What is the truth behind the ending of Ozil and Adidas’ contract?


We were recently told via an article on “Justarsenal”, that the German newspaper “Bild” and cited by the “Sun” that Adidas had dumped Ozil and we were given various reasons for this decision within the article itself.

The article noted Ozil’s resignation from the German national team over racism – then the photograph posted of him with the Turkish president that, supposedly, caused a stir around the world – followed by his criticism of the Chinese treatment of a Muslim minority group – then it was deemed necessary to remind everyone that Ozil was one of three Arsenal players who refused to take a pay cut – before the article noted that the reason could be that he wasn’t offered a new contract, following the coronavirus pandemic and that Adidas may just have been reviewing their finances anyway!!

It was finally observed that Ozil “is clearly a toxic figure” and the final observation went as “It will not be too long now when Arsenal will finally be able to rid themselves of this man once and for all.”

Now this article had many responses, both in agreement and also against the reasons given for the Adidas decision. There were many replies deleted that were critical of the article’s views and it is very frustrating when it always seems that those who agree with an article stay up without any problem at all.


Just a couple of hours later, it emerged that there was a completely different way of looking at the reason why the partnership had ended and I posted “Justarsenal” to say I hoped there would be coverage of this other side of the debate – as this hasn’t happened I decided to do it myself.

The counter argument came from Ozil’s agent, who was keen to point out that there seems to be a crusade against Mesut in certain quarters.

I will now quote from The Athletic as told by his agent Erkut Sogut – in the same way that Bild and the Sun was used in the original article – to ensure the same rules apply:

“There is no termination. The contract is running out. It’s like any other contract agreement or contract you have with a club – like if Mesut’s contract runs out with Arsenal next year, Arsenal wouldn’t say one month before they were dumping him.”

Sogut then goes on to say that Ozil has been planning to promote and develop his own brand “M10”, so it seems that Ozil himself was quite happy and relaxed about the whole situation.

Yet again, the media etc were ready, willing and able to bash Mesut Ozil, with no proof whatsoever and citing incidents that they knew would entice further negative reactions to the player.

I would also add that there are many others who feels racism still exists in Germany, that one’s personal political views are up to him/her, that the way China treats its people is very questionable, and wanting to know when taking a pay cut where the money is going all seem reasonable point of view – why these views should be included when branding someone as “toxic” is hard to justify in my opinion.

Now, whatever personal views one has regarding the player, I feel that there should always be a level playing field for anyone playing at our club and “JustArsenal” should also have this view in my opinion.

We all know that his salary/contract is one of the most absurd pieces of business done by our club – but what seems to be forgotten is that he was offered that salary by the club’s owner and he obviously felt it represented excellent value to him as sole owner and, likewise, Adidas also felt that the name “Ozil” represented enough power in the footballing world to warrant a staggering £22,000,000 deal over seven years.

At this moment in time, Mikel Arteta has seen enough in the player to select him for every premier league game since he took over and, surely as Arsenal supporters, we should be getting behind MA’s selections?

Hasn’t it seen us turn, from a relegation threatened club under UE, into a team that still has the opportunity to finish in a European place and, possibly, another cup final appearance?

So let’s give this continued knocking of one of our own players a rest and concentrate on what all real Gooners should be doing – supporting our club and it’s players….and wait for the full story from both sides, before jumping on the bandwagon of abuse yet again.



  1. I concur with your views wholeheartedly Ken.If there is one thing I have learned from this Pandemic it’s the apalling standard of the media in this Country. Stupid, hostile questions aimed at people who are doing their very best to guide us through this crisis , from experienced broadcasters who have the audacity to criticise from the comfort of their padded chairs.Political questions fired with the intention of drawing blood and stirring up public disquiet and frenzy at a time when we should all be pulling together.Newspapers who print articles which are subsequently proved to be inaccurate, misguided and in some cases down right lies. Don’t necessarily believe what you read or hear from the media, the “gutter press” is still alive and kicking in this Country and has been extended to certain TV broadcasters one of whom is a well known Arsenal fan.Which brings me back to Ozil.I have little to add to your wise words Ken other than to reiterate that the men who were responsible for recommending his current wage deal are, thankfully no longer at our Club.Unfortunately, the man with the ultimate sanction still is.Oil may no longer be a great footballer but he seems to me to be a very decent human being.

    1. Thank you for your reply Grandad, I concur with all that you say and only hope that we see some truthful reporting at some stage from our media.

  2. Very fair comments Ken.

    You know I am lukewarm regarding Ozil as a player and realise that I am missing something as otherwise, why would he be picked regularly as you say? I hope I don’t get personal as I have not got an anti Ozil agenda. He is clearly a decent human being.

    Regarding his Adidas contract, I was gobsmacked that he or any player could command such a sum. The power of advertising is immense!!

    I read an interesting article in the Times the other day about Lewis Hamilton and his disgust and anger at what has happened in America. He quite rightly chose to air his abhorrence, but the author of the piece suggested that it was just as important for him to remember that he races in Bahrain and possibly Saudi Arabia in the future. where human rights are lamentable. All I am saying here is that by speaking out you also have to accept that your views will have consequences. I fully agree that Ozil should be no different from anyone else in condemning the actions against the Muslim minority in China, but the opposite of that is Erdogan has also presided over serious human rights failings too. If you stick your head above the parapet there is a chance a sniper may take aim.

    There are generally two sides to a story as you have shown and it was right to put your views out there. Some sections of the press spout bilge and lies, in the absence of the truth.

    AND we should get behind The Arsenal as I would rather football became the real topic of conversation again.

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