What qualities are needed for Arsenal’s next manager?

The qualities Arsenal’s next manager needs by Konstantin Mitov

A lot has been said about Emery’s replacement recently and a lot of names have been flying around, but the truth is nobody knows what the truth is regarding Arsenal’s next manager.

One day it’s Nuno, then Arteta, the Brendan Rodgers, who knows what it’ll be tomorrow? Regardless this appointment is even more difficult than the one we had when Arsene left.

It’s mid-season and it’s been over 20 years since we’ve last did such a thing. We’re also in a giant mess. We can’t defend, we’ve lacked creativity, and overall we lack confidence and quality in most areas of the pitch. Now add to that the constant backroom changes and you see the task ahead is difficult.

So what are the main qualities the next guy has to offer? We need someone with charisma, who would lift the spirits and connect with the fans. We’ve been disjointed. If I am Arsenal’s next manager I would order players to applaud the fans before and after each game, no matter the result. Show a desire to bridge the bond between fans and players. Show that the team cares for us and it will immediately be met with support.

Then comes the no-brainer that we need a coach who can set up a proper defense. The players we have in this position are extremely poor, so we need a wizard here. Some people even suggest Chris Wilder. Whether I believe such a manager can be a success at Arsenal is another topic, but with our current situation I am not sure we’ll be able to persuade any of the top guns to manage us.

Regardless we need a strong personality who will immediately earn the players’ respect and resolve the captaincy issues we have right now. He also needs to find the best 11 and a way to fit Ozil, Auba, Laca and Pepe on the pitch together without abondoning the defense (not that it actually does anything right now).

We need a man with Authority to deal with people who’ve been plain average for a while, and somehow got away with it for being the managers fault. The new head coach needs to immediately earn the players respect and not many coaches of that calibre are available right now.

It would also be lovely to have someone who knows the English game and the language. Emery had communication issues and this can easily eat up another manager.

Finally we need a man who can work in a system where you need to communicate with people like Raul, Venkai, Edu and others. The new guy wont call all the shots and since we spent a lot of money in the summer, he’ll have to deal with the current squad which as we can see is full of players not good enough for Arsenal.

So put all those ingredients in the mixer and see what name comes out? Is it Poch, Arteta or Nuno? Can it be Brendan Rodgers? He said he is committed to Leicester, but football had taught us that what you say and do can often be different.

Anyway, a decision has to be taken quick, yet not too rash, because this appointment is massive. We can’t throw another year in the trash. So who should be the man in your opinion?

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  1. Alllegri he is living in London at this present time and has been learning English. Top Manager who would knock Arsenals players into shape the Italians are renown for strong. defensive.and reliable defenders

    1. I despair when I read phrases such as “the Italians”. Which Italians? All of them? Every single one? Perhaps being born Italian has a physical effect on your defensive coaching ability that does not work if you are born just over the Italian border. After all we all know that being born in any particular country makes you just the same as everyone else born in that country, dont we? NOT!!!

  2. Entertaining football
    Defensive structure
    Development of Youth
    Work on a budget
    English Speaking

    Premier league experience
    Proven winner

  3. We can’t get anybody that is risk-free mid-season.

    – Arteta has the best potential probably, but does he have the charisma? That’s the only doubt I have about him.
    – Marcelino is available – don’t know much about him.
    – Vieira would come, but a mediocre career up to now.
    – Allegri – would he come now that there’s only a question of time when the ManU job will be available where he will have loads of cash to spend to create his own team? Also language issues and a few other reasons already mentioned all too often.
    – Ancelotti, Rodgers would not come mid-season from Napoli and Leicester.

    Ancelotti is a good short-term choice, though – knows the league, the lingo, has the charisma to inspire in the short-term, good with an attacking team. Long-term – he’s not been that good in recent years including the current season. Remember how Emery easily overpowered him the EL last year? And that was when we were not in form. Can’t handle player-power – both now as well as at Bayern there were issues…

    Rodgers has a problem. He’s always been good when not having to rotate his team as they were not in Europe – Leicester now, Liverpool when they were 2nd.
    However when L’pool played in Europe and they had to rotate more, he was 7th, 6th, and temporarily 10th when sacked – bodes badly for a top 6 team in the long run.

    So I think the new manager should primarily instil a style of play that even the backups will master so that when we inevitably rotate, we don’t suffer.

    Arteta could be such a type based on studying from Pep all these years. So could probably Ten Haag of Ajax. Nagelsmann — maybe. Van Bronckhorst?? Or is he tied to the City conglomerate?

  4. Charisma to win the fans over… WTF….Some defensive structure, a plan to identify and get the right players in the right positions, discipline in training and on match day, motivation to fight for the 90 Min and an attacking ethos.Ultimately if we win games and are hard to beat in all competitions that will win fans over. I couldn’t care less if the manager is as dull as an ironing board.

    1. A charisma is something you need to be able to influence others effectively. That’s what Mourinho reportedly has, for example. It makes motivating much easier, especially star players. That’s why I mentioned it, if you’re replying to me…

  5. Just attracting football which is joy to watch, I mean no to allegri or pochetino, I really hate bus packing football for the sake of winning games, Rodgers as top target followed by arteta

  6. Charisma. Insight. Wisdom. Respect. Tactical. Strategic. Proven. Ambitious. Brand. Attacking. Youth. Experience. Budget.

    Bring back Wenger and apologize to the man… let him continue to develop the central defense and mid-field as he was doing until rudely interrupted.

    Wenger would make use of the current forwards very well.


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