What now for Arsenal’s Wellington Silva?

Whats happened to Wellington Silva?

Who remembers the name Wellington Silva? Not many I suppose, as the young Brazilian has gone completely off the trail at Arsenal ever since signing for the Gunners.

After many years of struggling to secure a work permit to play in England, despite originally believing Silva would be deemed a ‘Special Talent’, the winger finally managed to make the move to Arsenal’s training ground and play in England from the start of the 2015-16 season. This was a whole 5 years after originally signing for the Gunners back in 2010. Sadly for Silva his level of talent and future prospects seemed to fall dramatically in this time and it seems he is not rated anywhere near to getting into Arsenal’s first team at the moment.

During his time waiting for a permit, Silva endured loans in Spain with a number of lower league sides, largely failing to impress. In 2015, with his work permit secured, Silva signed for Bolton on loan from the Gunners and it was hoped he’d have such an impact that he would be drafted up for Arsenal first team duties. This was not the case however, and although big things were expected from him at Bolton, he largely failed to impress in a spell which he found himself as a substitute more often than not.

It therefore remains to be seen what role Wellington Silva plays at Arsenal, especially for next season. Although Arsenal don’t currently have too many decent wingers, Silva himself doesn’t seem anywhere near first team quality and at 23 years old, 24 in January, his time really is running out with the Gunners. In my opinion he seems to be one of those players that unfortunately falls into limbo at Arsenal, going out on endless loan spells, before finally running down their contracts and being released. It’s a disappointing thought for Silva but unfortunately it doesn’t look likely to work out, despite the amount of time and money invested into the former Brazilian wonderkid.

Next season we may see the likes of Toral, Akpom and Hayden play more of a role in the first team, but I certainly cannot see Wellington Silva receiving the same opportunities under Arsene Wenger.


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  1. Seems a bit harsh though. Wellington still does have loads of talent. Injury has set him back some, but I still think he deserves a shot at 1st squad play, if only in pre-season matches.
    The fact that the petulant twit Akpom is still being considered for 1st squad play, says a lot…

    1. Neither are good enough for the first team. Akpom is way too selfish and Wellington has failed to show progress. We have other academy forwards like Mavididi who had an excellent season for us, and Malen who has bags of potential. In my opinion, Silva, and Akpom are part of the generation of our youth academy that has overall been rather poor. At least we got Bellerin out of that generation though. Toral is really the only one left with any chance. Zelalem’s has decreased as he’s still not physical enough and plays way too conservative for Arsenal (too many sideways passes). Who knows though, some youth players are just late bloomers too.

      1. @RSH
        In all fairness to Wellington, he is not a product of our Youth Academy, or has had the luxuries of training in the AFC way as the others have. He’s been in the wilderness foe 4+ years, trying to get home. I feel he deserves a shot before being shuffled on…

        1. True. But the same thing happened with Joel Campbell, but his loans were much much better. I guess give him a shot in the summer friendlies and see what he has to offer.

      2. I guess you do not watch our youth?

        Zelalem actually had a good loan spell, he may have APPEARED a bit light but that was the Scottish lower league… and he did help Rangers knock out Celtic in a cup which was a heated game.

        Sideways passing still keeps the ball, he was played in the deeper role and a I have watched a lot of those ‘sideways passing’ to be him passing it to a CM partner and them moving forward to receive the ball and then play the ball forward.

        I would be curious to if he could handle the physical side of the EPL after rubbing shoulders with thugs in the Scottish 2nd league… If I was to bet I would bet on him being able to handle most of what he will face in the EPL, obviously I think he would handle it better after experiencing it, like Ozil coped better with the physical side after gaining experience of the EPL.

    2. ESPN: ” sources close to arsenal have told us that they want to bring in addition to vardy , riyad mahrez or mkhitaryan and that they prioritise mkhitaryan ” .

      ESPN is a reliable source or am wrong ??

  2. It’s either Arsenal really didn’t activate Jamie Vardy’s release clause or Vardy believes he has all of a sudden become a Zidane or a Raul to keep Arsenal waiting a whole summer for his decision.. I hope the Arsenal hierarchy get bored with all this and change the name on the offer from Vardy to Mahrez.. And by the time Vardy makes up his mind, we are parading Mahrez..a Jahnsen too would be welcome..

    1. Deal could possibly of already been done with Vardy. Perhaps announced after the Euros? He might of been worried about his reception on the pitch etc? Football fans can be cruel and fickle creatures. This was with the uncertainty everyone cheers him on with no strings attached and his confidence is in no way undermined.

      That’s my theory anyway.

      1. Ornstein’s saying Arsenal and Leicester still expect a decision from him today. Ornstein highly reliable so I think it’s still a waiting game at this point. I know Hodgson said no transfer business during Euro’s, but he seems like quite the pushover of a coach to be honest, lol.

  3. tired of all this vardy nonsense.
    He either comes or stays put with the champions.
    We dont have all the time in the world just to wait for his decision

  4. Yeah. I believe the Vardy deal has been done and dusted, just waiting for official announcement while the photo shoot might be taken in France by the coming weeks. The news of Leicester offering a counter contract is just to show that they are not just giving up without a fight. Let’s just chill and maybe enjoy the suspense which is part of football but by September I know we will be having a striker with better qualities than Giroud.

    1. What makes you think Giroud would not start? I see Theo’s position being opened up for someone like Vardy.

      1. Vardy is not a wide player, he is in his prime and being bought to score goals…

        Giroud may start as 1st choice but he could get subbed in the 1st game and lose it to Vardy straight away… Also can you imagine Wenger ever saying one of his players isn’t good enough when he has had to rely on them for so long?

  5. Don’t think there’s much to say about Wellington Silva. It didn’t work out and he wasn’t successful on his loans. Not the first youth player to not live up to it. Another club will take him surely. We’ll see Willock play for the first team sooner than Wellington if he stays.

  6. Wellington won’t play for us…
    That era is over, now even the qualities of our academy players are improving…

    According to the article,he was bought since 2010, that was the time we buy players in the Denilsons,or Meridas level..
    When we were still in debt..

    Now,it has changed, the qualities of our upcoming youngsters are great…Adelaide,Fortune,Mavididi,Vlad dragomir,Willock etc….not to mention first team youngsters in Ox,Iwobi and Gnabry..

    Bye bye Silva……..

    1. @goonerboy
      I can see you’ve never seen Silva play. He’s streets ahead of all the youngsters you named…

  7. Has AH watched any games with Silva?

    Did you not think his injury played a part in him being a sub more than he would have? Hamstring tare isn’t something you recover from in 2 weeks…

    He missed about a dozen games and still featured in 22, in his previous 2 seasons he has managed over 30 games showing he isn’t out injured every 2 mins like Theo…

    Okay he hasn’t scored loads, that is his main flaw and to be honest, he has done better than the Ox in the past 12 months for goalscoring.

    I hope Silva is given more of a chance at Arsenal next season as I do think he could be a very good squad player for us, training with Alexis and Ozil will only help him develop where currently he is training with lower level teammates.
    Not forgetting Bolton have been defending heavily, a relegation battling team wasn’t going to have too many opportunities for their front men.

    Ever thought about hearing what the BWFC fans had to say about him?
    “Wellington Silva was a breath of fresh air today, every time he got on the ball he looked dangerous”
    “Positive dribbling in the first half and showed signs of class but faded in the second:”
    “wellington silva looks class as well ”

    He may have faded as the season went on but we have to remember he is on loan and he hasn’t been settled in life for over 5 years, this has to be considered… Is he actually happy at BWFC?

  8. Harry kane loans were not really successful yet he turned out to be great, bellerin at watford did not go well too, Look at them now. I think arsene should give him a chance and not play his favoritism card

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