What must Arteta achieve this season to keep his job? 

Mikel Arteta has made Arsenal one of the toughest clubs to play against in this campaign, with the Gunners earning some impressive wins in recent weeks.

We are currently back inside the top four, albeit after playing more games than other clubs below us.

This is a very positive period for the club and it has given Arteta some much-needed credit in the bank.

Considering we finished outside the European places last season, finishing this campaign in the Champions League spot might be an overachievement.

But what is the best way to finish this season for Arteta to keep his job?

Arsenal has made significant progress in the Carabao Cup and we’re in the semi-final.

We have a chance of winning that trophy and as things stand, we can also finish the season inside the top-six.

That should be the goal for this campaign, considering the progress we have made so far.

Beating Liverpool in the semi-final of the Carabao Cup would be tough, but the FA Cup is another trophy we can win.

Win that and finish inside the top-six and fans should be happy with Arteta, while we target the top four in the next campaign after adding more quality players to our squad.

Do you also think that is a good enough target?

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  1. Top is has being the target from the start of this season especially after our first three games and the supposed poor signing we made by the media. So the bar shouldnt be raised yet, Like they said Arsenal and Arteta signi g were just second class or squad signings with no direction. They predicted us fi inding it almost impossible to make top six this season.
    So for some of us that had some faith and patience in this team we can keep dreaming while the rest who arent patient enough can stick to their words of us finishi g 8 or tenth like they predicted.
    I beleive in this project and if it turns out my faith isnt worth it at the end of the season so be it. But i wont guve up on this set of players and management just yet

  2. Well I said “A solid 5th position with a realistic chance of 4th with a few games to go” I think to demand 4th at the beginning of the season was a bit ambitious. Looking at the Team now you could chuck in the the carabao cup as well🤞🤞

  3. As I said many times, top six is enough considering our COVID issues in the beginning of the season and our captain’s disciplinary problems. We’re playing like a team now, as compared to Ozil’s team or Aubameyang’s team before

    1. Stop making excuses, every team deals with issues. We would’ve lost to Chelsea and City anyway so your excuse only counts for Brentford.

      Pathetically low standards for your beloved Arteta! You were the one telling everyone how brilliant he is so why have a low standard if he’s brilliant? No-one like a hypocrite.

    2. what does Ozil has to do with what should be expected from Arteta or what should he achieve this season. Each time you defend him you expose yourself as
      Someone who no nothing a out football. Like PJ-SA said all clubs deal with issues. There fans don’t just use them defend their failing managers or cause unrest for the club.

    3. what does Ozil has to do with what should be expected from Arteta or what should he achieve this season. Each time you defend him you expose yourself as
      Someone who no nothing a out football. Like PJ-SA said all clubs deal with issues. There fans don’t just use them defend their failing managers or cause unrest for the club.

      1. It’s just an example of how reliant we were on a couple of superstars. Arteta isn’t falling and he’s doing a good job this season, so we’d better not put too much burden on him

        1. Then you can simply say we should wait till the end of the season to see where will finish before judging him instead dragging Ozil into simple question.

      2. Ha ha, Arsenal were ‘in a a mess’ before Arteta came. N during that mess Arsenal were in top four in 20 out of 23 seasons and in top 6 in 23 out of 23 seasons. N then came the saviour to unravel the mess to place Arsenal in a great 8th place for two successive seasons. Long live A…….

  4. Not sure it matters where he finishes TBH
    Finished 8th last year and should have been shown the door but instead was backed with heavy investment,so looks like the board are happy as long they are not losing money ,which seems the case .
    Personally top 4 should be the bare minimum it that’s just my standards .
    Happy Xmas to you all 🤜🤛

    1. Sadly I must agree with your assessment of the situation DK, as I’m not sure, barring some sort of massive drop-off, that Arteta has been given specific mandated targets in order to retain his managerial position…I would suspect that once Kroenke and company bought into his newfound “youth” movement narrative, which was clearly evident by the unheard of financial backing he received last summer, that his runway became infinitely longer…only time will tell if that was a short-sighted decision on their part, which I still believe to be the case, or a savvy rolling of the proverbial dice…of course, for the long-term benefit of the club, I can only hope that luck is on our side and the latter narrative prevails, but it seems rather unlikely as they certainly didn’t base this decision on any logical metrics or experiential evidence

      as I’ve always unequivocally stated, it’s all about the eye test and thus far, minus a few anomalistic performances, we’re still a long way away from getting a passing grade in that regards, which is why I do believe it’s vitally important that we perform considerably better against those who currently sit around and above us…take care and have a great holiday season DK

  5. Should be in top 6 and fighting for 4th til the end of the season. Anything less and he must go, 2 1/2 years is enough to reach that mark.

  6. By the end of the season we would’ve played a lot less games than our “competitors” so keep that in mind.

    -4th if we win no cups
    -5th if we win Caraboa Cup
    -6th if we win FA Cup

    Relatively low standards for a manager thats had a lot of backing time wise and financially.

    1. I’m from Nigeria and I have refrained from commenting on here due to the mostly biased comments I see on here…this year is almost done and I can say this is my “comment of the year”… Applause

  7. Kroenke Jr said it himself: “Back to Europe would be good, and when later on we get back into the CL and will be able to attract top players, things will start getting interesting”. This seems to be the strategy, and I think it is realistic.
    So any European football is the target this season, and CL for next season. Any cup is just a bonus, but not really important. The key is EPL performance level.
    Finishing 4th would be an overachievement for Arteta, 5th would be job done and 6th won’t be a disaster, Arteta would be safe as long as he does not lose the dressing room which looks improbable.
    I know many fans hate Arteta simply because he is young and inexperienced. But I am really happy with him at the helm and would much rather keep Arteta than bring another “winner” like Emery or a journeyman like Mourinho or Ancelotti, even if we finish 7th. But we’ll be better that this for sure, save for some serious injury/covid crisis.
    Arteta embarked on a risky long term project and doing extremely well. 6 new young players all playing regularly and the team look coherent after just 4 months. It does not happen often even with most experienced managers. So give the man credit he deserves.

  8. Whether he is staying or not, my expectation is Top 4. Anything less than that is not acceptable after all Arsenal spent highest during the summer window and we are not in Europe this season.

    1. Expectations based upon the money spent to assemble a squad hopefully is not the primary factor. A couple of times in this thread it has been mentioned that the money spent dictates that only 4th is good enough. But given that Chelsea, Man City & Liverpool are obviously in a different class, all that is left is 4th. And given that Man U have spent more in assembling their squad than the Gunners – applying the money spent logic would dictate that the most we could hope for is 5th and that 4th could not be a realistic expectation. Obviously money spent is a factor but it is much more complex than that when trying to decide upon realistic expectations.

  9. Play Laca, and accept we will lose him on a free. In the Summer get in a top striker and DM. Sales should yield enough cash for backup RB and GK.

    Now is the time to add the few missing pieces to avoid continuing massive investments every Summer.

    WE MUST HAVE proper coaches on the 1st team to further develop & polish the wave of talent our academy is producing.

    An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure as they say. Hire top coaches for developing our academy promotions to reduce dependence on transfer market.

  10. For those lads who think we should have 4Th place.
    You are just must be dreaming .
    We don’t have a team to compete with any big team in the CL as PSG, Bayern, MC, Chelsea, Real Madrid and any Italian big team in there.
    What is a moment happiness if later comes a great great frustration, when we lose all games?. Be patient, its a young team. They, the players, are patient why wont you be?

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