What now for ‘Arsenal fan’ Wilfried Zaha?

Earlier in the summer, Zaha’s brother informed Crystal Palace that as a boyhood gooner, it’s his sibling’s dream to move to the Emirates. The player himself feels lied to by his club for seemingly pricing him out of our reach. Now though, we will see if the man is true to his word. Surely if he really did have his heart set on Arsenal it’s a case of ‘I’ll wait 12 months.

The Eagles would struggle to force him to stay at Selhurst Park any longer and now surely, it’s time to be given a guarantee by Steve Parish that he could be sold to the Gunners this time next year for a realistic valuation.
The likes of Ronaldo, Fabregas and Suarez all were made to stay longer than they wanted, but performed once they knew it was a case of when and not if they would leave. Let’s be honest, off the record all parties talk. The winger’s agent would have quickly found out we simply don’t have the funds to give 80 million without a payment plan, but it will also have been observed that he started this window as Unai Emery’s number one target. If our manager rates him now surely, he would in 12 months?

If we had qualified for the Champions League, maybe we could have stretched to Zaha and Pepe on both wings. Worst case, off record we could tell him to be patient and wait till next August, when negotiations would be easier. He could still get his wish, just not this month.

If he were to move to Everton instead just for a quick pay rise, I would question how genuine his ‘dream’ ever was.

Dan Smith


  1. Now there’s talk of him eyeing a move to the spuds ? Noooooo!!!
    He can’t stay at Palace now surely? Surprised more teams haven’t come in for him & dare I say it….Everton???
    I would have loved him, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be ☹

    1. Sue
      Maybe we have quiet word
      Let him know we can get him next year
      Imagine, aub,lacca up front
      Pepe, Zaha on wings

      1. Maybe Dan…I wonder how he’s feeling.. telling them he wants out & now he may end up staying there for at least another season. And I bet the fans won’t be too happy with him either!
        Omg that would be some line up ?

        1. Sue It is no good keeping a player who doesn’t want to play for you he will be sold mark my words

          1. He will not be sold this year.

            He’s too vital to Palace’s survival and his contract is for another 4 years, I believe, so they can still get a good amount next year- 50 mill. at least.

            As I said before, Zaha had played it safe and extended last year, so because of that he priced himself out of realistic moves. If he hadn’t extended, Palace would have to sell him this year if they wanted to get at least 40 – 50 mill. for him.

    2. I would prefer Everton soares,a cheaper younger winger who by all accounts is a gem a real find by edu.& then we can use what ever transfer money on bolstering our dire defense.

    3. Why not join spurs as Agent Wilf, derail their CL chances and join us next year. We get him at a reduced fee, we make to CL and spurs back to our shadow

    4. Sue, I don’t get why Martinelli’s goal was ruled offside with no look at a replay. At least 1 or 2 usually would be shown. Very strange.

  2. A front four of Zaha, Laca, Auba, and Pepe would be devastating. Good enough to even win the highly coveted price, the champions league. However, it is highly unlikely that it will happen. With Pepe looking increasingly likely that he will be a Gooner, I think that is the end of Zaha with us. Besides, let’s not forget that we have the likes of Nelson and Martinelli knocking on the door of the left-wing position. I feel pity for Zaha though as he is clearly not Crystal Palace standard. He is easily one of the best wingers in the EPL and to imagine players like Iwobi, Elneny, Xhaka and the like are in a better club than him just shows you how unlucky he has been.

  3. Zaha is better than Pepe, but I doubt he’s really a fan anyway, just his brother saying stuff to help force through a move. He wants a chance of playing Champions League so Everton isn’t ever going to happen, he’ll stay at Palace for another year then will leave for a top 6 side next summer.

    1. Only time will tell who’s better.

      For now, we can only say Zaha is the safer option because he’s proven in the EPL

      1. Wouldn’t even say “proven” more like “experienced” not like he has ever had a truly prolific season in the prem…..

  4. He cannot move easily since he decided to extend his contract, therefore he must continue with his own decision. There could be a pressure from Palace to extend his contract at that time, but it was eventually his decision to get a pay raise or to be benched as a contract rebel

    However, Palace surely know that it would be difficult to get more than 55 M for Zaha next summer, because he will be 28 years old and this transfer saga could lower his motivation in this season

    I predict Palace would eventually budge at the end of this transfer window and maybe Arsenal are waiting for that moment. They did similar strategy to bid for Ozil/ Perez/ Lemar and they might do it again for Zaha

  5. I read about the spurs link too and don’t think there’s much in it but I hope he doesn’t end up there. If Palace realise they’ve made a huge mistake trying to keep an unhappy player, he could end up there at a reduced fee.

  6. Zaha is really good and tricky, but his end product is still wanting. I think an attack of Laca auba and Pepe is WC.

    Pepe looks like a done deal to me. Still fingers crossed though. The Tierney saga has gone quiet. Any updates on that? @kev? Emery didn’t seem to mention anything about LB in his press conference. Tierney is a must to get this window.

  7. Zaha auba laca pepe

    Can add Ronaldo but will lose games without a defense.

    We first need 2 top CD then a 1 LB & 1 RB. Niles is no LB, must be played in his middle position.

  8. Pepe is principally a top right winger. And Iwobi who plays as left winger for Arsenal wasn’t top quality when he played for the club from the LW position last season. Therefore, an upgrade in this position is required to do by Arsenal this summer despite that Auba’ can play as LW when Lacazette leads the line. But when he doesn’t and Auba’ leads the line the weakness problem at LW could persist except if Iwobi improves considerably for Arsenal in the position next season. And Arsenal should not depend too much on wing back support at LW from Kolasinac or Tierney if signed to cover for Iwobi lapses which principally are his lack of scoring goals from the LW for Arsenal but just 2 in the PL last season. And couple with his lack of crossing the ball efficiently into the opponent’s box or area has underlined the need for Arsenal to do a top quality LW signing this summer of proven goals scoring ability at the top level on the consistent basis and also who can give assist too on consistent basis if Arsenal forward is to be adequately strengthened this summer in readiness for next season’s campaign especially in the PL.

    But since Arsenal signing of Wilfred Zaha has not worked this summer due to his club excessive demand for transfer signing fee shouldn’t lead to Arsenal to jettison the signing of a top quality LW this summer. But they have to go ahead to sign one to fully complete the strengthening of their 4 man forward line in a 4231 playing starts formation. In this regard, the signing of Everton Soares by Arsenal this summer readily comes to mind and has became imperative for them to do as he should fill the bill at LW for Arsenal if they want to do an upgrade in the LW position this summer.

    1. We still need to choke the defense. Liverpool had an electric front line two years ago but didn’t win anything with a leaky defence. VVD and AB entered, Champions league!

    2. I agree Samuel, although the Everton Soares potential transfer has gone quiet, this may be due to the higher profile of the Pepe and Tierney negotiations.
      A transfer window of Pepe, Everton, Martinelli, Tierney, Sabila (2020/21) and Ceballos and Rugani on loan deals would be a great transfer window for the Arsenal.

  9. I liked the idea of Zaha playing for us but I think Pepe might be the better choice.

    It also seemed Palace might be reluctant sellers and not willing to work with us the way Lille appears to have done.

    Wherever Zaha goes if he stays in the PL and if he leaves Palace, his new club will know what they are getting. I very talanted and PL proven winger.

    (But Pepe, despite being unproven in the PL, seems to have more upside)

  10. Zaha is Premier League proven. Pepe is not. So don’t be surprised if Pepe struggles at first (if he arrives).

    1. Innit, why be negative all the time? Yes, Pepe may take time to settle in, if he comes to Arsenal (barring a last minute hijack), but the majority of people in the football community think this a great signing for Arsenal if it is achieved.

  11. Pepe seems a done deal has it was reported here in Nigeria by complete sport that Osimen is in Lille for medical guess that is Pepe replacement .Just hope Pepe is on His way to arsenal . Also I don’t mind if we sign Everton Soares .

  12. some hopefully good news

    David Ornstein
    BBC Sport
    The Gunners are in talks with a number of clubs over the possible departure of defender Shkodran Mustafi.
    The 27-year-old German, who is under contract until 2021, wants to stay and prove himself – but Arsenal are keen to find an agreement for a loan or permanent transfer.
    Another centre-back possibly heading out is 33-year-old Frenchman Laurent Koscielny, with talks continuing to resolve his future.

  13. It’s a pity that Zaha won’t come to us, but Pepe is is going to blast the Premier League.

    He doesn’t have the bag of tricks and flair like Wilf but he is by far a more clinical finisher… we have in our hands a deadly winger.

    Be Excited!!

    ————- Auba—
    ————Iwobi ——-
    ——Xhaka ——Tor —-
    —Kola- Holding—Sok— Bell
    ———— Leno ———

    1. “Optimism”? Or something rather worse, like misplaced nationalism and silly bias? I know what I think!

  14. Can someone pleasse tell me why on an Arsenal site, there is now an article about another teams player who is obviously not coming to Arsenal? And was never going to anyway, IMO, as I have several times stated. Correctly too! Zaha is not our problem nor our answer to our problems. Not at anywhere near the price Palace value him. Essentially a non article, known as a filler in journalism!

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