What should be Arsenal’s aims for the rest of this season?

What do Arsenal have left to play for? by Sean O’Hara

It is a good question although a lot say it’s an easy answer as they think we have nothing to play for – but in fact we have quite a bit to fight for as it all involves the club’s future scenarios going forward to get back on the level of challenging for big honours.

Yes the league doesn’t really matter anymore because one way or the other, due to City winning the league & us losing to them in the League Cup Final, we are guaranteed Europa league football regardless of where we finish in the league… 6th spot seems secured anyway.. but show a bit of Character & Pride for the badge for our remaining games. We are out of FA Cup so I don’t need to say anything. That leaves CSKA in the Europa League Quarter Final;

No matter what we say about this shambolic season we want to win the Europa League at all costs;

1. We have not won a Europa League trophy
(Would be brilliant for Arsenal FC & Fans)

2. Its another Final
(We are getting used to Finals, nice to see)

3. Passage back to UCL
(Better players, more money, and where we belong along with the big boys)

4. TWO ways of looking at this one;

– Wengers way of leaving on a high with a European Trophy, back into UCL & having the club in a position for a new manager to challenge again…. OR,
– Arsene sees out his last year (announces it this summer, club wont renew) back in UCL, having funds to add quality to the back 6 as our front line could be very scary if it clicks with Ozil, Mhiki, Auba & Laca.

If we don’t win the Europa then its obvious that Wenger needs to go, as it will be so toxic around the club. I’m always Arsene to leave Arsenal for the good of the club as we need change, but I want to support the team and I respect Arsene enough to support him in his last year as an Europa League winner to have one last crack at UCL or League…. As we all should, to win the Europa League is massive to our future as an elite club & would bring a buzz to the fans again. Guarantee if we won it & he announces its his last year then every Gooner in the World would get behind him.

Ivan & his scouts are already planning for the Summer regardless of who is in charge. As iv read & im sure most of you have we are looking at a GK, CB & CDM this summer, so add that to our squad we could be in very good shape this summer. So there is loads to play for – because being back in the UCL guarantees better players to come, as the UCL is the Holy Grail in football.

All in all we are playing for our future as a big club, we all know we should be there but we are not I’m afraid. Lets get behind the team for the rest of the season because its all to play for, start with CSKA on Thursday!! Hope you all had a great Easter.

Séan O’Hara


  1. wenger says:

    Totally agree with every point, nice to see a rational writer.

    I hope we do get something out of Europa. It’s a huge step forward towards next season.

  2. Phil says:

    This is my Three wishes for now until the end of the season.
    Anything less will be a HUGE disappointment for me.
    Oh yeah-win a few games as well

    1. Break-on-through says:

      New manger, New no2, And new team coaches ranging from bottom to top and from defence to offense.

      Try and bring Arteta back, rip a few of Peps ideas off, Wenger shared everything he learned but I doubt city will let coaches sit in on their training regime. Overmars, Bergkamp, Vieira, Adams, Suker, Cazorla, Lehman/Seaman, Henry, we should be stocked with The best coaching set up bar none.

  3. tas says:

    It would a dream for us to win the Europa and for AW to leave on a high because we don’t have a chance in hell to go above City next season with what we have and even if we buy top new players for them to settle, so AW will not win anything special next season so why stay unless he rely is deluded which i’m sure his not

    1. tas says:

      AW can do us a massive favor by becoming Monaco manager because they are a selling club and they seam to attract upper coming young French players, he can send them to us 🙂

    2. gotanidea says:

      I think he is kinda deluded

      1. Sean says:

        Explain as to why i am deluded? No point in posting a sentence in there with no substance or even a reason to back it up…open up a debate instead of just critising…

        1. gotanidea says:

          Sorry Monsieur Wenger

          The delusion showed when you insisted on staying at Arsenal after more than decade trying to win another major trophy

          1. Break-on-through says:

            That deluded slang is ridiculous, if getting that type of job security and pay along with the good and bad of football, if that’s deluded then sign me up bro. We’d all live in happily deluded bliss. He’s stubborn, he’s egotistical, he’s full of excuses, but deluded the man is not. He hates admitting he’s wrong or was ever wrong, that’s a huge handicap of his, people translate that to delusion. It’s just pig headedness. The ego part is big too, he was called a genius for how little he spent, it went right to his head and we suffered for it. Even worse is when fans call a fellow fan deluded, we know nothing of each other really, one side is more easily pleased, that’s the difference.

        2. tas says:

          Its delusional when the whole world’s ( footballing ) experts and your own supporters tells you to change course its a dead end or there is a cliff up ahead and they are telling you this season after season for the last ten years but you still chose the same route then i guess you are delusional

          my problem with AW is that for years he resisted to buy good players because of a million or two difference from asking price today’s market those players are worth triple, we could of had a great team with possibly wining the EPL twice and possibly semis or final of CL, if he had just spent the money in the bank, Chelsea are in dept around 850 Million pounds ( possible the bulk to Abromovich ) and same for Man-United and few more, we are the only club that is cash rich with funds available around hidden 350 million and more accumulating every season, how i know this because i look at their end of year accounts outgoings and income there is around 100 to 120 million less outgoings then income, we can easily spend 700 Million in the summer and we will be well in with FFP rules and only have 350m to pay in two years which we can with bigger and higher sponsorship coming any day now

      2. GoonerP says:

        What a ridiculous comment.

  4. GB says:

    The aim should be to win EVERY game.

  5. Grandad says:

    Well said Sean, I would only add that Wenger has a wonderful opportunity to test some of his younger players in the remaining League matches as there is little at stake.The likes of Holding, Maitland Niles ,Neilsen etc should surely be given a chance with an run of games to test their mettle.

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    We have very fragile players like Ramsey, Wilshere, and Koscielny, and players we cannot replace right now like Ozil, and Lacazette, so I would look at resting them a lot in the league. The likes of Elneny, Kolasinac, Chambers, and Maitland-Niles should be starting in the league from now on.

  7. Sue says:

    I hope we win all our remaining games in the premier league…. I would love for us to win the Europa league..not sure if we will though…have to keep the faith!
    This disappointing season will soon be over & we’ll have to see what next season brings…. hopefully it won’t be any worse than this season & we can put the spuds back where they belong! COYG

  8. Ozziegunner says:

    I agree with the above comments regarding giving opportunities to Arsenal’s young up and coming players, such as Maitland-Niles, Holding, Nelson, Nketiah and Willock. With Maitland-Niles, the last 3 may have potential as wide players. This doesn’t mean play them all at the same time, as Arsenal needs as many points as practicable to retain some confidence for next season.
    As an aside how much would goal keeper Jack Butland be expected to bring in the transfer market should Stoke FC be relegated? He has just turned 25.

  9. Chiza says:

    Get Julian Nagelsmann,he is the answer to our coaching problems!!!!

    1. gotanidea says:

      Please don’t waste your breath saying this same suggestion on every thread

      Arsenal seemed to have appointed Tuchel as Wenger’s successor. Better than nothing

      1. GunnerJack says:

        And this from someone who tells us we need ‘an inverted winger’ every 5 freakin’ minutes! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  10. Innit says:

    We need new manager by the end of May.
    He or she needs the whole summer to sign new players and get rid of players, get new coaches, medical team etc.

    Before that focus on Europa League.
    Winning it would SAVE our season (although i expect Madrid to win it)
    I think even 5th place maybe out of reach although Chelsea are not a lot better than us. On paper they are but their performances have been average

  11. jon fox says:

    The arrogant article writer, Sean O’Hara, states ” if we win the Europa League and guarantees it is his last year, every Gooner in the world will get behind him.” Look here sonny, you have ZERO right to speak for me, geddit? You are clearly wet behind the ears and have no realisation at all of the sheer volume of Gooners who want him out this very moment, totally irrespective of the Europa Cup or of anything else. So give your opinion by all means , but do not include me or countless thousands of the other Gooners who agree with me.

    1. GoonerP says:

      Come on Jon! Don’t you Arsenal to win a trophy?

      1. jon fox says:

        GoonerP, Honest answer is NOT if it means Wenger staying longer than this coming May. Only fools vote for club suicide!

  12. jon fox says:

    My top three aims for this season: First, sack Wenger today. Second , sack Wenger tomorrow. Third , sack Wenger the day after tomorrow. Have a guess what my fourth, fifth , sixth aims etc are! I reckon my 40 something best aim will come true!

  13. Musdon says:

    I’m a spurs fan and I disagree with the fact that Arsenal belong with the big boys.
    historically, no. where are the European trophies to prove this?
    On current form, they belong in the same category as the likes of Burnley.
    Another that is clear, the only thing that makes Arsenal a rival to Tottenham presently is geographical location and sharing the same league or country. apart from that we are miles ahead. we are every thing you wish to be. respect for Tottenham.
    I wonder why my previous comment was deleted. does the truth hurt someone?

    1. Innit says:

      It was deleted because you are a sad troll trying to aggrevate people. Every club has their own fan sites.

      This site is for Arsenal fans.

      Look at the top of the page. There is an Arsenal Crest with a potato (spud is slang for potato and derogatory word for Spurs fans) and a red line running through it diagonally. This means No Spurs fans allowed. This site is for Arsenal fans

      We aren’t racist, antisemitic, islamophobic, xenophobic, sexist, homophobic but we are Arsenal supremacists lol

      So feel free to go to Spurs sites and Troll us from there

      1. Musdon says:

        what better way to enjoy Your Own progress than see the lamentations of so called supremacists.
        Mind the gap. Get it clear, Spurs are superior at the moment.

    2. jon fox says:

      Care to he honest as to the reason YOU are on an Arsenal site? Couldn’t be to stir up trouble by any chance! Any Gooner could equally well go on a Tottenham site – supposing we could find it – and point out that Harold MacMillan was PM when Spurs last won the league in 1961(one of only two times EVER) and it was THEN two shillings in old money to get in to both our clubs. But then we as classy Gooners wouldn’t be so cruel! Would we? OH , BY THE WAY, HOW MUCH ABOVE SPURS PAY STRUCTURE IS TOBY ALDERWEIRALD DEMANDING? I read it is 100k more than your top wage of 100k. And soon Harry Kane and Dele Alli too! And your much in demand manager too, when he fully realises Spurs can never retain your top players, for financial reasons, will be managing elsewhere. A year to 18 months from now both Kane and Alli will be earning much more , playing in Spain and the new stadium will bring more financial troubles than any Spud ever realised. .

      PS I always think Dele Alli sounds like an upmarket alley in a posh West London suburb with a load of delicatessens in a row! HAVE A NICE DAY!

      1. Musdon says:

        Arsenal fans are deluded and deserve to be kept in the museum.
        at least you agreed our manager and players are in demand, I ask which of your mediocre players are in demand.
        Dele Ali, Kane, Eriksen, Lloris, Aldeweireld, And many more are not only in demand by the best in the soccer biz, but are players that would walk into Arsenal’s first eleven.
        while your players pathetically displaying mediocrity every week would come to us and become world beaters.

        Arsenal have the history, but the present belongs to us and Arsenal are regressing to what had been.

        1. Durand says:

          Sorry i am having trouble understanding you, please step out of our shadow.
          You seem pretty arrogant for not winning trophies, unlike us. It’s not bragging if you can do it. You will choke out of FA cup like you always do when trophy is on the line.
          Once wenger is gone we shall regain our rightful place; not 1st, just above you. Enjoy the sunshine you arrogant toad, in EARLY August 2018 it’s back to the shadows with you.

    3. Ozziegunner says:

      For your information Arsenal have won the European Fairs Cup once and the European Cup Winners Cup once compared to Spurs winning the European Cup Winners Cup once and the UEFA Cup twice. In the 1st Division/Premier League Arsenal has won 13 titles cf Spurs 4 1st Division titles; FA Cup Arsenal 13 cf Spurs 8; League Cup Arsenal 2 cf Spurs 4.
      Unfortunately Arsenal cannot match Spurs 2 Division 2 titles, because unlike Spurs, Arsenal have been in the top flight continuously since 1919. It doesn’t matter how they got into the top flight, but Arsenal have been good enough to stay there.
      As strong as Spurs have been over recent years, it is only the last 2 seasons of his decline, that they are ahead of Arsenal during Wenger’s management.

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        I apologize for my error; Spurs have won the 1st Division title twice – they were runners up 4 times!

  14. Musdon says:

    Arsenal are a representation of what happens when the present goes bad.

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Musdon, I look forward to hearing from you again when Spurs win something.

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