What next for Arsenal if Arteta gets the boot?

No sooner has the 2021-22 campaign begun, already the rumours are rife that the Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta won’t last the season. Following the defeat against newly-promoted Brentford and as fans raged on social networks, there was immediately speculation the club has already started sounding out potential successors.

Progress in the cups & failure in the Premier League

After picking up the pieces where fellow Spaniard Unai Emery left off, Arteta was unable to guide the Gunners higher than eighth in the Premier League, although he did provide silverware at the end of the 2019-20 campaign by leading his team to FA Cup victory. This gave Arsenal fans a glimmer of hope that things would get better, only to be left frustrated.

The start to the 2020-21 season was horrendous, despite the additions of Gabriel and Thomas Partey to bolster the team, including a winless run of seven games in the Premier League through November and December. That had been enough to oust Emery just a year before, although the Arsenal hierarchy stood firmly behind their second successive Spanish manager.

To be fair, that confidence did seem vindicated, as Arsenal enjoyed an unbeaten month in the Premier League, yet by February the lack of consistency returned, while the Gunners had been eliminated from both the EFL Cup and the FA Cup. Meanwhile, progress in the Europa League was at least providing some light relief.

Of course, that European adventure would eventually crumble and not without a large dose of irony. When the Gunners were paired with Villarreal in the Europa League semi-finals, it brought a reunion with former boss Emery in his favourite competition. Needless to say, Villarreal won through and Arsenal were left staring at an empty trophy cabinet, along with finishing eighth in the Premier League for the second season in a row.

Arsenal betting on Arteta improvements

While the complete lack of any direction seems alarming enough, with the men in suits upstairs apparently unable to formulate any clear strategy at the club, Arteta is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. That being said, his demeanour often gives the impression of someone treading water, biding their time until being told to go.

For the moment, Arsenal seem content to gamble on the Spaniard turning things around, although the club would be remiss not to be sounding out potential replacements at the same time. Bookies are already taking bets on how long Arteta has at the Emirates, with some even providing odds for who might succeed him at this troubled helm. Indeed, rumours abound regarding who might be next in the Emirates hotseat.

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In the same way that we might look for an ideal betting site to best suit our needs, Arsenal must adopt the same approach if things are going to improve any time soon. Under the assumption that Arteta may eventually be sacked, the club needs to have a solid strategy in place to back whoever they bring in, then upfront with supporters about what that entails.

New manager before Christmas?

One man placed in the frame is former Chelsea and Inter Milan boss Antonio Conte, if recent reports are to be believed. The Italian coach would undoubtedly be a top-notch appointment, although if we are completely honest with ourselves, does Arsenal currently match the kind of ambition for which he is renowned? For now, the club seems content to amble along with Arteta in the firing line.

It’s hard to imagine Arsenal acting swiftly, apparently unwilling to make any knee-jerk reactions based on early results in the Premier League- However, should the team continue to struggle for positive results as we approach Christmas, that situation could evolve and change quite quickly. If that scenario appears, we can only hope the next appointment will finally be the one to end our frustrations.


  1. We have already lost out on quite a few managers in the last 18 months by sticking with MA, Tuchel is a perfect example. Immediate impact at Chelsea! Yes it’s in the past but the fact remains that it was a real possibility and we don’t seem to be learning.

    Personally I’d like Simeone, I’m sure many fans wouldn’t though. The primary reason is just that he’d beat our players into mental toughness and shed this soft belly we have. A good boot up the @rse is needed for the whole squad.

  2. Its true MA had his head in the Man City clouds
    when he came back to Arsenal as manager.
    It took 2 years for MA to realise that micro
    managing superstars at super ambitious Man Citeh was way different to managing over paid residents at Emirates retirement village.
    Covid crippled the league and forced the long overdue “Correction” at Arsenal.
    Slash and burn and build a new young squad.
    White Tavarez Lokonga Odegaard added to
    Gabriel Tierney Partey ESR Saka Martinelli Balogun. Rasdale due any day.
    Gone are Ozil Ramsey Mkhitarian Mustafi Socritis.
    Mavro and Guendouzie are not coming back.
    Willock is sold
    Runarrson Kola Willian Torreira will be loaned.
    Bellerin could still go. Anew RB brought in.
    Arteta is the right man for this job and will be here many years.

    1. From Wenger’s “Daddy’s playpen” to Edu’s “retirement home”. That is the past. Mikel is hell bent on changing that. The instant impact Mikel did was to give equal opertunities to all, so we ended eigth in the first season. Second season he chucked out the non performers but could not get in the reinforcements as some stuck to “honor the contracts” and had to settle for eigth again. This season we have seen the transition from retirement inmates to ambitious lads, Gone are the Bertrand type signings. Mikel will complete his term in flying colors and even if he does not, he has made life easier for the next manager by chucking out the rubbish accumulated. Sadly this should have been done before he joined, but Unai had no say in transfers. Raul/Edu messed up by taking clues form Wenger’s thesis of how to ruin a successful club.

      1. You bet on the wrong horse. You are obsessed with MA. A die hard MA supporter who smear others to find excuses for MA.


  3. AdminPat
    The rot set in a while ago with the likes of Sanhelli Would Abramovitch have sanctioned the Pepe deal at £72m?
    In the end more of the wrong people are signed and it becomes an ever increasing problem if the rot isn’t cut out quickly enough.
    Now that the almost inevitable has happened, Kroenke has had a wake up call, hence the type of investment this time around.
    It appears to be aimed at bringing young players on and perhaps being prepared to wait for the fruit to ripen rather than the hoped for quick fix from Willian which didn’t work

    Conte or similar should have been appointed after Emery- if not post Wenger. It’s too late now for a big name as we have fallen too far behind to be of interest and the ownership don’t spend like the so called oil clubs. We don’t have a Harry Kane or Grealish to sell to helpto fill the coffers for new signings

    The big egos are slowly being moved on and the new signings are younger and with something to prove. If Arteta can’t make us look like a club with a proper direction then I suspect a new manager to be in the same vein as an Eddie Howe, Potter or if really lucky, Brendan Rodgers.

    1. Sunday is just as much about the performance as it is the result. We need to be positive from the off and take the game to the Chavs. This very rarely happens under Arteta but the crowd will soon let him know if he thinks sitting back “hoping” for a result will be acceptable. It will not.
      We have good players. We have good pace and energy in our younger players. FFS Arteta just get the confidence into the team and be positive. That will at least prove more than ladt fridays sh*tshow that has happened far too often under this manager.

  4. I agree with many of your points.
    It is quite clear that Arsenal have taken a different approach this year compared to last year.
    It is also quite different to the immediate post Wenger period. It is quite clearly a reset.
    I am not convinced about the suggestion of Conte etc. which has been repeated so often. This is because Arsenal have not had a squad to consistently compete with the likes of MC, MU, Liverpool for a few years. The squad rebuilding should have started years ago.
    Any of the known top level managers would have requested huge financial investment. Conte is unlikely to have taken the job without significant backing.
    At this point looking to sack Arteta at what is effectively the start of the rebuilding process would not make sense and will create chaos.
    Unfortunately, far too many fans are not willing to give Arteta the support he and the team require. This team needs time to gel and and develop.

    1. I agree with many of the posts in that I like the young player recruitment policy and most of the players chosen, although I can understand opinions to the contrary. If Arteta does go imo the squad is a better one than that inherited.

      My concern is not about the potential of the squad, but rather whether they will be effectively used and developed by Arteta, – indeed whether his master plan will ultimately be successful at all, and if so when will we see sufficient progress to validate this, both in results and style. Until this happens, bearing in mind the many many mistakes made (and admitted) by him already in his 18 month tenure, we are entitled to be sceptical and impatient.

      There is currently very little positive evidence that he has talent as either manager or coach, but plenty to the contrary. Let’s be honest – very few experienced and established managers are allowed 18 months of dross, let alone a rookie with no “credit in the bank”.

      There is a race on now – will our results and performances improve enough before the board look at the table, listen to the rising discontent from both fans and pundits and replace Arteta?

    2. 8th plaace finishes aren’t acceptable for any team that is supposed to be moving forward. also ,how many times have we been “rebuilding”? You can rebuild without being totally awful in the process.

  5. This is a results driven job! By time the window closes this time around he would have spent over 100 million. What would you have done with the 100 million? What players would you have kept or tried to get rid of?
    I wish Arteta all the best because he’s with us, for us, one of us but I don’t think he spent the money wisely. Hope i’m wrong but I think he’ll be gone by Christmas and if so he should take Edu with him.

  6. Odegaard has come in and Ramsdale on the way. With ASL, White and Tavares it all points to Arsenal recruiting youngsters who can either be good value for their purchase or would have a decent resale value. Arteta is definitely trying to change certain things at Arsenal. What worries me is the outgoings, no teams are much interested in Kola, Willian, Torreira and Runnarrson, they have to be either loaned out or sold out. Also if AMN is not going, Arteta must put him in the RB slot and can rotate with Cedric and Chambers. Belerin must find a new club and the money invested in a new RB or CF. Let us give Arteta time till December to implement his policies and than lets see the direction, planning and path which Arsenal is going. Till than lets back the team and the manager.

  7. I am positive about the new young additions, and I like the long term thinking.
    However, we also need our team to actually perform, and by that I mean:
    1) We need to see motivation and desire
    2) We need to see signs of real improvement
    For me Arteta isn’t providing it, and unless that changes really fast, he must go.
    But who then? Good question.
    Conte is on top of many’s list.
    Any of them would do for me.

  8. Of the above 3 mentioned, both Conte and Zidane would demand a large transfer kitty. However you are absolutely right regarding the motivation and desire factors, that is Artetas duty and obligation, the players must be all worked up for every match and give their 100% for the shirt, feel the passion to win games and the ambition to do consistently well and improve on deficiencies. There should be a positive atmosphere and positive vibes resonating with energy and reflected on the pitch, only than Arsenal will be able to perform well.

  9. You cannot blame Arteta for taking the job if it was offered to him, rather than blame the people who hired him. They obviously thought being Pep’s No. 2 was as good as any manager with experience and probably came at a much cheaper price.
    Instead of getting Klopp, we gave Wenger another 2 years (bad decision)
    Instead of getting a top, top manager like Ancelotti/Allegri, we got Emery (perennial 4th – 7th place finishes, apart from winning the league in France in a one horse race) – (another bad decision).
    Instead of replacing Emery with a top, top manger (Ancelotti/Tuschel/Allegri) we went with a complete novice, with no managerial experience whatsoever and look how that’s turned out (ridiculous decision, which no one wanted).
    None us know our style of play anymore. How can people trust the process when Wenger and Emery had worse players but still managed to qualify for Europe.
    I have never seen to many backwards and sideways passing from any team. He still hasn’t addressed our RB problem and seems to have a bigger ego than Kanye West.
    He has no excuses now the owners have backed him with cash but I do not see the him being sacked as it would mean the powers that be got it wrong and they will not want to look foolish.
    With what we now have, he has to deliver, at a minimum, European football. Anything less is unacceptable and will prove what a complete waste of time these past 2 years have been.

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