What is the point of Arsenal fans booing Shkodran Mustafi?

I get it, fans do not want Shkodran Mustafi playing for the Arsenal, they see him as a liability and unfit to wear the shirt.

But what do they expect to get by booing him and where does it stop?

Granit Xhaka is not a popular player judging by some of the comments on this site, will the fans start to boo him next?

What of Alex Iwobi, Mesut Ozil, Mohamed Eleneny, I mean, where does it actually stop?

It is unlikely to achieve anything other than undermining both the player’s confidence and that of the team as a whole.

Players do not all of a sudden turn into world-beaters just because they are booed, they are humans with emotions like the rest of us and when thousands of fans turn on you they will feel that.

Mustafi was not responsible alone for Arsenal missing out on Champions League football, Xhaka against Brighton, Aubameyang against Tottenham and many more can be held responsible for moments of failure.

And he certainly cannot be held responsible for the thumping at the hands of Chelsea in the Europa League final.

I just do not get what can be achieved by booing our own players, if it is to force the club not to play him or sell then I have to say, it is not working is it?

But most importantly, you should never boo your own, it is just wrong, when they are brilliant they are ours, when they play badly they are ours, when they get sent off or nutmeg an opponent they are ours, for good or bad, they are our players and we should not turn on our own.

Anyway, that is just my opinion.


  1. I don’t really like the idea of it either; however, it’s reported that he refuses to leave the club making a potential transfer impossible. He’s clearly not good enough and him sticking around seriously hinders our potential for success. It’s the clubs fault that he’s here and paid what he is, but I do get the fans wanting it to end l, and Mustafi reportedly isn’t helping

    1. With breaking news like this:


      “Nicolas Pepe is expected to have a medical at Arsenal within days.

      Sky Sports News understands a deal has been agreed with Lille and that the player has also agreed to join Arsenal. It’s expected the 24-year-old winger will be an Arsenal player this week”.

      I don’t care about pre-season defeats

    2. Topgun86, “It’s reported he refuses to leave the club”! For fùck sake Emery is still picking him so what’s that all about? If Emery didn’t rate him he would not only not be picked to play but wouldn’t be on the bench. So blame the manager and not the player.

      1. First calm down.. I don’t disagree it’s the club’s fault. He didn’t start yesterday with chambers picked ahead of him. Not many other options for Unai right now besides Beliek (which I can’t Figure out why he’s not being given a look). Besides, freezing a player out doesn’t usually help his marketability. He needs to go but the fact that he’s still selected doesn’t mean he’s wanted.. attacking his car and harassing him are unacceptable behaviors.. booing is what it is. You’re a pro, if you don’t like, go..

        1. I shouldn’t have used an expletive and apologise for that. I still blame Emery for using him though but that’s my opinion. I do agree he should be trying Bielik who I think is a major talent for the future, if not now.

        2. Haha…some of you guys are jokes. You guys were on laurent case for not honouring his contract but when it comes to ozil and mustafi you want them to just break the contract…leave. Arsenal fans are as confused as our board. They can not even take a stand what they believe in because they keep changing there stance.

        3. Spot on. The fans are part of the reason for him not being considered by other clubs. Lol

    3. A bit like a cricket match I played in decades ago. Our captain put the opposition in against a West Indian touring team. A one day Single innings match. After lunch the W.I batted on. Well into the the second ‘half’ of the game our captain asked when they were going to declare. The 6’6″ 200lb Captain said “You put us in man… You get us oot”

  2. I just commented on the previous thread about how Mustafi was targeted at the same traffic lights as Xhaka, just after the game. So not only was he booed but his car was punched & abuse shouted at him, so he had to run a red light…. and that was from his own fans!!!! Sheesh!! How on earth you can call yourself a supporter… I’m not a fan of his, but I didn’t boo him – as he’s an Arsenal player – and I would never dream of doing to him, or any other player, what those “fans” did to him after the game.

        1. Disgusting behaviour from a fan base which should be more refined. Of all the London based teams, Arsenal have the highest pedigree. Check the muddy history of Chelsea and West Ham as an example. Spurs too.

          1. And people wonder why professional sports people sometimes react physically to some so called sports fans.
            Unfortunately there are many cowardly people out there, who make comments on social media or outside someone’s car, but would go to water if they ever came face to face with that same person. Gutless behaviour.
            While a player wears the Arsenal shirt, we should support them to do their best.

    1. Agree and respect. It affects players negatively and they are human beings after all.

    2. Sue you make a valid point it’s not the player’s fault he is being paid 90k a week blame the club and on top of that what experienced defender would want to come to arsenal fc with that kind of reaction awaits him after a bad game

    3. For me the only reason to ever boo a player if there is conviction he or they are not putting in an effort. Lack of talent or ability should never be booed IMO.

      Yes, we can express our frustration with players who are not good enough but during a game we support them.

  3. Don’t understand this, booing a player isn’t exactly going to help him relax so he can play well it is going to have the opposite effect and make him nervous and anxious and more prone to a mistake.

    Obviously he is not good enough to be a starter going into next season and we need better but whilst he is on the pitch he should be supported. Booing is probably the most counter productive thing the fans could do

  4. Totally agree with you on the pointless booing of our own players. Only Arsenal fans (probably too young to remember life before the Wenger years), will boo their own fans and expect an upturn in the next performance. The negative atmosphere towards our own has been well documented, doesn’t anyone consider how players feelings/confidence can be affected? If we can’t support a team through the bad times and encourage our own to give their best, can we truly call ourselves fans??

    It’s only a game, played by multi millionaires, who don’t live in the real world with the rest of us.

      1. Good point Ingleby and it’s even highlighted in the excellent film, Fever Pitch, a must see film for every Arsenal fan.

        1. Loved the book as well. More positively I remember Sammels scoring with two blistering shots in an evening European game at Highbury. I think it was part of our winning Fairs Cup run.
          Think he went on to play for Leicester.

          1. Yes, he did then play for Leicester. And though he was regularly booed, when with us, that was most unfair. Sammels at his peak would walk into our current midfield and he had as hard a shot as Xhaka and far more accurate. I also remember a 17 year old John Radford who was starting to replace the hugely popular Joe Baker in our team, getting regular abuse for a while. Though he then went on to score 149 goals over a fourteen year Arsenal career. Booing ones own players is for dullards,for the reason stated in the article and because it is morally wrong too.

        1. It was a shame. Sammels had a rocket of a shot and came up through the youth team. He had an unfortunate running style which made it look as if he wasn’t really trying. Also he had to fill the boots of George Eastham a very stylish inside-left (No10) and suffered by comparison.

          1. Yes I particularly liked Radford. Hard as nails and the best player for us in the 1970 Cup Final. Thing may favourite two from those days will always be Eastham and Baker. Great forward line when MacLeod and Strong and Skirton were on form. Like now – in front of a dreadful defence.

  5. Booing a player, even if it’s Mustafi is as wrong as his positioning and decision making. I don’t care how wack the poor basterd is, on the pitch, he’s the best player in the world as far as supporters are concerned.
    He won’t leave, he’ll just perform even worse if the fans keep on harassing him. Shameful!

  6. We must understand football is a team game and we shouldnt single out a particular player for criticism, we are all human afterall, we all make mistakes even at our jobs, all our players have been a reason for one bad result or the other but this is a team, we should judge them as a unit.
    Lacca was fan favourite last season, we all know how many clear chances he misses, Torreira was directly at fault at liverpool while we suffered our most humiliating lost last season, and the list continues, but we seems to pardon some ppl and nail others. Well, it started with media anyways, i hope media could correct those wrong acts

  7. It is simple, the less we see Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil in the first team the better and safer for them.
    Unai Emery should be dead ruthless with form.
    Holding, Willock Cabellos should replace them.

    Refreshing my page just for the official announcement of Pépé!!!
    Pepe gets me buzzing. Predicting he will be given the no. 19 shirt.

    1. Hardly a massive stretch to say he’ll wear 19 IF he signs for us is it, he wears 19 at Lille and the squad number is free at Arsenal, I’d say it’s more deductive reasoning than a prediction, either way i’ll be delighted IF it happens.

      1. Given the injury situation last season, what choices did Emery have?
        When Mustafi first teamed with Koscielny the defense was good. Chopping and changing and not having a settled back four doesn’t help.

  8. Just had a thought, Alex Ferguson won his last title with an ageing team, worse than Arsenal. He won a lot of titles with inferior players at times because they knew what to do and the fans gave them magnificent vocal support. Players knew from the deafening roar of the crowd what was expected of a Manchester United playerand this translated on the pitch.

    If Arsenal fans can learn to support their own, I’m sure the players will respond positively.

  9. Completely agree with the part “when they are brilliant they are ours, when they play badly they are ours”.

    We are the Arsenal. We are not some MOFO club who turns on weaker players. FFS, think about what this club stands for

  10. Players are human too, all they need is encouragement. If we take every player out who then will play for us?, it is not always green on the other side too. UNITY WILL STAND, DIVIDED WILL FALL. LET US UNITE.

  11. Mustafi simply need support from the Fans, he is a World Cup Winner by the way. He has won us games at some point!! stop the bulshit’n.
    Koscielny must GO. Litchsteiner must be REPLACED. Mavropanos AND Zech Medley must be LOANED. Elneny and Jenkinson must be SOLD.

  12. This is 21st century I’m sorry
    From what I have seen and learnt
    So far in this generation respect
    Is earned not just given… If he
    Wants our respect he should earn
    Some so far he has earned nothing
    This guys are paid insane money
    Because of the nature of their jobs
    Criticism and praises is part of it.

    And why would someone always tell us.
    He lived and supported arsenal over God
    Knows how many years and in pre Wenger era
    Does that make his opinion more superior to
    Others No..things do change even football have
    Changed over those years which is so obvious
    If you have a point to make present it continually
    Saying how many years you have been around supporting
    This club is Nothing other than history.

      1. That’s the world we leave in if you can’t step up you should step aside.his not the only bad player we have but it seems some fans are tired of him..


        1. That’s the world we live in? So if you’re bad at your job then the way to get you to improve is by your customers abusing you? This is the kind of bs that fairweather gloryhunting fans use to justify their idiotic behavior.

          1. If am Mustafi bad at my job
            I will expect lots of criticism
            That’s why it’s at professional
            Level not amateur/academy level
            When you make it as a professional
            There is some level expected of you..

            Not saying he should be booed but
            All the same he has not somehow
            Cultivated it

        2. I always try my best to be truthful. Therefore I say to you, you are not the brightest person I have ever met. And THAT is typical English understatement!

      2. Glad you don’t support booing our own players Admin. Where does the re-posting of a video compilation of a player’s worst moments fit on your outrage scale? Something this site did to Mustafi late last season.

    1. “And why would someone always tell us.
      He lived and supported arsenal over God
      Knows how many years and in pre Wenger era
      Does that make his opinion more superior to

      Yes it does. With years comes knowledge, wisdom and experience in some people so when an older Arsenal fan speaks sense you little boys/girls listen and you might learn something…

      1. Sorry when we talk history you will be called upon age to most is Nothing but number I’m older than my bro. Supported arsenal far longer but he has more knowledge of arsenal past than I do..

  13. Completely agree. I hate the overuse of the word but the atmosphere at the Emirates can only be described as toxic at times. The same can be said for certain blogs, channels etc. Take a look at this transfer window for example, a lot of fans had already written it off as a disaster with weeks to go just because the club hadn’t yet confirmed any signings. Now it looks like we’re getting a few players in those same fans will move on to some other thing to criticize. All this talk of us being a mid table side, miles behind Tottenham etc etc is total BS. I guess a lot of these fans are relatively young or have extremely short memories, because you don’t have to go far back into the pre Wenger years to see we’ve been in far worse positions and had far worse teams in living memory.

          1. Hey Casper, did you go to all the trouble to take on the user name to make these comments or will you be back! ??

  14. He does tend to make some howlers quite regularly and i have been harsh on him for that but no i don’t agree with booing a player or our team,as you say it does not achieve a single thing apart from giving the opposition a gee up and dragging the player down,I remember Emmanuel Eboue being bood and he ended up in tears and being substituted to save him anymore punishment,and although I wasn’t among the booers i ended up feeling sorry for the lad and a bit choked myself.

  15. It’s such a shame that Mustafi doesn’t have half the tactical nous That mertesacker had, otherwise he would’ve been a phenomenal defender imo. Physically and in the air he is easily one of our biggest assets but he’s panic attacks, lack of tactical awareness and accountability is what have turned him into the player we see today. I think the damage done to his confidence is completely irreversible and that is why he must move on for the good of all parties involved. Mustafi is not a bad footballer just not suited to the premier league and I can see him flourishing in serie A or Ligue 1 but just like his time at Everton he doesn’t make the grade in England

  16. Boo’s are men’t to show disapproval/dissatisfaction of someone’s performance if I know what it means. And if am correct can someone tell me what he has done not to warrant been booed or else you mean booing should be banned from football I understand Mustafi been booed but attacking him is totally crazy and out of football and am not sure a fan can actually do something of that nature football is still a sports at the end of the day

  17. I wholly agree with the views of Admin and some rational people on this site. It is despicable to turn against your own players. It actually shows lack of class. What wrong had Mustafi done to warrant the boos. It is this crop of fans that will turn our Club into a laughing stock! Why should the fans expect good performance from a player they have just booed? It’s pure psychology that all of us will act negatively to adversity. Nobody loves to be treated as an object of hate! In case some of the nay sayers didn’t know it they had better realise that they are doing a great disservice to our team. It is sad to say that these people acted like hooligans! One leader commented that “For evil to triumph is for good people to keep quiet about bad things. This type of behaviour can drive players out of our Club and prevent prospective ones from joining. Why should I go to a team where fans engage in hate mongering when I can go to one where there is love for players? The people engaged in such decadent practices need to realise what a disgrace they are to Arsenal!

    1. He has been gattering this ants infected fire wood for few seasons now so why would he not expect lizard..

      The point is booing isn’t helping but it has long been coming
      The truth is if you look at the time of this booing you will
      Frankly say it’s born more out of frustration from the fans side
      Of things 95% of the fans expected him to be gone before now and
      For some reasons he is still here and his performances has also
      Remained the same if not better in those pointless preseason matches so we can’t say he did anything that is not Mustafi like
      Or that he cost us an europa league final. From my view this criticism/boos is more like a dissatisfaction that the player is still
      With us ..

      1. And now it’s his fault noone wants to sign him? Maybe he should offer to tear up contact for free just to placate some narrow minded plastic fans. No one put a gun to the club’s head and forced then to sign him.

        1. I recently read he doesn’t want to leave
          If he is eager to leave I don’t see why
          He shouldn’t have suitors regardless of
          What we think of him.or else he is waiting
          For Barcelona or man city

          1. That’s the point, why should he want to leave? You said earlier that he’s a professional, so in that case what professional leaves a job to take a step down the career ladder? He has every right to stick his guns and see out his contact, which nobody forced arsenal offer him. He keeps himself fit and available for selection, tries his best when he’s in the team and hadn’t done anything to make the fans turn on him like this. Maybe some people don’t think he’s good enough but it’s no reason to abuse him or demand that he leave the club

          2. Correct but to whom much is given much is also expected that a common sense…

            If he Wants to operate at highest level his performances should also be of highest level

  18. Also, Mustafi is heavily criticised and targeted by fans because his significantly worse than everyone in that backline despite being paid the most, being in his supposed prime and having a wealth of experience. Not condoning the booing but there’s no way you can not say that Mustafi isn’t a COMPLETE AND TOTAL liability. ozil,
    Myhkitarian, xhaka and co turn up on the odd occasion and putting very good performances there problems are from consistency. In his 5 seasons here I can’t remember ONE good performance from Mustafi

    1. That’s not true. There have been times when Mustafi has won us games through headed goals. Similarly he has made some crucial saves in the past which saved us from defeat. You need to check past videos. I am not saying he is a top defender but credit should be given where it is due.

      1. David, as Mustafi has pointed out, one mistake by a defender in an otherwise good perfkrmance is critical and remembered, while forwards can spurn chance after chance and be soon forgiven.
        A case in point is Arsenal’s recent loss to Lyon 2-1, where Arsenal should have been out of sight by half time, except for the profligacy of the attackers.
        “Win as a team, lose as a team.”
        Remember the Arsenal motto – victory through harmony.

  19. Unfortunately we have been sold a world cup winning centre back for £35M who failed to live up to expectations who’s fault was that? His development is lacking can you blame him or is it to do with his initial years of inadequate defensive coaching when he arrived.
    I think we have a really toxic fanbase which doesn’t help the team, I even heard fans booing at the final whistle, needless to say they received a piece of my mind!

  20. The problem is that most of his mistakes always cost us, He makes blunder and he doesent want to learn from his previous mistakes when he is given a chance to prove him self, he does it by making another mistake.

    1. Seeing as he’s a centre back his mistakes appear more costly. Obviously there’s an argument that centre backs need higher levels of concentration and consistency, but it could be suggested that that’s something that should be worked on at the training ground.

  21. And whilst we`re on the subject !………………..can we please not under any circumstances Boo Kroenke !………………I personally know all the dead beavers which haunt his head !

  22. I think Mustafi should be put up for The Inept Defender of the Year version of the Ballon d`Or……………The Fallon d Floor !?

  23. At one time not too long ago in the past seasons, Mustafi was the Arsenal fans favourite as he was acknowledged by them that when he starts Arsenal don’t loose but mostly win. And this continued for sometimes until decline set in into his master defending for Arsenal. The decline which hasn’t left him but remained with him making him cost Arsenal some good results in games which they would have had in the PL last season if not for Mustafi bad defending.

    Against Tottenham Hotspur in the PL at Wembley last seasoning, he needlessly pushed the back of Harry Kane in the box. And Kane went down to win a penalty for Spurs which he took and scored to level the game at 1-1.

    True, Aubameyang failed to make amend for Mustafi blunder when he missed to convert a penalty at the death to give Arsenal a big 1-2 away win. But TV replays later showed the penalty should have been retaken because some Spurs players encroached into the box before Auba’ took the penalty kick. But the Arsenal fans felt had Mustafi not pushed kane, Arsenal would have beaten Tottenham 0-1 at fulltime.

    At any rate, Let’s not forget that as Arsenal players have emotions that can make them to react negatively on the pitch when booed, so too the Arsenal fans can get emotional on the stand when watching the ineptitude of a Gunner on the field has accounted for Arsenal dropping the points they would have collected. More so, if the ineptitude of the Gunner in matches for Arsenal has become cumulative not looking will stop but likely continue from a the particular Gunner.

    But anyway, as the Arsenal new season kick starts on the 11th of August away to Newcastle in the PL, I entreat all Gooners who will be at St Mary’s Stadium Newcastle to watch the match to please eschew self control to not boo any Gunner in the Stadium during the match however badly he may be playing in the match for Arsenal. But Bear it in their minds by clapping their hands for him to encourage him. By so doing, he could get better and better in the game for Arsenal. But if he couldn’t, of course the coach will replace him with another Gunner from the bench.

  24. I didn’t want to open this can of worms (again) but I suspect there may be some differences based on culture and age at play here. Older, local fans may not love a player and will definitely not be adverse to slagging him off down the pub, but I don’t think they’d boo him at the stadium as it’s counter productive- you knock the player’s confidence and boost the opposition’s. Non local and younger fans on the other hand are more interested in short term success and don’t have the loyalty and affinity to the club in the same way, so are more likely to boo/criticize them on forums. It’s a double edged sword because these are the fans the club is actively looking to attract- the ones who choose their club and aren’t born into it.

  25. Players like Mustafi should never be booed. The guy tries the best he can. You can tell that he is giving it his all he just isn’t good enough.

    Players that don’t try, hide and steal a living at the expense of our club are the ones that deserve to be booed. Won’t mention any names.

    1. Goonster, yes you didn’t mention any names, not even OZIL. BUT I JUST DID, AS I SPEAK THE TRUTH. Though I do not see any sense in booing ANY of our players, even bone idle ones!

      1. Dan kit, i would suggest many more on here do exactly the same,

        I most certainly do not see Mustafi as an Arsenal player, but if he runs out wearing the shirt, I will support him.

        As for those who say we can abuse and humiliate players on sites such as “justarsenal” as that won’t affect them…can I just remind them about Bellerin and how he made such “fans” look stupid with his replies?

        Some of the descriptions and insults hurled at our players is disgusting on here and yet the same peole get most upset and defensive when someone uses the same kind of vitriolic language to them.

        I would like to hear mustafi’d viewpoint, although he has said that UE made him a better player than AW, so perhaps it might not make too much sense.

        The point being, that players do read what is being said about them and to think otherwise is naive.

        1. I agree with you Ken although I don’t really boo him ,more of a tongue in cheek kind of thing .
          I’m all for having a say about players but I never like to see it get personal , but for me a footballer as a job like any person that as a job be it a dustman ,doctor,shelfstacker in a supermarket if they don’t do their job properly expect to be criticised ,and Mustafi is criticised more than most because he’s not very good at his job .

          1. Dan, agree 100% and said with much aplomb…..criticism doesn’t have to be made using words that are meant to degrade the subject, while seemingly attempting to elevate the author.

            The most effective criticism is the one that has reasoning, subtlety and authority.
            Booing ANY Arsenal player on the pitch has none of these elements, all it does is create anxiousness, crudeness and distrust of the fanbase by ALL the players.

            In other words, what the hell does it achieve? In the end, it gives licence to scenes such as seen on Sunday or the sickening attack on Ozil, Kolasinac.

  26. Waiting for the iwobi fan club to tell you how that’s out of order, despite trying to justify it against mustafi. Also expecting them to tell us how chukwueze is ten times better than pepe and that Jay Jay okocha should come out of retirement to replace ozil

  27. Play Bielik or regret it in the future! I know I said this before but I feel so strongly about this. Why isn’t he even in the preseason squad? I just shake my head every time I think of it. FFS!

  28. Anyone who can verbally or otherwise abuse anyone or player at the club are nothing but morons! Booing is one thing but to physically attack them is mindless scum bag behaviour. These are not fans but idiots on a different path to “legit” fans. We all want certain players out of the club but it’s up to the manager, player and senior staff to do what is right if things are going wrong!

  29. i think to boo any sports person is a very cowardly act. the sports people are unable to reply, so it is not a level playing field. it is one thing to critasise a player, and goodness knows, i am constantly doing it on here, but it is an entirely different thing to boo your own clubs players. and leave it alone to attacking him outside in his car, no respect, these are not arsenal fans , surely not .let the club act against these verbal hooligans , name and shame them , then ban them from the emirates for life.these scumbags will not be missed one bit, in fact it will make the stadium all the more attractive.these booers are the lowest of the low.

      1. And as I said above, these gutless wonders would not dare confront players face to face.

  30. So, if you cannot boo a player when you are unhappy with numerous errors, countless bad judgements, consistent stupidity that leads to our beloved club losing out on CL places, players, money etc., years of ineptitude, years of the same sh#t; how am I to express my feelings to that player that what he does is not tolerated?

    I agree with most of you that booing will not get any results but at least you get to voice how you feel. I can understand people’s frustrations. Mustafi is a walking calamity and as such he should be made aware.

    Of course, he shouldn’t rip up his contract and leave, who in their right minds would. But at the same time, if I am working somewhere and its made clear I’m not wanted then I would leave. He sits there collecting money and does NOTHING to try and improve – he doesn’t improve!!!! He does the same frustrating things week in week out.

    When he first came and we were winning, even then I could already see where this was going, ask my Chelsea supporting cousin who actually thought he was good.

    He’s not the only one I agree, Xhaka is another, Ozil is another. I have fought Xhaka’s side ever since he came because I saw the potential but I now realise its not going anywhere so I would like him to leave but he won’t, so as a paying supporter, how do I express my displeasure to these players?

    But these players are not consistently f-ing up. My problem with Ozil is the lackadaisical attitude, the non tracking back, the going missing in big games and its frustrating because I know his quality! Same to a lesser degree with Xhaka and others, I get angry because I KNOW THEY ARE BETTER THAN THAT. I CANNOT say the same for Mustafi, he has never proven he’s a top 6 club defender material.

    Do you see the difference?

    Also, if Ozil makes a mistake, it won’t necessarily cost us the game, 9 out of 10 times, a defender’s mistake does cost us and Mustafi makes a lot of them!

    Do you just go on forums and social media and voice your opinions? Do you just keep it bottled up inside? Do you call Talksport and rant to them?

    There are times when Mustafi has genuinely brought tears to my eyes and not the happy kind. The same cannot be said for Ozil because he has brought genuine tears of joy to me so as frustrated as I am with Ozil and would like him to leave, he doesn’t directly cost us points and matches consistently so therefore I can stomach it. We can change formation to accommodate players that would do the tracking back etc., who can we bring in to replace/cover for Mustafi?

    HOWEVER, one thing I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT AGREE WITH is the coward fans who attacked his car at the traffic lights (if this story is true). That is bang out of order and uncalled for, no one and I mean NO ONE should be attacked at their place of work or because of the job they do (or in Mustafi’s case, doesn’t do).

    But again, please tell me how to voice my displeasure at our players who under-perform for years on end?

    1. Bob Marley, love the reasoning and passion behind your post…What happened on Sunday, however, was that mustafi was booed before he was even on the pitch.

      In actual fact, he had a decent run out, didn’t make any mistakes and put in one tremendous goal saving tackle.
      He was a condemned man before he started.

      Like you, I believe he has to go, but as bad as he is now, booing him as happened Sunday, isn’t going to improve the situation.

      Your post shows how it should happen, with constructive criticism….we know the players read what is being said (Bellerin).
      After all, the booing hasn’t changed anything, either from mustafi or UE.

      1. Fair enough but isn’t that knowing he’s going to come on and do something stupid?

        You say he didn’t make any mistakes, I disagree. I blame him for OL’s second goal, first he stepped up too late and then jogged after Dembele with his hand up looking at the linesman, chase him down and win the bleeding ball so yes, all in all he had a great run-out but I think it lends credence to my argument, one mistake (which not only is he always capable of but actually follows through on) and we lost the game, thankfully it was only pre-season.

        In regards to the players reading these posts, that’s a fair point and I will therefore do this…(this might be seen as a bit much but hey, you can only try)

        Dear Shkodran,

        First of all, allow me to apologise on behalf of true Arsenal fans for what you encountered after Sunday’s game. Those were NOT Arsenal fans and no matter what we think of you, your life is never in danger around us and you shouldn’t have to be fearful of any PHYSICAL harm (verbal back and forth is fine to a certain degree).

        HOWEVER, please please leave the club. You arrived in 2016 and have not performed consistently. Whilst I don’t blame you for all our problems, I do blame YOU for what YOU do and and don’t do on the football pitch.

        I know you are being paid nicely and do not want to leave that money behind but this is one of the reasons why we have a problem with you. The fact you would come out and say this shows your disregard for us as fans.

        We are grateful for your continued service and one thing I will say is this, I don’t believe you have ever shied away from your responsibilities. You go out week in, week out and try and I commend you for that. But in 3 years at this club, I do not believe you have improved.

        This is not a p*sstake and IF you do read this, you’ll probably think meh, I don’t care BUT (and this is the crux of the matter) we who help pay your wages and bleed Red and White DO CARE. We care very much; some of us cry ourselves to sleep when the Arsenal loses, some of us drown our sorrows in the pub, some of us play Sunday league football to try and forget the bad results but what we all do is CARE!

        Thank you for your service to the club and we appreciate your efforts but the time has come to move on, I think I speak for the majority of us.

        Genuinely, all the best for your career and future if you do end up leaving this year.

        1. Couldn’t have said it better, except for the crying bit…OTT in my opinion.

          Now let me ask you this….do YOU THINK that makes more sense than inane booing?

          If I had written something as good as that and felt strongly enough (as you obviously do) I would post that off to him, via The Arsenal, and ask for a reply.

          I have written many letters to “celebrities” ranging from leaders of political parties to sportspeople and Healthcare organisations, asking for answers to referendums, salaries and sponsoring of charities, to the pricing of medicines.

          I have had answers from all but one of my letters…WHY…because they were personal, well constructed and factual…just as your reply above is. He won’t agree, of course, but you will be giving him the opportunity to put his side of the argument and that would be fascinating to say the least.

          Many on here will be thinking what a load of rubbish, it doesn’t bother me one little bit though.

          I don’t know if you will, but if you do and you get an answer from the man himself, let us know what was said.

          Two great posts from you anyway, I enjoyed reading them both.

          1. Thanks Ken and you are right, that was a bit OTT.

            I actually might do what you suggest but I will wait to see if this ‘enquiry’ from Monaco is legit and decide from there.

            Fingers crossed its true but if I do send it off, I’ll keep you posted.

  31. What’s the point of Shkodran Mustaphi at Arsenal? He has had chance after chance after chance to prove himself. He has given heartaches in the main. What should fans who pay the highest gate tickets in world football do?

    1. Nunan, the last sentence is not true – just check one other clubs pricing for comparison – the spuds…then I suggest pool, chelsea, city and manure if you have the time.
      In actual fact, we have some of the cheapest s/t in the world….just noticed you said gate tickets, what does that mean?
      My s/t cost £400 for the coming season – 19 premeir league games and 7 cup games are included, less than £16 per game -Factual prices not media hype!!!

  32. That is your comment,but it makes no sense to me or any of our supporters, it is a shame that a lot of supporters have left Arsenal to support other clubs because of this comical kind of play every year which I see as repetition compulsion, we are expected to upgrade every year, Mustafy does not meet the standard , if you don’t stop playing him, we will continue to boo Arsenal till they are relegated to a lower division where players like Mustafa play.

    1. Chris, people who swap clubs to chase short term success aren’t true supporters of the club. A supporter “supports” through bad times and good.
      If people want to change allegiance from Arsenal, because the Club is not winning the EPL or playing in the Champions League, then imagine a supporter of Newcastle United, Aston Villa or any of the other clubs battling to avoid relegation or striving to move up through the lower leagues. They would never dream of supporting another club.
      To those so called supporters who wish to leave, don’t let the gate hit you on the way out!

  33. There is no point. Some people just prefer to give in to their base instinct. Must easier to tear something down.

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