What sort of Arsenal team can we expect to see against Real Madrid

The final game of the Arsenal mini-tour to the USA kicks off at midnight UK time against Spanish giants Real Madrid.

A packed stadium can expect both teams to put out fairly strong teams with mainly first-team players on display, certainly from Arsenal anyway.

It really does not matter if it is a friendly or cup final when it comes to guessing what sort of team or formation Unai Emery will put out as he has a habit of surprising us. That said, I cannot see him taking too many risks and so I reckon I can get fairly close with my guess.

I suspect that Emery will start with a 4-3-1-2 formation with Leno in goal.

In defence, I sadly reckon he will stick with Mustfai in the centre alongside Sokratis, with Monreal and Maitland-Niles as the full-backs.

In midfield, I am fairly certain he will sick with Willock, probably alongside Xhaka and quite possibly Mkhitaryan.

That then leaves Ozil behind Aubameyang and Lacazette upfront.

That means no starting spot for Eddie Nketiah but I would not be shocked if he was picked instead of Mkhitaryan.

As I said, this is guesswork but based on the strong side against Bayern Munich I do expect Emery to do the same against Real Madrid.


  1. Based on the Bayern match, I think Emery would use 4-2-3-1 again:

    Maitland-Niles . Mustafi . Sokratis . Kolasinac
    ………….Willock ………. Xhaka
    Aubameyang ……….. Ozil ………. Mkhitaryan

    The Real Madrid match is Ozil’s great chance to market himself to his former employer

  2. Market himself to his former employer!!!
    I don’t think he’s going to be going back to Madrid mate ?

  3. Cannot wait to see Ozil’s hair again. Its hilarious that’s the only way to tell he’s even playing anymore.

    On a serious note. I hope Eddie can continue his good form, and I want to see some more of Willock.

  4. Like usual we attack with the whole team and if we lose the boal we stay and have a cup of tea while the opposition counter attacks

    Seriously, if we have the young guns playing they will be up for it to prove a point they won’t see it as a friendly cup specialy against one of the best teams in the world now that they got rid of Bail ?

  5. Love to see Niles play in CM (Chambers or Jenkinson at RB)
    Reiss Nelson at RW and Smith Rowe in CAM

    With Bellerin being out for a while we need to get another RB in my opinion

    1. I don’t know about you but the more I watch Nelson the more I don’t rate him as a winger.I followed him at Hoffenheim and I feel he is best used as an attacking midfielder.His style will suite that position and he is quite unselfish than many think so he should work in that position

        1. I still don’t get why he’s still seen as a winger.He might be a wasted talented if he is not played in his original position

          1. I think so to. Also think Saka will make that wing his own so Reiss needs to find another position.

            Has all the skills to be a good CAM

  6. Kieran Tierney to Arsenal is not dead.Please do not believe the media who are not only embarrassingly late but also use Arsenal’s name disrespectfully for so much fake news.
    Zaha new bid will be launched soon.

      1. Not true at all.You will see.I have been saying all along just give it time.Celtic are already resigned to losing him hence why they have three LB’s.

  7. If he plays Mustafi and Socratis in tandem he will have missed a very good opportunity to test Chambers against quality players in a pre season friendly where there is nothing at stake.It’s about time for Emery to show these mediocre centre backs that they are simply not good enough.If he plays them it will be regarded by many, myself included, as weak management.

    1. Emery almost lost the recent match with that three back system.It was this system which cost us our UEL final and not because Chelsea were better.
      If he plays it today then I think the match should be over by the first half.What at all is wrong with this coach??Shockingly some were happy with the system last season.A system which only includes two actual CB’s.His management was shocking last season

        1. Imo both shouldn’t even be here.The more we hold on to them the more their value diminishes because they just aren’t good enough.We are so poor at business it’s embarrassing

  8. This is a good chance to test Nelson and Martinelli in the attack, Eddie too. Willock can get tested in midfield, and hopefully Chambers and Beliek get some minutes also.

    Wasting time with Mhki, he’s been done at Arsenal. Still waiting for the transfers Josh was talking about. Club done awesome job of stringing fans along.

    Selling hope for over a month, and spent £6 million on Martinelli, and deposite on Saliba, that’s it. Wow, will Kronkes ever take it seriously?

    Panic buy alert

  9. My Arsenal 4231 to play Real Madrid are:
    Niles Mustafi Sokratis Monreal;
    Willock Xhaka;
    Mkhitaryan Ozil Aubameyang;

    My any could be brought on as substitutes for AFC are:
    Martinez, Macey, Jenkinson, Kolasinac, Medley, Jules, Ameachi, Olayinka, Burton, Saka, Nelson, Nkethia and Martinelle.

    My above Arsenal senior team starters except Willock who still a junior are the strongest starts realistically on the day that I can see Emery will start against Real Madrid in the International Champions Cup match today in Washington DC USA.

    Final score @FT + is AFC 3-0 RM.

  10. Sorry for my omitting Chambers on the bench for AFC against RM match. His name ought to be on the AFC team sheet for the match.

    1. That won’t happen Durand
      Ben Davies has just signed a long term contract and the Spuds want Sessegnon from Fulham.I agree with Kev on this one.Lennon says the deal is dead but has been out buying replacements.Celtic will use the money we pay them but it costs far less to get Scottish Level players.I just do not know what is happening here.With Tierney we have solved our LB position for a decade.The boy is 10 times better than both Monreal and Kolasinac so FFS just give them the money and get this deal done

      1. Lenny is still saying only two bids so far, and that Celtic are in a strong position with KT…. Not seen anything to say the deal is off other than rumours which seem to stem from Daily Record so holding out hope this one still happens?

      2. Neil Lennon didn’t even directly state the deal was deadon in the actual interview.It’s media changing words to suit their narrative.Funny how they say we can’t afford Tierney yet we are expected to make another bid for Zaha which will probably be above £50m.As I said they are already resigned to losing him.The deal is not dead.
        Spurs have already gotten the Sessegnon brothers in the bag along with Lo Celso.

        1. Kev zaha or everton which one are we getting according to your itk sources?
          Any news on a centre back?
          I really hope we get KT63.

          1. No news on a CB.Our targets for the LW are Zaha,Everton and Fraser in that order.None is close yet but I think we will push for Everton should Zaha pursuit die.We could even miss out on Everton too if we dilly dally for long

  11. Apparently we are in for Kean now of Juve for 34-36 million. Not sure about this one at all. Good yes but not proven at all so all potential which is a lot of money. It’s the same I see for Everton, everyone wants a big signing yet scorn Zaha and champion Everton who no one knew about at all before the rumours and I still have no idea if he is actually any good. Kt is a dead deal it seems so no idea where the other signings are of 3. I don’t count cellebos as a signing as it’s a loan only

    1. Well aren’t you going to be one of those signings, Dan?! I’m sure the powers that be would welcome your ‘wages’ of tic tacs & a just eat account… although I’m not sure they’d be up for you just putting a 5 minute shift in each game… actually you never know ??

      1. Haha, unfortunately sue I had to reject the offer due to the just eat deliveries being paid in instalments. It is rumoured they are coming back with a second offer and I have indicated I’m willing to be available for 15 minutes every game between the first and second half so watch this space.

  12. OT: just seen Everton Soares best of on YouTube for 1st time and what an exciting footballer. Yes highlights don’t show the whole picture but if UE can stop him dribbling from the edge of his own penalty area then we could have one hell of a player on our hands.

    We have missed this kind of player for too long and this guy’s armoury (pardon the pun) he has it all. Could be a ledge at AFC if he is in fact on our radar and we put out hands deep in our pockets.

    Edu when asked by a fan in the states whether we were getting him he replied ‘lets see’.

    Could mean Andy Carroll signs instead but let’s hope it’s Everton!

  13. A midfield of Xhaka, Mhkitaryan, and Ozil. God help us. That is the worst midfield in all my years of watching Arsenal. Embarrassing.

  14. I’d like to see:
    AMN.. Chambers.. Sok.. Monreal
    ……Willock……. Xhaka
    …………. Ozil

    as I think this is the formation Emmery is going to try and use looking at the players we are linked with in transfer market so would be interesting to see how it works with what we currently have mixed with youth…… and Martinelli over Saka purely because I want to see what the lad can do against stiff opposition, that run in the last match was juicy and I want to see if he can do it against the big boys.

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