What is wrong with Arsenal’s transfer dealings – Do we have a permanent leak?

Do Arsenal need to be tactically smarter when it comes to transfers?

Will Arsenal ever learn from their mistakes when it comes to transfers? I say this because any time we are going for a transfer, everyone else seems to know about it before we do, and more often then not, we tend to lose out.

So why can’t we keep our cards close to our chest? Is there a leak in the club or are journalists just smarter and faster at finding out this information? I don’t know the answer to that, but Arsenal need to learn to be smarter, faster and more private when it comes to transfers that’s for sure!

It seems as though whenever Arsenal are looking for, are scouting players, or are in for a player its always “Arsenal are in talks with,” “Arsenal would like to sign,” “Arsenal are interested in,” “Arsenal are going for,” or “Arsenal would like to,” it’s never just straight off the bat catch everyone off guard, “Arsenal have signed, sealed, delivered, agreed a fee, paperwork signed, personal terms agreed, medical done this player is now an Arsenal player.”

Because when it’s rumours and when it’s known we are in for a player, it then gives every other club a chance to come in for that player as they sit up and notice “Arsenal want that player why don’t we see if we can get them too.”

Which in turn becomes extremely frustrating for us fans because given how recent transfer windows have gone, fees wise, we don’t always offer the most realistic fees!

One example could be how open we went about going after Moises Caicedo in January, it now seems that Chelsea will be getting his signature as they will begin talks this week apparently. Now I know things are not confirmed until all things are passed and agreed, but they are strongly on the Caicedo bandwagon and if we are focusing on Declan Rice they may just pip us to the post on that one!

In these few last few days Journalist Fabrizio Romano is seemingly commenting a lot on our potential transfers which is a good thing of course as it shows we are trying to be actively out there however its “Arsenal will bid for this player in the coming days”, “Arsenal are interested in this player and “Arsenal would like to speak to this player.”

It’s not all concrete, it’s not all finalised and it gives other clubs a chance to come in, speak to that player, offer terms, a salary and more that may be more appealing to that player and more often than not 90% of the time they get that player over Arsenal before Arsenal have even offered a penny.

It seems as though, and I know the transfer windows are hard, and I know there’s loads of twists and turns and ups and downs, but in this instance, when it comes to players and wanting and bidding for players and offering them contracts, Arsenal are not smart enough and not quick enough.

They need to be clever and quick, and to do that they need to play their cards a lot closer to their chest if they are to move forward to recruit well and to build a strong, experienced, well-balanced, title fighting, competing team, because very rarely do you hear other clubs or maybe you do hear, but I don’t hear that other clubs wants players as much as I hear about Arsenal and possible new recruits!

I’m not saying no comment should be made, but it should be done in such a way where it doesn’t make other clubs stand up and notice. For instance, Chelsea will speak to this player or Manchester City will speak to this player and the next thing you know deal agreed, fee finalised, contract signed, sealed, delivered, medical passed, personal terms agreed and that player is now a Chelsea or a Manchester City player.

Whereas with Arsenal it doesn’t always seem to be like that. And when it is, it doesn’t happen enough!

For instance, look how quick it happened with Alexis Mac Allister to Liverpool, Liverpool wanted him, went in for him, personal terms agreed, fee given from the off, he was always going to Liverpool that’s what he chose it was all signed sealed delivered all confirmed a month ago.

So, Arsenal if you are listening, maybe, you can use this as just a tip moving forward because as we saw what happened with Mykhailo Mudryk last transfer window where Arsenal wanted him, wanted him, apparently, he wanted it too, it was all but done, he was all but an Arsenal player, it was 99% confirmed, then BOOM, in come Chelsea and within 24 hours he is at Stamford Bridge.

So hopefully, and I say this with all things crossed, hopefully, this transfer window, Arsenal have learnt their lesson and will begin to keep their cards closer to their chest and will be 100% clever about getting the players they wish to get and will succeed in doing so, after we get Rice of course.

Well, here’s hoping hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman


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  1. Are you saying we do scouting for other clubs? We are not the only one monitoring a certain player. No one knew about Trossard.

    We are always linked to hundreds of players. The journalists and Twitter people just do very good calculated guesses most of the time.

    1. Because deals go through agents, who talk, that is where rumours/ leaks start. Agents are the worst.

  2. You’re dead right on this. How is it that Arsenal are often the club to club to bring attention to a player before every other club sees that player as good enough for them? And why are they so slow and undecided till they have to struggle to sign players of their choice which eventually gets taken away? They sure need to get smarter and more proactive than reactive on transfers

  3. Arsenal are no different to any other club. Some transfers are more protracted, others are not. Rice is with England and Haverz is away. Things will move quicker now.

    1. I agree with Reggie, it’s not only Arsenal,all clubs are affected by it.these days it is rare for a transfer to happen without being leaked.the problem with Arsenal is their indecisiveness,penny pinching…so by the time a deal is agreed,it is no longer a secret that or another club comes in,pays the fee asked and we end up missing on a player,having wasted time, energy, resources..!

      1. They can also be problems with image rights and sponsorship clashes that need sorting. Sometimes its not straightforward and transfers do get stopped because of not being able to get work permits and lots of other detail.

        1. Plus clubs do talk to clubs about their 1st 2nd and 3rd choice targets, knowing that their first choice may not get done for any reason. Then drop the othe/others. So that is often why clubs and Arsenal are linked to so many players.

  4. Our interests and bids aren’t always leaked. For example, the deals we made for Vieira/ Kiwior and we recently made an offer for Jurrien Timber

    As far as I know, Arsenal was the only club that made an official bid for Caicedo in January and Chelsea just submitted theirs this month

    1. I think when it has to do with big names it will leak, but with little or no known names it will not.

  5. Take it up with the agents Shenel. They put the rumours out there and the journalists keep it on the go.

  6. The media attention on Arsenal transfer activities is expected and well-deserved for the exciting team of young players. Our transfer news is monitored and makes waves for what we stand for. It’s a good development and nothing to blame on our recruitment board. Except MacAllister and some other transfers that have been concluded and sealed by free agents, every other club in the PL is still testing the waters. A lot of game of negotiation, reporting back and reevaluation is involved. Transfers of players are not a supermarket automatic cash-and-carry buy.

  7. Let’s say Arsenal hold their cards really close and don’t let anybody know about their move. But what if the selling clubs themselves leak the information to attract more competition and potentially a bidding war.

  8. No it’s not a permanent leak and our transfer dealings are pretty normal.

    Some deals are straight forward, those with release clause are probably the easiest, you can operate under the radar make your move and its history.

    Several things could make the deal quick and smooth,

    1)The selling club is desperate.
    2)The player hand in a transfer request.
    3)The player allows his contract to rundown to a year and less.

    4)When the cost of the player is realistic.
    5)The club allows the player contract to be rundown to 12 months and less.
    6)Club and agent has very good relationship.

    7) Both clubs has a common interest and wants a deal.
    8)The buying club willing to pay more than what the player truly valued.
    9)Buying club willing to pay excessive agent fees.

    10)Written clear gentleman agreement in place.

    Deals struck in England are generally more difficult, due to over pricing, PR/ Political pressure all adds to it.

    But Arsenal dealings are no less different from other clubs, just that we are more focused on Arsenal.

    For example Timber, Arsenal has made a bold bid for the player.
    Man United has a long standing interest in that player and they may accelerate things now.

    But Arsenal has developed an reputation not to be involved in ridiculous bidding wars, which mainly benefits the selling clubs.

  9. If you spent more time on other clubs forums you might see more leaks. Liv did move fast for Mcallister but everyone knew for weeks that he was of interest to them and there was time for a City or a Madrid to woo him away. I agree with above in that a lot of it is down to which agents you use, I guess that’s why some clubs prefer to use certain agents. I also think Arsenal had a problem with leaks from some of our former players before Arteta dealt with it. And I feel that we regularly underbid for players more so than other clubs of our size, which eventually is exhausting

  10. Agents leak the info to try and increase the interest in the player thus increasing the potential price which in turn increases their earnings

    Happens to all big clubs.

    1. True but its expected to be turned down they want 100 million plus add ons it feels like a mudryk scenario all over again just waiting for another club to come in offer wat Westham want and that will be it Arsenal are so poor at negotiating hence why they have missed out on so many top players but they never learn!

    2. When there is a genuine interest from the player to join your club, your approach will be different.

      It was the same with Raphinha between Arsenal , Chelsea and Barcelona, both Arsenal and Chelsea would have paid
      more for said player but he ended at Barcelona who actually paid less.

      The same happens with Vlohovic and Juventus.

      Have been told Arsenal could make a player available as a sweetener.

  11. I’m getting a bit fed up with the whole Rice thing. Arsenal know what West Ham want, they’re quibbling over 10m, which to you and me is a life changing amount of money, but not a lot in the football world, what’s the point of tabling a bid when you know it’s not going to be accepted, and just gives others the encouragement that we can’t step up to the plate. Im pretty confident that Rice will transform the team especially in centre mid, where we were really struggling last season, and where I believe we lost the title – can we just stop messing about and get it done???

  12. If whatever is being quoted for players is true, Arsenal is well and truly throwing money in the bin. Outrageous amount of money per player. Seems desperate when they don’t need to be.

    1. Well nobody can now say we’re not getting on with it – even if we are mikes off the asking price 😊

  13. How is Alexis Mac Allister’s transfer quick? Liverpool has been link with him since January despite d fact he has 35m clause in his contract dat they could just pay. Perhaps it looks shorter to u bcos it’s nt arsenal. U didn’t have much interest in Liverpool transfer

    1. Since the windows been open it was quick. That’s a fact, whether you agreed with it or not.

  14. Who benefits from these leaks? The agents do. Players’ agents probably leak the info in order to bump up interest in their player, which in turn leads to bigger transfer fees and more commission for them. Pretty simple when you apply logic.

  15. I don’t know if I’m the only one that feels that Rice does not worth the money. I would rather we have any of those two young French midfielders in Real Madrid. I feel they shouldn’t waste money, such could be spent on two , three quality players. Caicido, Mitoma, Enzo, Latvia where all gotten by Brighton, Benfica, Southampton respectively at almost nothing. Why can’t Arsenal go after such gems, they are out there

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