What midfield should Emery play against Sheffield United?

Unai Emery midfield decisions could prove pivotal against Sheffield United

If there is one area that Unai Emery must get right it is the midfield. Whoever he picks in the middle of the park will most probably determine the game’s outcome.

When Emery goes negative with three defensive midfielders negative results tend to follow. As an example, Liverpool, Man Utd and Tottenham games all had negative midfields and look what happened there.

If Emery goes with Lucas Torreira, Matteo Guendouzi and Granit Xhaka then that welcomes Sheff Utd on, in my opinion. To avoid that scenario, Emery must go with at least one creative midfielder.

Joe Willock, Dani Ceballos and Mesut Ozil are three midfielders full of vision and creativity, one must play.

It is fine having two defensive midfielders but not three, it is simply far too negative and Arsenal should never be playing negatively against a promoted team, even when away from home.

If it was up to me I would go with two creative players in Ceballos and Willock alongside Guendouzi. That means dropping Xhaka but can anyone see Emery doing that?

I cannot see the manager leaving out either Guendouzi or Xhaka so in effect, there is just one place available.

If that is the case then it has to be Dani Ceballos alongside Emery’s two favoured central midfielders.

Of course, this is mainly my own personal opinion but I would suggest most Arsenal fans are in agreement.

Playing a negative midfield is not the Arsenal way and hopefully, Emery will click on to that sooner rather than later.


  1. What he should do (according to us armchair experts) and what he actually does is unlikely ever to be the same. Let’s judge him by the results he achieves with the team, not by the team he selects

  2. I don’t know why everyone persists with this 3 man midfield malarkey – with everyone fit that pushes Auba out of position onto the left wing (which is apparently fine but woe betide Emery if he plays anyone else out of position πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ), where he becomes merely’ very good’ instead of ‘outstanding’.

    Imo it’s a 4 man midfield we should be looking at with Saka/Martinelli on one side Pepe/Nelson on the other. The middle two could be any of our other midfielders as long as the balance is right. Even Ozil could be rotated in if he was used to replace Laca in a support striker role and given the freedom to drop deeper into a more natural #10 position.

    Hope that Emery realises that soon, I have a bit of hope as he has used a 442/4411 formation on occasion.

  3. The Mkhitarian 177k in Rome and the Ozil 350k debacle is hurting the team.
    Until that’s sorted we will struggle.
    All the CB’s are useless, DM is weak RB and LB remain questionable.
    We rely totally on PEA a gritty Guendouzie and a promising Willock.
    May be Pepe and Lacazette will finally come good?
    We will need a lot of luck
    A win for Arsenal will be a miracle.

    1. Wow just wow. I try and look at everyone’s opinions on here and see where they are coming from and have had some nice reasonable debates with people who I don’t necessarily have the same opinion as. However I really struggle to even see where your even coming from my friend πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
      The whole team except Auba, Guendouzi and Willock are useless? Do we even watch the same team? πŸ€”πŸ˜‚
      I think we have the most promising, exciting squad we’ve had in a long time and think every single player can be used in the right combination, I would argue that (taking into account a lot are admittedly youngsters) we have potentially the second strongest squad depth now behind City and that if we aren’t serious title contenders by next season then something has gone very fekking wrong. Yet you think almost everyone is useless – I just don’t get how or why πŸ˜‚

      1. MadHatter, just clicked onto this subject, hence the late comment.

        I reeally do not believe this guy in any way whatsoever supports The Arsenal.
        Every single time he participates in a debate, he comes up with a long list of absolute nonsene about our ex manager, our players and the club itself.

        He never responds to explain himself, as you have witnessed here, the guy is a complete fraud.
        Everyone has a right to an opinion and a platform to say it on, but this “person” is unbelievable!!

        1. Sorry Ken, missed your reply here bud.

          Yep I mean me and you don’t see eye to eye on everything but at least I can see where your comments are coming from lol

          This, well this still has me scratching my head, unbelievable is right lmao πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  4. Any midfield without Willock and Xhaka in the starting lineup is perfect.
    Arsenal has a big problem. Being number three should not deceive us.
    Aston Villa is number 16 and has scored 13 goals same as arsenal and conceded 12 one more from Arsenal. We have one of the best Frontlines in EPL yet teams like Chelsea, Leicester, Tottenham, Bournemouth have outscored us not to talk of a defense that many will urgue that we had injuries. My question is, if at all our weakness is the defense, why can’t we capitalize on with our strength (Frontline)? We really have a problem. We have no strength but strings of weaknesses and results show it very clearly.
    Another problem is with the away form. We have been able to pick only 5 points out of the possible 12. At least we should have picked 7 or even half which is 6. At this rate it means out of possible 57 away points at the end of the season we will end up with 25 away points. At home we are doing well and have picked 10 out of possible 12. Only Liverpool have picked more. At this rate, at the end of the season we can end up with 50 home points making it a total of 75points.
    Overall, we are at number 3.considering the away games only, we would be at number 10 and number 3(level on points with Leicester at number 2) if we only considered the home matches.
    Emery must improve, our overall performance.

  5. I agree fully, said it all though. What else?

    Emery have his captain and other favs, we won’t see any efficient and smart midfield option among many current squad offers to Emery.

    He mainly doesn’t fit our game philosophy, he is all defense and hope for a goal. He’s Fine with a draw.

    Niles Chambers Willoc
    Laca Auba

    Chambers Gendouzi
    Nelson Auba Laca

    Ceballos. Willock
    Auba Laca


    Key to our balance is to have Chambers in front of CBs, then uponent and game plan, we can be more defensive or attacking.

    I can have Xhaka or Torreira as well but only one with Chambers or we are defending team which is not our ADN.

    I think Niles and Willock are great going forward and harrassing defending, full of energy.

    I don’t see many or no one yet proposing a midfield as topic suggests.

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