What Needs to Change for Arsenal to Win the Premier League?

When you think of the big clubs in the Premier League, there’s no doubt that Arsenal appear towards the top of the list. The club has won the league a whopping 13 times, but success in this regard has dried up in recent years, and the last time they got their hands on the Premier League trophy was back in 2004.

The two trophies English football supporters yearn for most are the Premier League and the Champions League. Of course, you can win the latter even when you’re not at the top of your respective league, but it stands to reason that success in the league gives you a better chance of winning Europe’s top prize.

Arsenal supporters are starved of success in the Premier League, but what do you think needs to change for them to find themselves in the top spot once again?



Until recently, Arsenal were one of the most stable clubs in world football regarding their managerial appointments. Arsene Wenger was appointed as manager in 1996 and was in charge for 1,235 games before being relieved of his duties in 2018.

One of the issues with modern football is that managers don’t seem to be given enough time to put their stamp on a team. Some projects require several seasons to blossom, but the demands of supporters require almost instant results. Since Wenger, Unai Emery has been and gone after taking charge of just 78 games, and Arsenal have since turned to Mikel Arteta.

For success to occur, Arteta needs to be given time to build his project, even if things are bumpy along the way.



Transfers are a massive part of football success these days. When you look at clubs like Manchester City who can spend hundreds of millions when things don’t go right, it can seem an insurmountable task to finish ahead of them.

Nevertheless, clubs like Liverpool have shown that there are bargains to be found in the market that can push a team to the next level. Consider Andrew Robertson, for example, who arrived for just £8M and has established himself as one of the world’s best left backs.

That’s not to say that Arsenal must find gems for peanuts all the time, but success will rely on them not overspending on players that fail to deliver.


Luck and Big Results

You only have to look at the odds over at Betsafe Sports Betting to see that Arsenal are valued as a lesser team than the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool. Even pundits and ex footballers don’t have them finishing at the top any time soon.

Somewhere along the way, Arsenal will need to find it within themselves to start winning more games against their closest competitors. This may come down to a combination of training and luck but, without these results, they won’t be winning the league, and this has been a long-term issue for Arsenal. It’s all well and good looking flashy against lesser opposition, but it’s not enough if you’re coming unstuck every time you face a club that’s fighting for the same finishing spots.



Going back to stability, Arsenal supporters need to get behind their manager and team and allow them to build a project over several seasons. It’s not helpful to protest against a managerial appointment in the stadium or complain on social media constantly when things don’t go your way. Although it can be frustrating at times, the final success of a team rests on whether they could complete the journey. Otherwise, you’re resetting yourself to square one repeatedly.

They need our support more than ever…


  1. Herbz says:

    Everything that’s “non- technical” needs to change.

    1. MENTALITY – Approach every game like we want to win
    2. Tackling
    3. Being more closer to opposition players
    4. Passing with purpose & at a higher tempo
    5. System change to 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 since it suits our players more.

    Those are the simple non-technical things really hurting us.

    For transfers, we’ve done everything within our means. You can buy Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo but if those 4 things I’ve mentioned don’t change, all our big guns won’t thrive and a different individual will be blamed every week for our poor performances.

    1. Winston says:

      We need a better system that involves the high press. We need to drill the players till it becomes instinctive to press as a unit.

      Until we can do that, the fear of being exposed when we lose the ball is probably going to make us play with the handbrake on

  2. Wyoming says:

    The change has already happened. Covid 19 and the resulting empty stadiums has significantly favored Arsenal. The shut down gave coach Arteta 17 bonus weeks to work with the team. The break stalled the momentum of many teams combined with empty stadiums the face of football changed. Empty stadiums favours the normally fragile Arsenal player mentality. There is now no home ground advantage . In the last round of the PL only one of ten games was won by the home team. Every game is like a preseason game. Barcelona and Real Madrid just lost to weak opponents. Juve lost. Covid19 and empty stadiums means Arsenal is now favourite to win the PL.

  3. Akonteh Andrew says:

    Arteta needs time to get his tream team. But we want at least the top 4 caravan for now and more local trophies.
    When he gets his dream team then he can gun for the PL title and the Championship Trophy

  4. Adajim says:

    I like the post, it’s talk about competing for league which we are far from presently, how about we talk about what needed to be done to achieve top 4 this season.

    Onto your 3rd point, support, support, support, we were patient with AW and boards, road to emirate and afterwards humiliation, why are we been impatient with a new coach who has just won 2cups in 10months and won games we should be winning, only loosing away to superior opponents.

    Is it not delusional to be aiming for title glory this year, knowing what/where we are realistically.

    Talking about transfers, no team has gotten it all right, we will get some good, the bad and the ugly, what will make it a success is been ruthless, letting go at the right time, Liverpool did that with sterling, Suarez, countinho, Chelsea with hazard, Utd with cr7, spur with Bale and Modric etc. The idea of trying to hold on too long, by giving overhyped wages, are ridiculous.
    Arsenal has turned to America leagues where pensioner could go and retire with good pay. I hope we get things right soon on that font

  5. David Rusa says:

    A lot of things have changed in the Premier league since 2016 when Leicester won the trophy. All teams feel they can win it. One of those teams this season is Aston Villa which is proving a hard nut to crack. Villa and Everton are the two unbeaten teams so far. What makes Aston Villa the new Leicester is their daring spirit and determination which has enabled them to beat the so-called big boys convincingly.
    Arsenal needs to try some of that steely character and avoid being too cautious. We have the players to make us strong. We only need to deploy them accordingly and stop being too conscious. Of course I am not advocating for stupid adventurism which coukd expose us to counter-attack. With our backline and midfield we can now afford to stand up to anybody. However we need to be a little more brave

  6. Dan says:

    New owner

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