What should Arsenal do with our Marmite Midfielder?

What to do with Ramsey?

Greetings fellow gunners, I’m sure that many of you have heard about how the contract talks between Ramsey and AFC hierarchy have stalled, it appears as if the Marmite Midfielder will be leaving the Emirates at the end of his contract, if not sooner.

Ramsey came to us with a lot of promise and he initially shown some good form which got us drooling over the prospect of him and Wilshere maturing together in the middle of the park. He then suffered that brutal MMA style tackle from the Neanderthal called Shawcross, the promise was cut short and the rest is history, as some would say.

When he came back from that nightmare we all appeared to notice a lack of fight in tackles, as if he was scared to risk himself in 50/50 challenges, he started to play with a handbrake on when it came to his defensive duties. Going forward was not a problem as he wasn’t the style of player to invite the fouls, Wenger encouraged the attacking mentality and this looked like the beginning of the end, we all had hoped he would bounce back from that nightmare period but over months he had proved he was a shadow… Until Arteta came to us. For a few months, not even half a season, Ramsey was putting in defensive duties while bombing forward and being involved in the goals, this short period of time has been his best ever period of football for me personally. I was so impressed with him that I thought he could grow and replace Vieira, a player who would defend and get forward to drive the team onto victories, high praise but his form in that short period demanded such praise.

He played with passion and desire, commitment and dedication, Fighting with a winners mentality. Then he got injured again and he came back as the shadow of the player he could be and he has never truly rid himself of this problem.

For someone with so much potential it is hard to argue that he should be paid for it as well, although it is hard to argue against it, I do feel we have just the reason to feel upset over this, we have given him time to overcome his issues and he has failed to do so for many years. Can we keep believing in his promise over current form? How about supporting his potential by paying him a massive payrise? I can’t and I can’t blame any other fellow supporter for feeling like they are at their whit’s end with him. However I do admire supporters who can keep their support going, while a player wears our famous badge then I do think we should try to support them the best we can. I am disappointed in myself for losing patience with our FA Cup hero.

All of that doesn’t change how we feel, we may wish to be utopian in our morals but we are human, we have our limits and some people have seen that limit not only crossed by decimated. So for people like me who have seen enough of him take us for granted, I dare say we are all happy to consider how to best profit from this let down.

Should we sell him in Jan? How about a trade instead? Let him run his contract down and be grateful we can allocate his wages towards either a signing we need or to reward a player who deserves it?

For me, all of those options have interesting avenues, the most appealing though could be a trade. Straight player swaps do not happen often but we did with UTD for Mkhitaryan, why not again?

Antony Martial? In his last 12 months, according to transfermarket.co.uk, his contract runs out on the 30th of June 2019. Arsenal could do with some more width and this young man has qualities oozing from him, he could compete for one of the inside forward roles which Emery appears to want to play.

Another wide player is Sterling, he has yet to sign a new deal with City and contract runs until 30th June 2020, this is according to transfermarket.co.uk, I will use this site for contract dates for consistency. Sterling has proven he can perform on the right, he has shown he knows how to score and he could thrive with a CF of Lacazette quality, not only a fantastic goal getter but a player who brings in the wide players with great effect. This could be hard to convince Sterling but if we could then it could very well sort the right hand side out for us.

These thoughts interest me, what would you do with Ramsey?

Would you ignore him and let his contract run down? Sell him in Jan even if it means a low fee? Aim to do a swap like we did for Alexis? Or are you one of the supporters who thinks he can come good still?

Article by Midkemma.


  1. RSH says:

    according to Ornstein we agreed a new deal but then withdrew. Probably when we realized we were offering him another dumb ozil-esque deal. If that was the case it’s the right decision. It’s far better to cut your losses than sign an inconsistent player to a long term contract with exuberant wages. Sell him in Jan, and if worse comes to worse, he walks on a free. This is another mistake that lingered from AW era. You want to know why players like Xhaka and Chambers got new deals? It was to prevent players walking away for free like this. Arsenal midfield needs to start being shaped in Emery’s image anyways. if he doesn’t want Ozil or Ramsey (which im not convinced he does), then they need to go. Ozil will be hard to rid of but I hope Emery doesnt feel obligated to play him either. Keep the big changes coming. Ramsey has had a decent time here at Arsenal, big highs with FA Cup, but lows with mediocre seasons. I think there are better options out there so let’s go get them. Thanks for the memories Rambo. Still an FA Cup legend, but let’s keep moving forward as a club.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Well said. Ramsey was exciting to watch before Shawcross’ brutal tackle and I think we have seen his limit

      I don’t think Manchester United would want to trade Martial with Ramsey and we have got several players that can play in Martial’s position. Martial has also been underperforming since last season, hence I’d prefer Arsenal to avoid getting another player with fluctuating forms

      I also want Ozil go in January, but I don’t think any club is willing to pay his salary for those bad performances and statistics

      1. Dicks jacks says:

        You’re Right but on my side , I can say that if it’s time for Ramsey to go , Arsenal can replace him with Ever Banega , and also having players like Douglas Costa , Javier Lozano , Kostas Manolas
        and Kaleudou Koulibaly, can make the team do wonders !!!

      2. ks-gunner says:

        You just need to look at some players who used to play under Moro to understand that this is has nothing to do with form here. ”Several players” we surely dont have, and even if we do, he remains still as being better than any of em.

    2. jon fox says:

      Exuberant wages eh? Well, I guess we would all be exuberant if we were offered the exhorbitant wages all Prem players get. Had to laugh , but just teasing really! I liked the substance of your post a lot.

      1. RSH says:

        ? you got me

        1. jon fox says:

          Please not to worry. If you knew even half the huge mistakes and how many too, I have made in print, your humourous slip would be as nothing by comparison. To be serious, what matters is what thoughts are actually communicated. The odd typo is of no importance whatever.

    3. A.ball08 says:

      ? Well said and I agree with everything you have wrote apart from does he want them.. Do we need both of them in the team at the same time as they are. Don’t think so

  2. Phil says:

    Good article that covers his career to date.Had massive potential but was never able to fully deliver.Yes the phycological damage he suffered after THAT tackle would have held him back initially but that was a long time ago now and he has failed to develop into the player he could have been.I blame Wenger for this.He was guaranteed a place in the team no matter what his form was like.He had periods where he should have been dropped but like many of Wengers favourites he never was.
    It’s no coincidence that certain players lost form when Cazorla was not in the side.That little man is missed more than he will ever know.He made players look better than they were and Ramsey is one of them.He should by now have been the midfield talisman we have needed but I believe he thought he was better than he proved to be.
    The Club needed to be decisive and it seems they have.He will not get a move to another top 6 side so will likely go abroad to collect his wages.We have AMN ready and waiting to step in and an owner who will have no choice other than to dig deep to replace him.
    Emery should bench him now and stick him into the Cup sides until January.Lets see how he is able to perform with half empty stadiums and fringe players to get a bigger move and more money elsewhere

    1. gotanidea says:

      Since he will clearly not sign an extension, it’s better to give chances to the other no 10s

      Arsenal have too many players that can play there and it’s time to find the one that can do the job consistently

    2. ken1945 says:

      So RSH and Phil, it’s basically all Wenger’s fault yet again.

      Let’s take the rundown of Ramsey’s contract first shall we RSH?

      Wenger was blamed completely for similar examples (Judas RVP, Sanchez and Ozil) as he was reportedly solely in charge of everything that went on at the club.
      So now, six months following his resignation, you are quoting the situation as a “lingering example of the Wenger era”.
      How on earth can it be a lingering example if the man who was blamed left the club six months ago? Has he still got influence within the hiearchy?
      Haven’t you asked yourself WHY this is still happening instead of the same old fallback cry It’s all Wenger’s fault”?
      Who’s still at the club with influence over these contracts?
      Well, Huss was brought in to solve these issues, what’s he doing? Then of course there’s still Gazidis, the board and Kronkie.
      Do you fail to see the issues that Wenger was so quickly blamed for, are still happpening at the club?
      PLEASE, wake up, smell the coffee and ask the questions that need answering about our club.

      Phil, you are doing exactly the same regarding “Wenger’s favourites”.
      Let me ask you this, why is Emery selecting the players you identify as “Wenger’s favourites”? He does have other alternatives doesn’t he?
      You state that Ramsey’s development was halted by being selected (along with other “favourites”) when he was not playing well.
      Let me remind you Phil, at no time was he dropped from the international stage by the Welsh FA. who were going through their most successful period of success during their history. He was actually made the youngest captain of the Welsh team.
      NO PLAYER goes through a season without some below par performances, but it seems that those players signed during Wenger’s reign can do nothing right in Emery’s first team squad.

      The missing piece in this puzzle is why then, after all you believe, has Emery continued to select him (along with the other “favourites”)?
      According to comments on here, he is playing even worse than last season, so how do you explain this?
      In actual fact, Emery described him as his captain elect, such was his admiration of the player.
      Are we now witnessing “Emery’s favourites” and will you accuse him of damaging players futures by selecting them?
      I have no issue with any other part of your post, particularly those appertaining to Cazorla…what a wonderful player and greatly missed.

      I’ve been saying for weeks now, that any contract on offer to Ramsey, should be withdrawn and the man placed on the transfer list for January purchase by any club interested in buying him.
      Furthermore, as he is holding the club to ransom, I believe he should be dropped from the first team squad immediately and not be involved in any playing capacity.
      I think it’s brilliant that the club have stood firm, but as I don’t know the full story of the negotiations, cannot comment any further on that.
      Funnily enough, I would prefer him to sign a sensible contract, as he is a very good player.

      I did suggest that we would witness the facts gradually begin to unravel once Wenger left.
      The two examples above, Gazidis leaving just four months into his “reign”, thousands of empty seats at the Emirates, a miniscule transfer kitty, these are just some of the stories that our fanbase need answers to.

      Before I am accused of anything, this is not a wenger crusade piece, he is long gone. I want to look at our club as it is SINCE HE LEFT!I
      The same issues remain, let’s debate WHY THAT IS HAPPENING – as it seems the current manager and his three musketeers are following the same path. Why?

      A very good, well reasoned article Midkemma, that has lifted the lid partially on pandoras box, in my humble opinion.

      1. Phil says:

        Ken-in my mind there can be no doubt Ramsey was always considered a starter when Wenger was the Manager despite his form.Ramsey started every game when he was fit.Ramsey was never substituted no matter what.This is why he was always portrayed as one of Wengers favourites and I would ask you to reply if you feel any different.Xhaka was another that stunk the place out at times but was always included in the team.I suspect in Xhaka’s case it was because Wenger would never admit that his £30m+ fee was wasted such was the blind faith he continued to show in him.Mustafi is another obvious player that would come into the same reckoning.If these players were fit they played.It seemed like a cosy little club that they were immune to critisism and Wenger never challenged them by rewarding continually bad performances with being dropped.Even a diehard Wenger admirer as yourself must surely acknowledge this was a failing Wenger continued to display in his final years at the club before he was eventually sacked.Wenger brought these players to the Club and while his loyalty to his team is admirable to a certain level I fail to see how anyone but the Manager can be blamed when performances were as.dire as they were.
        In regards to your point about Tamsey and his Wales position I would state that this is Wales we are talking about and they hardly have an abundance of players to pick from to begin with.And while I would agree Tamsey was appointed the Captain of Wales in their history I would add that he was also the youngest to have that Captaincy removed from him after a ffairly disastrous handful of games such were his performances and results while having the honour.
        You ask why Emery continues to pick these players.Well my answer is that is we had Citehs transfer budget then he most certainly would have replaced Xhaka and Mustafi but we don’t.Emery has no option other than to work with the players he inherited until such times as we can replace them with better quality.Is Emery getting better performances out of the team?My answer is he is certainly trying his best and the performances are no better or worst than under Wenger and for that I can only congtatullate Emery.
        In regards Emery’s pre season comment about building the team around Ramsey I can only state that he obviously wished to work with the player and have him as a mainstay of the team for the future.It now seems unlikely this will happen and we move on without a player who believes his value is higher than the Club does and what most supporters feel.

        1. ken1945 says:

          Phil, I find it difficult to understand why you haven’t addressed the fundamental question I posed, why is this still happening six months after Wengers resignation (as reported by Per Mertesacker the club captain)?

          Let me ask you again why do you consider Emery has started Ramsey in all but one match?
          He most definately has the squad to drop him if he wants to, but he sees him as an essential part of his team.
          It’s no good saying that he was one of Wengers favourites, it’s Emery making the calls now.
          As it is with Xhaka and Mustafi.
          We have first team squad members who could replace every single one of the three above mentioned players, but Emery has seen fit to choose them consistently since he took charge.
          Xhaka costing £30 million? Do you think Emery thinks about that as he chooses him week in week out? Is it blind faith on Emery’s part as well then? He could have put Terriera or Elneny in (as examples) from the very first game.
          Mustafi is a different proposition, due to injury of Kos, but again, Emery had the likes of Holding and Chambers (who’s decision was that?) to replace him.
          Sorry Phil, but in my opinion, Emery choose to stick with your so called wenger favourites because he sees potential in them.
          That, following your logic, means wengers failings are emerys failings.

          Emery’s budget is the same as Wengers was, so I don’t see that explains anything other than City will always be able to outbid us in any transfer negotiations, along with Chelsea, Liverpool and Utd.

          Why are we still having contract problems, another so called wenger disaster zone, six months on?
          I would love to have your opinion on that one, especiallly as we have employed Huss to specifically sort these problems out.

          I used Ramsey’s tenure as Wales captain to show you how other professionals rated him. He actually won seven of the twelve games he was captain.
          Coleman dropped him as captain, what happened to Coleman? Ramsey is still playing for his country.
          Is Aba only chosen to play for his country because they don’t have many players? Come on Phil, you don’t believe that scenario do you?

          I actually believe Emery IS getting better performances from Wenger’s players than Wenger himself did in those so painfull last two seasons.
          Welbeck, Xhaka, Cech, Holding, even Bellerin and Mustafi are an improvement on last season by a long way. So, despite your observations that I am a diehard Wenger fan, the comment does not ring true.
          i want what is best for the club and by others addressing the CURRENT FAILINGS as all down to wenger is hiding behind a false smokescreen.
          Aren’t the question we should be asking ourselves as fans of this club be about the here and now?
          Why send Chambers out on loan to another premier league club?
          Why offer a contract and then withdraw it after reaching an agreement?
          Why so many empty seats under a completely new playing coach and staff?
          Why such little transfer money available to improve a team that finished sixth?
          Why select a player who is holding the club to ransom?
          Why did we not sell Ramsey for £50 million instead of losing him in the summer for nothing? (another wenger/sanchez debacle in the making?)
          Why did the club allow Gazidis so much say, then see him walk away as soon as he realised the buck stopped with him?

          None of the above have anything to do with Wenger. They are current problems that have happened since he left.
          The sooner the “let’s still blame wenger brigade” realise this and start to ask questions that relate to today, the better in my opinion.

          The fact that Emery stated he wanted Ramsey as club captain surely shows that he, along with many other professional managers, saw the potential he has.
          I haven’t seen one post on here for a long time that supports Ramsey in his current situation, so that seems clear enough from a fans perspective.
          I have absolute faith in Emery, an undisputed improvement on the last two terrible Wenger seasons. Just want to know why nothing else seems to have changed for the better.

          1. Phil says:

            Ken-with AMN injured and Torreira being introduced slowly into the team Emery was left with Elneney as an alternative midfielder so Ramseybwould always be preferred to him.Emery playing Ramsey as a No10 and in doing so pushing Ozil wide is unexplainable in my mind.Our best “footballer” being forced to play our of position to accomadate Ramsey is being proved the wrong decision in every game.I cannot explain Emery’s reasoning behind this as I’m sure most are unable to.In regards as to why Emery continually picks Ramsey is quite obvious.Any new Manager would always want his best players on the pitch and Ramsey is certainly one of our best players.With little or no transfer budget to work with and other more critical areas to address Emery was not able to purchase anyone other than the players who came to the Club.So this leaves why Emery stated he wished to build his team around Ramsey.I have no idea why he said this but he obviously rates the player and for this only he can answer.Emery is no fool.He knows a good player when he sees one and Aaron Ramsey is certainly a good player.But he is not a “great” player and not at an age where he will improve.So I cannot answer your point and nor can anyone else.
            In regards the Welsh Captaincy-what more can I add?Would Ramsey get into the current England squad?Would Ramsey get into the current England team?Let me ask you this Ken.Would Elneney get into the Wales Team?Most likely he would.It is not a top International team we are talking about.One World Class player in Bale and a couple of good players.The rest are average and lower league.The Welsh captain I believe is Ashley Williams who cannot get a game for Everton.So I cannot hold too much achievement in Ramsey’s international career I’m afraid.An average team with mostly average players and a Captain who doesn’t warrant a Premiere League start in an average team.Hardly worth getting too excited about is it?
            One point I would say is your comments regarding better and more consistent performances from the likes of Xhaka and Mustafi.Yes they are more consistent but still not a level that suddenly makes their purchase sensible.Would Emery have spent £70m on these two?I doubt it very much.Emery is improving them but they both still are not the quality we require.Again Ken ask yourself how many of the top 8 sides would these two get into?Sort of says it all in my mind.Two very poor buys by Wenger.The fact Emery is getting better performances from them is to his credit.Its certainly not vindicated Wenger and his scouting team on buying them in the first place.
            The point you make saying I was putting the blame on Wenger is totally misleading and wrong(in my post anyway) as all I inferred was Wenger continued playing his “favourites” week after week no matter how average their form.Do you not feel this was correct?We have had certain players come out and openly admit the whole mood around the Club was too comfortable.Even Mustafi said in an interview that Emery tries to improve his game while Wenger never addressed his failings.That comment alone is damning of Wenger.Just what was he doing those last few seasons?A player with the most obvious faults in his game and it took Emery to address the issues.No wonder the team was going backwards.
            Finally back on topic you ask why Ramsey was not sold for £50m in the summer.Answer-Firstly nobody would have paid that amount for a player with only a year on his contract.Secondly why would Ramsey go when he can walk away from the Club for nothing at the end of the season and pocket all the money himself?And that contract situation was allowed during Wengers reign along with many others.

          2. ken1945 says:

            Thanks for the reply Phil and once again it seems that we basically agree on most issues, but for varying reasons.
            Let’s take Ozil playing on the wing. Absolutely wrong in my mind, he should be playing where he is the most effective and where he can produce his god given talents for the team.

            I would suggest that Ramsey would get into the England set up at the blink of an eye. Compare him to Dyer and it’s chalk and cheese.
            I also think Ramsey is a very good player, not world class, but most certainly one we should have kept. The problem is that he sees himself worth more than that and the club have deemed otherwise. That’s what I want to see more of from the new regime, not giving in to players inflated demands.
            Of course the problem we, as a club, face is that the likes of City, Pool, Unt and Chelsea ARE prepared to pay the salaries and we have to learn to live with that.

            In today’s market place, Xhaka and Mustafi are not overvalued in my opinion. What the problem has been was Wenger’s inability during the final couple of seasons, to bring these two guys (Bellerin as well ) forward in terms of progressing.
            Early days for Emery, but the marked improvement from these guys, along with Iwobi, are very encouraging. All credit to Emery.
            It makes me smile when someone like Mustafi comes out and says how much better he is under new management.
            If he was that worried, why didn’t he do it for himself? There was nothing stopping any player from doing extra training etc was there? My suspicous mind tells me he is using the situation as aget out clause for his own ineptitude.

            I see a different situation with Ramsey though. I considered him one of our “best” performers over the last couple of seasons and was not surprised with Emery’s evaluation of the player.
            Nothing to do with being a Wenger favourite, just an honest hard working player who was worth his place in the team.
            As I said, every player has games where he is not affective, but I was always happier to see Ramsey’s name on the sheet.

            However Phil, the gist of my posts were the continued scenario of harking back to blaming Wenger for everything.
            We will probably never agree on this subject, but my question to the fanbase in general is…WHY is it still happening now?
            What is Huss doing with his contract negotiation portfolio?
            Why has Ramsey been allowed to get to the stage where he will leave for free (if he so desires)?
            That was part of the questions posed in Midkemma’s post and one that no-one seems able to answer except the blame Wenger for it post.
            It is so obvious that that is not the answer, so what is going on at our club?
            Now that Wenger cannot possibly be blamed for what’s going on currently, does not one part of you start to question your unshakeable belief that it was all down to him?
            I have grown tired of Ramsey’s behaviour, but the real questions are not being asked and addressed.
            As I said, my admiration for Emery’s first six months is so strong, but who is now holding HIM back and making the decisions that make our club seem so unprofessional in it’s dealings?
            Isn’t that the situation that needs clarifiying?

          3. Phil says:

            Ken-the transfer team put in place by Gazidis inherited the issues regarding contracts so had little time to influence the situation with Ramsey.The player and his agents have no doubt used the position to strengthen their own hand and to a certain extent you can’t blame them.But if the player really wanted to stay I’m sure a new contract would have been agreed to satisfy both parties.Arsenal as a Club have loosened the purse strings on wages over the years and are up there with most of the top Clubs in total wages paid.So I’m sure if Ramsey and his advisors were realistic and sensible a deal was easily arranged.
            I can understand the “reported” £350k a week wages being paid to Ozil being a target for Ramsey to aim at but if Ozils deal is broken down I’m sure the figures are more acceptable.The player was out of contract.If a signing on fee of £25m was paid that leaves approx £30m for a 3 year contract.Wages of £200k a week suddenly do not seem so unreasonable to me but obviously do to others.
            Anyway-the whole Ramsey situation is still to run but I’m pleased the Club have drawn a line and we now move on.I believe Ramsey will soon realise the Club will miss him less than he will miss us.Sanchez is an example of the grass not always being greener.
            Have a safe trip Ken and enjoy the game tomorrow

          4. chabaloah says:

            Hi Ken
            – I think the contract negotiations are on going as Ivan has left quite suddenly and it another person has taken over the negotiations who might like to do it differently, so I think it’s just how it’s played out with Ivan deciding he’s leaving.

            – Emery saw Ramsey and we can all admit that he has/had potential to be a fantastic player, if others can improve why can’t he? It would be fantastic if he could develop further and become the player we thought he would years ago so it would make sense to build a team around someone who’s been at the club for years and has a great work ethic.

            – I believe Emery wanted to give Ramsey the chance to play in his favoured position and to improve his stance with the board when it comes to negotiating, you must be willing to show that you support the player and they will reward you with better performances and improvement. Whether this is playing out only time will tell

            – Emery could just bench him but remember there is no success without harmony and off field situations should not impact our on dressing room which this can as it is a precarious situation

            – Maybe we got it wrong with Wilshire and Ramsey, maybe it should have been the other way round, but where Wilshire was always caught out drinking, ‘smoking’ you could argue his discipline was not there.

            – Until a season has passed we won’t know the real impact or authority Emery has and he much like Ramsey is on trial, if he benches him and the dressing room/performance dips then he is held accountable, not Ramsey or the Board but himself, he may have been under instruction to play him there to help smooth things over.

            I personally think if he wants the same money as Ozil then he should be at least performing to a similar standard – let’s not argue about Ozil’s defensive abilities but what his main skill is which is assisting and creating chances, he does this but what has Ramsey done to warrant the same fee?

          5. ken1945 says:

            chabaloah, thanks for joining the discussion and your views are well constructed and interesting.

            Lets take your point regarding Gazidis leaving affecting any contract decisions.
            That is incorrect if we believe the announcement made that Huss Fahhy was employed as the contract negotiater.
            This was part of the so called breakdown of power from one man to a group of three heralded by Gazidis.
            Raul and Sven being the other two men employed by Gazidis to begin this new era.
            That means that Gazidis should not have been involved at all.

            My opinion is that the above four plus Emery got it exactly right when they decided to let Wilshere leave. Current situation at West Ham surely tends to bear that out.

            Who would be “instructing” Emery in his team selections?
            Are we to believe that Emery is not in sole charge of the playing staff and it’s selection?

            Surely neither Emery or Ramsey are on trial, as you put it, as both men have just signed/ been offered new contracts? Emery is already proving to be an excellent coach, as can be seen by the reaction of the players.
            If he keeps selecting Ramsey however, surely the dressing room will start to query that decision? He will become the same toxic influence that Sanchez and Judas RVP were before him.

            Of course he is not worth the same money as Ozil, whatever that might be. They are different types of players anyway.
            I would add that if the reported salary Ozil is getting is true (£250 to £350 thousand a week), then whoever sanctioned that contract has no right to be a CEO!!!
            Lastly, doesn’t it puzzle you that Ramsey is now being linked to follow Gazidis to Italy?
            Maybe (I don’t know of course) the club decided to withdraw the contract offer once Gazidis had resigned and they actually realised what had been offered? Perhaps Fahhy could enlighten us as to what actually has happened and if he played any part in this fiasco?
            Not one hint of any influence from our ex manager in the above, as of course there shouldn’t be.

      2. jon fox says:

        Still trying to defend the indefensible in Wenger again Ken? Whatever else can be , or not be, blamed on Wenger, it is certain that HE failed to bring in even an adequate CDM for TEN years, since Gilberto. This crass omission, alone, contributed to the flimsy defence we had most of the last decade. Plus he constantly signed duff defenders, one after the other, esp CB’s. No one elses fault but his. It has NOT happened as you claim, that the new regime keep signing duff defenders. The worst is probably Sokratis and he is still miles better than Mustafi, signed by Wenger.

        1. ken1945 says:

          Sorry Jon, but once again you veer completely away from the subject of debate, Aaron Ramsey’s contract saga, to castigate Wenger for other things completely unrelated to the subject matter.

          However, as you seem to want to clash horns again, let me ask you some very simple and direct questions.

          1. As you blame wenger for all previous contract negotiation breakdowns etc, are you now blaming him for this current Ramsey debacle?
          2. If your answer is YES, please explain your conclusions.
          3. If your answer is NO, then please explain why you bring other issues into a very enlightening and well argued debate on a specific subject.
          4. Could I also ask you to pinpoint the exact post(s) that I accuse the new regime of buying “duff defenders? It should be easy, because, as you know, every post is dated and timed by Admin.

          It’s YOUR REPUTATION regarding point 4 on the line here Jon, especially as you are always accusing others of not quoting you properly.

          Looking forward to answers on four straightforward questions with much relish and interest Jon.
          Try not to deviate from the subjects identified Jon, just for once please old friend, just for once.

          I am soon to leave for the game, but will return here to view your replies and conclusions when I get home on Sunday.

  3. Omar says:

    Aaron Ramsey has been mediocre to good through out last and this season and should have been sold during the Summer window gone. “Sterling” is Not the answer. He[Sterling] cannot hit a barn door at 2 yards when put under pressure though there is the valid argument that he creates a lot space by running behind the opposition defence for attack force.

    Nabil Fekir is the attacking midfielder that arsenal needs to sign as a better replacement for Aaron Ramsey. Arsenal also needs to sign Alex Telles as a LB and either Gelson Martins or Ismaila saar as a Winger to guarantee not only to enhance already formidable “attack force” of Aubameyang, Lacazette and Welbeck” but to make it more affective with telling and efficient crosses to the box for exploaive executions! and guarantee “EPL top4” and some “Silver Ware” this season.

  4. Lupe says:

    We have to sell him in january and buy a wide player. We must not give in to a ridiculous increase in wage like what happened with ozil. The player options you mentioned aren’t feasible because I don’t think we will be able to afford sterling’s wage since he can’t even agree terms with a club like man city and martial plays left inside forward which is where aubameyang is playing right now so i don’t think we need martial. We need a right sided wide player, leon bailey could be an option, vazquez from real madrid is also a good ootion as he isn’t getting game time but all these only depend on if we are ready to act and spend like a big club. Mkhitaryan should compete with ozil for the no 10 spot and can also play occasionally on the right side if needed. I just hope there will be money to sort out the balance issue of the squad and it could start with the sale of ramsey.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Fully agree with your opinion

      However Bailey seems to struggle in this season, hence I’d prefer Florian Thauvin

      Thauvin would be very expensive, but I believe he would click quickly with Aubameyang and Lacazette. Because he used to play for Newcastle and a French international right winger

      1. ozziegunner says:

        ??Aaron Ramsey, dont let the door hit you on the way out of the Emirates.

  5. jon fox says:

    A good article with well thought out possibilities. Until you got to the Sterling fantasy. You would have to believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy to give even a 1% chance of Sterling either wanting to or being allowed to come to us. That fantasy comment apart, I enjoyed your article. My take, which is shared by many, is the sooner Ramsey is gone the better. Unlike WENGER, I BELIEVE THAT WHEN A PLAYER HAS BEEN HERE TEN YEARS AND NOT WON OVER ALL THE FANS, OR EVEN A MAJORITY OF THEM, THE TIME HAS LONG COME TO GET RID.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Cheers Jon.
      I know the Sterling was a bit much but it was good for getting comments 😛 lol.

      Sterling was an example, there are many quality players who can offer a goal threat from the right while also being a creative force. My original draft had about 20 players! lol.

      Dybala was one, I have dreamt of having him on our right for a while, yet another fantasy player though.
      We have been linked to Pepe and this sounds the most likely due to fee but I must admit to knowing nothing other than YouTube.

      Who would you like us to go for to offer better balance on the right?

  6. Grandad says:

    Swap Ramsay for Bailly of Man Utd in Jan.Offer Ozil to anyone on a free to relieve the Club of his massive and unjustifiable wages.Sign Tielemans of Monaco to team up with A MN and Torreria in midfield.As the Meercat says, simple!

    1. gotanidea says:

      Man United must be crazy to trade Bailly with Ramsey, but I’d ecstatic if that happens

      Arsenal don’t need another CM after Ramsey leaves, because they have got many

      1. Things are changing says:

        IMO we need a central midfield player with creative abilities. After Santi (who was our best IMO for quite while after Cesc) left we were left with only up and down Ozil. After Ozil, Ramsey was probably our next “creative” nr 10. We should sell or remove Ramsey from the first team and find a creative replacement.

  7. ks-gunner says:

    You start the likes of Miki and even some of the youngsters like Niles over him and prove to him and to others that he is not better than any of them and far from being better than Bale, hahaha, stupid fans. Only some brits can come with something like this.

    Yes him being so greedy and not in love with the club is due of him thinking that he is special, when in truth Arsenal is the club which makes inferior players look good. No need to name our ex players who have seen the light later. They are many.

    So you fans out there, keep that in mind, that the time to foster players has past. Any one should have a shoot for glory, but not on behalf of the clubs well doing. Who ever shows the desire to play and succeed not for him self only but also for the club need to be respected and supported by all fans. Come on you Arsenal

  8. ks-gunner says:

    Wenger: Cesc has no place at Arsenal due of Ozil, Ramsey and Wilshere occupying his poz. Well done champ, well done. Legend through and through. The past mistakes we have done in the transfer window have come to haunt us rlly bad. Favor-ism and penny pinching policies have killed us rrly good. Not did we gave to much money away for underperformers, but nowedays they leave for free. Jesus f.

  9. jod says:

    Seems to me you are ignoring the elephant in the room. People don’t just look at the amount they are being paid, they compare their pay to their colleagues. That’s true in all walks of life. By giving Ozil a contract for £350k a week Arsenal ensured two things. The first was there was no way they could sell Ozil as no one else would pay him anything like that amount. The second was that every Arsenal player negotiating a new contract would use Ozil as a benchmark. Ramsay may just be the first of many contractual problems. Letting players get to the end of their contract and walk for free is just poor management and is probably going to cost you a packet when you sign a replacement. Your swap deals seem far fetched. United (though not Jose) see Martial as the future. He’s not going anywhere though Mourinho might be. Why would City get rid of Sterling ? makes no sense. Apart from the wishful thinking in terms of the players you want why would Ramsay agree anyway when he can negotiate a better deal once he’s a free agent ? Sanchez only moved because of the mind boggling wages United were willing to pay him, Ramsay can’t expect the same.

    1. Midkemma says:

      How many pages would you like to read?
      I didn’t overlook Ozil, I could go into detail… It would require multiple articles though.

      This article was about Ramsey. I talked about Ramsey. Why would I talk about Ozil in an article meant to be focusing on Ramsey?

      In response to your question about why would UTD let Martial go when he is the future, why would Arsenal sell Alexis when he was such a big player for us? Contract can be a key thing, getting someone the manager has shown interest in for a player refusing to sign a new deal could be seen as better than the alternative, allowing the player to leave for free in 12 months time.

      Same thing for Sterling. If he keeps refusing to sign a new deal then who long before City choose to sell him rather than let him go for nothing? With the volume of foreign players that City buy then a international HG player could be desired.

  10. Ignasi says:


    Ramsey is a good player (better than average) but he’s not worth the wages that he’s probably demanding given his injury record and inconsistency. As much as I would like him to stay, it’s probably best he moves on. Given his advanced role, he’s only ever scored 10 premier league goals in 9/10 seasons. That’s a terrible return.

    Would be interesting to know how much he’s been demanding. If he’s demanding more than £200k (induing image rights etc) he’s out of his mind. But this might be the agent speaking?

    1. Ignasi says:

      I mean 10 EPL goals in one season out of 9/10 seasons.


    2. RSH says:

      to be fair, very few CM’s ever hit 10+ goals per season consistently. Pogba has never even hit 10 domestically in any league. Lampard is the only CM that has really done it.

  11. rkw says:

    if we can sell in january all the better … would not expect a mad rush but the spirit of post xmass sales should tempt a few … anything over 10m would be a good deal … if we can throw in mustafi and xhaka to the clear out and bring in a quality defender and b2b midfielder then we could be on the move

  12. AndersS says:

    Bench him and sell him to highest bidder in January.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      ?AndersS, you have got it in a nutshell!

  13. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Hmmm. This is an ugly problem that has reared it’s head into the Arsenal first team squad and looking to has defiled all attempts to push it back to where it came from.

    Ramsey is a good player worthy of continuing to be at Arsenal if he can maintain continuous fitness level. Why was the new deal agreed with him to extend his staying at the club withdrawn? Is it at the instant of the new hierarchy regime at the club who has other options internally or externally to replace him with if Ramsey leaves? Or the club’s owner, Stan Kroenke has objected to the huge high wages offered to him to extend? Thus, the invalidating the agreed new contract?

    The big question now is, despite his professionalism, how faithful will Ramsey be to Arsenal Titles winning cause henceforth at least between now to December ending as he knows he’s on one leg in and one leg out of the club before the January transfer window is opened when he could be transferred out to another club? And yet Emery will need to continue to play him for his being a good player in games for Arsenal to sustain the club’s Titles winning charge this summer.

    One cannot totally blame Ramsey 27 for demanding a super high wage from the club to extend having seen Ozil got one and Sanchez who left Arsenal to Man Utd got one there. So, at 27, he wants to try his luck too to see if he can get a super hifg wage to give him some financial guarantee security before he retires from active playing. But unfortunately, Arsenal FC who is a self sustaining big club side is not at the financial level of Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool who can afford to pay super high wages to their star players without feeling the pains. If a self sustaining big club side like Arsenal copy the above 4 big clubs to start paying super high wages to the Gunners, it will have adverse effect on the club’s finances. Even it’s on record the multi rich big club side Man Utd are paying only Alexis Sanchez the super mega wages at the Club and no more. Just like at Arsenal that are paying only Mesut Ozil the super mega wages and no more. Is Ramsey aware of the rationalization of Gunners wages reported to be ongoing at Arsenal? I am sure he should.

    Okay, if Ramsey can get the super mega wages he so desired at another big club, he could transfer to the club in January to get what he wants. There will be hard feelings shown to him by us the Gooners.a. For, we appreciate what he has done for Arsenal.

  14. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Hmmm. This is an ugly problem that has reared it’s head into the Arsenal first team squad and looking to has defiled all attempts to push it back to where it came from.

    Ramsey is a good player worthy of continuing to be at Arsenal if he can maintain continuous fitness level. Why was the new deal agreed with him to extend his staying at the club withdrawn? Is it at the instant of the new hierarchy regime at the club who has other options internally or externally to replace him with if Ramsey leaves? Or the club’s owner, Stan Kroenke has objected to the huge high wages offered to him to extend? Thus, the invalidating the agreed new contract?

    The big question now is, despite his professionalism, how faithful will Ramsey be to Arsenal Titles winning cause henceforth at least between now to December ending as he knows he’s on one leg in and one leg out of the club before the January transfer window is opened when he could be transferred out to another club? And yet Emery will need to continue to play him for his being a good player in games for Arsenal to sustain the club’s Titles winning charge this summer.

    One cannot totally blame Ramsey 27 for demanding a super high wage from the club to extend having seen Ozil got one and Sanchez who left Arsenal to Man Utd got one there. So, at 27, he wants to try his luck too to see if he can get a super hifg wage to give him some financial guarantee security before he retires from active playing. But unfortunately, Arsenal FC who is a self sustaining big club side is not at the financial level of Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool who can afford to pay super high wages to their star players without feeling the pains. If a self sustaining big club side like Arsenal copy the above 4 big clubs to start paying super high wages to the Gunners, it will have adverse effect on the club’s finances. Even it’s on record the multi rich big club side Man Utd are paying only Alexis Sanchez the super mega wages at the Club and no more. Just like at Arsenal that are paying only Mesut Ozil the super mega wages and no more. Is Ramsey aware of the rationalization of Gunners wages reported to be ongoing at Arsenal? I am sure he should.

    Okay, if Ramsey can get the super mega wages he so desired at another big club, he could transfer to the club in January to get what he wants. There will be no hard feelings shown to him by us the Gooners. For, we appreciate what he has done for Arsenal.

  15. Maks says:

    What I would do?
    It is a crime what I would do, 🙂
    but let s say I would get rid of him today… move him to the 2nd team and let him go a.s.a.p. where he wants… then I will call Wenger and tell him that his golden boy is finally out of the club!
    I dnt care how Wenger would take that info…
    but I will be very happy without looking him “play” for Arsenal ever again.

  16. AB says:

    My humble opinion – Sell him in Jan, with ot without exchange. Till then, don’t let him take anyone else’s place in the team. He may have provided a couple of assists but his overall performance has been average at best.

  17. jod says:

    How exactly are you going to sell him mid season ? Why would he agree when he’ll be free agent in the summer and able to do his own deal ?

    1. Atid says:

      He can still do his own deal. Someone will want him, even if we loan him out and spend his 110k a week on preserving other players contracts it will do for me.

      Stan has flexed, his new outright ownership status. Personally I would sell Ramsey and Elneny, officially promote and Willock and Smith-rowe to the first team along with nketiah, whilst giving Welbeck a new contract if he wants one? . I would also move Jenkinson on and one of mustafi and koscielny. Then get another experienced CM, a pacy centre back and a winger who can play both sides like pavon or sarr. If Welbeck wants to leave then let him go and take a gamble on Pepe.

      To recap
      Sell Ramsey, elneny, Jenkinson and mustafi (circa 65m?)
      Buy banega, pacy cb (bailly?) and pavon/sarr. (circa £60m)
      If Welbeck doesn’t agree a 2 year extension, then replace him with pepe.

      Promote, willock, smith-rowe, nelson, nketiah to the first team officially.

    2. Admin says:

      So was Alexis…..

  18. AB says:

    That is not my problem to figure out. We have people making 7 figure salaries for that. My point is he is not bigger than the club and we should get whatever we can get from him and let him go.
    Irrespective of whether we are successful at offloading him, I hope Emery does not play him if he is underperforming. Same applies to every player; play them on form and merit. Ramsey is no Maradona and we will be just fine without him and all this noise surrounding him.

  19. hubert says:

    I love Ramsey he make us tick, there is no other player like him, lucas torreira , xhaka, Ramsey this midfield we take us far

    1. Sal says:

      granit is needed for his passing ability best passer in the team going forward makes the attack click, and torreira is needed for his defensive nous, ramsey is just an engine which can be replaced the other two that’s a different story, we got two youngsters good enough to fill his place today, so don’t worry about ramsey leaving it’s not a problem!!

  20. ThirdManJW says:

    Straight off the bat, it’s a complete joke that yet again, we’ve allowed a high valued player to run down his contract. He must be sold in January, or be involved in a swap deal, because we want some sort of return, given he hasn’t exactly repaid us on the pitch.

    I’ve wanted rid of him for a long time, and I said back in 2016, after the Euros, that that was the perfect time to sell. He was only 25 at the time, part of the ‘homegrown quota’, and was one of the stars of the Euros. We could have got huge money for him. Instead, here we are, just over two years later, and staring at ZERO return on him!

    When it comes to the buying, and selling of players, and contract renegotiation’s, Arsenal are easily one of the worst clubs for doing so! Hopefully we’ll start seeing an improvement, now that Wenger, Gazidis, and some of the old guard are gone.

  21. stubill says:

    I said months ago that he’d go on a free in the summer.

    He wants a massive signing on fee of £20-£30 million, and then settle for a lesser wage than he is currently demanding from Arsenal. This is what you get for letting contract run until their final year, you put the player and his agent in the driving seat.

  22. Innit says:

    I don’t think Marmite is the right analogy
    People hate or love Marmite

    I think most think he’s adequate/average with some good performances. Also any love for him is deteriorating fast because of his attitude towards signing a contract. He’s no longer Arsenal through and through as once thought

    I think majority of Arsenal fans have had quite enough of this imo

    1. ozziegunner says:

      ?Innit, in Australia, we have Vegemite. Both Marmite and Vegemite should be closer to the first team and bench than Aaron Ramsey.

    2. jon fox says:

      I agree on YOUR Marmite comment. I don’t know ANY Gooner who loves Ramsey, some quite like him but not love him. Many of us want himgone. I prefer not to use “hate” for not rating a footballer, as HATE is far more evil and sinister than mere football opinions.

  23. inkfight! says:

    Not sure if the offer has more to do with Kroenke’s 100% ownership (which could also mean further sales) or Raul starting to exert greater influence.

    He might divide opinion – but replacing him with another midfielder capable of 10 goals + 10 assists a season will probably cost us £40-50 million in today’s market. Can’t see us spending that kind of money again.

    1. Sal says:

      not really our french player cost less than 8 and i personally never though he would be this good!! you just need to know where to look.

      1. inkfight! says:

        Sal, yes there are still a few gems in the market but not even many established players can give you 15-20 goals + assists in the EPL. To buy someone who guarantees that sort of return would easily set us back £40-50 million in today’s transfer market – that was the point I was trying to make.

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