What Klopp and Guardiola think about Alexis going to Man United….

There have been some crazy transfer fees paid for players in the last year paid for by all the new tv money ggoing into the Premier League, and Arsenal could have been a beneficiary if they had let Man City have Alexis Sanchez last summer, while Liverpool blew everyone else’s interest out of the water by signing Virgil van Dijk from Southampton this month.

But Pep has pulled out of the Alexis saga this month and a lot of rumours are saying that United have just thrown ridiculous wages at Sanchez to get him to change his mind but Pep refused to sound bitter about the deal. “I am not the guy with the mathematics, the numbers.” Guardiola said. “What I know right now is Alexis is still an Arsenal player. I think he is going to go to United so congratulations to both of them.

“In the end, the players and managers decide where they want to play. Good luck.

“My opinion of Alexis remains the same. It was a pleasure to be with him at Barcelona and he is going to decide to move onto another club.

“I wish him all the best.”

Not much controversy from the City manager then, but Klopp had something a bit more interesting to offer us. “I have nothing to say about the numbers,” said the Liverpool boss. “I could really create headlines, but I won’t.

“We’ve had our big transfer. Sanchez makes sense for pretty much every team in the world because he’s a very good player.”

So what do you reckon he could have told us? Were Liverpool in for him as well and offered ridiculous wages as well?

I think we should be told


  1. barryglik says:

    City have dodged a bullet.
    Walcott and Sanchez are old men
    securing retirement packages.
    Chamberlain has been stealing a living
    masquerading as a footballer for years.
    Gabriel 9m Coquelin 12m Gibbs 7m
    were bargains to their new clubs.
    Giroud 15m Perez 7m would nearly pay for Evans.
    Sanogo gone Cazorla gone Debuchy going
    Mertz and Koz (archilles) also retiring.
    13 players cleared out.
    Only four in Mavropanos Mkhi, Auba Evans seems unbalanced
    but many of those going were ready for the knackers,
    hardly used or on huge wages.
    Wilshere and Ozil resigning is the next issue.
    In the summer decisions will have to be made about
    the likes of Cech and Monreal and Jenkinson.
    Over all a huge change sweeping the club and not before time 🙂

    1. Innit says:

      1. Ox was one of our best squad players last season
      “Masquerading as a footballer”??????
      2. 28 and 29 are not “? old men”..tell that to Ibrahimovic who scored 30goals a season in his early to mid 30s.
      3. City “dodged a bullet” by missing out on a world class player?
      4. Gabriel for £9 million was not a bargain
      5. Please explain how the 4 possible new players are “unbalanced” or will make the team “unbalanced”.
      6. Koscielny is not retiring
      7. We know Mertz is retiring and he hardly plays anyway
      8. Sanogo??? He was never a factor. He was always behind 5-6 players in the pecking order. Every club has youth academys or give chances to teens/early 20s. If they don’t make it they don’t make it. He didn’t even need to be replaced.
      9. Let Monreal, Wilshere and Ozil make a decision first. They are all good players and i hope they stay


      Lol. The only joy I get from arsenal these days is reading your posts, keep them coming man.

  2. Samij says:

    Im still watching

  3. John Ibrahim says:

    Grotzeka set to join Bayern in the summer on a free

    when Bayern wants a German player…they get the player

  4. reddb10 says:

    Mkhitaryan tearful to leave united for Arsenal, Sanchez cant wait to get out of the door, and Wenger pi$$ing about means we might lose Malcom to the scum.
    The ridicule continues with greedy dictators running our club.

  5. John Wick says:

    This Alexis transfer is taking as long as one of Wenger’s substitutions last Sunday we were told 48 hours that’s come and gone then told in next 24 hours come and gone! He’s still here and guess what we have signed no one apart from a Greek kid who was supposed to be loaned out but our dear manager decided I know let’s keep him, it will make our receding squad look a bit fuller and I won’t have to spend any money on an experienced centre half or just spend any money! I just can’t believe that we are actually doing business with man u again this board, owner and manager sure don’t have a problem selling their sole to the red devils (pun intended) but why not we dare not lose a single penny we are after all a club who makes money not loses or spends it! It’s hard to believe with less than 2 weeks to go in the transfer market we’re on our way to make another profit from transfer dealings! That’ll be 2 windows running we’ve made more money than spent.. spent haha arsenal and spending in the same sentence is as funny as thinking Alex Iwobi will start terrorising defence’s ? IG (apparently our CEO) said last year we didn’t go all out in the summer as we wanted to keep some power dry for the winter window ? What’s the hold up? January is almost over and Wenger yesterday played an old recording we’ve heard a hundred times before “we aren’t close to signing anyone” how much more of this rubbish do we have to endure? No point even listening to Wenger turn the volume down trust me you’ve heard what he’s gonna say dozens and dozens of time before! With each passing day it’s looking more unlikely anyone will come in apart from the Armenian in a straight swap for the Chilean, we’ll be told Iwobi is Walcotts replacement Niles is replacing Coquelin and we have Cazorla coming back it’s like a new signing. Transfer deadline day will be here soon and the manager or as the AKB’s know him (God) will be probably busy.. Savile Row or doing media work for Bein Sports. ?

  6. Gelz says:

    It doesn’t matter what they think, all they know is Man U is about to become stronger and us weaker. I don’t have an ounce of excitement about Myk joining us, as all I can’t remember about him is he scored against us some years back for the Dortmund and that off side scorpion goal. Seems to me this deal is another act of desperation from Wenger. The PEA rumours may hold some truth or just be a PR stunt to try and keep the fans on board. I still think there will be a few more out going and iwill not be surprised if we get to the end of the window with only Myk signed and a bag full of Wenger cliches of we tried.

    1. Tas says:

      #MKHITARYAN – all competition stats for Borussia Dortmund in his last season

      Apps: 52
      Goals: 23
      Assists: 32
      Minutes: 4379
      Min/goal :190
      Incredible stats.

      1. Tas says:

        Mourinho broke him let’s hope AW can nurs him back to life and give him his old confidence back and if we can get his old sparing partner Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang who knows we might throw eggs in the faces of the two Manchester clubs

        I can dream ?

        1. Tas says:

          for the life of me I canot understand why Stan Kroenke doesn’t sell the club his shares is worth so where in the Reagan of 1.8 billion with that kind of money he can have so much return on it in other investments, It’s reported that share holders are not taking money from the club so why stay if your hated so much

        2. Sue says:

          I would love that ?

      2. Phil says:

        With stats like that why did we not go out 100% to buy him?Wenger obviously thought Iwobi would be THAT type of player.And there lies the answer of WHY we are WHERE we are TODAY.

  7. Waal2waal says:

    Off topic:..if there’s any truth in the reports MKHITARYAN is tearful at being in a swap deal for alexis sanchez then i suggest he handcuff himself to the gate at old trafford as personally i don’t want anyone coming to the arsenal that doesn’t want to play wholeheartedly – there’ll be alternative to MKHITARYAN surely? if its true, his behaviour is hardly encouraging for fans.

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