What Prince Williams said to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang about potential transfer

Arsenal is fighting to keep hold of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang beyond his current contract and it seems the harder they try, the more other teams want to get him.

The latest individual who is trying to persuade him to leave Arsenal is Prince Williams who is a renowned Aston Villa fan.

The British royal family member joined Arsenal stars, Hector Bellerin, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and coaches, Mikel Arteta and Per Mertesacker on a zoom call to discuss mental health recently.

Having gotten the opportunity to speak to Aubameyang, he couldn’t resist the urge to ask Aubameyang to join his beloved Aston Villa.

He told the Gunners’ captain, as quoted by the Mail: ‘Pierre, I’m hoping you’ll be at Aston Villa,’

The Arsenal entourage on the call did laugh it off and he added: ‘We’ll have to a word later.’ 

It was obviously a joke but it sends a message about how highly thought of Aubameyang is among the fans of other Premier League teams.

The Gabon star is one of the most lethal strikers in the world and losing him could see the Gunners struggle for goals.

The club is reportedly focused on keeping him beyond his current term and they have prioritised signing him (The Metro) on to a new deal over making new transfers in the summer.

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  1. Lmao@villa, when Arsenal a huge club to villa no disrespect, but were strugglin to keep him at the club here as you read and hear everyday, i would arsenal to ask him seriously, are you staying or not, but thats his agents job which annoys me, as you want players at the club not for how much they can get them ,but for the reason the want to be here, have a attachment with the club, ones that even end up loving the club, and want to be remembered like many before them, such as henry,bergkamp,viera,adams,seaman,just to name some, to play for the shirt and impress the fans, footballs been killed off with money bring back the love and loyalty, timo werner £50 million wtf, i if a was arteta, would be trying my best to try bring him to arsenal, even to swap auba if he wants to leave but then theres the money,who is offering more, who is sneakier than the other, theres lots of talent out there,just waiting to become stars, its kroenke aswell, tight as* coont, well end up with either 1 or 2 signings and rest will be loans, less kroenke pisse* off or gets the cash out,or he gets bought out with, that african billionaire we have been hearing about,also a fan, thats what i prefer another david dein, were not 10 yrs or less from where we used to be ,when we were winning leagues ,f.a cups ,etc were just £££££ that short, money wins cups nowadays or once upon a time it was a great team with talent, but not even our fans can agree now ,giving players abuse on nights out aswell helps like, as auba got 1 night out in london, we lost control when ARSENE WENGERS WAS FORCED OUT!!! ,IF you dont believe that, look where we are now and have been since the legend left, least we finished in the top 4 each year, but as he couldnt win the league when teams are spending £100 mill just on 1 player, and we got £60 to spend altogether hes forced out by people he cared for, and loved as a fan and boss, but hopefully he will give arteta advice as the gave spoke, we need to get back to who we are and unite as a team ,and look forward from now on, as im going on 33+ years as a gunner and ill support them till my last breath, club needs the club back, as the fans needs the support not a DIVIDE, we all want the best and the glory days but only us as a club and backing can achieve that, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS…..

  2. I think the bussines of Stan is breaking.U might tend to advice some one on his busines when on the other side its collapsing.Truelly we love Arsenal because its Barcelona in England but the facts remains”does the boss cares? Does he loves his business and fans.

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