WHAT? Journalist amazingly SLAMS Arsenal after 5-0 win

I have got used the fact that some sctions of the football media cannot resist having a pop at Arsenal. Maybe they just do not like us or maybe it is because we have become an easy target during the years without a trophy (and didn’t they like to remind us?) and perhaps now they are cheesed off that they can no longer use the phrase `trophy drought` anymore.

But I was still surprised to see this latest attack on Arsenal from Adrian Durham in the Daily Mail. To save you having to read his crazed and vitriolic rablings if you don’t want to, I will break his article down into it’s key parts.

First of all, he claims that the Gunners will be in danger of losing our star man Alexis Sanchez unless we manage to win the Champions League this season. That’s right, according to Adrian the Chile international will realise he has made a grave error, even though he has flourished and thrived since coming to Arsenal and working with Arsene Wenger.

He seems to think that we do not want to win anything, conveniently ignoring the reasons why the Gunners started the season poorly; more injury problems than the local Accident and Emergency department and some players suffering a World Cup hangover.

No such criticism for Man United and Louis van Gaal though, despite them spending fortunes on players, not even being in the Champions League, crashing out of the League cup and struggling to a draw with League Two Cambridge United in the FA cup. Very fair and even handed Mr. Durham. In fact he recently described fans who had the temerity to question the United boss as clowns and guaranteed that the Dutchman would soon be winning everything in sight.

And just to highlight his incredible bias, this journo actually criticised Arsenal for only beating Aston Villa 5-0. Really?!? We should have won by more apparently and by not doing so we showed our lack of ambition. Yeah right! But no other team has scored more than five against them this season and in another article this week he praised his beloved United for `comfortably` beating bottom of the table Leicester by 3-1. No clean sheet and less goals against a team that beat Villa a few short weeks ago.

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story eh Adrian? Although the story, to be honest, was anything but good.

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    1. f*ck that fat ginger pr*ck.
      he is a product of inbreeding , his glasses are poundland issues.

      its funny at the emirates he was acting real shook, soon as he got back talking tough online about how our fans are nothing special

  1. Durham is a complete p…k the guy is so anti arsenal its untrue we could win the treble and he would still find something to have a dig at i just cant listen to this little runt anymore he is a total wind up merchant who’s face i would love to punch so he is off the radio for good!

      1. Dan, you’d have to cut his tongue out for that to happen. But big shout out to Bob for slating him. Well played. COYG!!!

  2. That Champions League comment shows How idiotic Durham is. Winning CL is very difficult and the idea that Sanchez would leave if we didn’t win is complete lunacy.

    Actually I think winning 5-0 has helped us keep Sanchez in a sense because he sees that we are a very talented team and there is less pressure on him. He can handle pressure anyway. Sanchez is arguably the hardest working player and most passionate player on the team

    1. Fred, Villa aside, Sanchez wasn’t going no whereeeeeee. You don’t leave Barca after a season where he was 3rd only to Messi and Ronaldo in combined goals/assists, choose Arsenal, and then decide to you’ve made a mistake. Even the dumbest of footballers wouldn’t make that mistake. And, thankfully, he’s far from dumb. We are finally putting the pieces together. The masterpiece is starting to look good. Where’s Phil at?

      1. Players can leave for a variety of reasons, but if Sanchez is offered the right money he could leave Arsenal especially if we don’t win trophies. Lots of top players have left Arsenal. It’s crazy to say it’s impossible for Sanchez to leave

  3. He’s an ugly, talentless ginger tw@t….used to listen to talkSport but I cannot bear him, whether talking about Arsenal or others. His ‘vitriol’ towards the Gunners is his ‘thing’, which he uses in place of any charm, wit or intelligence.
    Ignore him.

    1. believe it or not he knows full well alot of gooners listen to him solely to hear his cr*p an to argue with him. we are the biggest slice of his ratings
      why the daily arsenal? without us he would have been fired years back

  4. Sorry but the headline said “journalist” !!
    Then no mention of one in the article.
    AD is not a journo, he just writes stuff to wind people up and generate phone calls into his Shout sport radio program. His sidekick Goffie is a good listen though.

  5. All I hear is blablabal blablabla!!!

    – Firstly why would Sanchez leave a club where his been worshiped, given freedom, one of the best coach’s, best training facilities, great stadium, and great city.

    We are not a saling club anymore plus we have a good squad with an addition of 2 or so WC players we could compete with any team around. It would be foolish if he left after missing out one trophy we all know its very hard to get after his first season (ask Madrid how much they had to spend to win la decimal).

    5 – 0 and someone still wants to criticize the teams performance, someone’s looking for attention here. All this negativity shouldn’t affect the team heading into the NLD.

    Even when we win the UCL people will talk smack about us!!!

    007 on the case, I will start eliminating them 1 by 1, who should I start with 1st, Mou?

  6. I read his piece in the Mail – thought it was a joke until I saw his name.
    Please don’t call him journalist, he’s a just a paid up member of the Piers Morgan Wenger Out Cub.
    I listened to his Drive prog on TalkSport twice and each time it was just an anti-Arsenal rant with his little mate Darren Gough, who may have been a great cricketer but knows as much about football as my cat!!
    The best thing to do is to laugh at the stupid git, as he clearly has a very sad life!!

  7. Funny how the Mail and I believe ShoutSport advertise here and its likely Durham who is thumbing down the comments. He has mentioned this site on his program before.
    His Daily Arsenal slot is not always anti Arsenal but even so he does talk a load of rubbish and notice how if anyone disagrees with him they get cut off then he has the final say.
    he is just a Ginger To$$er!

    1. He built one hell of a retirement home at QPR…

      Gennaro Gattuso wants a coaching job. They should give it to him! He will work the sh!t out of them and take over as the most aggressive manager in the league.

      His son should give a good assessment on how his dad has performed and not just bashing other teams.

  8. He said not so long ago(end of october 2014):

    “I’ve already ripped the myth of the Invincibles to shreds elsewhere. In brief, here’s why.
    When they were named the best ever Premier League team, they were overrated”.

    He then wrote an article after Chelsy 5-0 win over Swansea:

    Chelsea played wonderful football in their 5-0 rout of Swansea on Saturday
    Jose Mourinho has cast aside the functional style of his first spell
    The manager now has his team playing spectacular football
    The defensive rigour of Mourinho’s old teams remains in evidence
    But going forward they are a much more exciting proposition
    It’s been a strange weekend: Jose Mourinho put out a team that got a great away win by playing some terrific football, reminiscent of Arsenal circa 2004.”

    This clown has no credibility whatsoever.

    1. A proper bellend – seems to have forgotten he called Alexis a misfit and a mistake when we signed him.

  9. “ADRIAN DURHAM: So, what has Bergkamp done to deserve a statue at Arsenal? It’s an insult to proper legends like Smith and Thomas (and THAT goal at Newcastle was lucky anyway!)”

    for the fact that Alan Smith should have a statue instead, that is rather rich coming from any part of the English media. When Alan won the Golden Boot (twice at it happened) each time the media ignored the fact, focussing on their hero Gary Lineker, who won the Boot in the year in between Alan Smith’s two wins.

    In essence, the media never gave much credence to Alan Smith, and for part of the media to suggest now that they hold him in higher regard is bizarre.

    Of course Dennis should have his statue, and of course we should celebrate his:

    315 game
    87 goals.
    Premier League: 1997–98, 2001–02, 2003–04*
    FA Cup: 1997–98, 2001–02, 2002–03, 2004–05

    2003/4 – ring any bells?

  10. The Daily Mail epitomises the worst aspects of the print media in Britain.
    It’s editorial content is sheer right wing poison.

  11. I strongly agree with Barryl.. This Adrian guy is NOT a journalist and I wonder why Sportsmail allows him/her to tarnish their image. Um a journo myself and I swear I would never stoop so low as to use such bias n myopic opportunism to attack the intelligence of a player who never set conditions for joining a certain team… Okay, let’s take for example if he had joined his favourite Man U…. No chance of winning the UCL… What would he be saying??? At least I know he is A SPUD n will not bother threatening him, but honestly Adrian Durham is a weak willed man/woman… I cannot ascertain his sex… And to say um angry is an understatement… Henry never said he left Arsenal because of them not winning UCL… Maybe he said so to him and something different to the fans…. DURHAM U ARE JUST FULL OF S***

  12. Arsenal played well and deserved the 5-0 voctory is not a good story. The press will twist the facts, quote people out of context etc to make a story. However up untill the Man City game there were a lot of comments on this site expressing concern that Sanchez would leave at the end of the season. Concerns about Sanchez’s commitment and effort not being matched by the other players. Comments like “did you see the look on Sanchez’s face” after another poor performance by everone except Sanchez.

    So yes we can mock this article but if it had been written before the Man City game then it would have hit a raw nerve.

  13. i kind of agree that we didn’t play THAT well. we either shouldn’t of got 5 goals or we should of got more than 5, if you know what i mean

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