What is Wenger´s problem in using Arsenal subs?

Wenger and the mystery of the bench by DN

I don´t want to moan too much about Arsene Wenger, because Arsenal did at least win our Premier League away game at QPR last night. Add in that this was the first time Arsenal had won back to back away games in the league this season and that the team fought well and played some good football and I should have no reason to moan.

But I am going to anyway and here is my gripe, what the hell was Wenger doing with the substitutions? Having made the enforced change of Koscielny for Gabriel in the first half, the French manager then left it until the 87th minute to bring Aaron Ramsey on for Rosicky. Then he waited until the last few seconds of stoppage time to bring on Welbeck for Ozil and he may as well not have bothered by then. Was I the only one shouting for him to make changes from about the hour mark?

It was a tough and tiring game for one thing and there were fresh legs on the bench. Then once Alexis had scored our second, we had Ramsey to help keep it tight, while the Welshman also needs the playing time after coming back from injury. He helped to steady the Arsenal ship when he finally did appear but it could have been a much calmer finish if Wenger had moved earlier.

Many Arsenal fans have long criticised the manager for his late subs. Last night showed he is getting even slower if anything. We got away with it but how long before it costs Arsenal dear?

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  1. Wenger is currently not working for the fans, players or for the love of football but only for points. If you cant play like a champion you do then play as a non champion. ( Arsenal far away from being Champions).

    1. The time substitutions against QPR was ok,don’t forget we made first early sub in first half because of injury to Gabriel, So i think waiting for that last minuet change when your team is playing well was the perfect time to bring on players like Ramsey to test game again.

  2. Simply to waste time when it mattered obviously. We are playing away so why sub when we don’t need to. You change a formula that doesn’t work, not one that’s working especially when you’re ahead away and the team is playing good football

  3. Wenger’s is somewhat wants to do things differently which no one will understand.
    I think he should see off his contract. We need a new Manager to challenge for titles.
    But as of now till he is here, we need to respect him and be with the team.
    ManU next.. If we losse this then Wenger has to go early
    Waht happened to Walcott can any one tell me please. Its been around two months since he is fit

  4. Mayb if we made the changes u were screaming out for after the hour mark we may not of taken the lead after 64minutes!!

  5. As wenger said when Sandro came off he expected the game to open up like it did ! That was the only change we needed. Some fans are clueless

  6. Wenger has done this all season. Very stubborn man is our Arsene. I remember he put in Podolski very late in a game and Podolski scored but I was shouting at the tv before that for Wenger to make a substitution.

    If a player has not played well in the first half, give him a few more minutes in the second half and if not improved then sub him, especially if we are losing. However, Wenger likes to sub player in the 78th minute or close to that.

    Again, nothing we can do. Wenger does not like to change his tactics. He has too much faith in them. Again very stubborn lol.

    1. totally agree….

      just spend 500milllion sign 5 world class players and we would have won

    2. You are not very bright, are you? Why don’t you stick in just watching football and not comment it at all? You really don’t look very astute when football tactics are discussed.

  7. he’s stubborn and always has been. Just something you have to deal with when Wenger is manager… as well as always being 4th & R16 knockouts.

  8. Wenger should just listen to the fans….

    players selection



    Player purchases and sales


    the fans know best!!!

    1. Haha

      As long as he doesn’t listen to you
      we’ll be ok !

      You should go listen to bomb ticking down from 10 !!!!

      Next article BANG Hafiz has been blown back to Shite Hart Lane !!

  9. Yes. Wenger does have an issue with subs – we have all seen it. But I think he is actually improving this season. It seems like he has generally made more intelligent subs more often this season. Maybe I am wrong.

    And it is also not as simple as it may seem in hindsight. If he subs at 60 and 70 minutes and later needs a defensive sub or 2 or later needs some injury subs his critics will be then b#tching that he did not use his subs wisely.

    But yes, Wenger needs to improve even more with subbing. There is hope. This season he has tacitly admitted some of his failures by picking up Bielik and Paulista while recalling Coq. In the past few seasons he NEVER would have made these moves – he would have stubbornly stood by his failed decisions.

    1. @ Mohawk no you are not wrong, WENGER slightly changed his subs policy, when he was feeling the heat of angry fans, critics from the owners (Uzmanov), losing incredible games or letting ANDERLECHT ran us over at the Emirates, it was only then when he realized that he needed to bring SUBS and not just sit there petrified playing with his zipper or mumbling fruitless complaints against he 4th official.

      1. Angry fans? Usmanov? None of them have any influence on Wenger jobs security. I got a better idea, try to see how long can you keep your breath with a plastic bag over your head. Don’t forget to isolate it with duct tape first.

        1. Now I see what you do on your free time beside watching pics of WENGER, whatever you think or say my argument is true, and unfortunately because of WENGERS job security is that we are not going to win anything important under his watch…..just to remind you that we are ARSENAL top 5 team in the world, why shouldn’t we expect for more, lost to Monaco at home, ridiculous loss to the SPUDS, nail biting last minute games against bottom teams….complacency of Fans like you brought us to this point.

  10. Moan about subs when we don’t win. Seems to be a standard moan – seems many think subs are a) mandatory b) always required c) always beneficial d) some sort of fail-safe tactical weapon.

    Just as likely to destabilise or disrupt a performance. Good job he didn’t make subs at the 60 min mark as suggested. Early substitutions often a sign you got the team selection wrong – can see it now “Wenger has to change team after hour to rectify team selection errors”.

  11. TR7 and Ozil looked tired at the end – we have two of the fastest EPL players, Walcott and the Ox sat on the bench. Put either one of these on in the last 20 minutes with fresh legs and it’s going to blow other teams away, not leaving us to bite our finger nails hoping we don’t concede another goal.

    I agree with the poster – I cannot understand Wenger’s substitution policy. He ran Ramsey into the ground, straight back from injury, with the result that he ended up with another hamstring problem. Ramsey had to collapse exhausted on the pitch before Wenger would take him off – it’s ludicrous.

  12. Arsene Wenger words i quote….I want to leave the club) in a strong healthy position which means a club with good players, with good youth behind and strong financial position to go further up and develop even more and I will do that, you can believe me.
    “The guy who comes in after me will be in a very strong position to deliver something exceptional. I think he meant good for the club more support for Wenger…….

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