanted to be like the big boys, and that apparently meant throwing large sums of money around. Wenger had previously built his success on finding hungry, up and coming players for less money; I’ve often wanted us to return to wenger’s original model, but can’t see it happening, sadly.

      1. If true, the article about edu trying to set something up with Sao Paolo is surely a step in the right direction, though

    2. Fairfan
      You complain too much
      United bought Pogba for 98m and pays him 320k a week, he’s gone free, same with Lingaard.

      Chelsea have lost, Christenson, Roligard, Azbecueta their captain all for free.

      There was no way we could sell players during the Covid time. We must learn though.
      Laca was a failure. Nketiah proved better than him. Last season he scored 4, 2 from penalties and 2 from open play. He never scored more than 15 goals a season. For a player we paid 50m and 182k wages, is appalling. Complete failure and waste of money, Giroud was definitely better.

      1. One of the big mistakes from wenger last years (alexis, ozil etc…) splashing so much on him when we had a better option like giroud here. When you think that giroud wanted to stay, it is unreal.

    3. FF I don’t know where you get your Arsenal news but you need to change.ince again you get it wrong with Sanchez.Wenger accepted City’s offer but Sanchez( who later confirmed it) who too accepted it ,did a U-turn wanting to go to Manure and even threatened to down tools and see his contract out.we had no choice but to let him go.

  4. I really rated Laca’s overall talent. He was a better all round striker (Talent) than Auba in my opinion. Better all around (Hold up, link up, pressing, hardworking, good role model to the youth and teammates etc). But the problem was that he couldn’t score goals, which was what he was bought for mostly.

    He also was physically unfit, like a granddad. Couldn’t last 60 minutes without looking like he had run 5 ten hour marathons.

    Overall a very average and underwhelming signing for us. A waste of £50 million overall to ve honest.. I can see why Giroud was always preferred to him. Laca was the Shorter versio of Giroud but Giroud could at least score more goals..

    Laca another underwhelming big money signing on our books..

    1. I agree but we shouldn’t forget the narrative and all the problems we have had during his time in our club. We can expect whatever we want but sometimes it’s unrealistic.

  5. “The gamble didn’t work as from January he was being relied on to score the goals to take us to the top 4.”

    I disagree with this, sort of. The gamble of giving him the armband worked well for a while, and he helped us to win games for a stretch. Without him I don’t think we’d have finished at all close to top 4 this season. The gamble of not replacing auba with someone better than laca obviously didn’t pay off, and the gamble of signing laca for the money we did in the first place, didn’t pay off.
    I think if people could step back a bit, you’d see that this was something like a Pepe signing, in that we expected him to be a 20 goal striker at least, and it didn’t work out, however the big difference is that laca still found a way to deal with being dropped multiple times, and not just come back, but deliver big performances, even when his confidence was surely very low and even when it was as though he couldn’t score, no matter what he did.
    And let’s not forget he was our top scorer last season, for whatever its worth.
    To me he’s a bit of an inspiration to be honest, no matter how many times he was dropped, whether for a barely interested auba, or a clearly inferior Nketiah (at the time – I mean prior to this season just passed), he always bounced back and led by example with 100% fight and effort.
    The goals record isn’t great, but ffs, can we stop using stats for everything – if you watch our little run off games that almost got us to top 4, Laca made decisive contributions in each of them. And I ask again: is it just coincidence that twice in two seasons we’ve had a poor first half of the season with another striker and both times our form improved dramatically only once laca came into the side?
    Not a great signing overall, but a player who deserves big respect imo (and one that may be harder to replace than we realise). I think the lady statement of the article is a fair summation

      1. When did hindsight become science? It doesn’t take anything to judge when you have all the answers.

      2. Like I said, the gamble of not replacing auba with someone better than laca didn’t pay off, but that aside, I don’t think we’d have finished with as many points as we did had we a) persisted with auba or b) started playing Nketiah immediately after auba left. Point b) is less clear and obviously we’ll never know for sure, but that’s very much how I see it.
        Anyway, he was dropped after we’d gained all the points that got us into our strong position, and I believe following and injury or illness… I think we got enough out of him to say that the gamble wasn’t a complete failure at least.

  6. It’s not Lacazette’s fault that he cost so much and hasn’t really delivered enough for the outlay. Laca behaved professionally on the pitch unlike some I could mention. Hope he enjoys the rest of his years in the game

    I agree with GAI. How on earth did that article end up the way it did?

    1. I think what is said in the article is true but it’s one of the things that made me respect laca more – he just got on with it even when it really appeared the manager was always trying to leave him out. This started well before arteta though (it’s why we signed auba, really?) and laca’s attitude has always been the same

  7. Does dan know that auba and laca were mostly played in one team where laca leads the line and auba plays out wide,so why say that laca waited for 5 YEARS to be our main man.let me guess….. another anti-arteta based claim.

  8. Fairfan,i think it’s a great idea to sign players for less or nothing but i think for today’s market such players are either unproven with little potential or proven but leaving his former club for free.for the former,it’s a huge risk plus it will take a lot of time to take shape and when it starts taking shape top clubs will poach and price them away turning us to a selling club.take soton as an example,top players playing for top teams started from there guys like bale,mane,van dijk,lallana etc i’m sure JWP will join the list soon.fact expensive players don’t guarantee success but we need few of them with the right mentality to help accelerate our process not wait for all of our cheap or free acquisition to peak.And for the latter i don’t think top players leaving their club for free will be interested in joining us now plus are we gonna be interested in them or can we afford to pay their wages? so ur idea of signing just cheap or free players is only benefial financial-wise cos we’ll only end up selling

  9. Thank you for your efforts Laca during a very difficult time for our club 🔴⚪️

  10. As so often with DANS articles I find a great deal on which to completely disagree, though in between i find many remarks which I consider fair comment.

    Firstly, I suggest that the word”legacy” is anything other than completely inappropriate where LACA is concerned. Henry, Bergkamp, Adams and certainly Wenger, even such as Fabregas, left a legacy. But NOT LACA , oh no, NOT LACA!
    Several of todays team are, PERHAPS, in the PROCESS of leaving behind them a legacy when they leave us.


    Secondly, I take it as read that all Dans pieces will be anti MA , so no need for much comment on that unsurprising aspect, save that I COMPLETELY DISAGREE WITH HIM.
    On the pro DAN side, I agree about populaity within thr squad and on being hard working(until these last few months, when I believe he ran out of steam, of confidence and that he sees the end as a top level player fast appoaching).
    I am also with DAN about a club with top four pretensions needs a twenty plus and reliably so striker! Laca was way less then this and was imo a relative failure and esp- for his high fee and too high wages!
    All in all, I am very content- pleased would be a more honest word – that he has moved on and I look forward with every confidence to the incoming of AT LEAST one far more effective striker and I also hope, and on balance believe, that young Eddie will be more effective than LACA ever was , too!

    1. They don’t want to hear anything that makes Arteta look like the average manager that he is

      1. Really?
        One of the reasons why people question some of the articles is the lack of balance and in this case a clear attempt to discredit the current manager.
        There is no mention here for example of the confused strategy that led to Arsenal buying Lacazette and then within 6 months buying Aubameyang and getting rid of Giroud.
        There is only passing reference to his contributions under Wenger and Emery.
        If you are going to put his “legacy” into context it should consider the totality of his time at Arsenal not just the last few months.
        One would also expect more on his own performances and achievements rather than this kind of narrative.

  11. The whole Laca saga was a bit of shit show….nothing against the player, at least not at first, as I enjoyed watching him play with Fekir, who I coveted even more at the time, but he never justified either his fee or wage during his time here…the very fact that we pursued him for at least 2 years prior to bringing him in made the whole thing a tad anti-climatic…then the tactics on offer under 3 + coaches/managers never really favored him, minus a brief period when he and Auba played up top together…I likewise felt that once it had become a forgone conclusion that he wasn’t in-line for an international call-up, he let himself go a bit, which clearly affected his play on the pitch…of course, he generally put in a shift, but once he lost a step he became the kind of player that I find difficult to support, as he was always flopping about…meanwhile, his proficiency within the box dropped rather drastically, with each passing season…he should have been sold in MA”s first summer, after Auba had been re-upped, but such is life with this amateur hour organization…that said, I wish nothing but the best for him

    1. I think you have some good points, but God I shudder to think how bad we’d have been if we sold laca just after we gave auba his contract (without a serious replacement of course). Auba nosedived immediately after that and laca, whatever his faults, effectively saved both seasons from complete disaster.

      1. Davi, even knowing that, which I would strongly suggest had far more to do with the negative tactics, removing Laca from the equation would have afforded us the luxury of starting the developmental phase sooner and/or pursue a viable alternative much earlier in the “process”

        1. On the tactics, I think it’s somewhat telling that the tactics worked better with laca than with auba, but you could say it’s really just about the strengths and weaknesses of each (and the way we play should account for that).
          I do agree with your overall point – if anything, selling laca earlier would have *forced* us into action in January.

          1. Laca didn’t score though and as soon as Auba went elsewhere he potted goals for fun…it’s the very reason why our Striker and midfield pursuits are so vitally important, moving forward, as we need players that can take this experiment to the next level IN SPITE of our managerial tactical inklings…Cheers

  12. Would like to say something good, but he was brought as an upgrade on Giroud, so mission not accomplished.

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