What result is best for Arsenal when Liverpool take on United?

Manchester United travel to Anfield this weekend to take on Liverpool, but which result would benefit Arsenal most?

The Red Devils currently sit joint-top of the Premier League table, alongside fellow Manchester club Man City, with the pair leading both Chelsea and the Gunners by six points.

Liverpool sit trailing the London duo by a single point, and the fact that one of the Reds and Red Devils are set to drop points is of course a bonus, but which result will you be cheering for?

I’m sure the club’s main target this season is to break back into the Champions League, having missed out on qualifying for this season’s competition, but as fans we obviously have bigger hopes of actually winning the league.

At this point in the campaign, it remains a little early to be putting all our eggs in one basket, and I can’t help but wanting the two sides to draw on Saturday afternoon.

I can’t decide on whether I want to commit to cementing our place in the top four before hoping to push on to win the title, but I also can’t think of anything worse than hoping that United keep their six-point lead over our side, which leaves me stuck in the middle, but I feel like we should actually be concentrating on returning to the Champions League.

Our form at present is more than worthy of challenging for the title, but we are already some way behind the leaders, but both will have blips this season, and you cannot rule anything out.

What result will you all be cheering on this weekend? Do we need to concentrate on top four at present or should we aim higher?

Pat J

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  1. Vlad says:

    How about we worry about our games first? As for Pool vs ManU – I always root against Mourinho, so there’s your answer.

  2. gotanidea says:

    I hope Liverpool can beat Manchester United. I don’t like if a very pragmatic team like Mourinho’s Manchester United win any competition. In my opinion, they have ruined football with their set-pieces and penalty goals.

    They encourage other rich teams to use the same method. To dominate the Premier League, they just need to buy tall, strong and fast players like Pogba, Matic, Lukaku, Martial, Rashford, Fellaini and Bailly. Score the first goal with a penalty or a set piece goal, then defend and wait for a counterattack.

    I appreciate the way Manchester City and Barcelona play more. They still try to give their fans entertaining football shows, full of high level skills and open play goals, not just focused on the scorelines.

  3. joels says:

    The best way to play football is to score goals and more goals, then play like Real Madrid

  4. bran99 says:

    I think they should both lose

  5. Tony says:

    MANU will win.they look solid n scary.from defense to offence they r nearly perfect.pool have CB issues

  6. Goonerboy says:

    You know its possible to these teams to draw and we either lose or draw right???

    I know we are winning at the moment but our performance is not convincing enough imo…

    But for the game, I prefer a draw….

    1. Incarnate says:

      Yes but you gotta get used to winning by grafting first then we learn to do it in style.

  7. NAJASHI TAJU says:

    I m always happy 2 c man u & jose loose

  8. stubill says:

    I can’t stand Mourinho, and I hate scousers, so I’d like a draw. but I see a Utd win coming.

  9. stubill says:

    Oh I nearly forgot, watching Klopp jumping around like someone has rubbed chilli powder on his anal piles gets on my nerves as well.

  10. Arsenal_Girl says:

    It’s too early in the season for the result to matter

    But Mourinho v Liverpool is a no brainer. We hate Mourinho. Not just because he Managed Chelsea and now another rival Man United but because he is a jerk and insulted Wenger several times. Also, Klopp is more likeable person

    Also Arsenal and Liverpool have a bit of mutual respect for each other. We also both hate Man United lol. But I dislike United, City, Chelsea and Spurs a lot more than Liverpool

    So hopefully Liverpool will win or at least draw

    1. stubill says:

      It’s never too early in the season for it to matter. Points earned now or in the last few games still count the same at the end of the season.

      And I have zero respect for Liverpool.

    2. jon fox says:

      So you want those to win who you LIKE, whether or not it helps or harms us. If you were even slightly realistic you would want whatever makes KROENKE , GAZIDIS, THE WHOLE ROTTEN BOARD AND WENGER more likely to seel the club, be sacked or forced to resign. Being a total realist who knows full well that nothing will change for the better while this rotten regime runs our club, I want as eries of heavy defeats which will galvanise fan unrest and widespread hate of this cancerous regime and thus make them more likely to leave. ONLY THEN can we ever hope to get better and run our club honestly, honourably and with REAL AMBITION FOR SILVERWARE. The status quo is killing us and I, as a afan of 60 years attending and a realist, am NOT afraid to call for the only action that will cure us of these cancerous people. Most people on here will dislike these comments because they have not the stomach for the fierce action which is our only hope of recuing our club.

    3. Sue says:

      I hate Chelsea spuds man u & liverpool. Only team I don’t mind is man city because my daughter likes them

    4. Sue says:

      I hate Maureen

  11. jon fox says:

    Two quite separate scenarios: If we want to finish in top four, clearly we need Liverpool to lose, since only Liverpool and probably Spurs will certainly miss out on top three and therefore be challenging us for fourth place. The two Mancs and Chelsea are virtually certain for top three. But if we really want to force regime change from owner, bpoard and manager , as I do, we need our club to finish as low as possible, to damage Kroenkes investment and make a sale of club to an honourable owner more likely, so a Liverpool win is then best. But despite these comments, I think we will finish 6th whatever happens between Liv/ Man U. PERSONALLY, I WOULD PREFER US TO FINISH 16TH , as that is far more likely to rid us of the whole rotten corrupt regime that is fast killing us as a top level club.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Us finishing outside the CL places isn’t going to damage his investment. As long as we are in PL all he has to do is bide his time. League money is split evenly and he could cope with no CL money for as long as it takes, our value wouldn’t drop in a buyers eyes because of the clubs stature and capability. The fans all leaving, or us falling into the Championship would damage his investment. Prices all falling, wages fees and such, because of TV prescription money doing a turn around, something like that would have to happen.

      1. jon fox says:

        I agree that merely finishing say 5/6th will not by itself remove Kroenke. That is why I specifically wrote I would like us to finish 16th. But if it removed KROENKE AND THE REST OF HIS CORRUPT REGIME, I WOULD GLADLY TAKE RELEGATION. You are right that our long term stature would soon bring us back to the top with an honourable and caring regime in charge, rather than the present bad jokes misrunning every facet of our club; even the medical and scouting staff too.

  12. Jay says:

    The best result is us winning our own match.I’m not just interested in what’s happening with other teams.Our goal shoud be winning every match in front if us.If we do, we will surely be champion at the end.

  13. Midkemma says:

    I would go with a draw and for Lukaku to get injured, to sweeten this I would hope that liverpool was winning until the last 10 seconds and it is Ox fault that they let UTD claw a point back >:)

    Morata out for a bit, Lukaku gets injured and Lacazette gets an opportunity to eye that golden boot.

  14. Jakedala says:

    A draw would be the best result for us, with Arsenal bagging 3 points against Watford. We have to be careful though.
    I hate Maureen and Manure in equal measure but I think the team we will contend with for 4th place will be either the Pool or the Spuds. Manure could win this one I hate to say. It is difficult to see anyone other than the two Manchester clubs at the top come May, with Chelski 3rd. I sincerely hope I’m wrong. Probably get a few thumbs down for this post!

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