What is Wenger REALLY saying about this Arsenal striker?

Sometimes in football it is important to read into what is not being said as much as what is being said and the Arsenal boss is no exception. In fact, Arsene Wenger could write a book on the art of deception and misdirection, he just wouldn’t tell you where you could get it.

The Frenchman does, however, usually stop short of outright dishonesty and would rather not answer a question than lie. So I think it is worth a close look at what the Prof said when he was asked about the young Arsenal and Costa Rica striker Joel Campbell in the pre-match press conference, reported by Arsenal.com, ahead of the trip to face Swansea City on Sunday. There have been rumours that the striker is not happy and will look to move on, either permanently or temporarily, in January.

When asked if Campbell was part of his short term and long term plans, Wenger was quick to answer yes, but when the next question was whether the 22-year old was happy, there was a noticeable pause, perhaps with the boss deciding against telling a fib.

Instead he replied, “You should ask him that question.

“I cannot guarantee the happiness of every individual person. I try to make everybody happy. I personally love Joel Campbell and have big respect for him and I wish every day that he is happy from morning till the evening, you know, but we have all to deal with our own problems.”

So I think you will agree that is a pretty emphatic revelation that Campbell is not happy, although the last line does suggest that there may be other reasons behind it than just not playing. Perhaps he is struggling to settle into his new life in England. Maybe he didn’t realise how cold it can get.

But another big thing that Wenger did not say was that he would be giving the young forward more time on the pitch or that he would stop him from leaving. So could this be the end of the line for Campbell at Arsenal?

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  1. Wenger has always lied to Arsenal Fans and look were it have gotten Arsenal FC to..its such a big shame an old man can never say the truth or just keep quite….

  2. With due respect, I love him but he should take it easy, ox, theo, wilsher, ramsey, gibbs, of today were once on d bench for long. Making it to first team its not easy in any club, he should wait for his time. Coach decides whom to use, ther is still time for him dis season or next season.

  3. Hey mates, we have Welbeck remember?? Let the dude leave.. We’ve got too many unreliable young striker. Anyway, I’d rather the chance to shine be given to our very own CHUBA AKPOM!! A true gunners to me.. Thumb me down but I dont really care about Campbell..

    1. But he’s twice the player sanogo is, how about that?? Even your so called welbeck what is he doing great ATM?? Last 4-3games?? This kid deserve some respect from every arsenal fan. I have nothing against akpom as he’s yet to be given a chance!

    2. @ bazooka ……… Perhaps u dn’t know what it feels like playing as a 1st team player in oLympiakos (on Loan tho) only to return to ur mother team and is told u are not good enough …. And then try to Leave for benfica , only for ur transfer to be blocked by the same people who said who are not good enough…… Is that something to be happy about?

  4. There are some right toss pots at arsenal and this kid is not one of them. AW will use him LP and a few others to but in January. As much as he says he don’t like jam sales it’s a must and he knows it. 4GET ABOUT JC what about TW. He is letting this kid out to England but still not had a game for arsenal first team. AW YOU ARE SO PASSED IT I DONT THINK YOU REMEMBER WHAT SIDE OF THE BED YOU GET OUT FROM. Enough now get a DM pre signed for jan and 2 CD and a left back coz boy we need it. You no it’s got to the stage where I can’t watch arsenal coz it turns my gut over and makes me sick. Sort this team out and please BFG well he is now a bench player end of coz he is costing us each game

  5. Feel bad for the Man. He’s got immense talent and anyone can see that. He is just in a club that has a lot of competition and not having many Latin American players. He will end up in Serie A probably at AC Milan, and he’ll do well.

  6. Do we really believe what Wenger said?
    I don’t judge him by what he said, but what he did on the field.
    Wenger can say he loves Campbell so much, but not giving him one single minute of playing time.

  7. like joel , young humble works hard has natural talent.
    shame hes collecting splinters on the bench

    1. For sure. Not rotating the players enough. JC’s mental is hurting him more than anything sitting on the bench. It would hard for any striker on our team. Relying on slick passing threw a crowded final third or having our defensive backs crowding our wingers and leaving us exposed to counter. Then everybody’s fcking playing defense. Enough about JC, how about Podolski rotting on the bench. World class player. Wtf. Thumb me down, but can’t wait for Giroud to get back. Not a huge Welbeck fan.

  8. Hasn’t Akpom been promoted to the first team? When are we going to see him on the bench? If he won’t be used better to loan him elsewhere to get top level experience.

  9. wenger is just pLaying poker with us……. He always has been……. He always will …… He should give us a direct answer… DOES HE NEED CAMPBELL OR NOT?

  10. Wenger would rather play “one of our worse player in the squad” Jack Wilshere, instead of giving his chance to a young skilled and talented Costa-Rican, who has proven his worth on the biggest stage and carried Olympiakos on his won during the last season.

    When Campbell was excelling in the world, Wilshere was puffing fags and sipping champagne in Vegas…!!

    We all know, Wenger has his favourite and it will never change (at least for the next 3 years).

    Campbell should have pushed for a move towards the end of the transfer market, but he was used as an excuse (before he finally got Welbeck) since he can play striker.

    If he wants to progress, he should leave in January.

    Anyway you cannot progress at Arsenal… As a matter of fact, good players seemed to get worse as soon as they touch the Emirates pitch.

    Sanchez is on fire and I hope he keeps it up until Wenger “disappears” from the Gunners landscape when a proper and tactically acute manager comes into place.

    Personally I am just waiting patiently for him to leave.
    Nothing new will happen with “that guy”… We might clinch the top four “holly” spot and do very little in the CL (as usual).
    We will have the same statements and excuses from the same “deluded” manager.

    This club has not made an inch of progress since 2006…!!

    I mean what’s the point??

  11. at Ezat,I am with you on that,the man is a bloody liar,how can you say to someone you are in my plan and don t give him any chance.His favourites have all the time to show they can be worthy of of the first team,Wallcot had seasons of poor play as Ramsey as Wilshere as Giroud as Arteta but others as Frimpomg,Shamack,Podolski Cambell Bendtner they are given nothing to be able to show their worth.
    The old man will not listen to anyone,he does not care really about the feelings of his players,Vermaelen left Arsenal without a regret.The guy consider himself a winner because he gets each yeay the Cl place,so mediocre minded.
    Mourhino may be to the chavs but how clever a coach he is in term of managing his players,everybody has some time,proper rotation is done.
    Mr Wenger your time is counted and I wish Campbell the best in his future club, go away boy from this small minded man..

  12. My issue is, is that Wenger won’t even give him a go yet he persisted with players like Sanogo. I really like Santi but he is far from his best at the moment so I don’t see any harm in giving Campbell a go. Wenger, for Christ sake give the kid a run.

  13. If they don’t speak French they are out of favor from Le prof, this man is a disgrace whatever gratitude I had for him for the good years is long gone…he is just being stubborn to piss off the fans and anyone who does not agree with him…. Ozil and Sanchez landed in ARSENAL because he was under pressure, he was after Benzema…..Wenger out!!!!!

  14. I believe sundays game is the perfect chance to try out a different team of people no used yet. Its would give us a little edge if swansea set up for our usual tactic. Also would be nice to see some different faces on the pitch. Podolski rosicky wallcot cambell bellerin ospina akpom and some other young guns who have just signed a first team contract. Wont know what team we got till we try it on the pitch.

    Sort it out wenger. Derkhead

    My team for sunday


    Bellerin chambers monreal gibbs

    Wilshire ramsey

    Cambell santi podolski


    Subs to come on about the 80th minute (60th in my mind) wengers favourite time.

    Wallcot for cambell

    Wellbeck for santi

    Change to 442

  15. Who knows what wenger was on about re joel. I found wenger very defensive and evasive during this press conference about drom his pun about the touch kineu official.

  16. @rlowgunner. What?! I stopped reading at ospina, do you follow arsenal really? Hes out injured until January.

  17. I think AW needs to play a 4 2 3 1 this being the sad back line we have an I think Rambo And MA. Need to stop the goles some way so ugly football. And we all no who there best player is so first min take him out all for just a yellow card but worth it. I can’t see how we can win at the mo but he could play TW ??? That would be some great news. Play him for 65 min coz he will play for England so y not his club

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