What is the Arsenal ‘weak spot’ Ludogorets will target?

With the Gunners facing what is supposed to be the whipping boys of Champions League group A this evening and the match being at home, most Arsenal fans will be expecting a reasonably comfortable Arsenal victory over Ludogorets Razgrad.

Perhaps we should not be too confident, though, because Arsenal have slipped up plenty of times in the recent past when facing a side we are expected to sweep aside. It is not only our own ability to shoot ourselves in the foot that should be a concern either, as the Bulgarian champions have already taken a point away to Basel and they beat Victoria Plzen and Red Star Belgrade in the qualifying stages so they are no mugs.

You would still expect the Gunners to be too strong for Ludogorets if we are on the ball, unless the captain of the Bulgarians is right about Arsenal having a weakness in our side and they exploit it, as Svetoslav Dyakov has suggested in an Evening Standard report.

He said, “Arsenal is one of the teams which are playing some of the best football in the world, they can play their style of game against Barcelona or anybody, there is a lot of movement, a lot of passing the ball. It will be a pleasure to play here against them.

“Teams like Arsenal have very few weak spots, our coach has given us the information and I can’t disclose it. If we have some luck and play well, we can expect something from the game.”

This could be a bit of mind games of course, but if not, what do you think the weak spot they think to have found in our team is? Could it be something as general as the theory that we do not like a physical battle? Perhaps it is one player they think might be a weak link, such as the currently below par Nacho Monreal on the left.

Could they be planning to mark key attacking players like Mesut Ozil or Alexis Sanchez out of the game. What do you think Arsenal’s weak spot could be?


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  1. the arsenal team is basically the same team of last year but alot of funs don’t realize it say that is to say apart from Wolcott scoreing some six yard box sitters where he just turn on shoot give him time to think on we all see what happen from the last game on the weekend we are not playing killer football.how long can we rely on Wolcott six yard box gife

  2. Weak spot indeed. The only weakness we have in these games is lack o concentration.
    Let them bring the game and and let us see if they can survive if we turn up.

  3. hmmm, I don’t mind the captain, hes just trying to play mind games…off course everything team has a weakness,it just depends on making your strengths over shadow your weakness…e.g barca

  4. In answer to the poster’s question

    ……………and in a nutshell

    the weakspot is the big white stick things with the net on it !

  5. Its the left side with Monreal and the young Iwobi thats what you’de say go for if you were a manager of an oppposing team.

  6. There is a weakness on the left. Iwobi hasn’t provided Monreal the same level of cover Walcott has given Bellerin on the other side. A lot of successful opposition attacks are from the left. Last year Sanchez pressed the left from the front similar to what Walcott is doing on the right this season. Iwobi has admitted he needs to improve that side of his game. The first goal against PSG started from Aurier (full back) ghosting past Iwobi to cross for Cavani. Monreal got slayed but Monreal’s man (to mark) is actually Di Maria playing right mid for PSG. Monreal hasn’t got Bellerin’s pace and needs that support- Wenger’s solution has been to double up with Gibbs so far- a long term solution is needed. One of Iwobi’s problem with that position is the inter-change with Ozil- he drifts inside while Ozil drifts wide to the touchline. When attack turns to defence, despite Ozil being out wide- Iwobi becomes the man to go back out and cover the full back. Walcott is doing it so Iwobi should too. Minnows or not, 5 of the Ludo starting 11 are Brazilian; expect them to be aware of this

  7. Wenger will probably play Sanchez up front. Just play a deep defence, and lineup your tallest defenders and CDMs, and there, you’ve found our weak spot!

  8. Our weakness used to be closing down our midfield and making sure we do not play our beautiful passing game the way we want to but now we got a slight problem which is ‘compliancy’. Arsenal refuse to close down a game when they have the chance to and start feeling overly confident, making costly errors.

  9. I think Kostafi covered it, and my guess is they’ll try and double up on Monreal and when hitting it into the box they will hit it in the area between our CB’s and DM’s.

  10. We are bad by showing off our weakness ……..but if the runner from the middle is picked up the weakness on the left do sent matter most goals conceded came from the middle off the left >>>>>as they say there are many ways to skin a cat >>> carzola got a yellow for protecting that flank in one of the matches and I presume saxka red was too but i was not there for the match so not sure about it to confirm

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