What should Arsenal do about the Danny Welbeck situation?

The conundrum that is Danny Welbeck by Precious Et Al

Hello, everyone. Let us retrospect a little, shall we? In the late hours of deadline day, in the summer transfer window at the start of the 2014/2015 season, on the 2nd day of September, Arsenal signed Danny Welbeck from Manchester United for a fee of 16 million British pounds. I remember feeling somewhat excited with the new arrival- not really because I expected him to instantly light up the Emirates, but because I saw so much potential in him and I immediately imagined the Emirates would be the perfect terrain to hone and polish his skills. The fact that strength, work rate, speed, and adeptness in the air came in with the package didn’t hurt either. It all seemed like a masterstroke.

And, in this thinking I felt justified when he hammered in a UEFA Champions League hat trick against Galatasaray in a 4-1 victory and when he scored the winning goal to knock out Manchester United in the quarter- finals of the FA Cup at Old Trafford. Unfortunately though, the Englishman has seldom been available, spending more time in the treatment room than on the pitch. He has had several spells on the side lines, one for ten months and another of eight months and made just 52 appearances since he signed. In case you are wondering, that is an average of just over 17 appearances per season – in all competitions. Yes, 17! And, at 26, the young man isn’t exactly getting any younger.

So, what do you do as a football club when you have this player; who although immensely bequeathed with quality, isn’t exactly world class, and worse still, has spent sundry hours on the treatment table, all the while taking squad space and wages? Do you give him some more time? Or do you cut your losses and run?

We have had this incessant need for a world class striker since RVP bolted and even with the plethora of options at the club, there exists yet the need to strengthen the frontline. Putting in consideration of the number of bodies available already, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to envision that we might need to sell one of the many ‘options’ before we bring in a new addition. Welbeck, Giroud, Perez, maybe even Walcott. One of these players might need to give way for a more quality addition to come in. And, presumably this is going to be Perez (what he did to offend Wenger, I do not know). But all things considered, maybe, just maybe the Englishman would be a better option to depart? It’s just a thought.

Precious Et Al


  1. This is a tough one. The thing is Walcott in also injury prone but he plays more games than Welbeck… But when Welbeck plays, he offers so much,he can play in all forward positions pretty well but we can’t rely on him to take us to the next level…

    Walcott on the other hand has had more opportunities than Welbeck, he should be offering more and when u consider the new formation I don’t see where he will fit in…

    Perez is the most technical of the three, and a goal poacher with a more assured and balanced game,of the three, I will keep Perez and Welbeck….

    1. I see Walcott as a more accurate shooter, but his work rate, dribbles, jumping and technique are worse. Walcott and Ozil always try to play safe to avoid injuries, whereas Welbeck is more willing to take more risks by dribbling, taking on the opponents and challenging the opponents physically.

      Without Welbeck threatening Chelsea’s defenders and midfielders in the FA Cup final, I don’t think Arsenal would have gotten the trophy. Welbeck can push any striker in Arsenal to bring the best of them.

      I think it’s time for Walcott to find another club that suits his playing style and Arsenal should not keep Perez if they will not use him regularly. I hope Welbeck can stay out of injuries in the upcoming season.

  2. I would think that Welbeck is as good a squad player you will get for the forward positions. He is not amazing but he is a nuisance when he is on and his versatility means he can be really good for rotation or to bring on.

    Personally I think he is better than Walcott and Giroud but I don’t think Wenger rates him too much.

  3. I really like Welbeck without doubt he is a workhorse, he does everything right on the pitch except scores, he is a very good and valuable player I would keep him. I think we should sell Perez, Debucy, jenkinson,Elneny or maybe even Walcot.

  4. Welbeck, whilst fit, is a formidable footballer. He is nonstop and a constant nuisance for defenders. He has been one of the best England forwards when fit. He terrorised Chelsea. Of course the issue is ‘when fit’. His quality of running teams and being a real nuisance is too valuable to lose. He could make Lacazette a lot of space to put a lot of goals in the net.

  5. Goonerboy u r right. Keep Welbeck, Perez & let go of Giroud & Walcott. On the other hand bring Lacazette, Mbappe or Aubemayang

  6. What manager doesn’t prioritize tying down players he wants to play, eg Sanchez and Oxlade Chamberlain, yet has Perez (despite sound performances each time he plays) on a longer term contract and forces him out by ignoring those performances?

  7. Welbeck in his life time has never score more than Walcott a season . Sometimes we mistreat Walcott this past season he has done more than any winger in epl. Who else a winger type in Epl scored like him. Walcott was a a hot figure 3quater of last season can’t you appreciate over 18goals this someone’s child has done from the wing? Pathetic

  8. Have you guys ever judge som1 based on statistical guage? The fact that Walcott has been at Arsenal for long without turn up into world class; it doesn’t mean he didn’t do his part either. When he was hot doing everything attacking and defensive those so-called best players carrying Arsenal on their shoulders were burzy making errors and you were here appreciating him; but why do you only judge from wrong edge always? I pity him.

    1. I am not one for statistics they don’t say it all. Having said that, I do believe Walcott is a better finisher than most one our squad. I would have liked to see more of him last season but not unlike Iwobi for some reason Wenger stopped playing Walcott when he was about to get in a grove. Walcott is also one of our best wide players going forward. If I was certain Wenger would play him regularly I would be happy to keep him. I just don’t think Walcott does well when he is not played with regularity.

      I suspect Wenger punished Walcott when Walcott spoke the truth about our lack of effort on the pitch when he was captain. But on the right wing, going forward and including scoring, he is only second to Sanchez IMO.

  9. Would offload perez as he wants to play regular and been messed about going to arsenal, time for walcott to move on. Giroud l like but not a real arsenal type striker that we need, let him go. Lacezette, welbeck and laborde as our 3 strikers and off course keep sanchez who can play up top.

  10. I have to say, I was not excited when we signed Welbeck. Yet another average British player added to our ever growing list of homegrown underachievers. I didn’t want him because of his terrible goals record, and he doesn’t seem to even have a natural position, even to this day I am not sure what he is? He’s not a winger, because he isn’t creative, or a crosser of the ball, and he doesn’t seem to have good positioning, and instincts, that a striker needs, and is awful at finishing. I was right, Welbeck hasn’t done anything, and that wasn’t hard to see.

    Welbeck is a squad player at best, but maybe cash in because he must be nearing the end of his contract, and he shouldn’t be offered a new contract based on performances, but more so, the injuries. We all know Wenger loves to keep injury-prone players around for forever, but surely that has to change at some point?

    1. “Welbeck is a squad player at best” – harsh man and completely wrong. I’d say he is a near perfect squad player. We need 25 players in our PL squad. Why do so many ignore the squad dynamic when calling out players. You cannot have 25 first teamers, just impossible. Look down the bottom of the squad listings for RM or BM, even they can’t keep world class, game changing guys for the full depth of their squad. Name a better all round 3rd/4th choice No.9 in the PL. Difficult ain’t it? DW is a difficult player to categorise but SAF knew his value as a squad player and as much as dislike old red nose I’ll take his judgement everytime over any couch pundit.

    2. I agree, mate. You got my lonesome vote ?? The Sheeple don’t like truths on here.
      You only had to lookup Danny Setback on Injury-prone.Com to see that he had muscular issues in his legs from day one at Utd.
      Surely it’s no coincidence that Wenger loves an injury prone player, I can only surmise that the club makes a nice sum of money from the insurance policies when players are out injured.?

  11. I feel sad for someone like Perez, He was never given chance of regular football where as Walcott kept wasting chances every week

  12. No brainier. SELL HIM NOW!

    Watching Danny is like watching bamboo on ice.

    The boy has heart and gives effort but a skilled and instinctive striker he is not. You do not win things by effort alone.

    Arsenal should have better quality up front of a higher pedigree who can, call me weird, score goals. If everyone just occasionally helped score goals by being a physical nusisance then we would have no one to put the ball in the back of the net (which was the case before AS).

    There is a reason Man Utd let him go, you know.

  13. Look at our record against Manchester Utd since Welbeck made the switch to our camp. Remember R V P was also injury prone even though some would say the only season that saw him win the Golden Boot in our shirt earned him a move to Manchester Utd. I don’t think Welbeck would do such a thing as push for a move away if he were to soon be the EPL’s top scorer.

  14. Walcott miss chances and still got 19 goals for us last season,in as much as I agree he could be moved on we have to appreciate the man,he scored over 100 goals for @Arsenal in his 11 seasons as a winger

  15. I thought Walcott had a good enough season, contributed a lot in the first half, but faded in the second half of the season, but if it is a decision to keep Welbeck or Walcott, it would have to be Welbeck, his work rate would be the main factor here. The way it stands i do not see none of them going, Perez is the forward likely to leave ( one of arsenal mysteries), which is a shame, because i think he could have also played the Ozil role quite comfortably. Anyway lets watch and see

  16. I thought Walcott had a good enough season, contributed a lot in the first half, but faded in the second half of the season, but if it is a decision to keep Welbeck or Walcott, it would have to be Welbeck, his work rate would be the main factor here. The way it stands i do not see none of them going, Perez is the forward likely to leave ( one of arsenal mysteries), which is a shame, because i think he could have also played the Ozil role quite comfortably. Anyway lets watch and see

  17. Unfortunately, we as Arsenal fans have learned the hard way that when evaluating a player you can not only consider his abilities on the pitch, but you have to try to factor in his availability.

    Diaby is an extreme case for that but Wilshire, Ramsey, Walcott and now even Kos and Santi have suffered in different ways with injuries and being available.

    I am probably over cautious because I am sick of players not being available and not being able to establish a run of games to get into the grove. So would unload Wilshire and yes even Santi although when fit Santi might be our most important player. But can you block a spot in your squad for a player you can not reasonably expect to be available for most of a season?

    In that regard, on skills, I would take Welbeck over Giroud and Walcott any day (Perez is gone no need to talk about him). Yet Giroud’s availability is higher. Walcott is neither here not there for me.

    I would still keep Welbeck and unload Giroud and Walcott and their high salaries.

    If Sanchez and the new striker are not available I would invest in spending minutes on one of our youth prospects.

    If he is willing to take the role without moaning and we can afford it I would keep Giroud but only as a super sub, not as a starter.

    If we stick to 3 at the back then our first 8 players are selected (keeper, 3 CD, 2DM and 2 Wing-backs) and we only have room for 3 forwards, they need to be mobile and versatile. If you keep Ozil you keep to play him which means IMO you play him as a nr9 behind two forwards. This means the forwards, like Sanchez, should be able to play on the wings and in the center. Giroud does not offer that.

    I don’t like Ozil on the wing too much and I don’t always like him in the nr 9 roles. If we need to raise cash and salary room, I would consider of loading Ozil if there are any takers. Having said that I think Ozil is one of Wenger’s favorites so he is more likely to stay than Sanchez.

  18. Wellbeck is really good, when he is on top, but he is too inconsistent.
    He is also missing too many chances.
    This should show us not to buy leftovers from our competitors.

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