What now for Arsenal after DOUBLE Mkhitaryan transfer blow?

Just a few days after the majority of Arsenal transfer rumours about the talented attacking midfield star Henrikh Mkhitaryan were leaning towards Arsenal leading the race to sign him, the Gunners have suffered a double blow to the chances of securing this particular transfer.

First of all we had a report by Squawka.com in which his agent Mino Raiola talked up his clients wish to sign for our Premier League rivals Manchester United without mentioning Arsenal at all, although this could conceivably be because it was the Old Trafford club that was trying to sign him rather than Arsene Wenger.

The agent said, “Man Utd is a unique opportunity, Micki wants to go there.”

Okay so that is a bad enough bit of transfer news for Arsenal fans to digest, but even worse was to come in the shape of another Squawka.com report. This one revealed that the CEO of Mkhitaryan’s current club Borussia Dortmund stated that their player would not be going anywhere during the summer transfer window, even though Hans-Joachim Watzke also admitted that the 27-year old star would not be signing an extension to his current contract which is due to run out next summer.

He said, “We’ve been negotiating a new deal with Henrikh Mkhitaryan for four months. We now know he won’t sign an extension. There was never a promise that he can leave us prematurely.

“We have intensely discussed the question of an early transfer in all club bodies and came to the conclusion that Mkhitaryan will stay in Dortmund next season.”

The question now for Arsenal fans is, if we are not going to sign Mkhitaryan, then just who is on the transfer wish list?

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    1. Most important is striker

      Then centre back

      That will take the squad to 29 players, so then it’s about deciding which 4 are not required.

  1. Its a blow for us but at the same time to United who he “said” he would rather go which for me its still good for us that he is going nowhere this season.

    My personal thought is to go for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang…we know that Dortmund are open to selling him for the right price (price is £65million) and Man City do not want to pay that much for him (my guess they already have their £60 mill+ player Aguero and are not looking to take the focus off him upfront).


    £65 Million is a fair price for someone of Aubameyang quality (fast, dribbler, and a proven goal scorer- 54 goals in 94 appearances for Dortmund) and he is 26!!

    This is the kind of player we need to lead our attack i just hope and pray Wenger Sees the opening and takes full advantage.

    Aubameyang+ Ozil + Sanchez i think that would be a combo that would terrorise BPL Defences….

    1. haha, actually watched the game. He controlled the midfield well and created some good chances. I reckon he got man of the match again.

  2. Why is this a blow to us ?? The priority for right now is a striker and anything else is just a bonus, besides there are plenty of wingers that have his potential if you search hard enough.

  3. Granit Xhaka MOTM for the second consecutive game..congratulations Granit..Looks like we have a Gem in our hands.. was absolute beast all game.. can’t wait for the season to begin

  4. if i were a betting man which im not i,d bet that someone is going to find a way to blame wenger for the “transfer”falling through!!what do you think??

  5. Here we go again and again,Wenger refused to put the right amount of money on table to get players.the way he is dealing with buying players,he will not get anyone of quality, everyone is buying to reinforce their team for champion league.
    He will come out with same crapt, no players available. We need one good striker to compete with giroud and a full back ,that’s all we are asking for 2 seasons.

    1. Come on mate I get that you’re frustrated at wengers transfer plans of the past because I’m the same. But the fact remains that its all rumours and agents playing games give it until it becomes fact before you let the stress get to you

  6. 65m pounds a fair price for Aubameyang? Wow. Guys just give funny figures. How many Champions League matches has he played? How many finals? He is not worth more than 40m pounds. he scored 25 league goals last season. So he is worth 65m pounds because he can dribble and is fast? These clubs just put release clause on players contracts just to make it difficult to buy them and suckers like Man City(over paying for Sterling and De Bryne) and PSG(overpaying for David Luiz) fall into this trap. Messi, CR, Suarez, Lewandowsky and Neymar are the only players worth more than 50m pounds.

    1. When I first seen that I was hoping that they meant in euros. 65m in euros would be about 55 I’m guessing, considering Eve want 50 for Lukaku Id say that’s more like it. De Bruyne went for 55m pounds, Id take Aubemayang over De Bruyne any day of the week. Like it or not this is the way of football these days. Top strikers are hard to come by so when you think about it, it is actually reasonable. Whats not reasonable is what England have been charging teams for years.

  7. Get Mahrez if we cant get Mkhitaryan. Don’t do nothing though. I don’t want to hear “we couldn’t find the right player” in September, which I no doubt will.

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