What now for Ramsey after Xhaka’s arrival at Arsenal?

Does Xhaka signing mean Ramsey’s days are numbered?

It’s such an amazing feeling to have a new signing tied up so early in the transfer window. Xhaka became the third most expensive player in Arsenal history after this week’s announcement. Having spent so much money to sign him, he is undoubtedly going to be first choice in the Gunners midfield next year. Keeping in mind how indispensable Ozil has become to the team, it practically leaves only one vacant space in the central midfield triangle.

Had Santi Cazorla not been injured last year, he would have been competing with Ozil for the Player of the Year award. Even though he is turning 32 this year, he still possesses skills and tricks to get out off difficult positions and register fantstic assists. The other options are Francis Coquelin, Mohammed Elneny, Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere and any other Academy graduate who breaks into the first team this year.

Francis Coquelin will have a major role to play next year in big games supporting the Arsenal defence, and currently has no like for like replacement in the team. Mohammed Elneny has performed admirably since joining in January and it would be difficult for Arsene Wenger to justify dropping him. His determination and industry are qualities that few other Arsenal players can match. Jack Wilshere has always been Arsene’s favourite player and is bound to start whenever Wenger can accommodate him in the side. Also we cannot rule out progression of Academy players into the team just like Alex iwobi did this year.

All this leads us to the question about Aaron Ramsey’s position in the team. He had a breakaway season a few years back which give us the hope that we could build a team around him. However, he has done little worth noting since then. Injuries have played their part, however it also feel that Arsene Wenger’s immense support has made him complacent. He hasn’t shown the drive of late and had numerous forgettable performances last year. If he wants to play regularly it maybe an opportune time for him to start searching for a new club. There was rumours that Barcelona are interested in him and it would possibly be the best situation for all parties if they, or any other top club, actually buy him.

What are your thoughts fellow Gunners?

Nayan Parakh

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  1. dani says:

    Do you think Barcelona want him?

    Keep him, you never know how he will play next season?

    If we don’t buy a world class centre back… perhaps just perhaps let coq take a step back into the back 4, ie: Javier masharano style…

    With that being said all that’s left is a world class centre forward….

    Dick law said “new team’ I can believe him!

    COYG sort that position out asap too please x

    1. muda says:

      Forget about Ramsey, its Official: he will be wearing Jersey no. 8 for arsenal next season.
      What a waste of number.

  2. Uzi Ozil says:

    He will start some games due to suspension and injuries. Wenger might deploy him on the flank as Wenger loves Ramsey. Ramsey might also see a lot of the bench next season.

    But if He chooses to leave’, I won’t hold Him back.

  3. Juhislihis McLovin says:

    Player of the year award? Do people have such a short memory or are they living last season? Santi was playing quite badly before his injury. Lost possession constantly, slowing our attack with meaningless dribbles, even missed crucial penalty against W Brom. Not to mention he scored 0 goals last year.

    Cazorla who returns might not be the same we saw last season..

    1. Jan says:

      Oh finally somebody talking sense!!
      So much noise about Cazs return…he will do this …he will do that ..we missed him and so on…
      Agree with you Mc Love 100%!

  4. Wilshegz says:

    He ll compete with Campbell,Ox,Walcott,Wilshere,Iwobi,Walcott for the RW.
    Ox is injured
    Iwobi ll be at Olympics
    Wilshere ll be put back into d first team gradually considering his injury history and the Euros
    Walcott ll be backup CF with Welbeck almost outta the season.
    Iwobi and Campbell play best on the LW (so they ll be backup to Alexis)
    I feel Ramsey ll get the RW spot at least for the start of the season.

  5. What’s annoyed me about the Xhaka signing is the small minded Arsenal fans who think it’s a ‘great’ signing.
    It’s a decent signing, but Xhaka isn’t going to make our midfield great again. He isn’t the Patrick Vieira we’ve been crying out for to harden our midfield! £30+ million on a player to help bolster a position we already have plenty of cover in isn’t the best we can do!
    He’s a good player, but he isn’t one that’s going to take us to the next stage, he isn’t going to win us the premier league.
    Alvaro Moratta will become Arsenal’s signing this summer, and that’s a signing where I’ll sit up, and will boost the confidence I have in our chances of winning the PL.

    A source I know within the club, has said this is the first of three “Key Signings” for us this summer.
    It’ll be interesting to see who else comes through the door.

    1. ruelando says:

      I think you will be apologising soon in regards to Xhaka, I think he is a very important signing in the middle of the park, he may not be captain, yet, but he will bring leadership there.
      Morará who you speak so dearly of is no Henry, Berkamp or RVP. He will take time to develop, probably more comfortable in a two man striker role

      1. You’re referring to the quote of him having “leadership” because his mum gave him a set of keys when he was younger?….

        Moratta is a proven goalscorer at a young age. You cannot possibly compare him to the likes of those greats you mentioned, but he would be a massive addition to Arsenal.

    2. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Sounds like Brown sauce to me (?) ?
      Unless you are related to Pat Jennings? ? ?

      Wenger has already said that he will be looking at bringing in 2-3 signings, so unless you got names that haven’t already been mentioned, theres no need to boast about inside information! ?

      1. Wahey Fatboy – I like it… But my “inside information” I hold close to my chest…

        Before Ozil signed, I gave this very site the confirmation a week before the deal happened, I got question after question, the same with Flamini. I don’t tend to give away much but certainties.

        1. Fatboy Gooney says:

          Oh Wowww! ?? That is sooooo impressive. .. ?
          Can I have your autograph? ?… Not! ?

          So What … I got thumbed down for announcing the signing of Elneny on here… 2 weeks before… thanks to my pet camels contacts in Egypt! ?

          1. Admin says:

            Calm down Fatboy!

          2. Haha! He’s allowed his opinion. Another keyboard warrior, happy on the old emoji’s – funny to see.

  6. ButtFlaps says:

    if someone purchase Ramsey I not worry. add to funds to purchase top top top striker. Maybe Pierre Eric Aubamoyong?? (NOT 12GOALS MORATA!!!)

  7. SoOpa AeoN says:

    If we get a proper winger, then there’d be no automatic starting room for Ramsey anywhere on the pitch…….. Unless someone is stubborn enough to carry out sentimentalism and/or maybe bench Le coq, ELneny or Carzola!

    [He can come on Like a sub or start some few games depending on existing situations]

  8. goonerboy says:

    What happens to Ramsey now is bench time!
    We may see a ruthless Wenger now because he will want a new contract…

    And part of the ruthlessness will be to demote Ramsey to a squad player that his ability shows that he is..

    But in the CM area, there is obviously no chance for him there,will be interesting to see what Wenger does…

  9. supertuur says:

    Xhaka’s arrival will likely push one of the following three players out:

    1. Cazorla, He is 31 and will be 32 this year and has 1 year left on his contract. If sold this transfer window he could command £15-20 mil. Next window that will be 0.
    2. Ramsey – he will not like being played RW and could leave maybe to Barca. He would gets us good money to reinvest £25-30 Mil
    3. Toral – Too many players ahead of him to make an impact. I have no idea if he has years on his contract left. He counts as homegrown and was our best loanee.

    1. sevenitti says:

      Cazorla will run through his contract and return to villareal if they don’t buy him for pennies before that. Ramsey will be the guy replacing Cazorla, even though they’re quite different players. Total? Idk… maybe another loan?

  10. The Analyzer says:

    How does the arrival of Xhaka impact on Ramsey’s position in the team? The roles of the players will be different in the team. Thought you always wanted depth and quality.

    1. rkw says:

      Ramsey is to depth an quality what the wandering whippet is to dribbling and clinical finishing … A serious manager would unload the pair of em on whoever would take them .. Burton Albion more likely than barca

  11. Bobbyraz says:

    well Ramsey just got the no 8 jersey, hmmm am scared

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