What must Arsenal change? – If we don’t buy anyone

What must Arsenal change, If we don’t buy by JH

Yet another typical Arsenal transfer window is approaching its end. Targets have come and gone, and we are yet to sign an outfield player. Fans and pundits alike have been screaming for a new DM and a starting CF, the latter being most important.

The likes of Martinez, Benzema, Dyabla, Aubameyang, Mandzukic, Vietto have all been linked and have either gone somewhere else or stayed at their current club. Constant links to Bender, Krychowiak, Rabiot and the like, have once again yielded nothing.

With just one week to get something over the line, I would suggest we may have run out of targets, I believe AW is now waiting for one of the big boys (Real, Barca or Bayern) to go splash the cash on a new star so Wenger can pick up their surplus, It worked well with Ozil and Sanchez, but we aren’t the only side looking to buy more players, we are not the only side who need an injection of quality. There is no guarantee that even if a big team spends big money (which is not looking overly likely) that we will be the 3rd team to benefit.

With that in mind, if the unthinkable happens, and we are left with just Petr Cech as our solitary (although fantastic) signing, where do we have to improve or change in order to be competitive this year. And I apologise in advance guys….. This could be a long one.

First off I will start with what I believe are the untouchables, 5 of our back 6 I think are certainly everybodys first choice.

Bellerin Koscielny Monreal


These 5 are our best options, Cech is miles better than Ospina, his performance on Monday showed why we signed him. Last year with Szczesny or Ospina, we would have lost.

Bellerin – though young, he is very good defensively as well as going forward. At such a tender age he is going to improve massively in the coming years. His pace is of course the best of his assets, it allows him to make the odd mistake but get back to his man and correct it. I think we look much better with Bellerin compared to Debuchy, who despite his experience and solidity, slows down our attacks much too much.

Koscielny – Comfortably the best CB at the club, and I believe the best in the league, Irreplaceable.

Monreal – whilst lacking the pace of Gibbs, Monreal offers a defensive stability that I’m afraid Gibbs probably never will.

Whilst I rate Coquelin hugely, he gets in by default, he is our only defensive midfielder.

Alexis Sanchez on the left wing is another unquestionable one, he is probably our most gifted player.

Mesut Ozil in the No.10 role is another that is set in stone, he has created more chances than any other player so far this season, he cannot be blamed for the fact that only one has been converted.

This leaves 4 positions open for debate. CB, CM, RW and of course CF.

I shall start from the back.
Per Mertesacker, a world cup winner, a recognised leader, a liability? Per’s reading of the game is superb, 9 times out of 10 he is in the perfect position to intercept balls meant to split our defense. He is very composed on the ball, and is actually a very good ball player. But then we have his weakness, and boy what a weakness, Pace. Mertesacker’s pace or lack thereof hinders our defensive efforts time and time again.
I also point to his lack of fouls as a weakness in his game, yes it sounds all well and good a defender who wont give away free kicks, but there are times a CB must commit a foul, there have been countless times where he has been beaten for pace and should have took a yellow card and brought his man down, but he doesn’t. Since joining Arsenal, Mertesacker has committed just 57 fouls in the League and Champions league since joining Arsenal. In 4 full seasons, he has averaged just over 13 fouls a season!!! In the same amount of time Koscielny has committed 120 fouls in the league and champions league an average of 30 per year.

Now I know it is hard to say that Gabriel deserves his place more than the BFG, Aside from him starting the Liverpool game, the only other game I remember him playing was at their Merseyside rivals Everton, I remember him being very impressive then as well. I believe Gabriel has done enough to prove he deserves a good run in the side to prove himself. He has great pace and anticipation, in fact he is a CB in a very similar mold to Koscielny.

CM is perhaps the toughest debate, Santi Cazorla is currently holding this position, he has spectacular technique, great vision and his defensive ability has vast improved in such a short space of time, he is also very disciplined in his role, he very rarely ventures too far forward. There are many players vying for this spot, but only two I feel are realistic. Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere.

Aaron Ramsey has 2 advantages over the other 2, first off is his engine, Aaron Ramsey is capable of going box to box for a full 90 minutes, something which I cannot see the other two accomplishing. He is also much more of a goal threat than the other two, if you had to pick one of these three to get a chance for Arsenal it would be Aaron Ramsey. However his strength is also his weakness for this position. He likes to venture forward too much, he is not yet disciplined enough to take this role, but he could surprise us, he’s done it before.

Jack Wilshere has the ability to switch through the gears and surge up the pitch with the ball, something we have lacked this year. We pass all day long, but when it doesn’t work who do we have in the 11 that can go past players with the ball? Sanchez, thats about it, Jack is also used to playing in a deep role for England, he has excelled in that position, probably England’s best player for some time now. I feel with the added protection of Coquelin next to him, he would be fantastic in this position.

Now my conclusion for this position is a bit of a cop out… Rotation. All 3 have different strengths to the other, but all are important, but with Arsenal hopefully going far in all competitions, so all of them can get sufficient time.

RW is the simplest. Ramsey plays there at the moment. Theo Walcott is now apparently a striker. The Ox is the only choice. Ramsey is slotted in at RW and while he tries his best he cannot fight his natural instinct to move to the middle, thus overloading the middle and leaving the right bare. The Ox has the pace, drive and dribbling ability to make a real impact, he has good awareness and good vision. He is built like a tank, and I believe he only needs a good run in the side to make an impact. The Ox is the only true RW we can choose. It has to be him.

CF, Now we all agree we need a new striker, a world class finisher, but quite frankly that is looking more and more unlikely by the minute.Right now we have Olivier Giroud, or we have Theo Walcott, I don’t think you could get two strikers any more different. With Giroud you have the height, the strength, the Hold up play, but you also have the lack of pace, the inconsistency, the many wasted chances. With Walcott, you have lightning pace, directness, intelligent runs, better finishing and the ability to interchange with Sanchez when the chance arrives. but then you get the lack of height, lack of strength and an inability to holdup the ball.

With such a vast difference between the two it is tough to pick, but I would go for Walcott. He gives the team a real burst up front and counter attacks would be frightening, I also see him as a much better finisher than Giroud. He also helps put more pressure on opposition defenses with the pace of him and Sanchez chasing down every ball.

So my team for this year,

Bellerin Gabriel Koscielny Monreal
Cazorla Coquelin
The Ox Walcott Sanchez

Without additions, I think we are just lacking the quality to finish top, although 2nd is possible, lets just hope that Arsene finds the right man, here’s hoping that man is a striker.

What do you think? Do you agree with my team? What changes would you make?

By JonnHirons

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    1. 100% with you. There are no excuses that we dont have any other signings besides Cech, or why we play Ramsey at RW. Not substituting on time, sticking with Giroud for three years, just not showing ambition enough to close the deals he needs to close to take this team forward.

      1. 1000% with u oh that one @jimbean @rkw our club is becomig a big fat joke with a useless manager same sh*t every effin transfer window… Panic buys any1?


      2. Nothing will change, then akb ass licker will say let the season finish than judge him than we will finish 4th again he will win emirate cup than them akbs ass licker, arsen loveds will cheering him on thn on saying we will win the world cup we have to give him more time,this will haven again n again until we make a stand against this dictator.under this buffon we will neva win epl or champions leauge.you akb buffons can thamb me dwn but u are the bigest problem of this great club.cos u buffons only care about ur delusional managers job,after all u morron are his love childs.gosh i hate u morrons.

      3. For changes how about we drop Ozil. Use Santi as10. Pair Ramsey with Coq. Have Walcott on right and Alexis on left. We can Sub Ramsey if it gets ugly and move Santi back for Ozil 10. Try something new? Sub Ox for some energy at the 60. Although I know Wenger likes a late sub. Haha

      1. The first thing we need to do is to accept that there is a problem. This is what i said before..
        There are no excuses for a team that has the money and the pull of champions league and the luck of being in London where most good players prefer to live in the UK not to buy any classy players until the last 4 days of the transfer window.

        Wenger is either stubborn, naive, arrogant, senile, demented, whatever you want to call him, he is not doing a good job anymore. We can all see this, some of us have a harder time accepting it due to his past success and how he handled the Emirates built etc.. but finally he should be judged with what he is doing now. And what he is today is a failure.

        If we accept that he has not been successful as our Manager in the last couple of years and see a trend developing where he is unwilling to change then he MUST be replaced for the good of Arsenal.
        99.9999 % of all managers out there would give their right arm to Manage Arsenal.
        Klopp is free, Simeone would leave Atletico for a new challenge at the end of the year, same with many other talented younger, hungrier managers.
        It’s time to change- this squad is good needs 3 players and he is not the man to buy those players and play the right tactics to turn this team into Champions.

        1. Im not saying there better than Wenger but any of these candidates imho would be successful @ the Emirates.

          Gary Monk
          Unai Emery

      2. Evn a league one manager will be better than this delusional buffon,come on 12 year he couldent find a decent striker? 12 years he couldnt fix our deffensive problem,12 years he couldent find a decent dm,12 years this team was always short of 2 or 3 players short of challenging the cup,u think alexis will tolerate this crap,he is a winner,his not gona stay wid a club whos ambiton is to finish 4th every year? This season he had perfect team only he added a world class striker n a dm bt as always that buffon mess things up again.same old story

    2. We must change WENGER!…. And when I mean “change wenger”… I mean, change him like diapers!

    3. We’ve been grouped with Bayern in UCL…
      With the team we presently have…we know how that will end.

  1. The squad we have currently is not good enough to win the title,Wenger doesn’t have a plan if he did he would have bought what we needed earlier so any signing we make will be a panic buy

    1. I think they are.
      We HAVE already beaten teams…even players.
      It is psychlogical and the signings are as well.
      Now..Its up to WENGER to turn them up wwithout those psychological signings.

  2. Change the manager! Its rili embarasing…i cnt imagn we wont reinforc our team and the way we wr close to have a strong team…i cn see the trend of loosing our best playrz to our rivals coming back!

  3. Simple…the manager, or the board.
    Arsenal should be leaps and bounds beyond BPL competitors…complacency by the manager and/or the board has hampered us for a decade.

  4. Its been quiet here these days.
    I feel like I can hear crickets.

    Where are all the AKB’s? Throw me those delusional one-liners like we can win the title or Giroud is better than Aguero, Benzema and Rooney. Make my day.
    😀 😀 😀

    1. @k-ool ur right where iz all the akb im waiting to hear from them … Hellloooo akb’s where u guys @ we need to talk.

      1. yeah..where re thet after ne defeat and cech showing up with a new pair of CBs..
        where oh God where..?
        Are they just away only after last month two trophies…oh God why..whyyyy???

        1. oh…here’s one! 😀
          Which trophies? EPL and CL?
          oh oh oh I got it…AKB trophies a.k.a emirates cup, Asia Cup, Community shield and the all important most coveted 4TH PLACE TROPHY.

        2. @Gigi2……….English please!……. Can’t understand a single word of the grammatical boo boo u muttered!

  5. Nothing wrong with your team choice, good choices and good reasons why, however i differ with choice for forward i think Giroud is still first choice, his main downfall is the lack pace, however this can be negotiated by Oz and sanchez pace.

    Walcott is actually the back up striker, but i actually think he should be used in a two man attack.

    This team is actually built around Giroud so its difficult to change system, i think the player who is the perfect solution to become the main man if he can put everything together is Welbeck, he has everything that Walcott and Giroud offers. Its definitely time for him to stand up and standout

  6. The starting 11 that you picked seems to be the most obvious choice for most fans but the deluded old goat has other ideas ?

    If we don’t end up buying any new quality player’s
    (Meaning no injured OAP’S or reject bench warmers)
    Then I suggest that the club upgrade the teams shorts to snuggies one size fits all nappies! ????

  7. @Jonnhirons….quit being a douche… How many people exist on planet Earth?…. Place a Job vacancy on an ad and see if you could stand the number of applicants in existence!…..

        1. Trying to find that guy would be the first step to success. By doing nothing you will get nothing.

          1. it seems there are so many manu and chelsea fans on this site.they laugh at us when we lose games and constantly troll our players and manager. if all we want is a flexible manager who buys 8 players every window and keep rotating players time and again then van gaal and rodgers are available.they do this stuff all the time. pep solely dwals with world class players and still loses 3 0 to barcelona and 4 0 at home to real. i dont know if klopp or simeone have eyes for world class potential.they may be excellent tacticians but can they get world class potential. they can be tacticians and still appear at the bottom of the table

        2. Angelotti, Mourinho, Klopp, Simeone, Guardiola,and others that i cant remember or dont even know that are probably better option than Wenger today.

          1. At least you havent lost your sense of humor, Ancelotti is used to being given whatever he likes to spend, this will not happen at Arsenal.
            Mourinho will not leave for us
            Klopp?? Really!!! everyone wants Wenger out when we finish 4th, where did Klopp lead Dortmund to last year? in an easier league too.
            Simeone plays Chelsea like football, we would not hire him.
            Pep, just no.

            1. You are being logical Joohnirons.
              But feelings tend to take the best of us..even I am all hurt today hahaha
              Ahrd to be objective but keep the good stuff up

              1. @Gigi2……..in ur eyes, every AKB is logical…….others r plain stupid….. U r so one dimensional in reasoning……this is what wenger has done to u

            2. Your assessment of Ancelotti is not correct, look at his career, I know Mourinho will not come, Klopp, Simeone, and Pep are all upgrades to Arsene today. You seem to think like he is the only manager in the world who can succeed with this team, well you are wrong, he hasnt and he wont. It is time to try something new, instead of being like a petulant child just saying no to everything.

              1. I agree pep is an upgrade, but he will not come, klopp finished mid table with the second best team in Germany, he is not on wengers level, I am not saying nobody can succeed at arsenal i am saying there are no realistic targets right now That is not petulance that is the truth

                1. Wenger came from Grampus8 to Monaco to Arsenal, There are many managers out there that we are not really watching that are doing a great job. In any case, I still think the new blood Klopp would bring with hopefully a couple of signings from his old team, would be a definite improvement on Wenger.

                  Arsenal has gone stale with Wenger. Its time to change

  8. @Jonnhirons….And did u just ask “what available Manger”???….. Well, we want the same Manger Baby Jesus was kept in

  9. More then a new manager we need a complete overhaul in the club. The board is a joke. Its them who give Wenger the money and the power to do as he feels fit.

    If the main shareholder was someone like Usmanov or that Afrikan guy, boy, they would force Wenger into buying player and make him compete with the others. Failuare would mean the sack. This is my prime concerne i have with Arsenal. We claim to have 200mil to spend, yet we act like a small club and pretend to be all big.

    Stan for example has clubs like Denver Nuggets who never ever where close to win anyhting. Not just this club but all his clubs are failuares.

    Main Fault. Fans>Stan>Board>Wenger>Players>Gunnersaurus

    1. Unfortunately, as a result of refusing to deal with Usmanov, we are stuck with Silent Stan. The club is worth too much money to him, he will never sell.

    2. I agree with you mate! Wenger has too much control of the transfer! Gazidis and Kroenke are not interested to win the title! They are looking at the profit that they will make every season! This club is sliding backwards since few seasons ago! Last season, Wenger is so arrogant that he said his team will win the title when Arsenal are on winning streak! What happen? We are 3rd! The board gave the fans hope this season as they announce Arsenal can compete with other clubs for top players except Messi and Ronaldo and yet what we have now? Is there any top class striker joining us in the window? Every season Wenger will just tell the fans the same thing that is he is available for 24hrs, he got a team working very hard and they are looking for players very hard! Enough is enough! All these are crap! If Arsenal are interested to sign marquee signing this season they would had done so before the season get underway! Is just that this deluded and stubborn manager thought this team will perform and win the title! Yes I totally agree some of you saying no excuses! Is just that whether Wenger want to open his cheque book and pay the inflated price! Is very painful and frustrating as gunners fan every season when come to transfer! If possible fans should boycott future matches because we fans have been taking ride again!

  10. i think, if we dont buy anyone, that will kill us the season again!!! and i dont accept excuse, that nobody is available!!

  11. JH (Mr. Writer) did you just read my mind?? Thump up for this piece of an article. I will go with same XI

    1. Its a gift lol, I feel this lineup gives us the most up top along with solidity at the back, with Walcott Sanchez and the ox up top we will not struggle for goals!

  12. I hope Arsenal get a tough group later today. there really isn’t any point in going out in the first knockout phase, rather a difficult group will get the best out of our players or the opposite can also show, that they are below par and. If they get out then get out.

    Remember last season, and what Anderlecht did do to us? That wasn’t about quality, truth be told nor was it to do with transfers. The way they played Anderlecht over two games summed our team up. We relax to much if we go ahead, if we go behind, it is only until the end we try to knock the door down. Unfortunately this is true up until now for 95% of the games we play. The occasional 3 or 4 goals come up against some teams (the 5%) but thats it. Our end of season statistics average less than 2 goals per game in the league last season. Too one dimensional, only one plan that is to go through the middle, too many players trying to do the same thing.

    So once again I’ll be happy if we get a hard group rather than an easy group. Easy group will allow us to paper over cracks.

    1. A tough group would probably help us on the pl, as horrible as it is, our form always picks up after we are knocked out of the cl

      1. Arsenal is drawn into the group with:
        Bayern Munich
        Dinamo Zagreb

        There should be no good reason why Arsenal does not advance from this group to the knockout stage

  13. Writing a beautiful story to try to justify your prejudices or idiosyncrasies as other would call it, isn’t an analysis by any means. This is what your contribution is all about. We have heard it before here that Olivier is not good, defensive midfield requires world class protection, and that Per is not good. All such claims have not been backed in any way by any grounded reasoning apart from this “the whole world knows we need……….” tripe. You are simply repeating the same subjective conclusions but this time writing an even pathetic love story to back your subjective views.

    To expose the folly of your write up I will start with your arguments against Per. You claim that he is slow and does not commit fouls. This is the first time that not committing many fouls is regarded as a weakness. I would have understood you if you had said he does not win tackles or does not go into tackles not to criticize him for not committing fouls. What has Kos done with the high foul committing rate apart from earning red cards and gifting the opposition penalties?

    There was an article that was done here some months back about attributes of a perfect central defensive partnership. Critical points made in that article were: there are two types of CBs, an aggressor and a sweeper; the former flies into tackles unsettling the opposition while the later reads the game and make vital interceptions; a perfect partnership will require an aggressor and sweeper. As it stands Kos is the aggressor while Per is the sweeper. The past two seasons have shown that this is one of the best partnerships in the EPL. So why you would want a settled and effective partnership to be dismantled and start build another one is beyond logic.

    If we were to go by current form Kos is the one that needs dropping for he had a role in the three goals conceded to date. Gabriel is a similar player to Kos in that he is more of an aggressor. Going by the logic of the article I made reference to, that partnership will not work.

    Francis is playing defensive midfield by default. I do not understand what you were communicating here, unless you wanted to just repeat the prejudicial claim that apart from Francis Arsenal does not have another defensive midfielder. Francis earned his position in the team, and he has not done anything to suggest that he is not up to it. Once you accept that Francis has quality to be a first teamer based on his performance, the next question deals with the adequacy of his back up. Apart from the usual denigration and misgivings towards Arteta, no evidence has been given to suggest that he is not a good back up at DM. His involvement in the squad so far suggests that he is well up to the task.

    Your obsession with having at least two top quality players for every position does not work in the real world unless you live in the world of Man City, Real, Barca, and Bayern to some extent. Would you mind to tell us who was Gilberto’s back up during the invincibles season, and whether that back up was world class. Would also mind telling us who were CB back ups and whether you would rate them as top quality. The point here is rarely would you find a back up at the same level as the player he deputizes. You can take a look at Chelsea, Man City, and United to see the quality of their back ups, using the DM position.

    1. Sorry, but Coquelin is not up to being Arsenal’s DM over the season. Why? Because he lacks pace, so gives away fouls, gets a yellow, and is a sending off waiting to happen. As for Arteta, a great servant of AFC and a very technical player, but again he lacks pace. What on earth is the club captain (am I right there??) doing warming the bench, meaning that AW does not trust him anymore. Furthermore, lacking pace, he is one stretch away from a career ending muscle injury. You heard it here first.

      1. How many yellows has he received since December when he returned from loan? How fast is Matic or Carrick?Who do they have as back ups? Would you take Chelsea, Man U or Man city back ups over Arteta? NB: Schneiderling is not a defensive mid fielder so do not bring up his name.

    2. A nice reply, but I am afraid you misunderstand what I have wrote.

      Every CB has an option when a man passes them by that is to take a yellow for team, or try to catch him, per decides to try to catch them, he cannot.

      I said coquelin is there by default and he is, I’m sure I also mentioned how highly I rate him, I have also said numerous times before this article that I would buy cover for coquelin, I don’t want to replace him. He is one of ours.

      Your comment about me wanting world class cover for every position is interesting as the entire article is about NOT SIGNING ANYONE it says it at the top mate, at least twice. It seems you have replied to the wrong article here as many of your comments do not apply, I said nothing of artetas ability, I said coquelin is untouchable in dm, which he is.

      I’m not sure what love story you speak of, I simply gave my opinion on what should be our first team and my thoughts on their strengths and weaknesses.

  14. When I said we would never win the EPL 3 weeks ago all you deluded guys thumbed me down – now you see the truth. Unless, we bring back Bendtner, Djourou and … Peter Storey. Would that work?

  15. @Analyser, what are your opinions about Oliver, or the way we play? Ramsey at RW? What are your thoughts about the issues at Arsenal? Or are there no issues? is everything perfect like the partnership between Per and Kos?
    And just because some ahole wrote an article about defensive pairing, doesnt make it so.
    Terry – Cahill both aggressive, Ferdinand-Vidic both aggressive, Kompany-Mangala or Otamendi all aggressive. There are not many Per type players out there on successful teams. Maybe it goes to show why we are not that successful.

    1. Jimbeam,I was going to respond to Analyser but I couldn’t have expressed it better than you.Sadly
      it isn’t him we need to persuade and the main guy wont listen…For the record I don’t accept that Per reds the game or does he make vital interceptions and his height gives him little advantage as he can’t jump. The “partnership “only survives because Kos is so good.

  16. We have a star in Joel Campbell that has not been deployed yet
    Here is a theoretical example of were i would employ him
    ………………………………….. ozil….Coquelin….carzola
    or even…………… campbel ……ramsey ….coqelin……carzola
    Joel Campbell is good with the ball there is a video out there campbel v real madrid you got to watch it to believe in him I personally believe he will be the star of the show if given the opportunity

  17. Got Bayern, which is a good thing but going to be difficult getting players off them now if we had any such plans.

  18. Perfect for la veille grenouille ..second secured no big travel get barca in next round show team spirit but go out … No easy matches in Europe but repeat last years run and say clubs dream of getting in to cl so fans should b thankful… Arse(n) sniffers in ecstasy at another european campaign can now focus on securing 4th place .. What a sad state of affairs

  19. Chill guys, we know what happens to Bayern when they play at home to Arsenal. Also we will not get them in R16.

  20. apart from bayern I dont see any team that will stop us no 2 should be our aim at best chelsea have got the easiest tel aviv surely,a very weak porto after selling martinez sandro danilo

    1. Mancity are equal to the Task!….They made signings…….can u put urself in their shoes?…

  21. Walcott as a striker serious? I have seen him playing for almost 30mins with less than 10 touches all game!

  22. Nothing much wrong with your selection from the players we have. It really comes back to Wenger
    and is rotation policy, or lack of it. Ramsey is a work-a-holic and must play central. Wilshere has got to get over his injury problems, if he does, he could be the captain we badly need.
    So, Mr. Wenger, get `rotating`, these players need match time.

  23. Why do clowns on here keep saying dumb things like: AKB bum lickers will allow Wenger or calling people morons! You just look like a bunch of little b*tch boys loool so pathetic! Put the fifa down and go play with traffic! No respect or belief in the team! Just a bunch of whiney little kids venting their pipe dream frustrations on the net lol people talk all this CRAP about AKB’s but wtf do you know? How many AKB’s have you spoke to recently to conclude such assumptions? I’m an AKB and always have been, but AW hasn’t been returning the love (so to speak) and it’s beginning to corrode away at my respect for him and he makes it harder to back him when it comes to transfer windows. if we don’t buy anyone else then I too will lose a large piece of respect for him but would never turn to a pathetic AOB!!! Start calling for Aw to leave etc. However if this season is a repeat/disaster then yes, I will be questioning wether or not he really should stay for that last year on his contract?!

    I’m just waiting on Tuesday after we have acquired a player or 2 then I guarantee that atleast 60% of the crying WOB babies on here will be quick to line up on their knees ready to catch Wenger’s wood in their mouths

  24. There’s only a few people on here whose opinion I actually care for, as they actually make sense and know wtf they are talking about (both AKB and WOB doesn’t matter long as they make sense) but there is soo many new accounts popping up that o don’t recognise (and I’ve been reading JA for years) and it’s funny cos all these losers are crying and b*tching and insulting people, the manager and gbe team! Lol get a life! Damn fake supporters go support City or Chelsea, or maybe you would prefer a change of scenery with Barca or Real?? Lol

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