What should Arsenal’s targets be for next season after our summer spending spree?

Gooners will always remember how brilliant their 2022-23 season was. Arteta and his boys were flying, picking win after win, dismantling almost every opponent pitted against them.

Unfortunately, as good as they were, Arteta and his boys failed to do one thing, collect silverware.

In summary, Man City beat them to the league and was also the side who knocked them out of the FA Cup; Sporting Lisbon knocked them out in the Europa League round of 16; and Brighton knocked them out of the Carabao Cup.

Next season the Gunners have the Community Shield (the season opener against Man City, they have the League, the FA Cup, and The Carabao Cup, and not forgetting, the Gunners are back playing Champions League football

With the signings already being finalized (Havertz, Rice and Timber are joining Arteta’s project), Arteta has a better team than last season.

If Arsenal can be as good as they were last season, I don’t see why they don’t win every competition they are in next season. But to do so, so much effort must be put in.

You don’t spend £105 and £65 million on players and continue to spend on players’ arrivals to participate in the league. You splash such money to win things, and hopefully, that is what Arsenal’s 2023 summer spending spree will see them do.

What would it be like if you were to define a successful 2022-23 Arsenal season?

Darren N

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  1. Second place in EPL + EL trophy if we get relegated from UCL

    Second place + FA Cup trophy

    EPL trophy only

    UCL trophy only (our EPL final position will be irrelevant if we win UCL)

    1. GAI
      I think that is a fair expectation for next year.

      The club will have spent around 600 million and looking to build on their 2nd place finish.

      A trophy should be expected, advancing past group stages and round of 16 in CL as well.

      Next year should be more than a 2nd place finish without silverware.

      I think top 4 with a trophy is a must after spending 600 million, not unreasonable considering everything than ownership has given; money, decision-making, and even ripping up contracts last several years.

      Everything has been building to this, so excuses simply won’t suffice.

      Arteta has a squad of his chosen players, squad depth now, and several years to learn and implement his tactics.

      Fair or not, the support is there so it’s time to deliver.

      1. Yes, at least a top four finish + FA Cup trophy. Kroenke has spent a lot of money and Arteta/ Edu have got enough time to build their squad

  2. We should be aiming for everything. We have the players to win the league and domestic cups IMHO. If we ROTATE! And do what we done last season no reason why we can’t win atleast 2 cups IMHO. A CL would be even sweeter than the prem but either with another domestic cup would suit me just fine.


  3. I think our left side defensively is the weak point and it doesn’t look like being addressed this summer. Injuries always affect the team at some point in a season. The team are capable of goals from anywhere so I’d expect double figures from 5 players. With the expected signings we have to be challenging for the title all season and be in with a shout at at least one of the cups along with a decent run in the CL. Winning nothing this season wouldn’t be ideal but It will be on the campaign as a whole. Just come up short, well gutted but ok progress again, struggle to make the top four and questions need to be asked. I predict QF cl, a cup win and a league challenge. Within the first 6 games we will roughly know where everyone sits. It will be tougher this year I expect with the other big teams getting back into the race again.

  4. Newcastle with one of the best value for money signings, Tonali. Well done to them

    For us improvement has to be winning the league after ending 2nd and spending another fortune. If not winning the EPL then at least a good run in the UCL and then win the FA Cup

  5. If Arsenal overachieved in the last campaign by competing for the big jug, then more or less this season will gives a truer picture of where we are.

    After been backed heavily in the market with a sizable war chest.

    The premier league big jug or any of the big jugs and a top four place, should be the targets.

    Please note, the team need time to properly integrate.

  6. I will wait until the transfer window is over. The best of the rest won’t be as bad next season as they were last season in the PL.

  7. There should be no limits to our ambitions… Champions league qualification and a trophy should be the minimum achievement for next season.

  8. League Cup, FA Cup, League, and Champions League quadruple or everyone should get sacked and everyone else should have a tantrum!!!!

    Nah… Just kidding…

  9. Before we start thinking about targets for the coming season, perhaps we should wait for confirmation of the following?

    1. Saliba signing his new contract.
    2. Rice signing his new contract.
    3. Timber signing his new contract.
    4. See if Xhaka, Partey and Tierney are staying.
    5. See if Balogun and / or Nelson and Nketiah are staying.
    6. See if we sign the lad from Southampton (forgotten his name!!).
    7. See what the MA plans for Pepe.
    8. See, during our pre season friendlies, where MA plans to play Havertz.

    When all the above are sorted, we would then have a clear idea what MA’s plans are for the coming season and start our predictions… imagine if 1 to 4 are negative!!!

    1. Saliba and Nelson have both signed. Saliba actually did sign few days ago, Nelson too. From my sources

  10. Well Arsenal are always terrible in Europe, so making it to the QF of the CL would be a huge achievement, as would finishing 2nd in the league again.

    However I do think it’s time we started making finals and winning trophies again, so I do feel there needs to be a bit of pressure on Arteta to win a domestic cup again.

    1. Jen, how many times have we reached the quarter finals of the CL. or the knockout stages?

      1. Lots, and then we get humiliated almost everytime! Nice to finally win one, especially now we’re even further down the pecking order of British clubs achievements in Europe after City’s win. Even West Ham are winning in Europe now!

        Come on Ken, you have to admit, we so poor in Europe. I think it’s something like 2 wins, 7 losses in finals, never won the European Cup and with only ever one final and two SF appearances, and we haven’t won a European trophy in almost 30 years!

        Considering our domestic success, that is poor!

        1. Let me ask you another question Jen – would you please list the humiliations?
          I’ll start you with the 10 – 2 drubbing by Bayern Munich, over to you Jen.

          I agree we have not done as well in europe as we have done domestically, but to say we have been humiliated or terrible is not accurate in my opinion.

          By the way, always read your posts, as they interesting and from a fervent Arsenal fan.

  11. Should win the league and the FA Cup. Two trophy that really matters. If we fail those then a CL trophy will do. A lesser trophy than the EPL but overglorified to those who reflect.

    A trophy whose sole purpose is to make the Spanish big clubs on par with the English giants. If there is no CL who cares about La Liga, Madrid or Barcelona?

  12. It’s pointless setting targets, nobody knows how injuries, form, var decisions etc are going to affect results. Just aim to win the next game we play and see where that takes us.

    1. When we sign Rice and Timber our signings under MA will have passed the £600m mark and the Kroenkes will justifiably want to see progress to match their investment. A reasonable return in my view would be a top 4 slot plus a domestic cup. Forget Europe, we are serial underachievers, one final in 20 consequitive years in the UCL.

      Mind you it’s still going to be challenging when you see our main rivals strengthening their squads with quality players. Next years Premier League should be something to watch – can’t wait!!!

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